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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Harry E. Bryant, alva, Okla., age 25, to Carrie Jackson, age 18, Pratt. Jan. 4,1894 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Eddie F. Humphrey, age 25, Pratt to Nannie E. Elmore, age 23, Mt. Valley, Ks. Jan. 7,1894 at Lawndale by R.J. Pinxton.(I think this name should be Pinkston.

Simeon E. Stiles, age 25, Preston to Cyrena Hamilton, age 24, Preston. Jan. 28,1894 at bridegrooms residence by L.W. Bucknell, Minister.

Wm. Tipps, age 27, Preston to Tirzah Christie, age 30, Feb. 28,1894 at Cairo by J.F. Nessley, Minister.

Joseph P. Lambert, age 28, Cullison to Bessie M. Sherman, age 17, Cullison. Feb. 28,1894 at Shermans by Wm. Clapper, Minister.

Edward W. Hilliard, age 23, Cairo to Addie Bell Straw, age 18, Isabel. Mar. 15,1894 at residence of Stephen Miller, Minister.

Garrett C. Chinn age 39, Springvale to May Quirk, age 25, Pratt. Apr. 5,1894 at Iuka, ab Andrew Axline.

Oliver P. Sutton, age 38, Pratt to Ida M. Robertson, age 21, Pratt. Apr. 5,1894 at Hepsleys residence by B.F. Wonder, M.G.

Oliver E. Dorr, age 31, Alva, Okla. to Myrtle M. Hillings, age 25, Coats. Apr. 5,1894 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Corticlla M. Richards, age 28, Sylvia to Caroline M. Dixon, age 21, Sylvia, at Pratt. Apr. 6,1894 by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

David H. Axline, age 30, Iuka to Ruth Bates, age 23, Pratt. Apr. 11,1894 by Andrew Axline, Minister.

Jessie F. Maynard, age 19, Iuka to Anna B. Eichelburger, age 21, Iuka. Apr. 23,1894 at Iuka by Andrew Axline, m.g.

Curtis O. Lillibridge, age 20, Pratt to Ella W. Powers, age 20, Pratt. Apr. 24,1894 at Pratt by J.Y. Montague, Minister.

Oley C. Haworth, age 19, Nora to Huldah E. Reece, Noreage 16. Apr. 28,1894 at residence of Minister Isaac Pitts.

Wm. H. Cope, age 20, Pratt Co. to Mary E. Pruitt, age 17, Pratt Co. May 6,1894 at brides residence by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Frank Evans, age 26, Sawyer to Anna Edwards, age 26, Sawyer. May 19,1894 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Wm. D. Scott, age 35, to Ella M. Jackson, age 27, Pratt. May 26,1894 at Pratt by McMurry, Justice.

Woodson Ragins, age 25, Lake City, Ks. to Amanda Bass, age 22 Pratt. May 26,1894 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Wm. E. Combs, age 19, Sawyer to Edith M. Crum, age 17, Sawyer. June 21,1894 at office of W.J. McCondell, Justice of Paxon twsp.

Chas. E. Johnson, age 27, Stafford, Ks. to Nona M. Johnson, age 17 Stafford. June 21,1894 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, M.G.

Henry W. Gurley, age 18, Sawyer, to Ettie A. Long, age 16, Sawyer. July 19,1894, at residence of Geo. Long, by S.E. Kirkpatrick, Minister.

Grant Sooter, aged 25, Sawyer to Lizzie Crum, age 19, Sawyer. July 29,1894, at church by Stephen Miller, Minister.

John C. Michael, age 25, Pratt to Cora O. Bolser, age 22, Pratt. Aug. 15,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, m.g.

Sloan B. Bell, age 30 Pratt to Lillian Y. Powers, age 25, Pratt. Aug. 21,1894 at Pratt by Andrew Axline, Minister.

John W. Alton, age 21, Welsford Ks. to Mollie B. Current, age 21, Welsford. Aug. 23,1894, at L.D. Currents by W.R. Fish, Minister.

Chas. F. Geist,age 21, Preston to Mary N.C. Lerou, age 18, Preston. Aug. 29,1894, aby John Begley, Catholic Priest.

Wm. Harrouf, age 30, Pratt Co. to Corda Potts, age 20, Pratt. Aug. 29,1894, at residence of Noah Brubaker, Minister of German Baptist Church.

Geo. Tregellas, age 20, Iuka to Nellie Cooper, age 16, Iuka. Sept. 1,1894, at Pratt, by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. W. Harrell, age 22, Iuka to Ada McKinsey, age 20, Iuka. Sept. 2,1894 at Pratt, by B.F. Wonder, m.g.

Robert E. Shives, age 23, Iuka to Sina M. Harrel, age 19, Iuka. Sept. 1,1894, at Naron, by W.C. Beatty, m.g.

Christian A.A. Minnick, age 21, Coats to Estella Hawkins, age 18, Coats. Sept. 8,1894 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, m.g.

Wm. C. Shidler, age 35, Lawndale to Addie Whitmore, age 31, Lawndale. Sept. 18,1894, by Dugal McCormick, m.g.

Lewis V. Gardner, age 19, carmi twsp. to Loma D. Deardorff, age 18, Iuka. Sept. 30,1894, at residence of Minister, A.J. Bond.

Chas. L. Battin, age 23, Nora to Minnie Fisk, age 19, Nora. Seot. 29,1894, at Haviland by Esaac Woodford, m.g.

James C. Royce, age 24, Pratt to Minnie M. Clark, age 18, Pratt Oct. 4,1894, at brides home by Stepen Miller, Minister.

Geo. Overall, age 27, Naron to Eva A. Kerr, age 21, Nora. Oct. 3m1894, at Nora by J.W.B. Smith, Minister.

Ferdinand A. Mueller, age 31, Isabel, Ks. to Sophia M. Gottsche, ge 19, Pratt Co. Oct. 4,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, m.g.

Gideon S. Miller, age 39, Coats to Ida Warnstaff, age 25, Lake City. Oct. 10,1894, at Sawyer, by F.M. Romine, Minister.

Ira W. Wakefield, age 22, Pratt to Rosa S. Carter, age 20, Pratt. Oct. 17,1894, at Pratt by D. McCormick, Minister.

Fred B. Hohl, age 38, Bushton, Ks. to Tillie M. Kelly, age 18, Preston. Oct. 31.1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Elmer R. McKibben, age 30, Macksville to Anna Carr, age 17, Naron. Nov. 3,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Jacob E. Gayeg, ate 24, Lawndale to Dora D. Hulett, age 16, Lawndale. Oct. 31,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Amos J. Willard, age 20, Iuka to Cora Hacker, age 17, Iuka. Nov. 8,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wondder, Minister.

Michael H. Hawk, age 20, Nora to May Rea, age 17, Preston. Nov. 19,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Isaac B. Bale, age 27, Sawyer to Emma E. Keller, age 16, Sawyer. Nov. 18,1894, at residence of Noah Brubaker, Minister.

Marion N. Mathis, age 27, Antrim to Sarah E. Davidson, age 20, Pratt Co. NOv. 18,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, m.g.

Joseph E. Aldrich, age 21, Antrim to Zemira E. Fergus, age 19, Antrim. Nov. 14,1894, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

John H. Carnahan, age 24, Coats to Della E. Sines, age 14, Coats. Nov. 11,1894 at E.D. Sines, aby J.L. Lampoat, J.P.

Shell Hendricks, age 26, Logan Co., Okla. to Cora Youk, age 18, Logan Co., Okla. Nov. 18,1894 at Grant twsp. by W.D. Dunbar, Justice of Peace.

Asa L. Durham, age 62, Stafford Co. to Mary A. Hill, age 53, Pratt Co. Dec. 6,1894, at James Beach's by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Birt F. Parker, age 24, Iuka to Nellie C. Mainard, age 17, Iuka. Dec. 12,1894, at Naron, by W.C. Beatty, Minister.

Wm. E. Hook, age 29, Sylvia, Reno Co. to Sarah M. Lockwood, age 20, Sylvia. Dec. 24,1894, at Pratt, by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. McBee, age 36, Cairo to Sadie Morrison, age 15, Cleo, Okla. Terr. Dec. 26,1894, at Cairo by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Chas. H. Lewis, age 30, Cairo to Katie Neal, age 19, Pratt. Dec. 28,1894, at Pratt, by Dugal McCormick, Minister.

Abraham P. Leroux to Laura A. Ravenscroft. Aug. 29,1894, by John Bagley, Catholic Priest.


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