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Transcription of death certificate for Christian Gottlieb Heinig courtesy of Diane Carter.
Note: Everything underlined is handwritten unless noted.

Death Certificate
Wichita, Kansas

No.: _7_
Page: _54_

  1. Name (in full): _Gottlieb Heinig_ [although his full name was Christian Gottlieb]
  2. Color: _White_
  3. Sex: _Male_
  4. Conjugal Relation: _Single Widower_ [w. Anna Koblitz Heinig died 10 Jun 1889]
  5. Date of Death:

                Year: __1905__
Month: __01__
                Day: __18__
    6. Of Birth:
                Year: __1839__
                Month: __01__
                Day: __01__
    7. Age:
                Years: __66__
                Months: __--__
                Days: __17__

  1. Occupation: _Farmer_
  2. Place of Birth: _Germany_
  3. Birthplace of Father: __"__ [Germany]
  4. Birthplace of Mother: __"__ [Germany]
  5. Disease or Cause of Death:
  6. Chief Cause: _Cancer of stomach_
    Contributing Cause: __--__
    Place where Disease was contracted, if other than place of death: __- -__
    Duration: _6 weeks_

  7. Place of Death: _9 miles West in Maple Street_
  8. Late Residence: _Attica Twnshp_

Length of Residence: __--__

Undertaker: _Kirker(?) & Marsh_
Place of Interment: _Goddard Cemetery_ [Pleasant Ridge Cemetery]
Signature (Physician of Interment): _L. Barr MD(?)_
Date of Certificate: _Jan 18 1905_
Filed in City Clerk’s Office: _Feb 20 1905_ [stamped]

Death certificate submitted by Sam Q. Schrot, (courtesy of Diane Carter). This page created for Sedgwick County KSGenWeb by John Schunk ( Not to be reproduced or redistributed without permission.

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