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Index to 1910 Federal Census, Sedgwick County, Kansas

Note: Ages under 01 were all simply entered as 00 in this index.  Every attempt was made to preserve spellings of names exactly the way the census-taker entered them.  If you find any corrections that need to be made, please contact Bill Pennington (, Sedgwick County KSGenWeb Coordinator.

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Last Name                  First Name                  Other names      Age  Enumeration District-Page Number

Ucker            Nellie                       16  137-14a
Uhler            Albert           I           44  091-17a
Uhler            Elizabeth        J           70  091-11a
Uhler            Herschel                     00  091-17a
Uhler            Jesse                        39  091-11a
Uhler            Levi                         76  091-11a
Uhler            Rachel                       08  091-17a
Uhler            Ralph                        07  091-17a
Uhler            Ruby                         05  091-17a
Uhler            Ruth                         10  091-17a
Uhler            Sarah            J           29  091-17a
Uhsenwitz        David                        22  101-10b
Uitoeven         Chris                        05  133-05a
Uitoeven         Frederick                    10  133-05a
Uitoeven         Jacob                        41  133-05a
Uitoeven         Jenny                        08  133-05a
Uitoeven         Mary                         40  133-05a
Uitoeven         William                      06  133-05a
Ukena            Carl                         04  090-08a
Ukena            Dale                         00  090-08a
Ukena            Frank                        28  090-08a
Ukena            Maude                        23  090-08a
Ullery           Addie            M           21  132-08b
Ullmer           Fred                         23  109-11b
Ulmer            Ella                         38  088-01b
Ulmer            Fred                         38  088-01b
Ulrich           John             W           60  116-12a
Ulsh             Charles                      01  100-02b
Ulsh             Helen                        06  100-02b
Ulsh             Mary                         28  100-02b
Ulsh             S                M           29  100-02b
Ulsh             Warren           H           35  102-12a
Umbarg           Clarence                     30  100-04b
Umbarger         Bessie                       05  120-04b
Umbarger         Charles                      11  120-04b
Umbarger         Darrel           I           11  131-14b
Umbarger         Gladys                       08  120-04b
Umbarger         Ida                          42  120-04b
Umbarger         L                S           58  120-04a
Umbarger         Louie            A           36  131-14b
Umbarger         Margie                       12  131-14b
Umbarger         Vivian                       07  131-14b
Umbenhaur        Brice            H           54  098-09a
Umber            Jacob                        59  090-03b
Umberneor        Charlie                      20  098-06a
Umboyer          Ethel                        20  119-07a
Umboyer          Loyd                         28  119-07a
Umboyer          Melvin                       01  119-07a
Ummel            Louise                       38  086-04b
Ummel            Samuel                       44  086-04b
Umsted           David            C           33  100-08b
Unangst          David            B           78  095-07a
Unangst          Gertrude                     29  108-03b
Unangst          Sarah            B           65  095-07a
Underhill        William                      65  125-02a
Underwood        Abrel                        17  131-12b
Underwood        Alice            U           36  146-09a
Underwood        Augustus         C           19  131-12b
Underwood        Bessie                       26  088-05a
Underwood        C                J           40  117-09a
Underwood        Charles          L           39  145-01a
Underwood        Charley                      27  088-05a
Underwood        Clara                        26  103-02b
Underwood        Clarance                     25  088-05a
Underwood        Claud            E           15  145-01a
Underwood        Claude                       15  088-05a
Underwood        E                J           57  103-02b
Underwood        Eddie                        21  131-11a
Underwood        Elizabeth                    21  131-11a
Underwood        Elsie                        21  088-05a
Underwood        George           W           51  084-04a
Underwood        Henry            C           44  146-09a
Underwood        Howard           H           12  131-12b
Underwood        Humphrey         M           47  131-12b
Underwood        Lizzie           E           44  131-12b
Underwood        Lizzie           L           22  146-09a
Underwood        Lois                         00  088-05a
Underwood        Mamie            B           38  145-01a
Underwood        Mary                         55  103-02b
Underwood        Mildred                      01  088-05a
Underwood        Myrtle           N           04  131-13a
Underwood        Nellie           A           12  145-01a
Underwood        Richard          L           23  084-04a
Unger            Agnes            L           21  132-08a
Unger            Alice            M S         08  132-08a
Unger            Cora             E           40  132-08a
Unger            Edna             M           19  132-08a
Unger            Ferdinand                    45  132-08a
Unger            Gladys           I           17  132-08a
Unger            James            F           22  132-08a
Unger            Kennith          F           13  132-08a
Unger            Laura            L           06  132-08a
Unger            Leonard          L           10  132-08a
Unger            Ralph                        15  132-08a
Unger            Soloman          H           83  119-06b
Unknown          Ryner                        21  132-08a
Updegraff        Louisa                       74  139-02b
Uppendall        Dieterich                    37  090-08b
Urban            Henry                        52  094-13a
Urban            John                         25  125-02a
Urban            Minnie                       31  125-02a
Urban            Minnie                       50  094-13a
Urban            Thomas           J           01  125-02a
Urban            Walter           J           23  094-13a
Urbanik          Frank                        25  084-02a
Urias            Manuel                       26  124-09b
Utley            Eva                          45  090-07a
Utley            Hazel                        13  090-07a
Utley            James            G           23  102-09a
Utley            Jennie                       19  102-09a
Utley            John                         11  090-07a
Utsler           Herbert          C           24  115-05a
Utsler           Marie            E           23  115-05a
Utsler           Wesley                       24  099-13a
Utt              Anna             E           61  141-09a
Utt              Earl                         25  086-03b
Utt              Ethel            M           11  132-01b
Utt              Fannie           E           19  132-01b
Utt              Felma            L           01  132-01b
Utt              Hazel                        05  141-09b
Utt              Howard           W           09  132-01b
Utt              Ida              P           07  141-09a
Utt              Ina                          22  086-03b
Utt              James                        38  141-09b
Utt              Loreta           E           06  132-01b
Utt              Lvotie                       25  141-09b
Utt              Mildred          P           04  132-01b
Utt              Nettie           B           16  132-01b
Utt              Ollie            R           39  132-01b
Utt              Sydney                       46  132-01b
Uwata            T                            24  146-07b
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