STATE OF KANSAS, SHAWNEE COUNTY, IN JUSTICE'S COURT, BEFORE B.F. MERIDETH, Justice of the Peace in and for Topeka Township.

The following records were transcribed from the original justice docket of B.F. Merideth [or Meredith], Justice of the Peace for Topeka Township, Shawnee county, KS in early 1879.

The original docket book was apparently sold to a theater company some time ago and was discovered in its prop room by Vikki Cullen-Gray, who graciously xeroxed the book and forwarded the copies to me for transcription and placement on the Shawnee county KSGenWeb page. The original book has been returned to Kansas and is now in the collection of the Kansas State Historical Society. The outside spine of the book reads "Justice Docket, Belle Prairie Township". According to the KSHS, there is no record of a "Belle Prairie Township" ever existing in Shawnee county. All the documents inside the book clearly indicate the records are for Topeka township, Shawnee county, KS.

All the records are transcribed as in the original. Please note that Justice Merideth's name is occasionally spelled Meredith throughout; I have no idea which is the correct spelling. There are three marriages listed in the book; the entries are handwritten and so far as I know this is the only existing record of these marriages.


Last updated 12/18/2001

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