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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Eric C. Swartz, age 29, Barber Co. to Rosa A. Brown, age 19, Barber Co. Jan. 1,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Frank A. Withers, age 26, Pratt to Katie L. Cunningham, age 19, Pratt. Feb. 10,1897, at Pratt by A>T. Simpson, P.J.

Samuel A. Paya, age 26, Alna Okla. Terr. to Lecy Millsap, age 25, Wichita. Feb. 24,1897, at Pratt by W.V. Burns, Minister.

Charles S. Kimberling, age 32, Kint, Woods Co., Olka. to Georgia B. Bright, age 20, Pratt. Feb. 25,1897, at Pratt by S.G. Sloan, Elder.

Ezra E. Johnson, age 27, Woods Co., Okla. to Lulu A. Puterbaugh, age 20, Springvale twsp., Feb. 28,1897, at home of Wm. L. Puterbaugh by S.G. Sloan, Elder.

Clark Swonger, age 21, McClellan twsp. to Maud Tillotson, age 18. Mar. 7,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Charley C. Crossfield, age 28, to Lucy Young, age 24, Pratt. Mar. 7,1897, at Pratt by B.H. Gragg, Minister. J.J. Roll made application for marriage licence.

Cortes Phillips, age 28, Iuka to Lila Tregalles, age 25, Iuka. Mar. 10,1897, at Preston by Fred H. Poore, Pastor of M.E. Church.

John W. Robbins, age 27, Iuka twsp. to Amy Ethel Swonger, age 18. Mar. 13,1897, at home of groom's parents by Mary R. Williams, Minister.

Geo. D. Miller, age 24,Center twsp. to Mary Fern Woolfolk, age 19, Richland twsp. Mar. 16,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

John W. Rose, age 26, Alva, Okla. Terr., to Zephyr May Parmer, ag3e 19 Saratoga twsp. Mar. 26,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

J.C. Sherman Banbury, age 27, Pratt to Emma F. Evans, age 25, Pratt. Apr. 4,1897, at Sawyer by Wm. Clapper, Minister.

Elmer Bloxom, age 23 Pratt to Estella Banbury, age 22, Pratt. Apr. 4,1897 at Sawyer by Wm. Clapper, Preacher of Gospel.

Whitney J. Bailey, age 24, McPherson twsp. to Dora E. Culbertson age 20, Saratoga twsp. May 9,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Charles E. Dandridge, age 29, Topeka, Ks. to Julia Graves, age 26, Pratt. May 20,1897, at bride's parent's home by S.G. Sloan, Elder.

Charles W. Morrison, age 39, Chandler, Okla. Terr. to Emma C. Berg, age 25. June 9,1897 at Iuka by W.C. Beaty, Minister.

George Fox, age 31, Pratt, to Mattie H. Walker, age 18 of Pratt. July 1897 at Pratt by B.H. Gragg, Minister.

Enoch M. Jenkins, age 45, Cairo, to Annie Stelzer, age 38 of Springvale twsp. July 5,1897, by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

John Waldock, age 63 of Pratt, to Mary Jane Bonner, age 44, Of Pratt. Aug. 1,1897 at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Fred H. Poore, age 26, of Greensburg, to Lilla B. Nicol, age 20 of Preston. July 21,1897, at Preston by D.R. Latham, Pastor of Methodist Church.

Charley Tumbleson, age 23 of Pratt, to Bertha Green, age 18 of Springvale. July 22,1897, at Springvale by Clark Decker, J.P.

Evan P. Everson, age 22 of Pratt to Tennie M. Harris, age 20 of Pratt. Aug. 25,1897, by J.N. Roberts, Minister.

John E. C. Farmer, age 25, of Barber Co. to Jennie M. Bird, age 24 of Pratt. Sept. 7,1897, at Pratt, by J.V. Roberts, Minister.

J.H. Monroe, age 26 of Sun City, to Nellie E. Clement, age 20 of Lake City, Sept. 26,1897, at residence of W.S. Clement, by A.A. Branin, minister.

George Hacker, age 26 of Iuka twsp. to Katie Brier, age 18, of Iuka twsp. Sept. 26,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Oscar O. Runyan, age 27, of Okla. Terr. to Jessie M. Harrel of Iuka twsp. 30. Sept. 30,1897 at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Grant Van Hoose, age 31, of Pratt to Mary M. Gould, age 21 o Pratt. Oct. 2,1897 at Pratt, by B.H. Gragg, Minister.

Edward H. Calvert, age 25 o Pratt to Sina E. Wolf, age 16, of Iuka. Nov. 21,1897, with permission of her mother, sarh J. Wolf, at Pratt, by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

James C. Hogg, age 49, of Pratt to Lydia A. Parris, age 43 of Pratt. Oct. 4,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Anthony F. Grimes, age 61, of Cunningham to Sarah Hardesty, age 60 of Pratt. Dec. 2,1897, at Pratt by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Wilbur A. Childers, age 35, of Pratt to Ella Bird, age 20, of Pratt. Dec. 7,1897 at Pratt, by A.T. Simpson, P.J.

Harry Boeken, age 37, of Allen Co., Ks. to Ella F. Hardesty age 22 of Pratt. Dec. 21,1897, at Pratt by J.N. Roberts, Minister.

Job B. Giles, age 35, of Wichita to Myrtle G. Robertson, age 20, at Pratt. Dec. 27,1897, by A.T. Simpson, P.J.


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