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Family and Ancestors of William Yale Reeder and Brenda Kay Stewart

Little Amanda Jean "A. J." Gibson passed away 11 Nov. 2004 at the age of 1 month 13 days, the daughter of my nephew and his wife, Roderick & Nancy Gibson of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Little "A. J." needed a heart transplant.  Are you an organ donor, if not please consider it the next time you renew your drivers license?

My Uncle Carmon "Junior" Nall of Grand Rivers, Kentucky passed away 6 Nov 2004 at the age of 74.  He was laid to rest next to his wife of 49 years, Barbara "Aunt Ann" in the White Oak Cemetery in Webster County, Kentucky.  A trip home will never be the same, he won't be standing there on the porch waiting for me.  No more early mornings in the porch swing watching the squirrels fight over the corn or late afternoons spent talking and watching the lightening bugs.  I'll miss him for all the excellent times at his home no matter where he lived.  Never have I been treated so much like a daughter by any other Aunt and Uncle than at their home, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are related to Brenda Stewart-Reeder through her mother Joretta Nall-Beeson, then this pertains to you:  Our ancestors Rebecca Bishop-Matthews and her mother-in-law Sarah, and brother-in-law John Matthews and his three wives are buried in the Matthews Cemetery outside Francis, Crittenden Co., KY.  It is also believed that Zachariah C. Matthews, husband to Rebecca is buried beside her in the sandstone marked grave.  The cemetery is out off the highway in the middle of nowhere and is cared for by Peggy Deen who has no relationship to the Matthews family whatsoever.  She collects donations to care for the Matthews Cemetery where our family is buried.  I generally send her $60 a year because that is what the man charges her a month for each mowing of the cemetery from spring through the fall.  Please if you can even $10.  would help in keeping the cemetery in presentable condition.   She just took on the job because no one else was caring for the cemetery and it was becoming overgrown and now is mowed as often as she can collect money to have it mowed.  Every time I have been to the cemetery it is nicely kept.  I have been sending her money for quite a number of years.  These are our ancestors and we owe it to them to honor and continue the care of their final resting place.  Please send any donation you can to Peggy Deen, 4261 St. Rt. 70, Marion KY 42061.

This is a tintype of Jesse B. Coldiron and his son John Gilbert Coldiron, taken before the Civil War. Jesse was born in 1824 at Terry's Fork of Wallins Creek in Harlan Co., Kentucky to John C. Coldiron and Sarah "Sally" Brock. He married Levina Lansdown about 1845 most likely in Harlan Co. She was the daughter of Abind Boyd Lansdown and his wife Lucy Noe. He served as a Private in the Civil War in Battalion Co. G from Harlan Co. Sometime between 1859 & 1862 the family moved to Rowan Co., Kentucky and then onto Fleming Co., Kentucky by 1870 and then to Montgomery Co., Kentucky by 1880 and by 1896 he was the Jailer in Morehead, Rowan Co., Kentucky. He died in 1896 in Morehead and is buried in the Baldridge Cemetery.
John Gilbert Coldiron was born 7 Feb 1847 in Harlan Co., Kentucky to Jesse B. and Levina Lansdown Coldiron. He served as a Flag Bearer during the Civil War and I would presume in the same company as his father because he was only 14 years old. You will notice in the picture that John has his arm intertwined with his father's. After the war, John moved to Pleasant View Township, Cherokee Co., Kansas in 1866. But he soon left and went to Buchanan Co., Missouri where he met and married Nancy Alice Barnes on 13 Oct 1872. She was the daughter of Aaron Barnes and Levitha W. Cobb. John and Nancy moved numerous times from Buchanan Co., Mo. to Cherokee Co., Ks. to Rooks Co., Ks and back again, as many as six times. He and Nancy homesteaded in a dugout at the south mound of Twin Mound in Rooks Co. for several years. They also bought land from his brother William Henry on Elm Creek and donated the land for the school house. They moved to Twin Mound and had two children die there and they donated land for the Twin Mound Cemetery where the two children are buried. John was quite a feisty person, he seemed to always be fighting with someone. At the age of 62, as published in the Stockton Review 23 Sep 1909, "A dispute that arose last Saturday at the B. C. elevator over the matter of the division of wheat that J. G. Coldiron raised on the John Maddy place, resulted in blows being' struck, all of which we are sorry to hear. We know nothing of who was the aggressor, Mr. Maddy seemed to be injured the worst, and Mr. Coldiron was brought into police court where he paid a fine." John Maddy sued in court and lost, the crop was John's. His four daughters dating seemed to bring him plenty of opportunity to get into it with someone. He had been feeling poorly for sometime but was having a good day so he went to visit a neighbor and fell gravely ill and died a short time later of a cerebral hemorrhage on 2 June 1914. He is buried in the Stockton Cemetery. After his death, Nancy and their youngest son, Ralph Edwin went to homestead in 1915 at Lidy Hot Springs in Clark Co., Idaho. They traveled by immigrant train in one car with all their possessions and animals. Her daughter Edna along with her husband Ray Reeder and three young children, Kenneth, William, and Valeria also went with them, traveling in their own immigrant car with furniture, a wagon, mules and assorted animals. All of Ralph's fine horses were rustled in the middle of the night and he set out after them, he came back in a few days with all of them. He had tracked down the Hole in the Wall gang and got them back. He never had any trouble after than. They moved several times after homesteading to Menan in Jefferson Co., ID and then into Idaho Falls. Nancy was a crack shot, she could shoot a chicken's head off with her trusty pistol she carried all the time. She told that Cole Younger taught her to shoot when they lived in Buchanan Co., Mo. She traveled on the passenger train back to KS many times to visit with her pistol in her purse. Nancy died 26 Mar 1935 in Idaho Falls and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery there.
Welcome to a visit with our family. If you find a mistake or have any questions, please feel free to email or call me. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon, I update on a regular basis and publish a new picture.

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