The Wichita Eagle, April 5, 1949, page 2

Obituary Record

Death certificates filed by attending physicians in the office of city clerk as a matter of public record on April 2 and 4:

Lou Fogleman, 85, 1915 East Kellogg, a housewife, died April 1 of carcinoma.

Agnes Odell, 98, of 496 Elpyco, retired, died March 31 of fracture of the right hip and cerebral thrombosis.

Oliver W. Rule, 90, of 333 North Topeka, farmer and rancher, died March 29 of heart disease.

Nellie Gates, 59, of 352 South Vassar, a school teacher, died April 2 of adeno carcinoma.

Joe M. Shull, 67, of Dighton, Kan, farmer, died April 4 of carcinoma metastasia.

Donald H. Wulfmeyer, 42, of 629 South Yale, a salesman, died April 1 of hypertension.

Delia Halpin, 74, 3301 South Seneca, a housewife, died April 1 of congestive heart failure.

Benton Carleton Hurley, 77, of Haysville, Kan., died April 2 of cardiac decompensation.

Clarabel Resing, 62, of 932 Faulkner, a housewife, died April 2 of bronchial pneumonia.

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