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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

William I. Combs, age 37, Preston to Hattie E. Dooley, age 23, Preston. Jan. 16,1893 at Pratt.

Otis H. Patterson, age 26, Cullison to Mirtie M. Holder, age 18. Jan. 1,1893 at brides residence by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Joseph Schoonover, age 21, Pratt to Ollie J. Adair, age 17. Jan. 22,1893 at brides residence by Isaac F. Pitts, Minister.

William A. Wallis, age 23, Pratt to Amanda G. McIntier, age 18, Pratt. Feb. 9,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Chas. O. Binford, age 22, Naron to Mary Dennison, age 16, Naron. Feb. 13,1893 at Nora, Pratt Co. by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Willet G. Reed, age 30, Pratt Co. to Lena Wala, age 26, Pratt Co. Feb. 15,1893 at Lawndale, by P.J. Pinkston, Minister.

Frederick O. Ladd, age 42, Cairo to Ettie Magruder, age 23, Cairo. Mar. 11,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. McCalla, age 24, Coats to Della Hammond age 19, Coats. Mar. 15,1893 by J.W.B. Smith, Minister.

Marion E. Howerton, age 20, Sawyer to Minnie E. Shuman, age 16, Isabel. Mar. 16,1893 at residence of Wm. G. Mann, Minister.

John Morrow, age 32, Coats to Maud Dean, age 18, Coats. Mar. 23,1893 at Coats by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Edward D. Gray age 21, Isabel to Pheny Cilmer, age 21, Nashville. March 28,1893 at residence of Wm. Mann, Minister.

James S. Owens, age 32, Preston to Jennie S. Burris, age 20, Preston. Mar. 25,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. S. Randle, age 26, Pratt to Fannie A. Givens, age 23,Pratt. Mar. 28,1893 at home of bride by D.P. Rowe, Minister.

Francis M. Harding, age 25, Leesburg to Elsie J. Phelps, age 25, Preston. Apr. 16,1893 at brides residence by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Louis S. Troup, age 32, Wichita to Adelaide Mason, age 22, Pratt. Apr. 13,1893 at Pratt by John S. Glendenning.

John D. Scott, age 32, Pratt to Lucy E. Bradley, age 26, Coats. Apr. 26,1893 at Sawyer by F.M. Romine, Minister.

Edgar E. Hickle, age 35, Pratt to Celia A. Clampitt, age 17, Iuka. Apr. 30,1893 at residence of brides father by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Fred Page, age 20, Pratt to Ethel Corss, age 18, Springvale. May 7,1893 at office of W.C. Dunbar, Justice of Grant twsp.

Jesse Bryant, age 21, Greensburg to Hala E. Johnson, age 24, Cullison. May 17,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Wm. A. Hulett, age 21, Isabel to Kattie Potter, age 18, Isabel. May 24,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Edward L. Allman, age 19, Preston to Maud Gattenby, age 16, Preston. June 6,1893 at residence of A.J. Bond, Minister.

Melvin E. Case, age 22, Coats to Smatha E. Carmahan, age 18, Coats. June 7,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. H. Geller, age 21, Sawyer, to Mary E. Underhill, age 20, Sawyer. June 14,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Anthony T. Johnson, age 27, Presston to Mary Burraway, age 17, Preston. June 5,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Leonard P. Spencer, age 23, Cario, to Lottie L. Reynolds, age 20, Cunningham. June 13,1893 at Cunningham by G.W. Mathis, Minister.

Charles A. Beckett, age 27, Naron to Lydia Gastenslager, age 16, Naron. July 2,1893 at Naron, by Elder B.R. Park, Minister.

Jacob Sessler, age 66, Pratt to Carolina E. Blaisdell, age 60, Pratt Co. July 12,1893 at Pratt by J.Y. Montague, Minister.

Vesey E. Miskeman, age 21, Pratt to Della M. Haning, age 17. July 12,1893 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Leonidas M. Vance, age 25, Iuka to Carrie Collins, age 21, Pratt. July 20,1893 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Zephaniah S. Carnahan, age 21, Coats to Mary M. Houser, age 17, Coats. July 27,1893 at Coats, by F.M. Romine, Minister.

Harry B. Carson, age 23, Pratt to Sarah J. Fletcher, age 17, Cairo. Aug. 3,1893 at residence of bride in Cairo, by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Carwin O. Finney, age 26, Okla. City, Okla. to Elvira Coats, age 18, Pratt. Aug. 4,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Thomas A. Kelly, age 27, Cunningham to Mary White, age 37, Cunningham. Aug. 6,1893 at Pratt by Andrew Axline, Minister.

Columbus Wallis, age 19, Pratt to Hattie A. Greenstreet, age 18, Cullison. Aug. 11,1893 at Cullison by A.A. Brown, Minister.

Frank H. Peck age 21, Cunningham to Lula B. Welch, age 17, Cunningham. June 19,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Otto Rumyan, age 25, Pratt to Julia Sessler, age 21, Pratt. June 21,1893 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Amer R. Stemmel, age 24, Lawndale, Pratt Co., to Florence Moody, age 21, Lawndale. Aug. 11,1893 at Social Plains Schoolhouse by G.L. Hayes, Minister.

Jefferson F. Conner, age 49, Downs, Okla., Terr. to Margaret R. Poe, age 29, Lawndale. Aug. 21,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Joseph M. Wright, age 18, Lawndale to Ada E. Dyke, age 19, Lawndale. Aug. 27,1893 at Lawndale by W.B. Cooprider, Justice.

Fred C. Herrin, age 23, Cullison to Florence Bumgartner, age 19, Cullison. Sept. 3,1893 at office of Justice of P)eace, G.F. Eubank.

Elbert C. Slade, age 24, Preston to Florence E. Munger, age 16, Preston. Sept. 3,1893 at brides residence by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Madison Snaders, age 59, Pratt to Eliza Tribune, age 58, Pratt. Sept. 3,1893 at Pratt by Wm. Martin, Minister.

Martin S. Horney, age 30, Iuka to Annie E. McAlister, age 20, Iuka. Sept. 6,1893 at Iuka by Henry Stater, Minister.

Geo. Douglas, age 22, Sawyer to Effie Smith, age 19, Sawyer, Sept. 23,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Wm. R. Williams, age 27, Cullison to Tillie Hodgin, age 20, Haviland. Sept. 27,1893 at Haviland by Isaac A. Woodward, Minister.

Geo. W. Beckley, age 32, Cullison to Ida M. Pierpont, age 20, Wellsford. Sept. 27,1893 at Pratt by E>C. Beach, Minister.

Wm. B. Tarrant, age 36, Preston to Emma Wirick, age 20, Preston. Oct. 3,1893 at residence of E.D. Wirick, Justice of Carmi twsp.

Geo B. Reed, age 29, Kingman to Abbie Evans, age 23, Pratt. Oct. 10,1893 at Pratt by J.Y. Montague, Minister.

Wm. Jackson, age 32, Pratt to Eva Bell McCoy, age 22, Pratt. Oct. 9,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Charley McGuire, age 24, Pratt to Cora B. Bowers, age 19, Pratt. Oct. 9,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

John B. Ashcraft, age 24, Wichita to Rada Edwards, age 19, Preston. Oct. 17,1893 at S.W. Dokes, by J.F. Nessly, Minister.

Chas. H. Fox, age 28, Pratt, to Donna S. Bandy, age 18, Pratt. Oct. 16,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Lewis W. Clark, age 22, Springvale to Minnie Jacks, age 19, Coats. Oct. 31,1893 at Coats by F.M. Romine, Minister.

Elias M. Pitts, age 22, Naron to Iva E. Leonard, age 20, Cullison. Oct. 23,1893 at brides home by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Edwin h. Wynkoop age 24, Sawyer to Rosa Brubaker, age 16, Sawyer. Nov. 8,1893 at Residence of Noah F. Brubaker, minister of German Baptist Church.

James M. Duncan, age 36, Cullison to Cora B. Dunshee, age 32, Cullison. Nov. 14,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Chas. S. Elliott, age 31, Pratt to Tillie P. Kurtz, age 23. Nov. 16,1893 at Pratt by John Y. Montague, Minister.

Geo. E. Battin, age 20, Mora, Pratt Co. to Celesta A. Pitts, age 19, Nora. Nov. 19,1893 at Rose Hill in Pratt Co. by Isaac L. Pitts, Minister.

Chas. A. Allmon, age 20, Preston to Lucinda J. Dennis, age 19, Preston. Nov. 19,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Benj. F. Harrouff, age 37, Pratt to May Kileophenstein, age 29, McPherson, SKs. Dec. 5,1893 at Inman, Ks. by W.H. Wlaker, M.G.

Wm. E. Rowell, age 25, Preston to Viola A. Smith, age 17, Preston. Dec. 19,1893 at Preston by J.F. Nessley, Minister.

Frank G. Roots, age 24, Sawyer to Eliza J. Chenowoth, age 24, Sawyer. Dec. 24,1893 at Sawyer by F>M. Romine, m.g.

John Haley, age 43, Preston to Deale Carpenter, age 35, Preston. Dec. 22,1893 at residence of R. Durham aby D.E. Morgan, Minister.

Benj. M. McAlister, age 28, Iuka, to Louisa Naron, age 18, Naron, Dec. 24,1893, at Naron by Abel J. Bond, Minister.

Lou Osborne, age 27, Pratt to Maud Bolser, age 18, Cullison. Dec. 23,1893 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.


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