From A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol. I, p. 731
published by The Lewis Publishing Co, Chicago & New York, 1902

H. C. Markle

For a quarter of a century H. C. Markle has resided in Rice county and now makes his home on section 11, Center township.  He is a native of the  middle west, and the enterprising spirit which dominates that section of the country has been manifest in his career.  He was born in Madison county, Indiana, December 27, 1865, and is of German lineage, the family having been founded in the new world at an early day.  George W Markle, the father of our subject, was born in Henry county, Indiana, and spent his youth upon a farm, early aiding in the task of developing and improving his fields.  In the public schools he acquired his education and after arriving at manís estate he was joined in wedlock to Miss Mary Brown, who was also born, reared and educated in Henry county and represented a good pioneer family of that section of the country.  With his wife and children George W Markle removed to Madison county, Indiana, where for several years he engaged in the livery business, conducting the enterprise at Anderson.  Subsequently he made his way westward, taking up his abode in Center township, Rice county, Kansas, where he resided until 1887, when he removed to Reno county.  He is now engaged in farming near Sylvia, in that county, and is accounted one of the leading and influential agriculturists of his community.  His political support upholds the men and measures of Democracy, and while residing in Rice county he was the candidate for sheriff, but met defeat owing to the strong Republican majority.  Both he and his wife hold membership in the Christian church, and their religious belief permeates their lives and is manifest in the honorable relations with their fellow men.  This worthy couple were the parents of seven children, namely: Milton, who is living in Alva, Oklahoma; Rolla, a resident of Seward, Reno county, Kansas; H C; William, who is also living in Reno county; Mrs Ida Witt, who resides in the same locality; and Peter and Joseph, who are yet under the parental roof.

H. C. Markle was only ten years of age when he became a resident of Kansas, and throughout the intervening period he has watched with interest the progress and development of the state as it emerged from a frontier settlement to take rank with the leading commonwealths of the Union.  He began his education in the schools of Indiana, and in Kansas continued his studies until sixteen years of age, when he began working by the month.  At the age of eighteen he operated a threshing machine, and for eighteen years has been the most popular and best thresher in the county.  He has now a complete Avery steam threshing outfit Ė the best machine of the kind in the United States.  Each season his services are in great demand as a thresher and his business in this line is extensive and profitable.  He is very industrious and energetic and is notably reliable, for when his word is once given any one can depend upon it.

Mr Markle was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Spech, a woman of intelligence and culture, who was reared and educated in Rice county.  Her father, A D Spech, is a prominent and honored citizen of this community.  The young couple began their domestic life in Lane county, Kansas, where they resided for two years, and then returned to Rice county.  A year later, however, they removed to Oregon, spending one season near Portland, and in 1891 they took up their abode on the old homestead farm in Center township, Rice county, which his father had entered on coming to Kansas.  Here he has one hundred and sixty acres of rich land, which yields a good return for the labor bestowed upon it.  Altogether he has two hundred and eighty acres.  His home is an extensive residence, commanding a good view of the surrounding country.  All the other buildings upon the place are modern and kept in good repair.  Cribs and granaries, well filled with grain, indicate the success which has crowned his labors.  There is a grove of six acres and a good bearing orchard.  Altogether his farm in considered one of the best in the community and is a monument to the efforts and enterprise of the occupants.

The marriage of Mr and Mrs Markle has been blessed with five children:  George A, Gwendolyn, Jesse E, Ruth and Mildred.  The parents are earnest Christian people, Mr Markle holding membership in the German Baptist church.  He is a supporter of Democratic and Prohibition principles, believing in both parties, and gives his ballot to support candidates whom he regards as best qualified for office.  He is a self-made man, his life having been one of unusual activity, his labors being guided by keen discrimination and sound judgment.  In manner he is genial, friendly and courteous and his personal qualities are such as win him friendship and regard wherever he is known.