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The Wichita Beacon, August 8, 1945, Page 13



Next of kin have been notified
in casualty cases and have
been kept informed of changes
in status



(Pacific Regions)

BOSWORTH, Lawrence A., Jar., son of A. H. Bosworth, 1645 North Vassar.

GIRARD, Alcid F., T4, husband of Mrs. Treva M. Girard, 231 Ellis.

SAUER, Kenneth F., Maj., son of Mrs. H. J. Dunn. 324 South Terrace Drive.


FISHER, Cecil Fane, Pfc., USMCR, son of Mrs. Mary F. Fisher, 1103 South Waco.

HALL, Lewis Raleigh, Pvt., USMCR, son of Mrs. Myrtle M. Hall., 1702 South Waco.


(Aboard Seak Pike, Due August 6,

New York)

SHAOTE, Jack H., Pfc., 534 Doris.

TATE, Robert L., Pfc., 1146 Jefferson.

(Aboard Mormaeport, Due Ausust 7,

New York)

PIPER, Marshal L., Pfc., 2314 East Murdock.

OSBORN, Philip S., Pvt., 217 South Pinecrest.

(Arriving by Air at Miami, Fla.)

BURGESS, Woodrow L., Pfc., 2735 Wilma.

HOWARD, Raymond, T4. 2224 Oloma.

WILHITE, Daniel D., Pfc., 903 Coolidge.

(Aboard West Brooke Victory. Due

Hampton Roads. August 7)

HARDIMAN, Willian E., Pfc., 1204 South Glenn.

HERMAN. Edwin C., Staff Sergt., 321 North Spruce.

(Aboard Luther Martin, due at New York. August 10)

DUNN. Phillip M., Pfc., 133 North Parkwood Lane.

(Aboard Samuel Livermore. Due New York, August 10)

ADDINGTON, Charles W., Sergt., 1502 North Lorraine.

(Aboard Santa Marta, Due New York, August 8)

ELLIOTT, Leland H., T5, l816 East Kellogg.



(Pacific Region)

BARRY, Percy R., Tech. Sergt., son of Mrs. Mary A. Priddy, Lucas.

JENKINS, Lacey 0., WO., son of A. J. Jenkins, Erie.

KAPPELMAN, Mac., Capt., son of George B. Kappelman, Miltonvale.

QUALLS, Lawrence L., Pvt., son of Lawrence G. Qualls, Baxter Springs.

SADLER. James E., Capt., husband of Mrs. Carmen Almeda Sadler, Junction City.


BLEAKLEY, Edward Thomson, Seaman 1c, USNR. (Previously reported missing.) Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thomson Bleakley, Lawrence.



BILLINGER, Adolph, Pvt., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Billinger, Morland.

BREWER, Hubert Ross, Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Brewer, Kansas City.

FRAKES, Robert Lee, Corp., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Ella V. Frakes, Troy.

GRASSO, Ross Mickey, Corp., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Italo Grasso, West Mineral.

GRIMM, Jay Caughn, Seaman Ic, USNR. (Previously reported missing.) Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Grimm, Sabetha.

POWELL, Jack Powell, Pvt., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. George G. Powell, Coffeville.

PRICE, Harry Ivan, Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Price, Russell.

SNYDER, Deane Charles, Sr., Pvt., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Blanche M. Snyder, Kansas City.

SNYDER, James Oliver, Jr., Pvt., USMCR. Parents, Mr. And Mrs. James Snyder, Sr., Peck.

THOMAS, James Tylor, Pvt., USMC. Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Villa A. Thomas, El Dorado.

TURLEY, Earl Newton Brewin, Pfc., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Edyth L. Turley, Fort Scott.

WALKER, Chester Clair. Aviation Metalsmith 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Walker, Emporia.

WEST, Joseph Clifford Pvt., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Alice L. West, Haddam.

WILLIAMS, Robert Gwin, Pvt., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. WiIliams, Kansas City.

ZACHGO, Kenneth Leslie, Pvt., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Nellie M. Zachgo, Vesper.


(Aboard Lincoln Steffen, Due August 7,


MAYHOOD, Lloyd R. Pfc., Columbus.

ANDERSON, Edgar W. Pfc., Emporia.

BOOKOUT, Larence E., Pittsburg.

APPLEBY, James N., T5, Cedarvale.

DOWDEN. Philip L., Pfc., Troy.

GAUNCE, Donald C., Pfc., Kansas City.

(Aboard Sea Pike, Due New York August 6)

BEAR, William R., Corp., Hiawatha.

STEWART, Jeral D., Corp., Wellington.

JOHNSTON, Denton R., T5, Marion.

PERKINS, Keith B., T5, Salina.

Simpson, Veron E., Topeka.

ARMSTRONG, Albert A., Pfc., Severy.

BAKER, Clyde A., Pfc., Pratt.

ENSFIELD, Joseph E., Pfc., Route 2 Great Bend

HOLENBECK, Lester L., Pfc., Route 1, Alma.

JACKSON, Ralph E., Pfc,, Marion.

LESLIE, James H., Jr., Pfc., Hutchinson.

NELSON, Wayne W., Pfc., McPherson.

SCOTT, John R., Pfc., Mount Hope.

SPALDING, Hubert D., Pfc., Kansas City.

CLITHERO, Charles W. W., Pvt., Paola.

HERRIDGE. Maurice J., Pvt., Route 1, Bluff City.

KAUTZ, Elmer E., Pvt., Atchison.

LITTLE, Arthur J., Pvt., Manhattan.

(Aboard Normacport, Due New York August 7)

BIDER, Stephen E., T4, Kansas City.

ANTHONY, Herbert D., Pfc., Leroy.

COX, William D., Pfc., Galena.

DOLLMANN, Frederic W., Pfc., Spearville.

JOHNSON. Richard N. I., Pfc., Chanute.

LOUR, Howard E,. Pfc., Colby.

RUTTGEN, Robert M., Pfc., Oswego.

VANDERPOOL, Willard K., Pfc., Kansas City.

HOPKINS, Robert I., Pvt., Topeka.

KING, Ralph W., Pvt., Winfield.

DeWITT, Russell J., Concordia.

FELLMAN, Edward R., Pfc., Osage City.

HARTTER, Earl L., Pfc., Sabetha.

LACY, Leroy C., Pfc., Blue Rapids.

McKAIK, Donald W., Pfc., Olathe.

OKRBLOOM, Albert W., Pfc., Tribune,

RUTHERFORD, James E., Pfc., Middle River.

JOHNSON, Raymond L., Pvt., Independence,

VAN VOORHIS, Chester E., First Lieut., Anthony.

BRIAR Joseph, Pfc., Topeka.

BROWN, Bethel E., Pfc., Colby.

BUCK, Lester R., Pfc., Larned.

DUPY, Jimmie J., Pfc., Chase.

PETERSON, Clair E., T5, Osawatomie.

(Arriving by Plane at Miami, Fla.)

VESTAL, Floyd E., T4, Beloit.

PRUITT, Edgar P., Corp., Chanute.

KELLUM, Leslie M., Corp., Lyons.

ROGERS, Roy A., T5, McDonald.

(Aboard West Brooke Victory. Due Hampton Roads. August 7)

WALKNER, Douglas R., Staff Sergt., Bucklin.

LAMBERT, Gerald D., Pfc., Smith Center.

VANSICKLE, Coburn E., Pfc., Emporia.

JANSON, Chris E., T5. Kansas City.

CLARY, Lewis G., Pfc., Gabua.

REISCHICK, Claude M., Pfc., Soldier.

FRICK, Lester P., Pfc., Kinsley.

HENRERSHOT, Maurice W., Pfc., Hutchinson.

HURD, Charles W., Jr., Pfc., Hepler.

EDENS, Robert R., Pfc., Caney.

BRICKER, Everett A., Pfc., Ottawa.

FOOS, Willard E., Pfc., Healy.

ROGERS, Murray E., Pvt., Bucklin,

ARTHUR, Richard D., Pfc., Topeka.

EILER, Wm., Pfc., Oberlin,

HOLMES, Robert B., First Sergt., Eureka.

ROGACKI, Stephen P., Tech. Sergt., Beattie.

HYDER, Charles W., Staff Sergt., Rollo.

MANN, Delbert F., Pfc., Kincaid. C

STEINERT, Leon L., Pfc., Russell.

SWICK, Leslie L., Pfc.. LaCrosse,

TROTTER, Frank M., Pfc., Hardtner.

MIRT, Clarence G., Pfc., South Haven.

HUDSPETH, Leland D., Staff Sergt., Eudora.

FOOS, Harley D., Pfc., Healy.

HERMAN, Edwin C., Staff Sergt., 321 North Spruce, Wichita.

NEWELL, Vernon P., Pfc., Oskaloosa.

(Aboard Santa Marta, Due New York, August 8)

ASHLEY, Harold W., Staff Sergt., Kansas City.

TAYLOR, James E., Pfc., Douglas.

(Aboard Luther Martin. Due New York, August 10)

DARNELL, Richard T., First Lieut., Stafford.

JACKSON, Richard C., Jr., Second Lieut., Hesston.

DANARSE, Frank W., Staff Sergt., Americus.

KAUL, Olin E., Staff Sergt., Paxico.

?AIRD, Sylvia S., Tech, Sergt., Great Bend.

HERMES, Clifford H., Sergt., Route 1, Larned.

GRASS, Joseph 0., Sergt., Fort Scott.

COATS, Leslie A., Tech, Sergt., Salina.

HEIDEL, Edgar H., Junction City.

PARSON, Almon, Jr., Corp., Hunter.

HUSTON, John W., T5, Baxter Springs.

WATERMAN, Martin E., T5, Route 1, Atwood.

ARNOLD, Lloyd A., Pfc., Topeka.

BROWN, Charles L., Pfc., Route 2, Preston.

COLLIER, Lawrence J., Pfc., El Dorado.

GLIG, John W., Pfc., Atkinson.

HINRICHSEN, Norman B., Pfc., Council Grove.

HORTON, Dale S., Pfc., Topeka.

KNOGS, John R., Pfc., Seneca.

KOON, Albert V., Pfc., Kingman.

LABS, Rueben S., Pfc., Kearney.

LETOURNEAR, Leland F., Pfc., Salina.

MALL, Paul 0., Pfc., Frankfort.

MINDEN, George A., Pfc., Route 2, Paola.

PETERS0N, Gordon C., Pfc., Route I, Falcon.

TRANTHAM, Thomas M., Pfc., Sharon.

WELLER, Harold L., Pfc., Route I, Detroit.

WILLIAMS, Howard R., Pfc., Route 2, Arcadia.

WRIGHT, Leo J., Pfc., Hutchinson.

HOLDER, Howard R., Pvt., Kansas City.

PADGETT, Charles T., Pvt., Manhattan.

VITT, William J., Pfc., Route 2, St. Paul.

(Aboard SamueJ Livermore. Due New
York, August 10)

McHUGH, Elden E., Tech. Sergt., Dodge City.

HERBOLDSHEIMER, Maurice D., Sergt., Topeka.

MILLER, Howard A., Staff Sergt., Larned.

BALL, Marlin L., Corp., Blue Mound.

CRAFTON, George L., Corp., Mulberrry.

TANNER, Elmer L., Pfc., Route 1, Galena.

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