Undated photograph of group of people, Tecumseh, Shawnee county, KS, circa 1891

This photograph was submitted by Bonnie Bunce, August 2001. Here is what she says about it:

There's no identification on it, except it had a note written on the back by my father in pencil that he had placed an arrow in pencil on the photo above the image of his father, and that he thought his father was about 30 years old in the photo which if true, would make the photo over 100 years old. At this time of his life my grandfather, George K. Bunce, was unmarried since his first wife had died in 1888, and he didn't marry my grandmother until 1893. My father also had written that he thought the man to the left of my grandfather was my grandfather's brother John Jay Bunce, but I don't see the resemblance to any other photos that I have of John Jay Bunce...looking at the old folks in this photo made me realize that some of them were probably born in the early 1800s. It might be neat if someone else recognizes their ancestors in it. The photo was obviously taken to memorialize another neighborhood gathering.

If anyone can identify anyone else in the photograph, or knows when, where and under what circumstances the photograph was taken, please contact Bonnie Bunce or Teresa Lindquist.

Last updated 08/08/2001

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