Huntsville Cemetery
Huntsville Township
Huntsville Township, Reno County, Kansas

Huntsville Cemetery is located about 18 miles west from the Arkansas River Bridge on West Fourth Avenue, go 1 mile south on Huntsville Road, then about 1/2 mile west on Clark Road. ( or ) From Highway 50 north/west of Plevna, go about 4 miles on Langdon Road, then about 1/2 mile west on Clark Road. The cemetery sits on the north side of the road.

According to the Reno County Kansas general highway map prepared by the Kansas Department Of Transportation Bureau Of Transportation Planning indicates that this is Huntsville Cemetery. According to the Reno County Kansas Cemetery Book that this is the Lutheran Cemetery that had been used by people of German decent. It appears to be well maintained & may still be active.

Tombstone Inscription & (Helpful Notes)
I have included (Helpful Notes) where they may apply. Please keep in mind that the information entered between these marks ( ) are just helpful notes from my observation of the headstone or marker locations and from the names on the headstones or markers. Please note that it will be up to the researcher to determine the connections if any. Any other notes listed have been copied from that individual headstone or marker.
Hope that these (Helpful Notes) will be beneficial in your research.

(Please feel free to submit any corrections, any burials that I may have missed, additional burials, headstone photos or obituaries that you would like to add to this cemetery transcription.  Please contact Cindy Koegel.)

Complete Tombstone Reading & Transcription by Rose Stout.
Read all existing & legible headstones on August 11, 2007.
Submitted by Rose Stout on September 8, 2007
Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Tombstone Inscsription & (Helpful Notes)
Beck Anna Mary 1857 1941 (same stone with Joseph) (refer to Mary A.)
Beck Jacob J. 1858 1936 (between Ottilie M. & Otto C.)
Beck Joseph 1853 1923 (same stone with Anna Mary) (refer to Mary A.)
Beck Mary A. Aug 30 1884 Dec 29 1970 (near Anna Mary Beck, Joseph Beck & in same plot as {Karl Gustav Pfaffle)
Beck Ottilie M. 1880 1940 (next to Jacob J.) (near Otto C.)
Beck Otto C. ( No Date ) 1912 (next to Jacob J.) (near Ottilie M.)
Chappell Anna M. 9 Oct 1873 1963 Obit
Ehnen Anna 1863 1921 (same stone with Ehn A.) (next to Tillie G.)
Ehnen Ehn A. 1862 1940 (same stone with Anna) (next to Tillie G.)
Ehnen Tillie G. 1901 1922 (next to Anna & Ehn A.)
Leinberger Elsa Feb 13 1894 Sep 3 1911 Hierruht in Frieden
Mangeles Albert W. 1883 1965 (same sotne with Katharina C.)
Mangeles Katharina C. 1888 1965 (same stone with Albert W.)
Nusser Alfred A. 1913 1922 (near Katherine & William)
Nusser Anna Florence Dec 28 1907 Jan 20 1935 mother of Wendell & Lee
Nusser Carl Randal ( No Date ) Mar 30 1916 son of J. Geo. & Mrsy D. (refer to Mary D.)
Nusser Catherine 1873 1949 (same stone with George) (refer to Mary D.)
Nusser Elizabeth 1894 1988 (same stone with J. George) (refer to Mary D.)
Nusser George 1850 1915 (same stone with Catherine) (refer to Mary D.)
Nusser J. George 1889 1958 (same stone with Elizabeth) (refer to Mary D.)
Nusser Katherine 1862 1943 (same stone with William) (near Alfred A.)
Nusser Mary D. Jun 10 1882 Apr 7 1916 wife of J. Geo. (near Carl Randal, Atherine, Elizaberth, J. George & George)
Nusser William 1858 1940 (same stone with Katherine) (near Alfred A.)
Pfaffle Karl Gustav Sep 6 1890 Aug 1 1913 (in same plot as Anna Mary Beck, Joseph Beck & Mary A. Beck)
Rapp ( surname marker )     (a surname tombstone marker mayber family plot), near Arthur D. & Lena M.)
Rapp Arthur D. 1889 1925 (next to Lena M.) (refer to Rapp surname marker)
Rapp Lena M. 1890 1961 (next to Arthur D.) (refer to Rapp surname marker)


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