Peace Bethel Cemetery
Enterprise Township
Enterprise Township, Reno County, Kansas

Peace Bethel Cemetery is located about 13 miles west of the Arkansas River Bridge on West Fourth Avenue. It sits on the north-east corner on West Fourth Avenue & Peace Road. There are limestone blocks arranged on the south side with "Bethel 1880" carved in the top stone. It is well maintained & appears to be still active.

Tombstone Inscription & (Helpful Notes)
I have included (Helpful Notes) where they may apply. Please keep in mind that the information entered between these marks ( ) are just helpful notes from my observation of the headstone or marker locations and from the names on the headstones or markers. Please note that it will be up to the researcher to determine the connections if any. Any other notes listed have been copied from that individual headstone or marker.
Hope that these (Helpful Notes) will be beneficial in your research.

(Please feel free to submit any corrections, any burials that I may have missed, additional burials, headstone photos or obituaries that you would like to add to this cemetery transcription.  Please contact Cindy Koegel.)

Complete Tombstone Reading & Transcription by Rose Stout.
Read all existing & legible headstones.
Submitted by Rose Stout on April 10, 2006


Surname Name Birth Date Death Date Tombstone Inscsription & (Helpful Notes)
Baughman ( surname marker )     (a surname tombstone marker maybe family plot) (near Addie, Leon F. & William F.)
Baughman Addie Nov 6 1878 Jul 3 1957 (next to William F.) (refer to Baughman marker)
Baughman Anna 1837 1915 mother (same stone with Joseph) (next to Anna E.)
Baughman Anna E. 1870 1883 (next to Anna & Joseph)
Baughman Cinda ( No Date ) ( No Date ) wife of Joe
Baughman Joseph 1840 1878 father, Corp'l CO. B. 105th PA. Inf. (same stone with Anna) (next to Anna E.)
Baughman Leon F. Nov 29 1897 Dec 10 1897 son of W.F. & Addie (refer to Baughman marker)
Baughman William F. Sep 24 1875 Oct 12 1956 (next to Addie) (refer to Baughman marker)
Buncles Robert ( No Date ) May 9 1909 70yrs, CO I. 13 ILL. Inf.
Conrad Isaac 1861 1914 (next to John)
Conrad John ( No Date ) ( No Date ) CO. C. 18 U.S. Inf. (next to Isaac)
McCaslin Curtis E. Oct 6 1925 Mar 5 1971 (near Flo Vansickle McCaslin, John C. & John C.)
McCaslin Flo Vansickle Nov 3 1895 Feb 6 1984 (same stone with John C.) (near Curtis E., John C. & Venita Helen)
McCaslin John C. Aug 13 1894 May 17 1976 (same stone with Flo Vansickle) (near Curtis E., John C. & Venita Helen)
McCaslin Venita Helen Aug 30 1916 Oct 22 1919 (near Curtis E., Flo Vansickle McCaslin & John C.)
Pfalser Charlie Leroy Jan 6 1893 Dec 11 1894 son of John & Viola
Rankin Paul Wilber Apr 11 1911 Jan 23 1998 married June 1 1932 (same stone with Thelma Edna)
Rankin Thelma Edna Oct 3 1913 Jan 4 2007 married June 1 1932 (same stone with Paul Wilber)
Schmitz Bailey Nicole ( No Date ) Dec 9 1993  
Schnelle Labruce Nov 15 1919 Sep 11 2003 (same stone with Virgil)
Schnelle Virgil Jan 8 1913 Feb 17 1993 (same stone with Labruce)
Snyder Addie B. 1877 1959 mother (same stone with Clinton & Glenden Keneth)
Snyder Clinton 1873 1937 father (same stone with Addie B. & Glenden Keneth)
Snyder Glenden Keneth 1905 1920 (same stone with Addie B. & Clinton)
Wichtman Rosa Belle Jul 20 1858 Jun 9 1879  
Zimmerman Faye Feb 6 1928 ( No Date ) married Jul 18 1946 (same stone with James)
Zimmerman James Sep 9 1925 Feb 22 1993 married Jul 18 1946 (same stone with Faye)


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