Caywood Family

Adults left to right:
Frances Leah Shepherd, William Francis Caywood, Henrietta Elizabeth Moore, Thomas Lindsay Caywood, Mason Caywood, John Reuben Caywood, Emma Daly, Olive Ross, Cleon Clifton Caywood, Eugene Alexander Caywood.

Children left to right:
Elizabeth Ann Caywood, Ray Craig Caywood, Florence Mason Caywood, Bruce Prater Caywood, Cyrus Elmer Caywood, Loyd Reuben Caywood (in dress), Vernon Oren Caywood, Loren Lora Caywood (in crib).

Seven Sons of Mason Caywood

Back row, left to right, are:
Eugene Alexander Caywood, Elzay Courtney Caywood, James Walter Caywood, & John Reuben Caywood.

Front row, left to right, are:
Cleon Clifton Caywood, William Francis Caywood, and Thomas Lindsay Caywood.

The father of the seven brothers is the seated bearded man in the top picture.  His name was Mason Caywood, who brought his entire family from KY to KS in 1879, & settled in the Alden area.  All Caywoods now living in Rice & Reno counties are descendants of these seven.