Bainum Cemetery
Langdon Township, Reno County, Kansas

Bainum Cemetery is located on Andre Road about 1/2 mile south of Irish Creek Road. The oldest marked grave is that of Oscar L. Bainum in 1883. Several of the headstones are hard to read. The front row has what appears to be 3 graves around the grave of Infant daughter Bainum while the history provided in the RCGS cemetery book state there are 10 graves.

Cemetery visited by Gale Wall and Kathleen Dankanyin January 2006

Photographs by Gale Wall

Complete cemetery transcription and photographs


Cemetery Views


Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription / Comments
Bainum, Elizabeth Ann 1854  1945  
Bainum, Infant Daughter 6/16/1906  6/16/1906 Infant dau of C. A. & M. E. Bainum
Bainum, James A. G. 7/26/1880  5/3/1884 Son of [J&] E. Bainum (hard to read)
Bainum, Josephus 12/26/1846  5/23/1907
Bainum, Mary L. 4/15/1875  2/22/1889 Dau of J & E. A. Bainum
Bainum, Oscar L. 4/9/1882  8/20/1883 Son of J & E. A. Bainum
Bainum Footstones


removed from graves, (children of Jospheus & Elizabeth Ann)
Birt, Joe 1/16/1906  4/5/1906 Son of J. & E. V. Birt
Secrest, William A. 1864 1906 Same stone with Paulina A. /Slab
Secrest, Paulina A. 1874  1956 Same stone with William A.
Tucker, Jonnie M. 8/17/1906  9/27/1906 Son of W. M. & E. E. Tucker
Unknown 1  
Unknown 2  
Unknown 3  


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