Newspaper Dated: November 21, 1912
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Castle Reigh Summers, formerly an old resident of this locality passed away at the home of his son, Elisha, at Capron, Ok., last Tues. at the age of 94 years, 5 months and 27 days. Mr. Summers was about the second settler to locate in this part of the country, having settled here in the year Ď71 on a claim south of town having pre-empted the claim the year previous. He lived on this claim until 1907 when he moved to Oklahoma to live with his daughter after which he moved to Capron, where his son lived and where he spent the remaining days of his eventful life. He was born in Richmond, Va., May 15, 1818. He was left an orphan at the age of 7 years. At thirty he was married to Agnes Tinsley. Five children were born of this union, four of whom still survive. His first wife died in January, in January, 1861. The same year he was married to Mary Bacon who still survives. He was a Colonel in the Virginia state militia and served through the army of the Rebellion under the Confederate flag in the Stonewall Jacksonís brigade. He first came to Kansas in 1868 and - - ted in Atchinson at Lancester.

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Card of Thanks

It is impossible to see each individual we take this means of expressing our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the many friends, the Masonic lodge and Rev. Dabney for the many floral offerings and sympathetic assistance shown us during the death of our father.

E. B. Summers,
J. F. Summers.

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Resolutions of Respect


Once again a Brother Mason, having completed the designs written for him on lifeís tressle board, has passed through the portals of Eternity and entered the Grand Lodge of the New Jerusalem and hath received, as his reward, the white stone with the new name written thereon.

"There is only a curtain between us,
Between the beyond and the here:
They whom we call dead have not left us,
Nay, they were never so near."

And Whereas, The all-wise and merciful Master of the Universe has called from labor to refreshments our beloved and respected brother,
And Whereas, He having been a true and faithful brother of our beloved Order, therefore be it
Resolved, that Unity Lodge, No. 278, F.&A.M., Clearwater, Kans., in testimony of her loss, he draped in mourning for thirty days and that we tender to the family of our deceased brother our sincere condolence in their deep "affliction, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family.

Leaves have their time to fall, and flowers to
wither at the north windís cold blast,
But thou, oh Death hath all seasons for thine own.

John R. Stanley,
Worth Chambers,
Thomas E. Keller,

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