From A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol. I, p. 263
published by The Lewis Publishing Co, Chicago & New York, 1902


   Herman Wernet is one of the prominent, enterprising and successful residents of Rockville township, Rice county.  The German race has ever been noted for persistency of purpose, and this has been a salient feature in the career of Mr Wernet, who is one of the sons of the fatherland.  Having come to America to seek his fortune, he has found in the opportunities of the new world the advantages which he sought, and today he is numbered among the agriculturists of affluence in his adopted county.

   Mr Wernet is a son of Jacob and Mary (Baden) Wernet, who were also natives of the fatherland and there spent their entire lives.  They had nine children, seven sons and two daughters, namely:  Aver, a prominent citizen of Rockville township; Herman, of this review; Albert, also a well known farmer of the same township; and six others who never became residents of Rice county.  The subject of this review pursued his education in the schools of Germany until fourteen years of age, when he determined to seek a home in the new world, having heard favorable reports of its advantages and opportunities.  Accordingly he took passage on a westward bound vessel at Bremen, and on the twelfth day of the voyage landed at New York.  He did not remain long in the metropolis, however, but proceeded at once to Harvard, McHenry county, Illinois, where he followed agricultural pursuits for eighteen months.  On the expiration of that period he removed to Andrew county, Missouri, and in 1873 came to Rice county, casting in his lot with its early settlers.  He has here one hundred and sixty acres of land and has resided continuously upon the old homestead which he secured from the government.  As his financial resources have increased, however, he has added to his property until he now owns nine hundred and sixty acres of land as the result of care and cultivation it yields him a splendid return.  His farm is improved with a good residence and substantial barns.  There are also feed lots, pastures and meadows and highly cultivated fields.  He raises a large amount of wheat each year and keeps on hand about one hundred head of cattle, one hundred hogs, thirty horses and other stock.  He is justly accounted one of the leading and enterprising agriculturists of Rockville township and his well directed labor have brought to him a handsome profit.

   Mr Wernet was married in Rice county to Miss Rachel Bergman, who has proved to him a faithful companion and helpmate on the journey of life.  Their union has been blessed with two children, - Minnie and Harry.  In his political views Mr Wernet is a stalwart Republican and in religious faith is a Catholic, but his wife belongs to the Lutheran church.  He is now in the prime of life, intelligent, enterprising and successful, honest in his dealings and of unquestioned integrity, his word being as good as his bond.  His life record is an excellent example of what may be accomplished in the new world, where effort is not hampered by caste or class, where ability and worth are recognized and labor finds its just reward.