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Lillian Bobey Adoption


Older Child Has Home


Will Live in the Country in the Future with B. F. Wampler.


Home, the word will have a new significance to little Lillian Bobey, the child of 10 whom poverty has parted from her mother who must give away her two small daughters in order to make a living.


Yesterday evening B. F. Wampler and his wife went to the house where the mother and her children are living.  A doctor’s certificate, which the constable recognizes, is the only thing that keeps the landlord from driving them into the street, because the mother is behind with the rent.


Mr. and Mrs. Wampler made an agreement with the mother and took the older girl home with them.  She will go to a good home with plenty of food and clothes and be with a man and his wife will show her every kindness.


When little Marie, who is still quite weak from typhoid fever, saw that her sister was about to part from her forever, she burst into tears and became quite sick from fried.  Although several people have offered to adopt Marie, who is 8 years old, she is too weak from the fever to be moved from the house for some weeks.


B. F. Wompler and family live on a farm near Hutchinson and they are quite well known.  they will give Lillian Bobey a good home.


The Hutchinson News (Weekly)
Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas
Thursday, December 8, 1910
page – 8 *** column – 4


Submitted by Rose Stout on March 16, 2007.


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