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Pleasant View Cemetery


Pratt County, Kansas

This is a listing of Pleasant View Cemetery as of 1976, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Miller, David A.-B.Nov.22,1885 D.Feb.28,1911(son of Andrew & Nancy
Cable, Daniel-B.Dec.2,1846 D.Nov.27,1910
Cable, Mary Ettie-B.Apr.5,1880 D.Sept.29,1913(Wife of Isaac)
Murry, Thomas H.-B.Nov.17,1902 D.June 18,1914(son of D.T. & Katie)
Chrowl, Floyd-B.May 24,1916(son of Eva & E.S.)
Chrowl, Nannia Irean-B.Jan.4,1919(dau of Eva & E.S.)
Beahm, Grace Irene-B.May 19,1913 D.June 3,1916(dau of H.U. & Minnie)
Roberts, Robert-- 1852 to 1926
Killingsworth,Infant-B.Mar.26,1924 D.Mar.26,1924(son of Lloyd & May)
Killingsworth, Floyd R.-- 1902 to 1948
Killingsworth, May V.-- 1904 to 1968
Hufford, Noah Casper-- 1905 to 1907
Hufford, Infant-- 1913 to 1913
Brubaker, Noah-B.June 25,1836 D.Sept.5,1917
Brubaker, Elizabeth-B.Apr.24,1840 D.June 2,1926
Turner, Rachael E. Snavely-- 1870 to 1943
Brubaker, Sarah-B.Aug.22,1872 D.Dec.26,1957
Miller, Erple-B.Sept.21,1918 D.Oct.9,1918(son of Jessie W. & Lucy)
Seyfert, Winona B.-B.Mar.28,1926 D.June 25,1974
Garber, Hugh A.-B.Apr.13,1910 D.Sept.7,1918(son of N.W. & E.V)
Garber, Earl L.-B.Dec.27,1911 D.July 20,1923(son of N.W. & E.V.)
Graber, Noah H.-- 1876 to 1941
Graber, Etta V.-- 1881 to 1972
Riffery, Alva-B.Dec.17,1916 D.Feb.20,1917(son of C.F. & Pearl)
Riffery, Charlie F.-B.Feb.1,1887(Married Jan.15,1913)
Riffery, Pearl-B.June 29,1889 D.Aug.14,1972
Boyd, Infant-D.Mar.21,1929(son of Ernest & Alice)
Boyd, Lucy Belle-B.Mar.26,1921 D.Aug.18,1924(Dau of Ernest & Alice)
Boyd, Infant--D.Apr.10,1920(son of Ernest & Alice)
Barnhart, Jesse W.-- 1883 to 1962
Barnhart, Lydia-- 1876 to 1960
Kessler, Forest M.-B.June 28,1925 D.July 6,1925
Biller, Elizabeth H.-D.July 16,1921 age 78 yrs 5 mos 9 dys
Barnhart, Effie L.-B.Aug.11,1882 D.Dec.9,1918(wife of Lee E. Dau of J. & E. Wray)
Brubaker, Peter-- 1837 to 1922
Boots, Elizabeth Brubaker-- 1848 to 1933
Snavely, Joseph-- 1859 to 1947
Snavely, Hester-- 1862 to 1928
Reece, Edith-B.Feb.2,1889 D.July 2,1924 age 35 yrs 5 mos(wife of John M.--dau of Samuel & Rachel Turner)
Reece, John Michael-B.June 1,1890 D.Dec.30,1957
Hofman, W.H.C.-B.May 20,18853 D.Dec.18,1928
Hofman, M. Etta-B.Aug.13,1871 D.May 20,1955
Wray, Harold Wesley-B.Jan.17,1929 D.Apr.11,1930
Wray, John I.-B.Nov.5,1898(married Nov.3,1919)
Wray, Etta Mary-B.Oct.28,1902
Boyd, Ernest E.-B.Sept.11,1884 D.Dec.16,1961(Married Dec.16,1908)
Boyd, Alice May-B.Sept.24,1881 D.Mar.19,1974
Teghtneyer, Elso L.-B.Jan.4,1912 D.Oct.25,1973
Teghtneyer, Barbara E.-B.Aug.28,1918
Kennedy, Infant-B.Sept.21,1927 D.Sept.29,1927(dau of Mr. & Mrs. H.G.)
Kennedy, Henry C.-- 1866 to 1930
Kennedy, Lizzie C.-- 1868 to 1938
Kessler, Joshua-- 1839 to 1926
Kessler, Susanna-- 1840 to 1929
Brubaker, Andrew-- 1865 to 1947
Brubaker, Emma J.-- 1870 to 1940
Riffery, James-B.Sept.5,1856 D.June 7,1931
Riffery, Tina-B.Feb.1,1861 D.May 8,1957
Boone, Patricia L.-D.Mar.2,1934
Brubaker, Sheldon Gail-B.Oct.7,1950 D.July 15,1960
Skiles, Henry D.-B.1879 D.19
Skiles, Malinda K.-- 1876 to 1959
Baker, Abraham-B.June 16,1905 D.Oct.30,1930
Baker, Ina C.-B.May 17,1906 D.Apr.28,1961
Wray, James W.-- 1860 to 1933
Wray, Mary E.-- 1862 to 1953
Boone, Cephas R.-- 1878 to 1973
Boone, Nannie B.-- 1883 to 1935
Riffery, ?ca E.-- 1884 to 1936
Riffery, Hazel L.-B.1893
Riffery, Jesse-B.Apr.4,1899 D.Mar.22,1968
Riffery, Jessie L.-B.Apr.6,1902
Brubaker, Everett J.-B.Feb.6,1905 (married Oct.1,1927)
Brubaker, Hazel F.-B.June 2,1908
Montgomery, Myrtle May-B.May 5,1894 D.Apr.1,1972(dau of Joel & Elizabeth)
Wray, E. Henry (Harry)-B.Dec.23,1891(married Jan.25,1916)
Wray, Inez Marie-B.Jan.25,1895 D.July 11,1973
Kinzie, Jessie Guy_B.June 17,1889 D.Jan.5,1977
Kinzie, Hazel B.-B.Aug.26,1900 D.Jan.1,1953
Turner, Myrtle-B.May 27,1930 D.Apr.1,1961
Kinzie, Marion Elso-- 1881 to 1969
Kinzie, Alice-- 1881 to 1969


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