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Abrahams Family (Abrahamsson)    Left to Right:  Ida Abrahams; Grandma Abrahams; Carrie Abrahams (wife of Jonas Abrahamsson, sister of Olof Hansson-Englund, born Kerstin Hansdotter in Alfta, Sweden); Clarence Abrahams (married Freda Campbell); Olof Merle Abrahams (, born in Sweden, married Olive Englund, father of Carolyn Abrahams Ott); Minnie Abrahams.  We believe this pictures was taken at their homestead near Wayne, Kansas. The homestead is still standing in 1998. Wayne Abrahams Family - Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, KS
Home of Olof and Olive Englund Abrahams - September, 1998   This home was originally the train station before moved to its present location for their home. It is approximately one block south of Wayne, Kansas (population today consists of 4-5 families) and just north of the Swedish Methodist Church, now the Community Center.  Patricia Downey Adams (the devloper of this web site) spent time in this home when visiting with her mother in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. I especially remember the wall phone that you had to dial a certain type of ring on. I believe that, at one time, Olive Abrahams operated the phone switchboard for this town.  Wayne Home of Olaf & Olive Abrahams - Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, Kansas
Abrahams, Olof Merle  was the son of Jonas Abrahamsson and Karin Hansdotter (Carrie Abrahams).  The Jonas Abrahams (Abrahamsson) original homestead is still standing near Wayne, Kansas. His son, Olof Abrahams married Olive Englund. At one time, Olof was a mail carrier in Wayne. Wayne Olaf Abrahams (Abrahamsson) - Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, KS
Broden, Donald and Englund, Anna - Picture taken approx 1912-1913; Parents: Henry and Albertina Broden Englund; Donald born 1911; Anna born 1907 - Donald Broden's father (John P. Broden) was the brother of Anna Albertina Broden Englund and the son of Andrew and Anna Edling Broden of Clay Center, Kansas. Don's mother (Beda Carlson) died in his infancy and he was raised by Henry and Albertina Englund (uncle and aunt). Don was considered an adopted son and in later years, he and his wife were part of family gatherings with Earl and Ann Englund Downey and their daughter, Patricia Downey Adams in Kansas City, Kansas.  Wayne Don Broden & Anna Englund in early years - Wayne, Kansas
Margaret Broden and Ann Caroline Englund - Kansas City, Missouri -  September 29, 1911 - Margaret Broden Kennedy (sister of Anna Albertina Broden Englund) married Fred Kennety and they lived in Kansas City.   Mrs. Englund and Anna visited them on occasion. Wayne Anna Englund and Margaret Broden (sister of Anna's mother, Anna Albertina Broden)
Ann Englund-Downey and Paul Holmberg - Son of Eric and Frances Englund Holmberg - This picture was taken during World War II. Paul was a fighter pilot and was killed in a bombing mission over Germany.  This loss was devastating to the family. Wayne Ann Englund Downey and Paul Holmberg (taken during WWII)
Downey and Englund - 1949 - Left to right: Lillie Nelson Englund and Henry Englund (stepmother and father of Ann Englund Downey. Ann Englund Downey and daughter, Patricia Ann Downey.  Wayne Henry & Lilly Englund (second wife); Anna Englund Downey and daughter, Patricia Downey
Engagement Picture of Ann Caroline Englund and Earl Floyd Downey - Married April , 1934 in Cherokee County, Kansas.  Ann and Earl married after her graduation from Bethany Nursing School in Kansas City, Kansas. 
Parents of the Bride: Henry and Anna Albertina Broden Englund
Parents of the Groom: Arthur Robert and Loretta VonDuncan Cash Down
Wayne and Kansas City (Wy County), KS Engagement Picture of Anna Caroline Englund, engaged to Earl Floyd Downey of Kansas City, KansasEngagement picture of Earl Floyd Downey to Anna Caroline Englund of Wayne, Republic County, KS
Albert O. Englund - Patent on Rotary Engine - Son of Olof Englund and brother of Henry Englund.  In the early 1900s, Albert O. Englund (of Wayne, Kansas) invented an automobile. Jane Campbell Maddy (R R 3, Box 600, Agenda, Kansas, 66930) has a picture of the car.  Albert Englund also invtended a rotary engine.  The picture is the registered patent from 1906. Wayne Patent of Rotary Engine by Alfred Englund
Anna Caroline Englund was born 6 February 1907 in Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, Kansas.
This is her graduation picture from Concordia High School in Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas. 
Wayne Anna Caroline Englund - Graduation Picture - Concordia High School - Concordia, Cloud Co., KS
Clarence and Lucille MacKenzie Englund - Clarence Englund, son of Henry Englund, grandson of Olof Englund. Married Lucille MacKenzie, descended from O. A MacKenzie (Scotish descent) of Grant Township. Both were born in Wayne, Kansas and attended school there. They later made their home in Clay Center, Kansas (Clay County) and raised a family of two daughters (Marian and Elizabeth).  Lucille Englund currently lives in Blanco, Texas Wayne Clarence and Lucille McKenzie Englund - Wayne, Republic County, KS
Ernest Englund - WWI in Uniform - 1914-1917 Wayne Ernest Englund - WWII Picture (in uniform)
Ernest Englund, Mae Salmon Wayne Ernest Englund and Mae Salmon
Hans and Mary Johnson Englund - Son of Hans Hansson, brother of Olof Hansson-Englund - Picture taken about 1888. The Hans Englunds were very good friends of the Erick Holmberg family.  Both families emigrated from Sweden to America and settled in Kansas prior to or about 1885. Charles Holmberg (Johan Karl born in Sweden) married Anna Johnson, raised by Hans and Mary Englund.  Hans Englund was a farmer and stock-raiser.  Wayne Hans and Mary Johnson Englund - emigrated from Alfta, Sweden
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Englund - Picture taken probably in early 1900s at their homestead Wayne Henry and Anna Albertina Englund
Englund Family Portrait - Henry and Anna Albertina Broden Englund - circa 1913-1914 - Seated in front, left to right: Henry Englund, Anna Caroline Englund, Donald Broden Englund (son of John and Beda Broden), Anna Albertina Broden Englund Standing in back, left to right: Olive Englund, Ernest Englund, Frances Marie Englund, Lester Englund, Clarence Englund   NOTE:  You can view a family tree crocheted from the hair of each child and encased in a box picture frame at the Republic County Museum, Hiway 36, Belleville, Kansas.) Wayne Family Portrait of Henry and Anna Albertina Broden Englund and Children
Englunds, Holmbergs, Kennedys - July 27, 1965: Taken at the home of Fred and Margaret Broden Kennedy in Kansas City.  Left to right: Clarence and Lucille MacKenzie; Englund; Erick and Frances Englund Holmberg; Margaret Broden Kennedy and Fred Kennedy Wayne Englunds (Clarence/Lucille McKenzie), Holmbergs (Eric/Frances Englund), Kennedys (Margaret Broden/Fred)
Mr. and Mrs. Olof Englund - Olof Hansson Englund and Brita Olsdotter - Picture possibly taken in earlier years in Sweden, or recently after emigration to America.  Family emigrated with infant son, Hans (Henry), in 1869 from Alfta, Sweden to America.  They first came to Clay Center, Kansas (Clay County) and in 1884 settled and helped devlop Wayne Village, Kansas in Grant Township, Republic County.  Olof Englund built the first stone barn in Grant Township over 100 years ago, and it is still standing as of July, 1999.  The family was Swedish Methodists. A  newpaper article (written after 1884, but probably prior to 1900) contained information relative to Swedish Methodist Church in Clay Center, Kansa, of which the Englunds were amont the founders and charter members.  (Information on surnames: Bjork, Broden (Brodine), Danielson, Engstrom, Englund, Erickson, Foreslund, Johnson, Nord, Nordling, Nordstrom, Printz, Swanson) Wayne Olof Hansson-Englund and Brita Olsdotter - Emigrated from Alfta, Sweden
Englund Family Portrait - Olof and Brita Olsdotter Englund Family - Pre-1893 - Seated in front, left to right: Olof Hansson-Englund and Brita Olsdotter.  Standing in back, left to right: Albert Englund, Amanda Englund, Minnie Englund, Edward Englund, Mabel Englund, Ann Marie Englund, Englund, Henry (Hans) Englund  Wayne Olof and Brita Olsdotter Englund - Wayne, Kansas
Mr. and Mrs. Olof Englund - Olof Hansson-Englund and Brita Olsdotter - They homesteaded in Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, Kansas (their first land deed being dated 1872).  Descendants are: Son: Henry Englund; Granddaughter: Ann Caroline Englund Downey; G Granddaughter: Patricia Downey Adams; GG Granddaughter: Elisabeth Anne Adams; GGG Grandson:  Brent Allen Jansen.

Olof and Brita emigrated with their infant son, Hans (Henry), in 1870 from Alfta, Sweden. They came to Clay Center, Kansas, moving in 1872 to Grant Township, Republic County. They were instrumental in the developmen and building of Wayne Village. Their homestead and the stone barn (first Grant Township) built by Olof Englund still stands today (September, 1998).  They are both buried in Rosehill Cemetery (Swedish Cemetery) s.w. of Wayne in Grant Township, Republic County, Kansas.

Wayne Olof and Brita Olsdotter Englund - Later Years
Homestead of Olof Hansson-Englund and Brita Olsdotter - September, 1998 - The original homestead (160 acres in Section 16 owned by Olof Englund) still stands today, over 110 years later. There is a lower, back part to the house under the trees behind it, but it is falling in. The stone barn built by Olof (in 1883, before the railroad and the first stone barn built in Grant Township) still stands today, but is not shown in the far right part of the picture. You will find a picture of the barn on page 7 of the Homeland Horizons, 1975-1976, The Republic County Bicentennial Historical Committee, Republic County Museum, Belleville, Kansas. Wayne Original Homestead of Brita and Olof Englund - Sept, 1999 - Over 110 years old
Erick and Christina Flodberg Holmberg - Date unknown: This could have been taken prior to their leaving Sweden in 1885 or later.  Erick Holmberg worked for the railroad and as a shoemaker in Wayne, Kansas. They were good friends of the Abrahams, Brodens, Englunds, Engstroms, Leagues, and Nelsons. They are buried in RoseHill Swedish Cemetery near Wayne, Kansas.  Gerald Holmberg, a great grandson of Erick and Christina, is living today in Belleville, Kansas.  This picture was graciously furnished by Joan Holmberg (widow of Delwin Holmberg), P. O. Box 35; Cuba, Kansas 66940. Wayne Erick and Christina Flodberg Holmberg
Frances Englund Holmberg - Widow of Erick Emanuel Holmberg (son of Erick and Christina Flodberg Holmberg) - Date of Picture unknown: Possibly the late 1960s to early 1970s.  Believe this was taken in front of the home of Olof and Olive Englund Abrahams in Wayne, Kansas. Wayne Frances Englund Holmberg - Wayne, Grant Township, Republic County, KS
Home of Erick and Frances Holmberg - September, 1998 Wayne Home of Erick and Frances Holmberg - Wayne, Kansas
Hotel in Wayne, Kansas - 1893 - This picture was furnished by Lucretta Jane Campbell Maddy (R R 3, Box 600; Agenda, Kansas 66930) Wayne Hotel in Wayne, KS in 1893
Putting Up Wood for Winter - By the time of World War I, there was now  more trees in Kansad,  thanks to our ancestors who planted them. The picture is in late fall where they are cutting wood for cooking, heat, and so forth in the Kansas Winter.  Because of the WWI uniform, this picture was probably taken between 1914 and 1917. Wayne Putting up Wood for the Winter 1914-1917
Swedish Methodist Church in Wayne, Kansas - about 1 mile west of Wayne Village, Grant Township, Republic County, KS.  Sunday services at the Swedish Methodist Church. Instrumental in the organization and building of
the church were Olof and Henry Englund. The church was later cut apart and a portion of it was moved into the town of Wayne.  Henry Englund lived, in later years, in a home directly behind the portion of the church moved to Wayne.  One of the town's main streets was approximately two blocks north of the church.

People in front of church unknown at this time. If anyone recognizes these people, please notify Patricia Adams

near Wayne Swedish Church about 1 mile from Wayne, Kansas
Methodist Church - September, 1998:  Church formerly built as the Swedish Methods Church about 1 mile west or sw of Wayne, KS.  The church was later cut apart and this portion was moved to Wayne.  The church is on the south end of Wayne, Kansas (population today of 4-5  families) and is now the Community Center in what remains of Wayne. Olof and Henry Englund were on the building committee, Sunday School Superintendents, etc. Henry Englund's home was directly behind the church, but has been torn down since his death in 1957. In this picture section, you will also find an earlier picture of the church around the turn of the century, when it was much larger and
more active. 
Wayne Methodist Church - Wayne, KS
Photograph of a Swedish Skatbok (church records) Anders Andersson Family from Bollnas, Sweden.  Anders Andersson was my great, great grandfather.  His son, Anders Andersson (aka Andrew Phillip Broden in Clay Center, Kansas) emigrated to America in 1853, going to Illinois (serving in the Illinois Infantry in the Civil War) and then to Clay Center, Kansas. Due to the letters that Andrew Broden sent back to Sweden, he is responsible in encouraging the Abrahams, Edlings, Englund, Holmbergs and other Swdish families to emigrate to America - settling in Clay and Republic counties in Kansas.

The above photocopy (of the skatbok sheet written in Swedish) was sent to me by Sven-Erik
Sundqvist, former Chairman of the Bollnas, Sweden Genealogical Society

Alfta/Bollnas, Sweden Page from Swedish Skatbook - Alfta, Sweden
Unknown People - Date not known.  Believed to be in Grant Township, Republic County, Kansas. At the far left is Frances Englund Holmberg and son, Paul Holmberg. We know that Paul was born in 1926 and by his size, assume this picture was taken around 1929-1930.  If anyone knows any of the people in this picture, please contact Patricia Adams. Wayne Unknown People
Wayne Grade School - This grade school was attended by many children from the families of: Abrahams, Campbell, Cherney, Englund, Engstrom, Holmberg, McKenzie, Nelson, Printz, Wilcox. For a more extensive
listing of the teachers, students, and board members (site currently under construction), please visit us at
Wayne Wayne School Dist #3 Grade School
Wedding Picture of Henry Endlund and Anna Albertina Broden - Married at the bride's home in Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas in May, 1893 - they resided all of their married life in Wayne, Kansas.  Parents of the Groom: Olof Hansson-Englund and Brita Oldsdotter.  Parents of the Bride: Andrew Phillip Broden (Anders Andersson) and Anna Pehrsdotter-Edling. Clay Center, Clay County Wedding picture of Henry and Anna Albertina Broden Englund - 1893

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