Shawnee county, Kansas Queries from January to June 1998



GREAT NIECE Email: Date: 06/30/1998

Query: Have information from g grandmothers obit that her son, William Draper, lived in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS in 1914. His mother Letty Middleton Draper lived in Brighton Iowa. The obit for his father in 1920 does not mention this son as a survivor. Can you help me fill in the gap?


Wiberg(Veberg) Johnson

Edythe Adams Email: Date: 06/26/1998
Query:Searching for more info on Swedish Immigrants Carl Wiberg (Charles Veberg) and family of Wilhelmina Johnson who came to Topeka KS in late 1800's Charles and Minnie married in Topeka sometinme before 1892 and eventually moved to Pullman, Ill.


Stan Freidberg Email: cfreidberg@aol.comDate: 06/22/1998
Query: Looking for info on marriage of Cass FRIEDBERG in 1880s for Shawnee county.
Query: Looking for info on the marriage of Samuel FREIDBERG Shawnee
County in the 1880s.


Thomas Lambert Email: Date: 06/16/1998
Query: Searching for LAMBERT links in Shawnee County and surrounding area. Thomas Lambert bc. 1805 VA, m. Sarah Bond bc. 1816 PA. Children:
Ann Lambert, b: 1835 in Virginia
Eliza J. Lambert b: 1837 in Ohio
William H. Lambert b: 1839 in Ohio
Mary C. Lambert b: 1841 in Ohio
Sarah Lambert b: 1844 in Ohio
John F. Lambert b: 1850 in Missouri
George A. Lambert b: March 22, 1854 in issouri. Other family names: TOTTEN, VOGENITZ, CHESNEY



Kevin. Email: Date: 06/11/1998
Query: I am looking for information on Fanny Webb Lindsey. She married T.J. Lindsey, and was the daughter of Milton & Eliza Webb. She was from around the Whiting / Holton Kansas area. As of 1970 she was 94 yrs. old and living in a nursing home in Topeka Kansas. Any information could be a great help. Thanks.....



RUTH ANN Date: 06/10/1998
Query: I have found that the name BOTTOM may have an alternate spelling,BOTHAMS So if anyone knows of the that surname in Shawnee County, I would appreciate any info. about Charles M. BOTHAMS or his wife and family. He was my grandfather.


Ruth Bottom Antle Date: 06/05/1998

Query: I am looking for descendents of Charles Marion BOTTOM who settled in Kansas abt 1885,having moved from Patoka,Indiana. He was my grandfather.I believe he died in Shawnee County,Ks and I would like to know when he died and where he is buried in order to complete my family research. Thank you .

PACHEL KEMMERER Vincent Pachel Date: 05/26/1998 Query: I am searching for information on my grandfather Alfred Lawrence Pachel born in Topeka in Shawnee Co. 30 Nov. 1876. He married Anna Elizabeth KKEMMERER from Elk Co., PA. He worked on the railroad and eventually ended up in Santa Monica, CA. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated.  

VALLE,VALLEE, VALLEY MOOSE-BOURASSA. Joni 05/25/1998Query: Seeking maternal/paternal/sibling information regarding: Frank or "Francois" VALLE. Peoria Indian name Ma-co-se-tah. 1827-1871. Frank was a US Indian Interpreter for the Government and a mason, in Kansas. His father may have been an officer in the French military, Ste. Genevieve, MO. Around 1848, Frank married ELIZABETH. Surname unknown. ? -1899. Her Miami Indian name was Kish-e-co-quah. Elizabeth had lots of Kansas land, and sold it in 1868. They had 1 son, who later became Chief of Peoria Tribe, Lovely Joseph Valley. LOVELY VALLEY, 1848-1894, Indian name Non-e-doc-a-shinga. Lovely married JOSEPHINE MOOSE-BOURASSA. The Valley Family moved from Kansas to Oklahoma, Indian Territory in 1870.  


GRIFFITHS John A Hadaway 05/21/1998 Email: Query: Looking for info on William Lewis Griffiths and his wife Naomi Griffiths. Arrived in Topeka,Shawnee County in 1859 or 1869. Naomi at the time of her death lived at 631 Tyler Street in Topeka(1923 or 4) Looking for info on son W.L. Griffiths born about 1873 in Shawnee Cnty.  

DUNLAP STOKES Janice Docking 05/19/1998 Email: Query: My mother, Martha Vera Dunlap, was born in Topeka, KS, 1/4/1898. Born to James F. Dunlap and Louella Jane Stokes Dunlap. Trying to locate when my grandfather and grandmother came to Kansas. I believe they had come from Ohio.  

BEAVER Joni 05/06/1998 Email: BEAVER; Chief Yellow & Molly 1840-1862 Query: I am specifically seeking maternal/paternal and sibling information regarding MOLLY BEAVER. [surname unknown] ca.1840-1862. She died in Kansas. Around 1851, she married Chief YELLOW BEAVER ?-1869. They had 3 children together: Charles Beaver [Mon-goon- zah] b:1852; Nancy Beaver [Me-tah-con-zah-quah] b:1855?; Chief Frank Beaver [Len-e-pin- shah] b:1857?........ Molly's only other known relatives are as follows: Uncle -Frank Valle; cousin - Chief Lovely Valley; John/Jack Valley. Molly's Uncle Frank gave her 160 acres of Kansas land as a gift. It went to her children, after her death; subsequently was bought by Merlin & Shaw Sawmill Co. and D. B. Stephenson, Kansas  

MOOSE BOURASSA VALLEY Joni Date: 05/06/1998 Email: Shawnee County 1848 Query: Seeking more paternal/maternal/sibling information regarding this MOOSE Family. PETER MOOSE b: in Michigan. Potawatomi Indian. d:3/3/1899 in Shawnee OKlahmoma. Peter married MADELINE MOOSE [surname unknown]. Madeline b: in Michigan. Potawatomi Indian. d:10/2/1864 in Kansas. Peter and Madeline had 12 children; we can only locate 2: JOSEPH MOOSE and JOSEPHINE MOOSE. JOSEPH MOOSE d: 1917. He did some writing, journalist work, last known residence in 1901 Potawatomi County OK. JOSEPHINE MOOSE b:1848 in Shawnee County Kansas. She married twice. 1st husband: Thomas BOURASSA. 2nd husband: Chief Lovely Joseph VALLEY.  

REED Reedsqiliv 05/05/1998 Query: I am searching for descendents of Robert Clayton Reed (wife perhaps Ann) who was living in Topeka, Shawnee Co in the 1940's. He may have had a son Kenneth V. Reed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reed Livingston

WRIGHT Chuck Snipes 05/05/1998 Query: One of my relatives was apparently mayor of Topeka in 1966- Charles W. Wright. Do you have anything on him or know where I might find something?
Thanks, Sarita Cooper Snipes

SHELBY Mrs Judith A Trolinger 05/05/1998 Query: Seeking any data on Thomas SHELBY, b 1796 PA, m 1833 Brown Co, OH to Nancy GILLISPIE. Thomas died 6 Dec 1873, Netawaka Twp, Jackson Co, KS. Thomas & family were living in Williamsport Twp, Shawnee Co, KS when the 1870 census was taken. Thomas was 76 PA, wife Nancy 66 PA; son John Orr was 31 OH.


BERRY Todd Berry 05/04/1998 Query: Looking for those with ties to and information about George Washington Berry, b. Mason Co KY, 1816, m. Nancy Stewart Berry, d. Shawnee Co. KS, 1899. Line is George Washington Berry; son, George Webster Berry (b. 1860, Shawnee Co KS, d. 1954); grandson, Ary Clay Berry; great-grandson, Richard Clark Berry; g-g-grandson, Todd A. Berry. KEMP, COCKERILL Lee Dueck 05/04/1998 Query: Searching for information on GGgrandparents, Elizabeth S. Kemp B. Jan 1, 1842 in Hampshire, England; d. April 1, 1930 and buried in Deer Creek Cemetery, Topeka, KS. She married William Cockerill who was born in N Hampton, England and d. June 16, 1902. Would like to find out when they immigrated, where & when they were married, if there were more children other then my ggrandfather, Charles Kemp Cockerill.  

CRITES LONGTIN Kaye Fobar 05/04/1998 Query: Need information on Adam Crites born in Ks abt 1877. He moved to OK about 1900 and mar Mary Longtin. They had 4 children, Elmer, born abt 1905: Leona, born 14 Nov 1906: Bulah, born 5 Jan 1912 and Ray Leonard born 23 Jan 1917 in OK. Sometime after 1920 they moved to Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS and died there. I believe Adam's father was Daniel Crites born In MO and lived in Atchison Co., KS for several years. Ray Leonard Crites lived and died in Shawnee Co. Need parentage of Adam Crites and any additional info on the above family. Thank You.

REED SMALE Arlene Krings 05/04/1998 Query: A female relative of mine named Reed married a man named Smale. One of their male son's operated a printing company "Smale Printing" in Topeka in the 1950's. I am searching for any information. Please contact me by e-mail or snail mail.
COZINE WALKER Rambler III 05/04/1998 Query:Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas
COZINE, William m 1843 Feb 17 WALKER, Sarah Ann b ca 1815 Ky. According to the probated Will of Rachel Knapp, Sarah's mother, Sarah Ann was a resident of Topeka in 1889. I have been unsuccessful in locating in Census. I would appreciate any assistance.
DICK Gene Dick 05/04/1998 Query: I am looking for data on the following sunames in Shawnee County, Kansas: Dick Specifically: Donald Douglas Dick
Edward Harold Dick
Thank you.
SHELBY GILLISPIE Mrs. Judith A Trolinger Wed 08 Apr 1998 02:34:52 Seeking any data on Thomas SHELBY, b 1796 PA, m 1833 Brown Co, OH to Nancy GILLISPIE. Thomas died 6 Dec 1873, Netawaka Twp, Jackson Co, KS. Thomas & family were living in Williamsport Twp, Shawnee Co, KS when the 1870 census was taken. Thomas was 76 PA, wife Nancy 66 PA; son John Orr was 31 OH. Judy  
Chuck Snipes Fri 03 Apr 1998 23:02:03 Desperately looking for information on Cornelius Perry COOPER(1813-1878). He died in Topeka, Kansas (Shawnee Co.). Married Francis Ann Davies (1818-1884). Children: Oliver Walace, Mary Anne, William, John Clifton, Martha Ellin, Sarah Elizabeth, Lycurgus S., Leroy, Elnora, Alice, and Robert Anderson (born March 18, 1861 in Quincy, Adams Col, Ill.) All are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.(I believe) Other surnames in the area are: OWEN, KANODE, HAMPE, BELTZ. If you think you may have a connection, please e'mail! Think there is any tie to your line?   KEELING

Nickie 5112 Wed 1 Apr 1998 00:28:24 Hello, my name is Arnicholas Littlefield and I am looking for anyone who might know my grandparents. They were Arnicholas Keeling and she was married to Otto Keeling and they had 10 children and lived in Topeka, Kansas.   RUSSUM HAYLETT

Penny Kulbacki Sun 29 Mar 1998 16:55:10 RUSSUM: I have a picture of Mary Edith RUSSUM, taken by Lutes Gallery, 527 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas. I am guessing the date to be in the mid 1800's. The was sent to Mary Jane RUSSUM HAYLETT in Franklin, PA> Mary Edith is wearing a wedding band, so I am not sure if RUSSUM is her married name. Mary Jane Russum Haylett came from Wilmington, DE to Pennsylvania after she married James Haylett. Please contact me if you have any information about her.   BERGMAN WADE

HokieNCLT 28 Mar 1998 00:50:23 BERGMAN, Richard, b. 19 March 1865, Dresden, Germany, d. Topeka, KS. Married Helena (maiden name unknown) BERGMAN b. February 2, 1870, Dresden, Germany, d. February 14, 1956, Topeka, KS. One known child: Vera Elise BERGMAN WADE; b. December 4, 1893, Topeka, KS, d. October 1960, Newport News, VA. I am searching for siblings of Vera BERGMAN WADE and any other information on this line.
REED Reedsqiliv Thu, 19 Mar 1998 15:22:58 I am searching for descendents of Robert Clayton Reed (wife perhaps Ann) who was living in Topeka, Shawnee Co in the 1940's He may have had a son Kenneth V. Reed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. HOLLIDAY

Reed Livingston Wed, 11 Mar 1998 16:18:19 We were wondering if you would possibly have any information on Constituion Hall at Topeka, or the business address of Cyrus K. Holliday in 1855-1863-1900. Please reply. EBY

The Potts Family Tue, 10 Mar 1998 13:54:00 I am looking for anyone who is working on the Samuel EBY line. He was born in Germany and died in Topeka , Shawnee County, Ks. in 1893 at the age of 96. Does anyone know of him? Thank you. Laurie Potts HARPER Rose Jensen Mon, 09 Mar 1998 21:56:09 I am looking for any information on Vernon Leroy Harper, wife name was Augusta, they had two sons Orvile A. born 1903, Artist Keith "Keith born 8/31/1906, and one daughter Alice born 1908, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. RIDGEWAY CREWS

Larry Ridgeway Sat 07 Mar 1998 22:53:07 I am looking for any information on Eli Reeder RIDGWAY and/or Laura Belle CREWS. Eli and Laura Belle were married May 8, 1881 in Tecumseh, KS. Eli and his Father John C. RIDGWAY are listed in the 1875 census for Shawnee County. BOTTOM

Ruth Antle Thu 05 Mar 1998 21:04:00 My ancestor, Charles M. BOTTOM moved to Shawnee the late 1800's or early 1900s from In. He married a woman from Ky and had three daughters, Beulah, Blanche and Bertha. He is buried there somewhere and I would like to know where...Please help.I would like to know his daughters, descendants if possible. Thanks. Ruth Ann Bottom Antle, daughter of OSCAR of Princeton, In. SEARCY Ken Forinash Tue Mar 3 08:38:18 1998
My mother was Lorene
Searcy b. 8/4/1920 to Earl Edwin Searcy, in Rossville, Shawnee Co. Any help? Ken RANSOM DOTY Ron Grassi Sat 21 Feb 22:11:50 1998 I am trying to find someone related to or researching the surname RANSOM from Topeka, KS. A Gladys Cooper RANSOM wrote a letter in 1941 telling of her grandfather's death. Her grandfather as Joshua Marion DOTY. I would appreciate hearing from anyone connected to Gladys Cooper RANSOM. I would also like to know who she married. Thanks. ciao, Ron MAGERS ROBINSON COFFEE ROBERTS

Jennifer Wathen Sun Feb 01 16:49:34 1998 Seeking information and photos for Thomas Edward MAGERS, b. 17 July,1901, Plato, Texas Co., MO, and d. June 1977, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS. Thomas marr. Edna Eva ROBINSON, 11 Aug., 1923, Lawrence, Douglas Co.,KS. Children: Keith Edward, b. 28May, 1924, Jackson Co., KS, and d. 20 Oct., 1990, Topeka; Joan Elizabeth; Dixie Marie, b. 1 May, 1928,Jackson Co., KS. Marr. Marion Thomas COFFEE; Shirley Ann; Thomas Tilden; and Robert Dean MAGERS. My great-grandmother, Ella Bertha (MAGERS) ROBERTS', was Thomas' sister.  

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