Buzz Annual
Hutchinson, Kansas

History of the Senior Class


In ye words of Chaucer ye abide English poet, the stories is told of how ones on ye tyme ther was a mightie bande joined together under one banner of redde and white, for the purpose of increasing therie alreadie profounde stock of lernynge.

This varray wonderfulle organizatione was formed in September in ye yeer of ye Lord, 1911.  Heraulds hadde proclaimed ye startling brilliancy and ability of ye classe which convenec in a magnificent efice erected for theire accommodation.  This structiure was ye Hutchinson Heigh Scoleye, yas ye structure called that.

As Freshman, ye classe flollowed, not in ye footsteppes of ye preceeding classes, - such as ye classe of 1914 - butte trewe to yet reputation alreadie established, ye classe was pointed out as yet starres of Heigh Scoleye and served as models in alle that ye word holds goode.

Previous to ye introduction of ye classes in Heigh Scoleye life, Freshman hadde caused ye Facultie much anxiete, butte now and henceforth alle other classes have ye shinig ideal before them.  Of course, ye classes of 1916 and 1917 are notice intlectuallie capable of competing with ye phenomene, butte they are striving toward theire ideal and ye classe of 1915 which them successe.

As Sophomores theire headdes refused to absorbe ye usualle amountee of ye "hotte aire" which means ye abnormal swelling of ye cerebellum.  Ye Facultie seemed to realize ye vast possibilities and capabilities while endeavoring to instruct ye classe with ye wisdom of alle ages.  Ye classes survived the fynale examinations at ye close of ye yeer and looked forward to ye tyme when they should be Juniors.

Ye pleasant summer dayes soone spedde bye and ye babblynge brookes, Browning's poemse and pycture showes gaf way to Euclif and "Gallia est omnis devisa in partes tres."  They entered upon their wonderfulle carreer as ye Junior classe.

Before a first fort-nyte hadde passed they hadde shown themselves indyspensible to alle from His Awful Majestic Palmer down to ye lowliest and moste humble Freshie, the latter beynge especiallie dazzld by thiere greet brilliancy nad at ye same tyme vaynly trying to comprehend ye mysteries of Heigh Scholye life.

Tyme went on.  Ye Spirit of dancing entered our heartes.  Ye Seniors hadde no fewe marrie frolics.

Having maad verie fewe financial adventures of success, ye classe wishing to replenish ye coffers for hte makyng of a goode Annuals, gave a playe richie of excellence.

At the  present tyme, ye yeer is drawing to a close and ye classe looks back with the syghs of regret mingled with ye feeling of satisfactione, at ye worthie discharge of ye dutyes, when ye classe hear ye Facultie say with tears in their eyes, butte a brave smyle on theire lips, "Loste to syte, butt notte to mynds."

Eloise Lorimor, '15.



Published by
Hutchinson High School


1915 Buzz Annual

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Transcribed by Cindy Koegel