From A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol. I, p. 398
published by The Lewis Publishing Co, Chicago & New York, 1902


   In no profession is there a career more open to talent than in that of the law, and in no field of endeavor is there demanded a more careful preparation, a more thorough appreciation of the absolute ethics of life, or of the underlying principles which form the basis of all human rights and privileges.  Unflagging application and intuitive wisdom and a determination to full utilize the means at hand, are the concomitants which insure personal success and prestige in this great profession, which stands as the conservator of justice; and it is one into which none should enter without a recognition of the obstacles to be overcome and the battles to be won, for success does not perch on the falchion of every person who enters the competitive fray, but comes only as the diametrical result of the capability and unmistakable ability.  Possessing all the requisite qualities of the able lawyer, Mr Brinckerhoff has already attained a very prominent position in the ranks of the legal fraternity in Rice county and undoubtedly will attain other successes in the future.

   He is a son of John Brinckerhoff, who was born in Lewis county, New York, in 1831.  The Brinckerhoffs are of an old and well known family in the Empire state and were of Holland lineage.  At the time of the Revolutionary war and in the war of 1812 representatives of the name fought for their country and manifested their loyalty on many battlefields.  Samuel Brinckerhoff, the grandfather of our subject, was born in Dutchess county, New York, and after arriving at years of maturity he married Miss Ann Jones, who was of Welsh lineage.  They became the parents of two children, and both Mr and Mrs Brinckerhoff died in St Lawrence county, New York.  They were members of the Methodist Episcopal church, of Norfolk, and were people of the highest respectability, enjoying the confidence and esteem of all with whom they associated.  Their sons were John R and Romeyn, the latter of whom is still living in Norfolk.  The former, the father of our subject, was reared in the Empire state and acquired a good education, completing his literary course in Lowville Academy, and at the age of twenty he was engaged in driving a wagon of dry goods and notions out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, selling the commodities which he carried throughout the eastern districts of this portion of the country.  Subsequently, however, he returned to Rome, New York.  He was married in Lewis county, that state, to Miss Susan Wilcox, who was born, reared and educated there and represented one of the first families of the county, her parents being Ozias and Susan (Moulton) Wilcox, who removed from Connecticut to the Empire state and spent their last days in Lewis county.  John R Brinckerhoff resided in the state of his nativity for many years and successfully engaged in the practice of law there until 1882, having filled the office of district attorney for three consecutive terms in St Lawrence county.  He then came west to Lyons, Kansas.  He was a prominent and capable lawyer and for some time served as county attorney for Rice county.  In his practice he was associated with J W White, now in Chicago, Illinois, and ex-Judge Bailey, and his son, J W Brinckerhoff.  He had a wide and complete understanding of the principles of jurisprudence and won many notable forensic victories.  He died in October, 1889, at the age of fifty-nine years.  His life was upright and honorable and he enjoyed the confidence and regard of all with whom he was associated.  In his political affiliations he was a Republican and in his social relations was a Mason.  Mr Brinckerhoff was survived several years by his widow, who passed away in 1895, at the age of sixty-five years.  She was a consistent and faithful Christian woman of high moral character and wonderful patience, which traits were strongly exhibited during an illness which covered several years.  She held membership in the Methodist Episcopal church.

   Jermain W Brinckerhoff, whose name introduces this record, was born in Lewis county, New York, and acquired his preliminary education in the public schools, after which he entered the State Normal, at Potsdam, New York, and subsequently was graduated in law in Albany, in 1881.  He resided in Norfolk, St Lawrence county, until 1886, when he came to Lyons, Kansas, where for a time he was associated in practice with his father.  He now has a large and distinctive representative clientage.  Along with those qualities indispensable to the lawyer, - a keen, rapid, logical mind, plus the business sense, and a ready capacity for hard work, - our subject brought to the starting point of his legal career gifts, - eloquence of language and a strong personality.  An excellent presence, an earnest, dignified manner, marked strength of character, a thorough grasp of the law, and the ability accurately to apply its principles are factors in Mr Brinckerhoff’s effectiveness as an advocate.  In addition to his practice he is now serving as one of the directors of the First National Bank of Lyons.

   In October, 1893, was celebrated the marriage of Mr Brinckerhoff and Miss Maude, daughter of John Sollitt, of Lyons, Kansas.  She is a lady of sterling worth, born, reared and educated in Illinois.  They now have one son, Phillip, J, who was born February 6, 1897.  While residing in Norfolk, New York, Mr Brinckerhoff was made a Mason in What Cheer Lodge and has attained the Knight Templar degree, his membership being with Sterling Commandery.  He is also identified with Abdallah Temple of the Mystic Shrine, of Leavenworth, Kansas, and is actively connected with the work of the Republican party.  He has been honored with political office, having served as city attorney, as county attorney and for two terms as mayor of Lyons.  He takes a deep interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of the community and withholds his support from no movement or measure calculated to prove of public good, national progress and local advancement being both causes dear to his heart and his devotion to the country is above question.