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The Wichita Beacon, June 22, 1945, page 13



Next of kin have been notified in casualty cases and have been kept informed of changes in status.



GRAVES, Pfc. Alvah Francis, USMCR, (Wounded second time. Last reported August 29, l944.), son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvan A. Graves, 2657 Armstrong.

MORRIS, Pvt. Kenneth E., USMCR, (Wounded second time. Last reported March 31, 1945.), brother of Mrs. Lorene York, 3955 East Roseberry.


(Pacific Regions)

CRUZ, Pfc. Manuel N., Husband of Mrs. Wilma J. Cruz, 209 East Nineteenth.

STROMBON, Pvt. Oswald S., friend of Mrs. Doris E. Ferguson, 2312 East Central.

COX, Pfc. Warren E , husband of Mrs. Lola Mae Cox, 4108 Whitney Lane.

HALBERT, Second Lieut. Robert L., husband of Mrs. Virginia L. Halbert, 123 South Poplar.




DAVIS, Second Lieut. Leonard C., son of Mrs. Neva W. Davis, 732 South Lorraine.

TOON, Pvt. James A., husband of Mrs. Alma A. Toon, 345 Ohio.



VIRGIN, Fireman 1c Kenneth Duwayne, USNR, husband of Mrs. Viola Virgin, Fontana; son of Mrs. Lena Virgin, La Cygne, brother of Mrs. Bessie Miller, La Cygne.

GUTHRIE, Corp. Frank A., USMC, (Previously reported prisoner of war on war department prisoner list for June 18, 1942.) son of Mrs. Violet W. Guthrie, Anthony.



COLLINS, Pharmacist's mate 3c, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. John George Collins, Mankato

KASS, Fireman 2c Joseph Francis, USNR, husband of Mrs. Mildred Grace Kass, Topeka; son of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kass, Topeka.

KEARNS, Seaman 2c Kenneth Gail, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Kearns, Kansas City.

MEYERS, Pvt. George A., USMCR, son of Mrs. Olive Meyers, Coffeyville.

BRAY, Pfc. Franklin F., USMCR. husband of Mrs. Franklin F. Bray, Kansas City.

Miller, Pfc. Kenneth J., USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gwen H. Miller, Greensburg.

MORAWITZ, P/Sergt. Joe D., USMC, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Morawitz, Anthony.

MOSER, P/Sergt. Forrest E., USMC, son of Mr and Mrs. Ernest W. Moser, Washington.

OSHMAN, Pfc. Edward R., USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oshman, Kansas Cltv.

WILLIAMS, Pfc. Hiram T. Jr., USMCR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Williams, Teterville.


BENSON, Seaman 1c Wilbert Melvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bernard Benson, McPherson.


BAZIN, First Lieut. Lawrence L., husband of Mrs. Jacqueline A. Bazin, Arma,

GLIDDEN, Second Lieut. Jack C., son of Mrs. Lois Glidden, Salina.

RANKIN, Second Lieut. John K. Jr., husband of Mrs. Eudora T. Rankin, Hutchinson.



(Pacific Region)

ARIE, Staff Sergt. Lloyd B., husband of Marjorie L. Airie, Oakley. (These two surname spellings as in newspaper)

DEAN, Sergt. John A., son of Mrs. Effie Dean, Kingman.

DOREY, First Lieut. Willis K., son of Mrs. Jessie A. Dorey, Newton.

FELDHAUSEN, Pfc. Victor E., son of Harry Feldhausen, Route 3, Frankfort.

GEREN, First Lieut. Frederic B., husband of Mrs. Blanche M. Geren, Rexford.

JONES, Pvt. Delmer V., son of John A. Jones, Alton.

KLEIN, Pfc. Albert J., nephew of Mrs. Frances M. Sommerhauser, Route 2, Derby.

LOHNER, Second Lieut. George C., son of Mrs. Alta U. Lohner, Independence.

PERESIC, Pfc. Daniel J., son of Mike Peresic; Kansas city.

REEVES, Pfc. Leonard E., son of Elmer W. Reeves, Route 1, Kansas City.

DREILING, Pvt. Raymond H., son of Joseph N. Dreiling, Route 1, Penokee.

INGHRAM, Pvt. Robert L., husband of Mrs. Virginia L. Inghram, Newton.

LOID, Pfc. Wayne E., son of Charles E. Loid, Lawrence.



(European Regions)

FREED, Pfc. Harold E., son of Mrs. Mary L. Freed, Route 2, Courtland.

PHIPPS, Pfc. Jesse J., husband of Mrs. Frances Phipps, Topeka.


(Pacific Regions)

BRETZ, Corp. Gerald H., husband of Mrs. Alma I. Bretz, Dighton.

DODGE, Pvt. Ernest A., son of Albert N. Dodge, Route 2, Everest.

MARTELL, Sergt. Joseph J., son of Michael Martell, St. Marys.

RAUCH, Pfc. Ernest L., Neal Rauch, Sharon Springs.

ELLIOTT, Pvt. Henry C., son of Carl C. Elliott, Sterling.

EVANS, Pfc. Thomas M., son of Gwilyn R. Evans, Lebo.

FOSTER, Pvt. Joseph A., son of Joseph 0. Foster, Pratt.

HATFIELD, Sergt. Andrew E., son of Mrs. Maude Hatfield, Wellington.

HEINRICH, Sergt. Robert E., husband of Mrs. Anna L. Heinrich, Horton.

HISKEY, Pfc. Reo T., nephew of Rav Hiskey, Route 1, Centralia.

HOLSTE, Pvt. Arthur H., son of Herman G. Holste, Ludell.

HOWEY, Pfc. Merle 0., son of Mrs. Marie Howey, Route 2, Pittsburg.

HUNT, Pfc. Albert E., husband of Mrs. Celia Jane Hunt, Kansas City.

HUSKA, Pvt. Charles, son of Mrs. Anna Huska, Kansas City.

KATTENBERG, Pfc. John E., son of Edward Kattenberg, Lebanon.

KENT, Staff Sergt. Theron V., husband of Mrs. Mildred B. Kent, Topeka.

KINNEY, Pfc. Paul C., son of Harry E. Kinney, Woodruff.

LANCASTER, Pfc. James F., nephew of Mrs. Emma Carrs, Caney.

LUEHRING, Pvt. Norman L., son of Mrs. Mary Luehring, Hanover

ROBERTS, Pvt. Calvin E., son of Mrs. Effie S. Owens, Satanta.

THOMPSON, Staff Sergt. Robert L., brother of Henry B. Thompson, Pratt.



(European Regions)

MILES, Pfc. Harold C., son of Mrs. Grace A. Miles, Salina.



(Pacific Regions)

BARNES, Pvt. Clarence A. Jr., husband of Mrs. Erma L. Barnes, Hutchinson.

CYPHERS, Second Lieut. Emerson, son of Mrs. Irene M. Cyphers, Fairview.

ROUSH, First Lieut. Clyde M., husband of Mrs. Alice E. Roush, Neosho Rapids.



ACRIDGE, Staff Sergt. Leroy H., son of Mrs. Mary E. Acridge, Fort Scott.

BARRETT, Tech. Sergt. Jack C., son of Taylor C. Barrett, Saline.

CALLOW, Second Lieut. George B., son of Theodore H. Callow, Garnett.

CLOUGHLEY, First Lieut. Robert E., son of Mrs. Lorine H. Cloughley, Kansas City

COATS, Pvt. Max E., son of Oda T. Coats, Arkansas City.

COLEMAN, Staff Sergt. Max E., son of William D. Coleman, Route 3, Hutchinson.

DENLINGER, Sergt.Wllliam L., son of Mrs. Elcie Hodges Denlinger, Lawrence.

GREENWOOD, Sergt. Howard J., son of Howard E. Greenwood, Pittsburg.

HAMMAN, Sergt. Wendell F., husband of Mrs. Bernadetta C. Hamman, Burlington.

HENRY, Pfc. Joseph C., son of Elmer Henry, Route 5, Clay Center.

HERDMAN, T5 Floyd E., son of Edgar Herdman, Kansas City.

HILL, Second Lieut. Earl W., husband of Mrs. Geraldine P. Hill, Topeka.

HOWARD, Tech. Sergt. Everett A., hushand of Mrs. Lucile G. Howard, Humboldt.

KUSSMAN, Tech. Sergt. Edward M., son of John M. Kussman, Virgil.

LEACH, Pfc. Leland A., son of Edgar H. Leach, Dearing.

LEATHERBURRY, Staff Sergt. Charles J., son of Mrs. Mary I. Leatherbury, Route 2, Severy.

LOCKYEAR, First Lieut. Willard H., son of Mrs. Dixie A. Lockyear, Winfield,

LUSK, Staff Sergt. Harold R., son of James C. Lusk, Route 5, Osage City.

MAGILL, Pfc. Cletus E., son of William H. Magill, Scott City.

McCORD, First Lieut. James B., husband of Mrs. Wilma J. McCord, Uniontown.

MERRY, FI.O. Kenneth E., husband of Mrs. Kenneth E. Merry, Emporia.

PANKASKIE, Staff Sergt. Bernard J., husband of Mrs. Erma E. Pankaskie, Jennings.

PRICKETT, Frist Sergt. Marion O., husband of Mrs. Virginia Prickett, Route 1, McPherson.

REYNOLDS, Tech. Sergt. Homer L., son of Mrs. Gladys I. Reynolds, El Dorado.

RUDOLPH, Staff Sergt. Donald F., son of Leo J. Rudolph, Route 1, Paxico.

RUSSELL, Staff Sergt. Marvin O., son of Daniel Russell, Route, 1, Galva,

SCHNEE, Corp. Harold A., son of Mrs. Lulu M. Schney, Smith Center. (surnames spelled as in newspaper)

TABER, Pvt. Neal L., son of Maynard Taber, Route 2, Calena.

YULICH, Staff. Sergt. George R., husband of Mrs. Catherine F. Yulich, Kansas City.

BOGARD, Pvt. Walter M., son of Mrs. Grace V. Bogard, Kansas City,

BROWN, Pvt. Robert C., son of Phillip C. Brown, Harveyville,

COLE, Pfc, Fay N., husband of Mrs. Eleanor F. Cole, Princeton.

COLE, Pfc. George P., husband of Mrs. Mildred L. Cole, Route 5, Winfield.

CRAIN, Second Lieut. Robert T., son of John T. Crain, Fort Scott.

DUNEKACK, Sergt. Vernon L., son of William F. Dunekack, Route 4, Great Bend.

EATINGER, Second Lieut. Norman C., son of Mrs. Pauline Eatinger, Raymond.

ELMAN, Staff Sergt. Franklin J., husband of Mrs. Hazel B. Elman, Leavenworth.

EVERHART, Capt. Wyeth C., son of Charles F. Everhart, Gypsum.

FARRINGTON, Staff Sergt, Donald G., son of Mrs. Retha M. Farrington, Chetopa.

FLEWELLING, Staff Sergt. Leslie A., husband of Mrs. Evelyn G. Flewelling, Augusta.

GEIST, Staff Sergt. Marvin P., son of Boyd M. Geist, Route 1, Enterprise.

GEORGE, Pvt. Herman L., son of Hiram F. George, Route 2, Baxter Springs.

GREENWOOD, Sergt. Howard J., son of Howard E. Greenwood, Pittsburg.

KERN, Sergt. Richard L., husband of Mrs. Marcelia E. Kern, Topeka.

KOLICH, Sergt. Anthony M., son of Mrs. Tony Kolich, Kansas City.

LANSDOWNE, Pfc Robert W., husband of Mrs. Margaret N. Lansdowne, Altamont.

LUNDQUIST, Pfc Verlin A., son of Carl A. Lundquist, Route 3, Clifton.

MALLOY, T5 James J., son of Patrick J. Malloy, Kansas City.

McGLINN, Staff Sergt. Mathew J.. Jr., husband of Mrs. Lois Batheen McGlinn, Emporia.

MILLER, First Lieut. Elmer L., husband of Mrs. Dorothy M. Miller, Salina.

MORGAN, Tech. Sergt. Lewis C., son of Mrs. Stella C. Collins, Elkhart.

MURRAY, Staff Sergt. Billy J., son of Mrs. Sadie M. Murray, Greeley.

PROSSER, Staff Sergt. Wayne E. son of William Prosser, Route 2, Neodesha.

RUSSELL, Staff Sergt. Marvin O., son of Daniel L. Russell, Route 1, Galva.

RYAN, Staff Sergt. James R., son of Mrs. Anna Ryan, Route 1, Spearvllle.

SCHRAMEK, Pfc. Frank, son of Joe Schramek, Sr., Simpson.

SKAHAN, Tech. Sergt. William J., son of Mrs. James T. Skahan, Leavenworth.

SMITTLE, Pvt. Marion L., son of Mrs. John Smittle, Galena.

STONE, Capt. Clifford W., husband of Mrs, Sara Lou C. Stone, El Dorado.

STORM, Sergt. Marlyn L., son of Mrs. Alida M. Storm, Lindsberg.

TAYLOR, Pfc. Robert R., husband of Mrs. Henrietta Taylor, Hutchinson.

WALFORD, Pfc. Phillip J., husband of Mrs. Julia M. Walford, Eureka.

WALLACE, Pfc. Glenn M., husband of Mrs. Josephine V. Wallace, Route 6, Paola,

WEAVER, Corp. Vance W., husband of Mrs. Bethel J. Weaver, Americus.

WIECK, Pfc. Ralph W., son of George Wieck, St. Francis.

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