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Marriage Records


This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Bard E. Matthews, 25 of Haviland, Ks. to Amy L. Quinn, of Pratt at Pratt Jan. 3,1906 by Wm. Edgar Mack, Minister.

Wm. E. Vanhoozeer, 20 of Pratt Co. to Hattie P. Verning, 17 of Pratt Co. at the home of the bride's parents. Jan. 14,1906 by Rev. R. Casselman. Geo. M. Verning was present in person consenting to the marriage of his daughter Hattie and of Wm. Vanhoozer for whom he was guardian.

Claude S. Hadsell, 18 of Pratt Co. to Hattie May Taylor of Pratt Co. at the bride's home Jan. 22,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J. E.D. Hadsell, His father, was present and consenting. J.W. Taylor, her father was present and consenting.

Foster E. Elliott, 21 of Pratt to Nellie A. Chittenden, of Pratt at Chas. Chittenden's. Feb. 6,1906 by S.J. Sloan, Elder.

Walter E. Hardesty, 24 of Sugar City, Colo. to Lucinda Spencer, 19 of Pratt. Feb. 10,1906 by Wm. Edgar Mack, Minister.

Fred W. Toff, 45 of Leavenworth, Ks. to Emma Hyatt, 39 of Isabelle, Ks. at bride's home. Feb. 23,1906 by D.M. Scott, Minister.

Wm. Black, 45 of near Turon, Ks. to Elma Johnson, 21 of near Turon at Turon Feb. 26,1906 by Tom Coats, Minister.

Ralph G. Eckels, 22 near Coats to Maudie M. Clark, 19 near Pratt at Pratt Mar. 8,1906 by J.R. Millsap, Minister.

James P. Hardesty, 29 to Dora E. Briant, 25 at Pratt Mar. 16,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, Baptist Minister.

Jacob J. Huffman, 21 near Pratt to Nora Ewbank, 19 near Pratt at bride's home Mar. 18,1906 by Rev. R. Casselman.

Robert Rolfe, 24 near Iuka to Mabel Reed, 20 Near Iuka at the bride's home Mar. 25,1906 by Francis M. Ilo, Minister.

Charles Edward Crick, 25 near Preston to Mary Erene Mitchell, 18 near Preston at Pratt Mar. 30,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Fred F. Swinson, 25 near Sawyer to Laura E. Roots, 19 near Sawyer at Sawyer by J.R. Millsap, Minister.

Claude M. Stotts, 23 of Pratt Co. to Goldie Alice Pruett, 21 of Pratt at Caven, Ks. Apr. 1,1906 by M. Lindon Swafford, Minister.

Chas. Parker, 24 near Preston to Mina Blue, 16 at Pratt Apr. 4,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J., Thomas M. Blue, her father, consenting.

Arthur Wonder, 23 near Preston to Jessie Wiltse, 22 near Preston near Preston May 2,1906 by F.H. Poore, Minister.

Judd L. Larabee, 21 of Isabel, Ks. to Maude M. Hite, 18 of Isabel at Isabel May 2,1906 by L.D. Bartley, Minister.

Bert L. Smith, 21 of Coats to Fay F> Griswold, 18 near Coats at Pratt May 8,1906 by Lee F. Fischer, Minister.

John Q. Bonsall, 38 near St. John to Emma D. Ellis 31 near St. John at Pratt May 5,1906 by R.D. Hess, P.J.

Isbey Tice, 21 near Pratt to Emilie B. Selleck, 20 near Pratt t Pratt May 16,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Frank Clinton Allphin, 25 of Parsons, Ks. to Hilma Alice Lund, 25 of Pratt at Pratt May 30,1906 by D. McCormick, Minister.

Arlie R. Stonestreet, 24 of Cullison to Bernice Grossman, 20 of Cullison at Mr. Grossman's May 30,1906 by E.M. Scott, Minister.

Wm. A. Rosenbaum, 34 near Cairo to May Adaline Hamm, 20 near Cairo at bride's home June 6,1906 by A.J. Peak, Minister.

Roy A. Grover, 21 of Pratt to Edith L. Brover, 18 near Naron at J.W. Grover's June 9,1906 by E.wood Newby, J.P. Naron Twp.

Frank J. Dvorak, 23 near Iuka to Edith A. Seidel, 20 near Olymphia, Ks. at Pratt June 10,1906 by D. McCormick, Minister.

Percy Pryor, 27 Pratt to Lerene Lowe nearly 18(June 18,1906)Pratt at 11:15 p.m. June 13,1906 by Rev. E.B. Reed. James Lowe her father present in person and gave his consent.

Watson Pearson, 22 Cullison to May Tusing, 20 near Cullison at the Bride's home July 1,1906 by Rev. R. Casselman.

James R. Fulton, 24 of Pratt to Alice M. Jones 18 Pratt at Pratt July 11,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, Minister.

Claud W. Hogg, 24 Iuka to Udith Paullin, 18 near Iuka at Henry Paullin's July 15,1906 by D.M. Scott, Minister.

James Fox, 22 St. John, Ks. to Leota Ely, 18 St. John, Ks. at Pratt July 11,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Simon H. Young, 35 near Sawyer to Miley A. Henson, 25 near Sawyer at Pratt July 11,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Gilbert L. Terry, 24 Sawyer to Ivy Myrtle Holder, 18 near Sawyer at Pratt July 14,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Martin Curran, 38 near Cullison to Tavia Miner, 45 near Cullison near Cullison July 18,1906 by Rev. Alfred H. Walsh, Catholic Clergyman.

Harold Crum, 21 near Sawyer to Susie B. Dodd, near Sawyer at S.E. Dodd's July 25,1906 by D.M. Scott, Minister.

Nelia H. Cannon, 20 near Preston to Rosa B. Schmitt, 19 near Preston at pastor's home, Pratt, July 25,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, minister.

C. Sherman Waltrip, 25 Purdy, Mo. to Dora Spain, 16 near Sawyer at Pratt July 25,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J. Elizabeth Spain, Her Mother (her father being dead) present in person and consenting.

Charles W. Rich, 28 near Pratt to Katie Watson, 22 Pratt at Pratt July 25,1906 bt Lee T. Fischer, Minister.

Warren Harrel, 24 near Pratt to Ethel Grace Nossaman, 21 near Pratt at Pratt July 25,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Wm. Mawdsley, 24 Coats to Ruth Widener, 22 Cullison at Pratt July 26,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Aquila W. Stroder, 54 Badon, Ore. to Fannie J. McNames, 49 Coats at Pratt July 30,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Lester Freeman, 23 near Coats to Susie Bird, 18 near Cullison at Pratt Aug. 1,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Claude L. Pierson, 20 Coats to Ida C. Schrepel, 21 Coats at Pratt Aug. 3,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, Minister. Mr. and Mrs. Pierson consenting in writing to the marriage.

Frank Leslie, 29 Nashville, Ks. to Myrtle Agnes Core, 19 of Sawyer at Sawyer Aug. 8,1906 by Robert A. Potter, Minister.

Chas. S. Holiday, 26 Cullison to Millie Belle Boland near Cullison at Pratt Aug. 10,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Earl T. Bowman, 23 Sun City, Ks. to Maysel D. Love, 20 Pratt at Pratt Aug. 12,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, Minister.

John Dotts, 22 near Iuka to Ethel Pound, 22 near Iuka at Pratt Aug. 15,1906 by Donald McCormick, Minister.

Ira Riney, 23 near Pratt to Effie Bendle, 21 Pratt at Pratt Aug. 22,1906 by Thomas A. West, Minister.

Russe H. Keith, 23 Pratt to Edith Bertha Helsel, 18 Pratt at Pratt Aug. 22,1906 by F.M. Keith, Minister.

Ruthford B. Peck, 28 Sawyer to Minnie B. Harrel, 20 Pratt at Pratt Aug. 22,1906 by D. McCormick, Minister.

Elza E. Loffland, 21 near Iuka to Winifred N. Webster, 17 near Iuda at Mrs. Ida Webster's home Aug. 26,1906 by W.F. Brown, Minister. Mrs. Ida Webster present in person and consenting, the father being dead.

Walter G. Dodd, 18 of near Sawyer to Eva Stone, 20 of Iuka at Pratt Aug. 26,1906 by D. McCormack, Minister.

wm. D. Flory, 28 of Finney Co., Ks. to Eva Brubaker, 22 of near Sawyer Ks. Aug. 29,1906 at Pratt by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Ray Cooper to Della Nill, 21 at Preston Baptist Church Sept. 2,1906 by T.H. Southall, Minister.

Albert Morrell, 28 of near Coats to Elizabeth Shelinbarger, 18 of near Coats Sept. 5,1906 by Lee T. Fischer, Baptist minister.

Orville O. Meranda, 21 of Springvale, Ks. and Myrtie E. Bailey, 15 of near Springvale in Pratt Sept. 6,1906, L.D. Hess, P.J.

Geo. W. McGuire, 19 of Pratt to Mary Pearl Doan of near Pratt Sept. 9,1906 by T.A. West, Minister, at home of bride.

Bradley C. Widener, 22 of near Cullison and Mimie E. Latham, 22 of near Springvale, Ks. Sept. 16,1906 at groom's home by Rev. R. Casselman.

Geo. Walker Hartman, 50 of Bucklin, Ks. and Mary E. Crane, 46 of Optama, Bever Co., Okla. Sept. 20,1906 at Pratt by W.=m. Edgar Mark, V.D.M.

Wilson Berger, 25 near Pratt to Maud Lee, 18 near Pratt at the bride's home Ssept. 1906 Rev. R. Casselman, Minister.

George Bailey, 25 of Kiowa Co., Ks. and Mary Ellen Jenkins, 23 of Pratt Co. Sept. 19,1906 at Pratt by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Frederick Reschke, 22 of Pratt Co. and Erma Aeschliman, 20 of Pratt Co. Sept. 23,1906 at Orin Swindler's in Pratt Co. by Rev. R. Casselman, Minister.

Homer S. Shore, 27 of Coats and Jessie P. Harrough, 19 of Coats at Pratt Sept. 26,1906 by D. McCormack, Minister.

Clarence Plowman, 25 of Belpre, Ks. and Mamie Spencer, 18 of Wellsford, Ks. Sept. 21,1906 at Pratt, K. McCormack, Minister.

Robert R. Klokow, 21 of Naron and Effa A. Moore, 17 of Naron at the bride's residence Sept. 30,1906 by A.J. Bond, Minister.

Geo. A. Huff, 22 of Haynesville, twp. and Lillie Leroux, 19 of Haynesville twp. at Pratt Oct. 10,1906, L.D. Hess, P.J.

Oscar Allen Moon, 20 of near Preston and Mary L. Armstrong, 25 at near Preston by Elder J.T. Thorn, Minister, Oct. 14,1906.

Leslie J. Risely, 29 of Penaloosa, Ks. and Hazel S. Taylor, 18 of near Turon, Ks. at my residence in Pratt, Oct. 13,1906, L.D. Hess, P.J.

Neal H. Stolebarger, 21 of Naron and Ethel E. White, 21 of Pratt at Pratt Oct. 14,1906, D. McCormack, Minister.

Charles r. Randle, 31 of near Pratt and Alma A. Brown, 27 of near Pratt at Pratt Nov. 6,1906 by D. McCormack, Minister.

Harlan G. Davis, 25 of Haviland, Ks. and Clara S. Starkey, 25 at Pratt Nov. 14,1906 by D. McCormack, Minister.

Robert M. Wilson, 46 of Wellsford, Ks. and Sarah J. Waller, 44 of Wellsford, Ks. at Robert M. Wilson. Nov. 16,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

J.A. Epley, 20 of North of Iuka and Annie Allmon, 18 nearby at Northeast of Iuka Nov. 20,1906 by Rev. A.C. Brown, Pastor of F.M. Church.

Oliver M. Eubank, 33 of Pratt and Sadie E. Longe, 19 of Pratt Co. at bride's home Nov. 21,1906 by Rev. R. Casselman.

Geo. A. Hildreth, 25 of Pratt and Anna Kiley, 20 at Pratt Nov. 21,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Geo. W. Watson, 30 of Readout, Okla. and Anna M. Rolfe, 26 of Iuka at Pratt Dec. 5,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Geo. Benjamin Bird, 27 of Pawnee Co., Ks. and Mary Rozella Taylor, 19 at Pratt Dec. 10,1906 by L.D. Hess, P.J.

Luther Long, 22 of near Sawyer and Isabell Wombles, 18 at Pratt Dec. 12,1906 by F.D. Hess, P.J.

Geo A. Uhrig, 28 of near Preston and Carrie A. Geist of near Preston at Preston by F.A. Poore, Minister.

Wm. Kauffman, 61 and Mary Snyder, 51 at Pratt Dec. 21,1906 by D. McCormack, Minister.

Bennet Leonard, 23 of near Cullison and Norma Emons of near Cullison at bride's home by Rev. R. Casselman.

George Jackson, 50 near Preston and Eliza M. Beach of near Preston at Joseph Bennet Dec. 23,1906 by J.J. Hillman, Minister.

Bentley Randall, 28 of near Ashland, Ks. and Grace E. Wright of near Sawyer at Pratt Dec. 22,1906.

Leo W. Eaton, 25 of Arlington, Ks. and Margaret L. Springer, 23 of Pratt at Pratt Dec. 22,1906 by Lee T. Fisher, Minister.

Buell J. Griffith, 21 of near Iuka and Martha Bernice Shinkle, 19 at near Iuka on Dec. 25,1906 by Rev. A.C. Brown, Pastor.

Frank Ellison, 20 of Pratt Co. and Pearl May Walker, 17 of Pratt Co. on Dec. 24,1906 at Pratt, L.D. Hess, P.J.

Harvey A. Gibbons, 22 of Saratoga and Jennie Brown, 20 of Saratoga at bride's home on Dec. 25,l906 by F.H. Poore, Minister.

Robert O. Sandburg, 23 of Pratt and Hulda M. Me?singer, 20 of Pratt at Pratt by Lee T. Fisher, Baptist Minister.

Robert E. Cramer, 29 of Pratt and Anna E. Philips, 25 of Pratt at Pratt Dec. 25,1906 by Lee J. Fisher, Minister.

David M. Rader, 21 of Pratt and Maude E. Crow, 20 of Pratt at Pratt Dec. 25,1906 by T.A. West, Minister.

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