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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

George T. Renner, age 26, Winfield to Mildred May Dodd, age 23, Pratt. Jan. 1,1896, at Pratt by W.V. Burns, Minister.

John Ira Roush, age 23, Preston to Nora Ollie Arnett, age 17, Preston. Jan. 12,1896, at Preston by Fred H. Poore, Minister.

Ottilia G. Deardoff, age 24, Iuka to Stella A. Brown, age 19, Iuka. Jan. 26,1896, at Naron township by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Julius Z. Lill, age 36, Preston to Malila J. Roush, age 21, Preston. Feb. 5,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, Probate Judge.

Ben Stoops, age 28, Alva, Okl. Terr. to Eva Cromer, age 20, Sawyer. Feb. 16,1896, at home of minister by N.F. Brubaker, Minister.

Philipp Simon, age 30, Haynesville twsp. to Adelhied E. Seidel, age 18, Logan twsp.. Mar. 1,1896, at Natrona by Fred H. Poore, Minister.

Joseph R. Long, age 23, Carmi twsp. to Emma R. Cox, age 22, Carmi twsp.. Mar. 1,1896, at Carmi twsp. by W.E. Raisner, Minister.

Thomas W. Ganaway, age 32, McPherson twsp. to Mamie P. Bright, age 18. Mar. 3,1896, at home of bride's parents by S.G. Sloan, Minister.

Oswald F. H. Berg, age 29, Naron twsp. to Carrie A. Lucas, age 22, Naron twsp. Mar. 4,1896, at Caven by W.C. Beaty, Minister.

B.B. Wright, age 22, Haynesville twsp. to Eva Penrose, age 22, Haynesville twsp. Mar. 22,1896, at Preston by F.A. Allen, J.P.

David A. Lockert, age 23, Sun City to Margaret Bullock, age 18, Sun City. Mar. 19,1896, at Pratt by W.V. Burns, Minister.

Isaac N. Shriver, age 36, Coats to Prudence Austin, age 20, Coats. Apr. 9,1896, at Grant twsp. by D.R. Latham, Minister.

Elisha L. Kearns, age 22, Edwards Co. to Pearl L. Brown, age 18, Pratt. Apr. 18,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, Probate Judge.

Charles S. Switzer, age 21, Kingman Co. to Lottie Adams, age 22, Pratt Co. Apr. 30,1896, at house of bride by I.T. LeBaron, Minister.

Charles T. Sitton, age 24, Pratt Co. to Elizabeth Vanderpool, age 24, Okla. Terr. May 3,1896, at S.A. Sitton's by Stephen Miller, Elder.

Charles P. Regnier, age 23, Pratt to Minnie Howland, age 20, Abilene, Ks. May 20,1896, at home of the Groom by A.T. Simpson, Probate Judge.

Lillburn L. Bailey, age 32, Ford Co. to Alice Luckey, age 28, Republic Co. May 21,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, Probate judge.

Nathaniel H. Perley, age 30, Gove twsp. to Margaret M. Hulett, age 20, Gove twsp. May 24,1896, at Lawndale by Wm. C. Gage, J.P.

George L. Bunsold, age 31, Richland twsp. to Anna Curran, age 23, McClellan. May 26,1896, at Cullison by John Begley, Catholic Priest.

Joseph M. Wright, age 21, Pratt Co. to Lillie May Atwood, age 18, Pratt Co. May 29,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Frank McGuire, age 31, Saratoga twsp. to Maggie Nelson, age 26, Pratt Co. May 31,1896, at Preston by F.A. Allen Justice of Peace.

Theodore W. Weeden, age 26, Beaver Co., O.T. to Margaret L. Perkins, age 22, Richland twsp. June 22,1896, at Pratt by A.T. simpson, P.J.

Elam B. Ellis, age 43, Chase, Rice Co. to Mary E. Coigny, age 27, Pratt. June 28,1896, at Pratt by A.T. simpson, P.J.

Herman H. Horney, age 20, Naron twsp. to Ellen O. Lucas, age 20, Naron twsp. July 8,1896, at home of minister by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Jacob F. Curtis, age 28, Stafford Co. to Elvia E. Jackson, age 18, Haynesville twsp. July 19,1896, at Preston by W.C. Beaty, Minister.

Monroe Gould, age 24, Woods Co., O.T. to Dora Kelley, age 19, Pratt Co. Aug. 26,1896, at Cairo by Stephen Miller, Minister.

John J. Wallis, age 23, Kiowa Co. to Louisa C. Fahlsing, age 27, Kiowa C. Sept. 1,1896, at bride's residence by A.A. Brown, Minister.

Frank Goyen, age 35, Valley twsp. to Alice M. Fitzsimmons, age 26, Valley twsp. Sept. 9,1896, at J.D. Fitzsimmons home by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Charley D. Perkins, age 27, Okla. Terr. to Laura V. Douthart, age 20, Cullison. Sept. 9,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Isaac J. Cline, age 21, Barber Co. to Nelia J. Clemons, age 19, Sun City. Sept. 12,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Charles S. Moon, age 32, McClellan twsp. to Matilda E. Reschke, age 21, Iuka twsp. Sept. 16,1896, at house of bride by J.N. Roberts, Minister.

Carrol H. Bowman, age 29, Stafford Co. to Winnie F. Layton, age 19, Hudson, Stafford Co. Sept. 17,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

George Pinson, age 47, Juntsville, Reno Co. to Judith N. Campbell, age 43, Pratt. Oct. 4,1896, at Pratt by W.H. Knapp, Minister.

William E. Miles, age 20, Naron twsp. to Estella B. Williams, age 17, Iuka twsp. Oct. 14,1896, at home of Minister by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

W.H. Myers, age 18, Iuka twsp. to Eva Lee Warnes, age 17, Iuka twsp. Oct. 17,1896, at home of minister by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Charles Post, age 26, Greenwood Co. to Kittie Thomas, age 20, Spring vale twsp. Oct. 21,1896, at Spring Vale by Wm. Clapper, Minister.

Charles A. Groom, age 39, Stafford Co. to Mary Pruett, age 39, Stafford Co. Oct. 28,1896, at Pratt by A.T. simpson, P.J.

Elmer E. Pliler, age 32, Haynesville twsp. to Mattie Burris, age 18, Haynesville twsp. Nov. 1,1896, at Preston by F.A. Allen, J.P.

Levi J. Cox, age 28, Kiowa Co. to Anna M. Pitts, age 21, Pratt Co. Nov. 1,1896, at brides residence by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Alonzo F. McKibben, age 27, Keith, Okla. Terr. to Emma M. Brumsey, age 20, Naron twsp. Nov. 10,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Elmer E. Ellsworth, age 28, Reno Co. to Amanda C. Blake, age 20, Pratt. Nov. 14,1896, at home of Wm. J. Varner by Wm. J. Varner, J.P.

Elkana Martin, age 27, Pratt Co. to Mattie A. James, age 27, Pratt Co.. Nov. 25,1896, at Pratt by Eli Martin, Minister.

Henry T. Cromer, age 34, Pratt to Florence M. Shetterly, age 22, Pratt Co. Dec. 2,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

James H. Akin, age 28, Arkansas City to Laura D. Jackman, age 27, Pratt. Dec. 13,1896, at Pratt by J.N. Roberts, Minsiter.

W. P. Bobbitt, age 37, Cullison to Jepha Minor, age 31, Cullison. Dec. 23,1896, at Cullison by J.N. Roberts, Minister.

George M. Heston, age 23, Naron twsp. to Nannie E. Moore, age 23, Iuka twsp. Dec. 27,1896, at residence of T.J. Moore by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Govan Mills, age 39, Lake City, Barber Co. to Maggie Hittle, age 22, Lake City, Barber Co. Dec. 30,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Geo. W. Haynes, age 22, Preston to Hebe Evelyn Robbins age 17, Pratt. Dec. 31,1896, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.


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