(Old) Langdon Cemetery
Langdon Township
Langdon, Reno County, Kansas

Old Langdon Cemetery is located between Arlington, KS & Langdon, KS & north of Kansas State Highway 61. From Arlington, KS go west on K-61 about 5 miles & then north on Sterling Road about 1 mile. From Langdon, KS go east on K-61 about 4 miles & then north on Sterling Road about 1 mile. The cemetery sits on the west (left)  side of the road. Sterling Road is the road that goes to Kanza Camp so look for this camp road sign from either direction.

This little cemetery looked to be well cared for. The area was well maintained & the old headstones appeared  to have been restored.

Quoted from the book "Cemetery Records for Reno County Kansas 1865 - 1978" "Old Langdon Cemetery was used by the community before Maple Hill Cemetery was opened. It can be seen by going 4 miles east and 2 1/2 north of Langdon in Langdon Township in the SE Corner of NE1/4 Sec.12-25-9. The land was set aside for burial purposes by Julius Elliott on 18 December 1878. There are only
about 25 marked graves in this little cemetery."

Tombstone Inscription & (Helpful Notes)
I have included (Helpful Notes) where they may apply. Please keep in mind that the information entered between these marks ( ) are just helpful notes from my observation of the headstone or marker locations and from the names on the headstones or markers. Please note that it will be up to the researcher to determine the connections if any. Any other notes listed have been copied from that individual headstone or marker.  Hope that these (Helpful Notes) will be beneficial in your research.

(Please feel free to submit any corrections, any burials that I may have missed, additional burials, headstone photos or obituaries that you would like to add to this cemetery transcription.  Please contact Cindy Koegel.)

Complete Tombstone Reading & Transcription by Rose Stout.
Read all existing & legible headstones on 10-15-05.
Submitted by Rose Stout on October 23, 2005




Birth Date

Death Date

Tombstone Notes & (Helpful Notes)

Applegate Dorothy Flo ( No Date ) ( No Date ) Infant (same stone with Mary Blanche)
Applegate Mary Blanche   1899 1919 (same stone with Dorothy Flo)
Barton Neson R. Aug 11 1829 Jun 8 1880 GAR
Bonine James H. Oct 23 1887 25yrs 7m 2d
Bonine Lizzie  Aug 12 1887 "18yrs 7m 23d, daughter of Samuel & Mary (info from Reno County Cemetery book) (there was a small stone with only initials L.A.B.)"
Boston Nancy E. Jun 16 1856 Jun 25 1881 (next to {Lewis Dalton & Talitha Hart Dalton)
Burket Liddie Ann Mar 30 1888 61yrs, wife of Peter (next to Peter)
Burket Peter   Jan 18 1810 Jan 18 1905 CO. C. 78 Pen. Vol. Inf. (next to Liddie Ann)
Dalton Lewis May 16 1824 Apr 16 1897 (between Talitha Hart Dalton & {Nancy E. Boston)
Dalton Talitha Hart  Feb 12 1827 Mar 31 1904 "married Lewis Jul 16 1843 (next to Lewis) (near {Nancy E. Boston)"
Dillard Walter 1879 1880
Dodge Rosanna, Mrs. Nov 24 1831 Apr 5 1901
Elliott Simon  Dec 15 1832 Apr 6 1906
Fryerear Eld. A. B., M.D. Mar 11 1885
Hanan B. P. Feb 8 1829 Feb 12 1911 (same stone with Martha & Polly) (next to Otis Earl)
Hanan Martha Mar 20 1831 Jan 18 1888 wife of B.P. (same stone with Martha & Polly) (next to Otis Earl)
Hanan Otis Earl Jul 8 1887  Jun 5 1889 son of O.P. & Addie (next to B.P., Martha & Polly)
Hanan Polly ( Sullivan ) Feb 16 1805 May 19 1882 "mother of B.P. (same stone with B.P. & Martha) (next to Otis Earl)"
Harris Charley ( Unlegible )  ( Unlegible ) infant son of W.P. (near Margaret C. & W.P)
Harris Margaret C. Willard Nov 3 1849 Oct 10 1888 wife of W.P. (near Charley & W.P)
Harris W. P. 1852 1926 (near Charley & Margaret C.)
Johnson Gladys B. Nov 25 1905 Mar 31 1908
Mastellar Guy Jun 8 1890 Sep 29 1899 child of Mr. & Mrs. D.H.
McBride Elizabeth ( No Date ) ( No Date )
Prickett Darius 1854 1910 (near Glenn, Nellie & Wilson)
Prickett Glenn Jul 17 1899 Feb 3 1904 (same stone with Nellie) (near Darius & Wilson)
Prickett Nellie  Jan 28 1895 Jan 16 1904 (same stone with Glenn) (near Darius & Wilson)
Prickett Wilson 1829 1904 (near Darius, Glenn & Nellie)
Rendall George ( No Date ) ( No Date ) Born Beaminster England, Died Reno Co Kansas
Schroyer W. D.  Jan 2 1854 Apr 8 1904
Seal A. J. Oct 1 1890 (hard to read death date could be Dec 1 1890)
Wagner Albert Mar 10 1862 Nov 20 1888 (between Infant Son & Robert)
Wagner Infant Son Oct 4 1885 Oct 23 1885 son of A. & N. (next to Albert) (near Robert)
Wagner Robert  Mar 6 1887 29yrs 7m 17d (next to Albert) (near Infant Son)
Walkins W. A.  1830 1902

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