Glendale Cemetery
Grove Township;
Sylvia, Reno County, Kansas

Glendale Cemetery is located from Sylvia about 4 miles south on Sylvia Road, then go about 1 mile east on Arlington Road, then go north about 1/2 mile on Netherland Road. ( or ) From Turon, KS, go about 6 miles north on Sylvia Road, then about 1 mile east on Arlington Road, then go about 1/2 mile north on Netherland Road. It sits on the east side of the road.

The cemetery is surrounded by fence with a large stone monument near the gate. Written on the front side reads, "Glendale Cemetery 1893. Founded by the United Brethern Church, U. B. Church - 1925. Deeded cemetery in perpetuity to Grove Township in Reno County Kansas." On the back side it reads, "But ofer the touch of a vanished hand & the sound of a voice that is still. --- Tennyson." "In memory of all who are buried here in Glendale Cemetery Grove Township Reno County Kansas. This marker was given in 1977 by L. K. (Chuck) Edwards, C. L. Ed Edwards & Naomi Edwards Stadden." It is a well maintained & appears to be still active.

Tombstone Inscription & (Helpful Notes)
I have included (Helpful Notes) where they may apply. Please keep in mind that the information entered between these marks ( ) are just helpful notes from my observation of the headstone or marker locations and from the names on the headstones or markers. Please note that it will be up to the researcher to determine the connections if any. Any other notes listed have been copied from that individual headstone or marker.
Hope that these (Helpful Notes) will be beneficial in your research.

(Please feel free to submit any corrections, any burials that I may have missed, additional burials, headstone photos or obituaries that you would like to add to this cemetery transcription.  Please contact Cindy Koegel.)

Complete Tombstone Reading & Transcription by Rose Stout.
Read all existing & legible headstones on September 15, 2007.
Submitted by Rose Stout on September 15, 2007.


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Tombstone Inscription & (Helpful Notes)
Bookless Bertha J. ( No Date ) Jan 5 1896 3yrs 1m 4d, daughter of W. & M. A. (same stone with May & Robert N.)
Bookless May ( No Date ) Feb 16 1896 4yrs 5m 19d, daughter of W. & M. A. (same stone with Bertha J. & Robert N.)
Bookless Robert N. ( No Date ) Dec 31 1895 9yrs 7m 21d, son of W. & M. A. (same stone with Bertha J. & Ma7)
Bush Effert Rayso 1894 1896 (next to Otto Otis)
Bush Otto Otis 1894 1896 (next to Effert Rayso)
Carter Alta Dec 25 1911 Dec 28 1911 daughter of M. S. & Mae
Carter Willie ( No Date ) Aug 1 1899 4m 1d, son of J. J. & F. U.
Cole Gale ( No Date ) Dec 12 1895 4yrs 5m 9d, daughter of S. L. (same stone with Lizzie Schwein) (next to Sam Cole)
Cole Sam ( No Date ) ( No Date ) (next to Gale Cole & Lizzie Schwein)
Cooper Carrie E. Aug 11 1877 Jan 7 1912 wife of T. C. (same stone with Lester F.)
Cooper Lester F. Mar 10 1899 Oct 28 1910 (same stone with Carrie E.)
Edwards Abraham E. 1867 1902  
Edwards Andrew E. Mar 29 1879 Oct 22 1960 (same stone with Pearle A.)
Edwards Anna E. 1876 1899  
Edwards Fred Rensseler Oct 25 1910 Dec 18 1978  
Edwards Hobert Oct 5 1896 Sep 30 1918 CPL CO. E. 137th Inf., killed in action in France
Edwards Jacob Jan 12 1864 Feb 23 1957 father (same stone with Margaret E.)
Edwards Louisa 1836 1917 mother
Edwards Margaret E. Dec 14 1864 May 4 1949 mother (same stone with Jacob)
Edwards Martha E. 1874 1903  
Edwards Mary Naomi Jun 25 1903 Jun 13 2002 Mary Naomi Edwards Stadden (refer to Mary Stadden)
Edwards Morry H. Jun 21 1901 Jan 4 1907 son of J. & M. E.
Edwards Pearle A. Jul 15 1894 May 22 1964 (same stone with Andrew E.)
Foulk Myrtle Aug 19 1877 Feb 4 1899 wife of R. C.
Green Alfred Jerome 1848 1920 father (same stone with Mary Elmetta)
Green Charley E. 1880 1955 (next to Vera Gladys) (near Clyde Ozro)
Green Clyde Ozro Feb 16 1915 Jul 9 195 (next to Vera Gladys) (near Charley E.)
Green Mary Elmetta 1858 1930 mother (same stone with Alfred)
Green Vera Gladys Jan 26 1916 Feb 4 1944 (between Charley E. & Clyde Ozro)
Harrison Meant ( No Date ) ( No Date ) son of J. D. & F. M.
Mitchell George W. 1852 1939 (same stone with Sarah E.) (between Harry D. & Lula E.)
Mitchell Harry D. 1884 1938 (refer to George W.)
Mitchell Lulla E. ( No Date ) Jan 17 1898 8m 29d (refer to George W.)
Mitchell Sarah E. 1860 1941 (same stone with George W.) (refer to George W.)
Phillips Eleanor 1819 1900 wife of John
Pierson Junietta 1860 1905 wife of W. G.
Porter Infant Daughter ( No Date ) Oct 8 1893 Infant daughter of F. E. & E. (next to James)
Porter James ( No Date ) Jun 6 1895 66yrs 5m (next to Infant Daughter)
Schwein Lizzie ( No Date ) Sep 12 1895 24yrs 7m 21d, daughter of F. & S. (same stone with Gale Cole) (next to Sam Cole)
Stadden Mary Naomi (Edwards) Jun 25 1903 Jun 13 2002 wife of Paul, parents Jacob Edwards & Margaret E. Edwards, teacher 40 yrs, 33 yrs in Hutchinson KS schools member nat'l state & local retired teachers associations, N.E.A., K.S.T.A., Pl Lambda Theta, K.U. & E.S.U. Alumni, A.A.J.W., Woman's Civic Center Club, AARP & Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W. (next to Paul Edward)
Stadden Paul Edward Jul 19 1906 Jan 13 1984 husband of Naomi, parents William A. Stadden & Lilliam Stadden, CPL 15th Army Air Force WWII - served in Italy, retired stockman & hay dealer, 40 yrs in Hutchinson areaa of Reno County KS, member of Methodist Church (next to Mary Naomi)
Thomas Harry 1868 1885 (next to Martha) (near Corp'l Martin)
Thomas Martha 1844 1890 wife of W. (between Harry & Corp'l Martin)
Thomas Martin, Corp'l ( No Date ) ( No Date ) CO. G. 57 Ind. Inf. (next to Martha) (near Harry)
Tillberry Maria Oct 25 1842 Aug 17 1914 his wife (same stone with Rev. Wm. M.)
Tillberry Wm. M., Rev. Aug 11 1839 Jun 4 1926 (same stone with Maria)


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