Welcome To Reno County, Kansas



First United Presbyterian Church

Sixth and Elm

Hutchinson, Kansas


Minister, Rev. John T. Haupt


Morning Worship

11 a.m.                         August 2, 1953



Activities and announcements


6:30 – Pioneers.  Devotions by Ellis Meeks; Lesson, Carladel Mershon.
6:30 – Community Youth Meeting in our church.  Our young people will conduct the worship service.  Peter Pintus will be the special speaker.
8:00 – community Evening Service in our church.  Rev. Frank Richard, chaplain at KSIR will preside, and Rev. Chas. Dumond will speak.  Our choir will present an anthem.


Baptisms last week:  Lucinda Kay, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deming, and Jeffrey Milton, son of Mrs. Marilyn Frye.


Sympathy:  to the Carly Wyatt family, over the death of Mr. Wyatt’s brother, Flay Wyatt.


Best wishes:  go with Dick McCandless, reporting soon for army officer training in Texas.  We will miss Dick in many parts of the church program.  Also, best wishes go with Capt. Fred Thompson, assigned to duty in Labrador.  Mrs. Thompson and the children will stay in Hutchinson. 
A nice letter recently from Montie Bowen, now stationed at Toole, Utah. 
Welcome to Walter Alling, home from school in St. Louis, where he has been since his release from service last year.
Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Henry, from Zenith, new Hutchinson residents.  She works at Grace Hospital.  Ron has been at church the last two weeks. 
Baseball:  U.P. over 1st Pres.  About 23-11.


The Haupts will begin a two week vacation tomorrow.  Part will be spent just staying home.  Services, the bulletin, and other activities will be in charge of the session.  We look forward to rest and relaxation, and are most grateful for the time.  We consider vacation a release only from the routine duties; we are always available for any emergency need if we can be reached.


Gift to the Church
Last week the William and Wilbur Spaniol families presented to the church a complete public address system, thus providing the church with equipment which has been considered desirable for some time.  The congregation acknowledges this splendid gift with sincere appreciation and thanks.  Items include an amplifier with record player, two microphones, and two speakers.  It is expected to serve as an acoustic aid, and to enable programs to be carried to any part of the church.  It is being used experimentally today, and we hope with some practice to achieve full utility of the equipment.


Sabbath, Aug. 9…..W.G.M.S. reports by Mrs. Blackford and Mrs. R. C. Anderson.
Sabbath, Aug. 16….Rev. Carl Byrd, guest minister.


Submitted by Phyllis Long on January 1, 2004.


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