Standard Atlas 
Rawlins County Kansas

 Compiled and Published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. 

  If you would like a copy of the land dead or to find out more information such as who your ancestor bought the land from or when they sold it, you can contact the Register of Deeds Office   607 Main, Atwood, KS  67730.  Phone number is 785-626-3172.





Surnames E - G

Last Name First Name Land Section Township/Directory
Eakins H.T. 2 Logan
Eaton J. 8 Union
Eaton J. 17 Union
Eaton M.L. 35 Mikesell
Eaton R.J. 3 Clinton
Eberle Christ 12 Mirage
Eberle Christ 13 Mirage
Eberle E.E. 14 Mirage
Ecker Math 12 Richland
Ecker Rosina 12 Richland
Ecker John Sr. 23 Elk
Ecker Joe 23 Elk
Ecker Joe 24 Elk
Ecker John 25 Elk
Ecker John 2 Herndon
Ecker John Sr.   Patron's Directory
Ecker Math   Patron's Directory
Eckhart J.W. 29 Celia
Eckhart J.W. 32 Celia
Eckhart John 10 Celia
Edmonds M.A. 25 Grant
Edwards J.F. 6 Clinton
Egelston C.M. 22 Mirage
Egelston C.M. 26 Mirage
Egelston C.M. 27 Mirage
Egelston C.M.   Patron's Directory
Egger Albert 14 Burntwood
Eicher Dan 28 Rotate
Eicher Dan 29 Rotate
Elder J.S. 3 Logan
Elder M.E. 5 Rotate
Ellison B.B. 20 Beaver
Elmore Lydia 8 Arbor
Elmore Lydia   Patron's Directory
Elmore Mr. & Mrs.   Portrait Department
Elshire R.L. 16 Union
Elshire E.J. 21 Union
Elshire E.J.   Patron's Directory
Elshire R.L.   Patron's Directory
Emahizer J.C. 27 Mirage
Engelker F.W. 1 Mirage
Engelker F.W.   Patron's Directory
Engeln Henry RW.CO Patron's Directory
English Jos. G. 6 Arbor
Eq. Sec. Company   3 Rotate
Equit Land Co.   17 Richland
Equit. Land Co.   24 Burntwood
Equit. Land Co.   27 Burntwood
Equit. Land Co.   19 Union
Equitable Land Co.   1 Elk
Equitable Land Co.   9 Logan
Equitable Land Co.   1 Celia
Equitable Land Co.   12 Celia
Equitable Land Co.   26 Mirage
Equitable Land Co.   33 Mirage
Equitable Land Co.   3 Rotate
Equitable Land Co.   9 Rotate
Equitable Land Co.   32 Mirage
Equitable Land Co.   17 Rotate
Equitable Land Co.   26 Rotate
Equitable Land Co.   27 Rotate
Equitable Sec. Co.   3 Elk
Equitable Security Co. 28 Mirage
Equitable Security Co. 31 Mirage
Equitable Security Co. 20 Clinton
Equitable Security Co. 18 Mirage
Erickson J.P. 24 Burntwood
Erickson Ole 3 Laing
Erickson A 18 Laing
Erickson Olof W. 20 Laing
Erickson Olof W. 21 Laing
Erickson Gust  13 Union
Erickson Elan 24 Union
Erickson Elan 25 Union
Erikson Olaf W.   Patron's Directory
Escue H.E. 8 Clinton
Essex J.E. 2 Driftwood
Evangelical Cemetery   36 Richland
Evans E.P. 8 Driftwood
Evans O. 27 Clinton
Everett Leonard 6 Driftwood
Everett Leonard 9 Driftwood
Everett Leonard   Burntwood
Everett Leonard 15 Burntwood
Everett Leonard 17 Burntwood
Everett Leonard 26 Burntwood
Everett L. 30 Burntwood
Everett L.C. 34 Atwood
Everett C. 24 Beaver
Everett Leonard 22 Celia
Everett   29 Celia
Everett M.L. 5 Burntwood
Everett L. 26 Celia
Everett L. 30 Atwood
Everett L. 15 Celia
Everett L. 22 Celia
Everett Leonard 12 Achilles
Everett Leonard 13 Achilles
Everett L. 19 Arbor
Everett L. 20 Arbor
Everett L. 25 Mikesell
Everett Leonard 21 Mirage
Everett Homestead 28 Mirage
Everett Leonard 21 Clinton
Everett Leon 17 Clinton
Everett L. 34 Clinton
Everett L. 9 Rotate
Everett L. 26 Rotate
Everett Leonard   Patron's Directory
Everett Torry   Patron's Directory
Everiss Thos 26 Mirage
Everiss Thos 27 Mirage
Everiss T. 35 Mirage
Evins A.S. 31 Union
Evins J.L. 6 Clinton
Faber G.D. 5 Rotate
Falconer C.A. 26 Arbor
Fancher H.C. 29 Driftwood
Farling Dan 13 Jefferson
Farling Dan 24 Jefferson
Farnham D.S. 21 Jefferson
Farnsworth E.J. 7 Rotate
Farry Ed pg. 70 Herndon
Fartont J.E. 19 Atwood
Feistnen George 28 Atwood
Ferguson William 8 Rotate
Ferguson Homestead   5 Burntwood
Fields W.R. 11 Burntwood
Fields Wm. R. 35 Ludell
Fields J.R. 26 Achilles
Fields J.E. 26 Achilles
Fields Jos. 24 Achilles
Fields James L. 22 Jefferson
Fields Sarah A. 35 Jefferson
Fields J.A.   Patron's Directory
Fields J.E.   Patron's Directory
Fikan John 4 Driftwood
Fikan John 9 Driftwood
Fikan John 14 Driftwood
Fikan John 15 Driftwood
Fikan John 23 Driftwood
Fikan Fritz 23 Driftwood
Fikan H 24 Atwood
Fikan herman 25 Atwood
Fiken H.   Patron's Directory
Findley M.E. 19 Union
Finley Ruby M. & Lillie J. 30 Union
Finley N.W. 13 Arbor
Finley W.M. 13 Arbor
Finley J.J. 21 Jefferson
Finley J. 29 Jefferson
Finley Jos 33 Jefferson
Finley Wm. pg. 71 Atwood
First National Bank of Peoria 16 Burntwood
Fisher M.M. 15 Mirage
Fisher M.M. 8 Grant
Fisher W.S.   Patron's Directory
Fisher Bros.   5 Celia
Fiss T. 6 Rotate
Flanagan  L.A. 33 Atwood
Flanagan Draw   19 Atwood
Fleming P. 20 Jefferson
Fleming J. 30 Jefferson
Fleming J. 31 Jefferson
Fleming J.J. 13 Jefferson
Fleming J.J. 24 Jefferson
Fleming J.J. 25 Jefferson
Fleming J.J. 36 Jefferson
Fleming J.J. 19 Clinton
Fleming John J. 34 Clinton
Fleming J.J.   Patron's Directory
Fleming P.H.   Patron's Directory
Fleming J.J.   Portrait Department
Fleming Ranch   31 Jefferson
Fleming Ranch   24 Jefferson
Fletcher Commodore P. 20 Mikesell
Flinn S.   Patron's Directory
Flint Geo W. 28 Jefferson
Flint Geo W. 33 Jefferson
Focke H. 16 Driftwood
Focke H. 21 Driftwood
Focke H. 22 Driftwood
Focke John 26 Driftwood
Focke Herman 27 Driftwood
Focke Herman 34 Driftwood
Focke John 35 Driftwood
Focke John 16 Beaver
Focke Herman   Patron's Directory
Focke Hon. John   Patron's Directory
Folke Herman F. 19 Beaver
Folke Herman 20 Beaver
Folke John 17 Beaver
Folke John 20 Beaver
Folke John 29 Beaver
Folke John 30 Beaver
Ford John F. 34 Jefferson
Forsgren Andrew 1 Union
Forster Edward 35 Union
Forster E 2 Achilles
Foster B.B. 2 Celia
Foster B.B. 3 Celia
Foster J.E. 7 Achilles
Foster J.E. 18 Achilles
Foster J.E. 12 Achilles
Foster J.N. 13 Achilles
Foster B.B. pg. 71 Beardsley
Foster B.B.   Patron's Directory
Foster J.E.   Patron's Directory
Foster J.E.   Portrait Department
Fowler Josephine 19 Jefferson
Fowler Mrs. Josephine S.   Patron's Directory
Fox A.M.   Patron's Directory
Fox Mr. & Mrs. A.M.   Portrait Department
Franke J.G. 25 Richland
Franke John 25 Richland
Franke J.G. 36 Richland
Franke J.G. pg. 70 Herndon
Franke John   Patron's Directory
Franklin Orel J. 4 Driftwood
Franklin B. 4 Beaver
Franklin Benj. 5 Beaver
Franklin Benj. 8 Beaver
Franklin Benj. 9 Beaver
Franklin Geo 16 Beaver
Franklin G.W. 21 Beaver
Franklin Ben   Patron's Directory
Fred William 15 Laing
Fred Joseph 35 Laing
Fred Joseph 2 Achilles
Fred  William   Patron's Directory
Fredburg H. 33 Rotate
Freeman E.S. 22 Union
Freesinger G 1 Herndon
French J.A. 13 Richland
French L. & I. 9 Elk
Frick Max 17 Elk
Frick Max 20 Elk
Frick Max   Patron's Directory
Frisbie D. residence 10 Burntwood
Frisbie Laura P 15 Burntwood
Frisbie D.E.   Patron's Directory
Fritz Anton 25 Burntwood
Fruit Lawn Farm   35 Laing
Fry Henry 9 Driftwood
Fry Henry 10 Driftwood
Fry Henry 15 Driftwood
Fuller F.E. 24 Union
Fullerton William 27 Achilles
Funk Henry S. 11 Mikesell
Funk Dora A. 35 Jefferson
Funksberry A.B. 29 Laing
Gaines S.E. 30 Celia
Gardner M.R. 7 Jefferson
Gardner D.H. 1 Mirage
Garnchau W.H. 21 Achilles
Garnshan W.H. 24 Burntwood
Garvin L.J. 27 Beaver
Gatlin Isaac 10 Clinton
Gatlin Isaac 11 Clinton
Gatlin Isaac 15 Clinton
Gaunt George J. 30 Beaver
Gaunt George W. 31 Beaver
Gaunt Geo W. 25 Beaver
Gaunt N.V. 36 Beaver
Gaunt S.A. 36 Beaver
Gaunt G.W.   Patron's Directory
Gaunt Geo W.   Portrait Department
Gebhardt Geo (Badger)   Patron's Directory
Geol F.S. 1 Jefferson
George I.N. 34 Richland
George Eva 1 Elk
Gerdes Ricke 5 Burntwood
Gerdes Richard 5 Burntwood
Gerdes Ricke 6 Burntwood
Gerdes Fred 6 Burntwood
Gerdes Fred 7 Burntwood
Gerdes Rieke   Patron's Directory
Germ Nat. Bank   14 Burntwood
Germ Nat. Bank   18 Burntwood
German Nat. Bank   10 Rotate
German Natl Bank   20 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   21 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   29 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   35 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   20 Beaver
German Natl Bank   2 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   28 Celia
German Natl Bank   3 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   4 Burntwood
German Natl Bank   8 Union
German Natl Bank   17 Union
German Natl Bank   14 Atwood
German Natl Bank   30 Atwood
German Natl Bank   10 Logan
German Natl Bank   15 Logan
German Natl Bank   30 Logan
German Natl Bank   31 Logan
German Natl Bank   11 Celia
German Natl Bank   4 Union
German Natl Bank   6 Arbor
German Natl Bank   22 Arbor
German Natl Bank   2 Mikesell
German Natl Bank   3 Mikesell
German Natl Bank   14 Mirage
German Natl Bank   25 Mirage
Gerold L.B. 10 Arbor
Gerold L.B. 15 Arbor
Gerold J.E. 26 Arbor
Gerold John E. 27 Arbor
Gerold J.E. 27 Arbor
Gerrold P.D. 10 Clinton
Gestring John 16 Arbor
Gibbs Pearl 32 Clinton
Gibbs Fay 33 Clinton
Gibbs Fay   Patron's Directory
Gibbs Fay residence   Portrait Department
Gibson Chas E. 9 Elk
Gibson C & E 29 Driftwood
Gibson Chas E. 5 Driftwood
Gibson C.E. 20 Burntwood
Gibson C.E. 34 Burntwood
Gibson Charles E. 10 Laing
Gibson C.E. 5 Logan
Gibson Chalres E. 27 Achilles
Gibson Chas. E. 32 Achilles
Gibson Chas. E. 34 Achilles
Gibson C.E. 29 Arbor
Gibson Chas. E. 33 Mikesell
Gibson C.E. 17 Mirage
Gibson C.E. 5 Jefferson
Gifford W.S. 7 Burntwood
Gifford W.S. 18 Burntwood
Gifford W.S. 19 Burntwood
Gifford W.S. 27 Burntwood
Gifford W.S. 33 Burntwood
Gifford W.S. 4 Burntwood
Gilbert H.E. 16 Achilles
Gilbert J.H. 22 Achilles
Gilbert J.H. 27 Achilles
Gilbert Anna M. 27 Achilles
Gilbert Mary A. 35 Achilles
Gilbert H.E.   Patron's Directory
Giles John & Gus S. 18 Mikesell
Giles John  19 Mikesell
Giles John 30 Mikesell
Giles W.N. 31 Mikesell
Giles C.L. 1 Mirage
Giles Wm. 12 Mirage
Giles C.L. 12 Mirage
Giles C.L. 13 Mirage
Giles Mrs. C.L.   Patron's Directory
Gillaspie Charles A. 4 Driftwood
Gillaspie Chas. A. 9 Driftwood
Gillaspie C.A.   Patron's Directory
Gillespie G.L. 11 Grant
Gilmore T.M. 24 Atwood
Gingles D.F. 29 Celia
Ginther E.J. 27 Logan
Ginther E.J. 34 Logan
Ginther Mary A. 20 Achilles
Ginther C.A. 33 Achilles
Ginther Christ 16 Union
Ginther C.G. 4 Jefferson
Ginther E.J.   Patron's Directory
Gish S.P. 31 Beaver
Gish S.P. 32 Beaver
Gish Sam 7 Celia
Gish Sam 8 Celia
Gish Sam 18 Celia
Gish S.P. pg. 71 Atwood
Gisk J.M. 25 Jefferson
Glad C.A. 22 Laing
Glad C.A. 27 Laing
Glaum J.F. 5 Celia
Gleason John C. 29 Driftwood
Goldsworth R.B. 7 Clinton
Goldthwaite Wm 26 Celia
Goldthwaite M. 34 Celia
Goldtrap V.S. 29 Driftwood
Goltl S.L. 20 Richland
Goltl L. 10 Elk
Goltl Lorenz 26 Elk
Goltl J. 35 Elk
Goltl S. 35 Elk
Goltl Paul 1 Herndon
Goltl S.L. 7 Herndon
Goltl Paul 11 Herndon
Goltl M 21 Herndon
Goltl Steve 11 Herndon
Goltl S. 12 Herndon
Goltl John 3 Ludell
Goltl John 4 Ludell
Goltl John 9 Ludell
Goltl J 10 Ludell
Goltl Lorenz   Patron's Directory
Goltl S.L.   Patron's Directory
Gordon Maud 18 Beaver
Gordon G.W. 19 Beaver
Gordon Geo W. 13 Burntwood
Got John 12 Herndon
Gouch Bros   2 Elk
Gover M.E.   Patron's Directory
Grafel Math 26 Richland
Grafel John 34 Richland
Grafel John 35 Richland
Grafel Math 35 Richland
Grafel John   Patron's Directory
Grafel Math   Patron's Directory
Graff Louis 1 Mirage
Granger A.H. 1 Richland
Granlee John M. 31 Celia
Granlee Mrs. Ida M. 6 Celia
Granlee J.M.   Patron's Directory
Graves Dr. L.G.   Patron's Directory
Greason J.D. 9 Atwood
Greason J.D. pg. 71 Atwood
Greason J.D.   Patron's Directory
Green John H. 14 Richland
Green John H. 15 Richland
Green John H. 22 Richland
Green David 20 Union
Green David 29 Union
Green Jennie 29 Union
Green Joseph 31 Union
Green J.M. 31 Union
Green Joseph 32 Union
Green John M. 6 Union
Green John H.   Patron's Directory
Griffen L.C. 17 Union
Griffen Rob 17 Union
Grill Math 3 Ludell
Griswold J.P. 17 Atwood
Griswold S.P. pg. 71 Atwood
Grout P.R. 34 Achilles
Grout Rob 2 Arbor
Grout S.R. 1 Clinton
Grout L.B. 11 Clinton
Grout S.R. 12 Clinton
Grout L.B. 12 Clinton
Grout S.P. 12 Clinton
Grover M.E. 26 Grant
Grunenwald G. 5 Driftwood
Grunenwald G.   Patron's Directory
Grunwald R. 1 Burntwood
Gruver D.L. 18 Burntwood
Gruver D.L. 19 Burntwood
Gruver L.E. 9 Rotate
Gunn L.C. 13 Herndon
Gunn Louisa C. 24 Herndon
Gunn L.C. 23 Celia
Gustafson Charles 17 Laing
Gutling Adolph 31 Elk
Gutling A. 31 Elk
Gutling H.  5 Ludell
Guy F.H. 36 Burntwood
Guy F.H.   Patron's Directory


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