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Captain Charles Gibbens, Son and Adopted Son


Reno's Response
Reno County in the World War
1917 - 1918
(page - 159)
Capt. Chas. Gibbens, of Nickerson, who was a lieutenant of Co. E, 21st Kansas at Chickamuaga, and who helped organize the machine gun company in Hutchinson in 1916 and went with it to the Mexican border, only to be discharged for disability, was thus deprived of getting into the World War, but he led in the war activities at Nickerson, and gave his son and adopted son both to the machine gun company, his son later becoming a lieutenant in the regulars and is now in China, and the adopted son being killed in action in the Argonne, with the machine gun company.


Submitted by Rose Stout on March 25, 2007.


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