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The Wichita Beacon, August 10, 1945, page 10




Next of kin have been notified
in casualty cases and have
been kept informed of changes
in status.



JOHNSON, Harold Gene, Staff Sergt., USMCR, son of George L. Johnson, 2357 Rosenthal.


CHANDLER, Orval H., Jr., Pfc., son of Mrs. Wilma E. Chandler, 3561 East Bruce.


FISHER, Cecil Fane, Pfc., USMCR, husband of Mrs. Mary F. Fisher, 1103 South Waco.

REMMERT, James Walter, Sr., Pvt., USMCR, husband of Mrs. Rena R. Remmert, 1416 East Zimmerly.


(Aboard Marine Fox, Due New York,

August 10).

DECKER, Raymond C., Pvt. (no address).

ORR, Louis Y., Tech. Sergt. (no address).

DWYER, Howard M., Pfc., 220 Indiana.

KNOST, John H., Pfc., 537 North Emporia.

BAILEY, James D., Pfc., 4514 East McFarland.

(Aboard Santa Maria, Due New York,

August 8)

ELLIOTT, Leland H., T5, 1816 East Kellogg.

(Aboard Montclair Victory, Due Boston,

August 9)

SEE, Charles E., Pfc., 2241 North Hydraulic.

STIREB. Charles F., Pfc. (no addrsss).

RUMPLE, George E., Pvt., 116 East Orme.



ABBOTT, William Houston, Lieut. (jg), USNR. (Prevously reported missing.) Wife, Mrs. Helen Jane Abbott, Kansas City.

JOHNSTON, Lawrence Raymond, First Lieut., USMCR (Previously reported missing.) Wife, Mrs. Mary H. Johnson, Larned. (note: last names as shown in newspaper)

RESSNER, Wilmer Vernon, Fireman 1c, USNR. (Previously reported missing.) Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Resner, Russell. (note: last names as shown in newspaper)


ALLEN, Charles Elbert, Corp USMCR. Aunt, Mary I. Hogan, Valley Falls.

BROOKS, Roy Joseph Jr., Pvt., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Mrs. Martha R. Brooks, Parsons.

BRUCKNER, Elmer Irving, Pfc., USMCR. Parents Mr. and Mrs. August H. Bruckner, Wilsey.

KESSLER, William Russell, Pvt., USMCR. Father James K. Kessler, Olathe.

MAUPIN, Donald Charles, Pfc., USMC. Mother Mrs. Bessie Meyer, Kansas City.

McVEY, Burley Louis, Pfc., USMC. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob C. McVey, Wathena.

CROUCH, Vincent Eugene, Pharmacist’s Mate 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Michael Crough, Salina. (note: last names as shown in newspaper)

HOLLIS, Raymond Edward, Pfc., USMCR. Father Fred R. Hollis, Salina.


(Pacific Regions)

PEARSALL, Lester J. Jr., Second Lieut., son of Lester John Pearsall, Caney.

REITZ, Boyd E., Pfc., son of Newell M. Reitz, Coffeyville.


(Pacific Regions)

COFFMAN, Abraham, Jr., Staff Sergt., husband of Mrs. Amelia J. Coffman, Topeka.


(Pacific Regions)

WAMPLER, George L., First Lieut., husband of Mrs. Beatrice A. F. Wampler, Hutchinson.


(Aboard Samual Griffin, Due Boston,

August 9)

BULLIMORE, Charles A., Tech. Sergt., Clifton.

BUSHELL, Wayne M., Corp., Dodge City.

LOUDERBACK, George V., Corp., Ottawa.

BALLEW, Arthur H., Pfc., Cherryvale.

VANDIVER, Charles R., Pfc., Atchison.

FLY, John C., Corp., Girard.

HEDGE, Clarence J., Pfc., Studley.

SNYDER, Marvin P., Corp., Oswego.

CASE, Robert W., Pfc., Arkansas City.

NEWBERRY, John A., Pfc., Columbus.

SOTO, George R., Pfc., Winfield.

Aboard Marine Fox, Due New York.

August 10)

BUNKER, Clyde L., T5, Hayes.

BRENN, Everett A., Pfc., Hudson.

PRESTON, Virl W., Pfc., Ingalls.

KRUSE, Waldo O., Pfc., Burrton.

MONTANYA, Lewis L., Pfc., Phillipsburg.

STROLE, Ray C., Pfc., Holton.

SEARS, Victor H., T5, Parsons.

RATHKE, Wilburt, Corp., Hays.

BUCHMAN, Clyde J., Pfc., Bushon.

BREWER, Fred L., Pfc., Hutchinson.

GUGLER, Wendell D., Pfc., Abilene.

MEIER, Alex., Pfc., Hays.

DREYER, Cloyd L., Pfc., Le Compton.

PRENTICE, Edward T., Pfc., Manhattan.

JOHNSON, William, Pfc., Mulberry.

HYNEK, Louis W., Pfc., Washington.

CHARTIER, Lawrence A., Pfc., Concordia.

GIBB, Harold E., Pfc., Elmdale.

DAVIS, Floyd W., Pfc., Mound City.

FEUERBORN, William O., Tech. Sergt., Dodge City.

DIXON, Riley M., First Lieut., Dodge City.

KETTER, Ambrose W., Pfc., Emporia.

FEHR, Wilford E., Pfc., Emporia.

KIEFFER, Edward V., Pfc., Council Grove.

LONG, Paul F., Pfc., Alden.

MASSINGILL, Weldon Jr., T5, Atchison.

(Aboard Montclair Victory, Due Boston,

August 9)

ADAMS, Blane J., Staff Sergt., Minneola.

STECHER, Glen D., T5, Baldwin.

BREWSTER, Robert W., Pfc., Independence.

CARLTON, Max P., Pfc., Udall.

FERDIG, Lester M., Pfc., St. Francis.

HAMMER, Alden E., Pfc., Mullinville.

DUNN, Donald W., Maj., Kansas City.

MARSHALL, John A., Capt., Independence.

BIRD, Jimmie L., Pfc., Chase.

WILLIAMS, Gene L., Pfc., Topeka.

WISE, Stanford L., Pfc., Clearwater.

DREILING, Virgil N., Pvt., Plainville.

FULLER, John P., Pvt., Scammon.

GRAY, James F., Pvt., Russell.

RASTELLI, Williams E., Pvt., Topeka.

(Aboard Santa Marta, Due New York,

August 8)

ASHLEY, Harold W., Staff Sergt., Kansas City.

TAYLOR, James E., Pfc., Douglas.

(Aboard Joseph W. Gale. Due New York,

August 10)

WHEELER, Edward (NMI), Sergt., Parsons.

BUITERREZ, Pablo (NMI), Pfc., Topeka.

(Aboard John Harvard Due Boston.

August 10)

HOLDER, Joseph T., Kansas City.

GRIMES, Glenn E., Pfc.. Ness City.

MECK, Charles F., Jr., Fredonia.

BROWN, Rot T., Staff Sergt., Paola.

LOFDAHL, Kermit F., Sergt., Axtell.

TULLY, Edward C., Corp., Junction City.

MILLIS, Donald W., Corp., Frankfort.

JACOBS, Frank, Pfc., Alta Vista.

LANDWEHR, Urban M., Sergt., Renson.

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