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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

J. Luther Key, 21 of Preston to Minmi DeLong, 21 of Preston of Jan. 8,1910 at my office by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

George A. Patterson, 36 of Protection, Ks. to Maggie M. Woolfolk, 32 of Pratt at Woolfolks, Jan. 19,1910, by Wm. Clapper, Preacher.

Dean C. Osborn, 22 of Coats to Ethel Butcher, 24 of Coats on Jan. 26,1910 at Coats by W.A. Doughty, Preacher.

Frederick A. Hockett, 33 of Cullison to Etta M. Greenstreet, 19 of Cullison at my office Jan. 26,1910 by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Philip Tritsch, 21 of Pratt to Katie Beck, 21 of Pratt. Jan. 26,1910 at my office by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

William Swinson, 21 of Isabel to Ethel Hewett, 20 of Isabel, at Sawyer, Feb. 7,1910 by Rev. Walter Craven.

John E. Donnelly, 31 of Newton, Ks. to Catherine Clancy, 32 of Pratt. Feb. 8,1910 at Pratt Catholic Church, by Alferd H. Walsh.

Aca E. Riffey, 25 of Isabel, Ks. to Hazel Goyen, 17 of Cunningham. Feb. 8,1910 by the Rev. Wm. Cherry at brides home(H.F. Goyen).

Clarence E. Morris, 25 of Preston to Georgia A. Estes, 14. Francis M. Estes and Mary M. Ester, parents of Georgia A. Estes, Pratt. At bride's home in Pratt, Feb. 19,1910, by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Virgil H. Roberts, 30 of Sheridan, Mo. to Rosa Wiltse, 30 of Kansas City, Mo. Feb. 14,1910 at Pratt by D. McCormick, Minister.

Charles L. Jenkins, 20 of Cullison to Emora L. Eastman, 16 of Haviland. John Jenkins, Annie Jenkins, C. Swank and Clara Swank, paents of Parties, Feb. 23,1910 at my office I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Freeman E. Wood, 31 of Cullison to Ethel L. Null, 27 of Cullison, at bride's home, Feb. 27,1910, by R. Castleman, Minister.

John Wheeler, 25 of Greensburg, Ks. to Nellie Parmoler, 25 of Osborn, Ks. on Feb. 27,1910, by D. McCormick, Minister.

Letson J. Burns, 22 of Haviland to Goldia Swafford, 19 of Cullison, on Mar. 3,1910 by Homer L. Cox, Minister.

H. Ormal Williams, 21 of Cairo to Bessie P. Larkin, 22 of Cunningham, at brides home, Mar. 6,1910, by D.E. Votaw, Minister.

Jessie G. Cobb, 22 of Haviland to Blanche E. Talmage, 16 of Iuka. Mr and Mrs. Hudson, mother of Blanche E. Talmage, Mar. 14,1910, at my office, I.J. Bloxom, Justice of the peace.

David McCallion, 29 of Pratt to Augusta Huffman, 27 of Olympia, Ks. on Mar. 22,1910, at Olympia, Ks. by the Rev. E.F. Town.

Jesse P. Mitchell, 24 of Pratt to Besse L. Hague, 18 of Pratt. Mar. 24,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, J.P.

Harry Hartsell, 22 of Preston to Sarah Lee, 17 of Pratt, by J.W. Lee, father, Mar. 31,1910, at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, J.P.

James E. Brickles, 46 of Iuka to Lulu J. Watters, 30 of Iuka, Apr. 9,1910, at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, J.P.

Clyde W. Stimatze, 22 of St. John to Jennie M. DeGarmo, 21 of Iuka, on Apr. 13,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, J.P.

S.C. Swindler, 32 of Pratt to Rose Prudy, 25 of Winfield, on Apr. 21,1910 by the Rev. E.H. Wilson at Wichita, Ks.

Joseph A.C. Newman, 33 of Pratt to Tempy Pieflow, 37 of Pratt. Apr. 17,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Charley W. Benton, 29 of Preston to Della Stevens, 29 of Preston. Apr. 21,1910 at brides home by C.W. Long, Minister.

James C. Graham, 25 of Dalhart, Tx. to Latha D. Doan, 26 of Pratt, on Apr. 24,1910 at Pratt by the Rev. Lee G. Fischer.

Charles F. Rezeau, 27 of Liberal, Ks. to Orpha Chitwood, 22 of Pratt. Apr. 24,1910 at Chitwood's residence by the Rev. D.E. Votaw.

Elmo McCullough, 27 of Pratt to Inez L. Mawdsley, 23 of Pratt. Apr. 27,1910 at Pratt by the Rev. D.E. Votaw.

Francis H. Martin, 22 of Pratt to Clara Dotts, 23 of Pratt, on Apr. 28,1910 by Priest of Catholic Church, A.F. Walsh.

John W. Gereke, 26 of Iuka to Mary Brown, 22 of Iuka, on Apr. 30,1910 at Iuka by the Rev. Robert A. Potter, pastor of M.E. Church.

Otto A. Taube, 30 of Preston to Arma M. Studer, 18 of Preston, on May 12,1910 at Olympia, Ks. by the Rev. E.F. Tanns.

Joseph W. Owens, 22 of Cullison to Edith E. Kocher, 22 of Coats, on May 12,1910 at Pratt by the Rev. Virgil L. Darby.

Phillip C. McKinzie, 36 of Cullison to Mattie Fox, 26 of Haviland, on May 23,1910 at my office in Pratt, by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Nelson C. Dewey, 25 of Seward, Ks. to Nellie A. Sims, 27 of Pratt, on May 25,1910 at Pratt, by J.W. Jorns, Minister.

Dwight Swink, 27 of Seward, Ks. to Mofa Harrel, 21 of Pratt on May 25,1910 in Pratt by J.M. Jorns, Minister.

Vance W. Mechen, 27 of Kansas City, Mo. to Margaret Huber, 18 of Wichita, on May 28,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Black Y. Frazier, 21 of Cullison to Dora M. Collins, 18 of Cullison, June 1,1910 at home of the bride by J.B. Hardy, Minister.

Guy H. Wilmot, 28 of Sawyer to Dora M. Altland, 27 of Zenda, Ks. on June 1,1910 at Sawyer by Benjamin Hill, Minister.

Harry Carpenter, 26 of Pratt to Jennie Stewart, 25 of Pratt, on June 5,1910 at Pratt by J.W. Jorns, Minister.

Ben J. Helbrung, 42 of Cunningham to Anna Zuelling, 32 of Charleston, W. Va., at Cunningham, on June 13,1910 by Catholic Priest, Rev. Geo. Schneider.

Lewis Harrel, 53 of Pratt to Eudora McNeal, 37 of Pratt on June 15,1910 by Homer L. Gleckler, Minister.

Milton Kelley, 30 of Preston to Ida Grover, 30 of Preston, at Preston June 25,1910 by D.C. Shields, Minister.

Fred Mitchell, 22 of Preston to Hazel Holmes, 18 of Turon on June 27,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Walter W. Cole, 22 of Pratt to Iona E. Ziegler, 18 of Pratt on July 4,1910 at Cairo by J.D. Cole, Minister.

James W. Hall, 41 of Argonia, Ks. to Anna L. Jones, 49 of Pratt, on July 2,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Fred E. Scott, 21 of Pratt to Elsie J. Creeden, 21 of Pratt, on July 13,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

George F. Cattrell, 23 of Pratt to Edna B. White, 20 of Pratt, on July 13,1910 by Homer L. Gleckler, Minister.

Richard Jones, 21 of Sawyer to Lulu Wagner, 21 of Pratt on July 20,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Ira M. Salmon, 34 of Hutchinson, Ks. to Lillie Ellis, 33 of Hutchinson, Ks., on July 23,1910 in Sterling, Ks. by Ora S. Bundy, Minister.

Cliff F. Fincher, 25 of Cunningham to Mary Morris, 18 of Cairo on Aug. 2,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Claud Henderson, 22 of Iuka to Mary Toland, 20 of Iuka on Aug. 3,1910 in my office at Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

John C. Clifford, 48 of Pratt to Viola J. Bedwell, 47 of Pratt on Aug. 5,1910 at my office in Pratt, I. H. Bloxom, P.J.

Armour C. Myers, 24 of Pratt to Nettie Nevills, 21 of Pratt, on Aug. 7,1910 at Pratt by Lee Fischer, Minister.

Roy Toothaker, 27 of Cullison to Mary B. Huff, 21 of Cullison on Aug. 9,1910 at brides home by Michael F. Lunsfforce, Minister.

John B. Seyfert, 23 of Pratt to Emma F. Trimpe, of Preston on Aug. 23,1910 at Olympia, by E.F. Jorns, Lutheran Minister.

Don R. Brown, 23 of Iuka to Emma Wasson, 19 of Maxville, Ks. on Aug. 10,1910 at Iuka by Robert A. Potter, Minister.

Hilry C. Payne, 22 of Preston to Estella Elder, 18 of Sawyer on Aug. 17,1910 by the Rev. C.H. ?.

Walter H. Robinson, 25 of Pratt to Cecil A. Caiter, 21 of Pratt on Aug. 16,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

William J. Yager, 43 of Iuka to Amanda Kortz, 38 of Iuka on Aug. 16,1910 at my office, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Andrew J. Straw, 24 of Preston to Eva Haynes, 19 of Preston at Pratt Aug. 17,1910 by Rev. E.P. Van Vrankin.

Willis B. King, 21 of Cullison to Ida B. White, 24 of Cullison at Central Hotel in Pratt, Aug. 18,1910 by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Zed Bright, Jun., 28 of Pratt to Effie Cross, 23 of Pratt Aug. 24,1910 at Adrian, by Thomas M. Reeves, Minister.

Henry F.C. Mussman, 41 of Pratt to Nellie E.S. Frisbie, at my office in Pratt, Aug. 30,1910 by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Joe Gatliff, 19 of Baxter Springs, Ks. to Blanch Bloss, 17 of St. John, Ks. at St. John Aug. 31,1910 by Hubert E. Ross, Pastor.

Walter B. Dauner, 21 of Pratt to Nellie E. Parks, 17 of Pratt, Sept. 4,1910 at Pratt, S.J. Bailey, Guardian, by K.J. Cole, Minister.

Leon H. Browne, 25 of Pratt to Floy Platt, 19 of Pratt at Pratt, Sept. 1,1910 by J.W. Jones, Minister.

Alva Douthart, 27 of Cullison to Nola Garner, 20 of Pratt, Sept. 6,1910 at Cullison by Virgil L. Darby, Minister.

Winfred L. Swonger, 21 of Sawyer to Stella Hayes, 19. Sept. 6,1910 at my office by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Russel V. Dalrymple, 35 of Cunningham, Ks. to Lottie R. Whitmore, 27 of Cunningham, at my office in Pratt, by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Frank Behm, 22 of Pratt to Lena Feldhut, 20 of Pratt, Sept. 7,1910 at Pratt by E.F. Jorns, Minister.

Harvey Bailey, 26 of Dodge City, Ks. to Bettie V. Steele, 27 of Preston, Sept. 12,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Martin E. Boyd, 24 of Virginia, Neb. to Verna M. Beahm, 20 of Sawyer, Sept. 14,1910 at brides residence by William Cherry, Minister.

Howard J. Balyard, 19 of Hutchinson, Ks. to Anna M. Phillips, 19 of Preston, Sept. 13,1910, at Preston by D.C. Shutds(?).

Frank J. Nichols, 22 of Pratt to Isabel McMillan, 20 of Preston. Sept. 14,1910 at J. H. Vanatta's by P.L. Gray, Minister.

William L. Vanatta, 24 of Cullison to Angeline P. Freeman, 17 of Pratt, Sept. 14,1910 at Ida E. Freeman's (mother),by P.L. Gray, Minister.

J. Chester Nichols, 26 of Cherokee, Okla. to Kathryn Schumerhorn, 20 of Sawyer, Sept. 21,1910 at the home of the bride, by Elder T.A. Carlin, Minister.

Silas Way, 35 of Sawyer to Lola Higgins, 32 of Sawyer, Sept. 21,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

John W. Taylor, 21 of Sawyer to Blanch E. Silvers, 18 of Sawyer, Sept. 25,1910 at Thomas Young's by J.W. Wilmont, J.P.

Harry H. Hopper, 21 of Kansas City, Ks. to Mabel L. Day, 19 of Coats, Sept. 25,1910 at Coats by H.A. Doughty, Minister.

George M. Thomas, 25 of Pratt to Abbie M. Reese, 22 of Pratt, Sept 28,1910 at Saratoga by C.C. Shields, Minister.

Ralph E. Crabbs, 22 of Arlington, Ks. to Grace M. Ross, 24 of Arlingrton, Ks. at Pratt, by J.M. Leonard, Minister.

Arthur P. Reece, 27 of Minneola, Ks. to Bessie L. Eggleston, 24 of Pratt, Oct. 4,1910 at Pratt by J.M. Leonard, Minister.

John I. Rouse, 38 of Preston to Wyone H. Willing, 27 of Preston, Oct. 5,1910 at Pratt by J.A. Free, Minister.

Willis R. Clark, 39 of Iuka to Verna B. Shinogle, 25 of Iuka, Oct. 6,1910 at Pratt by Homer L. Glickler, Minister.

Wm. A. Hall, 23 of Cunningham, Ks. to Inez A. Foster, 18 of Cunningham, Oct. 7,1910, at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Charles C. Farman, 17 of Iuka to Elsie E. Dauner, 17 of Pratt, Oct. 7,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.. H.C. Farman, father of Charles, and Samuel Dauner, father of Elsie, by letter.

Guy H. Kisler, 24 of Hutchinson, Ks. to Margarate Shand, 18 of Pratt, Oct. 11,1910 at Pratt by E.P. Van Vranken, Minister.

Orga K. Stewart, 23 of Pratt to Bertha Williams, 23 of Pratt, Oct. 12,1910 at Pratt, J.W. Jones, Minister.

Osa B. Taylor, 24 of St. John, Ks. to Minnie Blanch Brenneman, 17 of St. John, Oct. 14,1910 at my office in Pratt, by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.. Jacob Brenneman, father, present.

Wm. A. Dexter, 24 of Emporia, Ks. to Estella M. Bramer, 19 of Pratt, Oct. 18,1910 at Pratt by Lee V. Fischer, Minister.

Robert T. Carter, 21 of Haviland, Ks. to Mary E. Bellamy, 22 of Haviland, Ks. Oct. 22,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

George Millhauser, 27 of Preston to Anna A. Selle, 21 of Preston, Oct. 26,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Wm. Swinson, 22 of Sawyer to Annie Miller, 20 of Isabel, Ks. Nov. 23,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Stanley Cane, 20 of Pratt to Coral Dietz, 18 of Pratt, Nov. 24,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.. W.L. Cane, father of Stanley, by letter consent.

John W. Combs, 25 of Cunningham, Ks. to Ida V. Ellison, 18 of Preston, Nov. 30,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Everette C. Smith, 27 of Pratt to Blanche S. Baker, 23 of Pratt, Dec. 4,1910 at Pratt by Homer L. Glickler, Minister.

James S. Bainum, 33 of Pratt to Terrissa E. Pattison, 31 of Harrington, Ks. Dec. 14,1910 at Herrington, by R.M. Tirnson, Minister.

Theodore P. Powell, 41 of Stafford, Ks. to Mrs. Mollie J. Hiatt, 36 of Stafford, Dec. 1,1910 at my office in Pratt, by I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Charles R. Onstott, 21 of Sawyer to Clara Peachey, 21 of Pratt, Dec. 14,1910 at my residence in Sawyer, Elder T.A. Carlin, Minister.

M.S. Young, 27 of Pratt to Nina Corss, 25 of Pratt, Dec. 18,1910 at Pratt by Homer L. Glickler, Minister.

John L. Denton, 26 of Pratt to Elsie M. Eggleston, 14 of St. John, Ks. consent by Abraham Eggleston, father, present. Dec. 20,1910 at Pratt by D.J. Cole, Minister.

George W. Jones, 19 of Turon, Ks. to Bertha B. McNeil, 20 of Preston, consent of W.E. Jones, father of George, present. Dec. 21,1910 at Preston by D.C. Shields, Minister.

Herman Bortz, 40 of Preston to Matilda Feldhut, 25 of Preston, Dec. 20,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Wm. G. Briggs, 29 of Goodland, Ks. to Lucy M. Scheidle, 23 of Denver, Colo. Dec. 22,1910 at my office in Pratt, I.H. Bloxom, P.J.

Charles O. McKee, 22 of South Haven, Ks. to Hattie E. Latham, 22 of Croft, Ks. Dec. 25,1910 at Croft by Elder J.B. Hardy.

Roy Lawson, 21 of Haviland, Ks. to Ola Hiatt, 17 of Haviland, Ks., consent by Mollie J. Powell, mother, by letter. Dec. 29,1910, at Haviland by G. C. Deardoff, Minister.

Frank L. Anderson, 32 of Iuka to Jessie A. sillin, 28 of Preston, Dec. 26,1910 at Pratt by J.W. Jones, Minister.


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