Buzz Annual
Hutchinson, Kansas

A Toast to the Faculty


I stood within the High School hall,
Amid much noise and din,
And saw a bunch of High School Profs,
Come gravely marching in.

An electric shock runs thru the room
When their leader proud we see,
A dreadful foe to Freshman; tho
A Principal good is he.

Another teacher with solemn eyes,
Of dignity no lack,
"At period eight," she sadly cries,"
For History, you'll come back."

And here comes a happy, smiling face
The eldest of them all,
The cheeriest word you ever heard
Is the one she will recall.

Our English prize is next to pass
Altho her hair is turning; yet
We hope that she will never turn
Into a Suffragette.

Here comes a bunch of merry Profs,
The world would call them clever,
For they try to fill our nimble wits,
With German and English forever.

From this noble throng of teachers
Our "Science" cries, "Ship ahoy,"
With lab, work and note books, they bring us
Much pain er-r I mean, great joy.

Then our Mathematic teachers dear,
They teach as many crafts,
But the hardest of all their sure to say
Is that of drawing graphs.

One among this grand parade,
With plenty of jokes "To Let,"
A fortune he for himself has made
With his chickens and clarionet.

A voice of beauty next we hear,
That makes our hearts rejoice.
On chapel days we're moved to tears
By the pathos of her voice.

The next a model boy is he,
With a dimple in his cheek.
He runs his turning lathes, until
The poor old things, they squeak.

Another one of our noble train,
Is the next who comes in view,
She longs to gain a typist's name,
May change for own - for who?

The Savage one, at your command
With true and honest eyes.
An English quiz is in her hand,
Her dearest earthly prize.

Domestic Science next we see,
Two make a goodly bunch,
In sewing, cooking, of their skill
We sometimes "Get a hunch."

Next comes our Commercial Department
The branches there are many,
But they teach us how to make "two bits"
Out of just a measly penny.

Our football coach is drawing high,
With laurels on his brow;
But his football days are past alas,
He's married and happy now.

The last of our train now comes into view,
With technical arts their own
May we long remember this noble bunch,
For many bright stars have shown.

Before this toast to our Faculty ends,
May bright their future be,
Come drink to their health and wish them wealth,
And all, prosperity.

Theron M. Brown '15.



Published by
Hutchinson High School


1915 Buzz Annual

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Transcribed by Cindy Koegel