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Home For Children


Home for Children.


Miss Rose P. Thrall, of Wichita, district superintendent of the Kansas Children’s Home society, has organized recently three local boards, one each in the Presbyterian, United Brethern, and Methodist church, and any one wishing to adopt a child or place one in a home should appeal to one of the following boards:


Presbyterian – President, S. D. Crosby; vice president, Dr. Harriet Comstock; secretary, Mrs. J. H. Parks; treasurer, Mrs. Ruth Taylor.


United brethren – President, P. T. Chain; vice president, Mrs. Ella Parks; secretary, Mrs. Mary A Thayer; treasurer, Mrs. A. L. Stewart.


Methodist – President, f. R. Chrisman; secretary, Mrs. Lizzie Brown.


Hutchinson News
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
Thursday, November 19, 1896
page – 5 *** column – 2


Submitted by Rose Stout on March 10, 2007.


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