This is a used postcard but not postmarked but dated by the sender June 27, presumably 1910 like the other two.  It is addressed to Miss Lily McGuire, Quinter, Kas.  The message is " Plainville, June 27, Dear Cousin:- Will send you this card-I expect you are busy getting ready to go up to Hoxie Wensday(sp).  I wish it was so I could be there but I don't want to scare them.  I have been feeling pretty well for me the rheumatism is bothering me some today-C. E. is out 5 miles east of town harvesting.  Well I will close hope to hear from you soon. Gussie."  The postcard is manufactured by M. L. Zercher Book and Sta. Co. Topeka, Kan.   They sold 2 for $.05.  This is number 7225 Catholic Church Plainville, Kans.  Submitted by Brenda Reeder.