Photo is of Lucille (oldest) and Fern Major with Anna M. Britain at Willard B. Britain's house in Galt Township.  The writing on the back says
"They live just 1/2 mile from here".  Anna and her husband, Frank J. Britain came from Oregon to Kansas in about 1919 to help Frank's father
who was in failing health.  They returned to Oregon sometime in 1920 and never returned to Kansas to live.  The dog belongs to Willard Britain.

Lucille E. Major was born Sept 2, 1903 in Kansas and died Feb 8, 1992, Galt Township, Rice County, Kansas.  She and her husband Lowell E. Peverley are
buried in Geneseo Cemetery, Geneseo, Rice, Kansas.  She would have been about 15 in the picture.  Her sister, Fern, would have been about 6 in the
picture and was born Nov 20, 1912 in rural Little River, Rice County, and died at 99 years of age on Feb 6, 2012 in Lyons.  She and
her husband, Vern Everett Wilkins, are buried in Lyons Municipal Cemetery.  They are the daughters of Jay Walter Major and Izola Laurel Perkins who
farmed in Galt Township  and can be found near Willard in some of the early census records.  Jay and Izola are also buried in Lyons Municipal Cemetery.

Submitted by Rose Anna Britain Richardson

15 May 2014