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My name is Janie Barnum Harness, my gr-gr grandfather was Daniel moses Barnum born 1837 in Canada. He told the story his family owned a store and sheep farm in Kansas any information would be appreciated.

Janie Barnumb Harness

I am looking for the burial place of Henry COMSTOCK. Family lore has that he was buried in the Mt. Pleasant area of Brown Co. I have found that there was a Mt. Pleasant Freewill Baptist Church in Brown County. Can anyone tell me where this church may have been located and of the cemeteries in that location? Thank you.
David Grace

Hello. I've been trying to find the month and day of death of my Great Grandma. Her married name was Ada Viola DAVEY maiden name of Whittington. She was married to George Davey and they are buried together at Miller Cemetery in Everest. Her headstone shows that she died in the year of 1913, but no month or day. I'm hoping to find these so I can order a death certificate for my genealogy records. Census records in 1910 show that she lived in Washington Township, but I'm unsure if that is where she lived two years later when she died. Thanks for your time!

Arthur Becker
I'm a grandson of James A. and Kate Hunsicker. James was a pastor for the Reformed Church (now the United Church of Christ) in Fairview, KS, from 1902-1910. I am writing his biography and already have considerable genealogy information about his time in Fairview (where 4 of his children, including my mother Catherine, were born). The reason I am writing is to obtain background information about the community of Fairview in the first decade of 1900 - what utilities were available to homes within the town during that period: domestic water, electricity, how would homes have been heated, telephone service and so forth. The Hunsickers lived in town in the parsonage next to the church at West Maple and High Streets. If you can provide answers or direct me to resources to answer my questions, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you.
Bob Brown, Austin, Colorado.

My gg grandfather Joseph Main and his wife Luverna Freel Main came to Brown County KS in the late 1850's. My g grandfather William Maine was born here in 1858, Hiawatha Brown County. The  story is said that Joseph Main recieved money from newspaper office in PA, where he was from to come to Kansas, as for the slave vote and homestead here. Does anyone have any info or newspaper articles at all on the Main's or the Freels in Brown County during this time?  Or does anyone know if there was a newspaper in HIawatha KS during 1850's??
Thanks so very much. I truly appreciate any help anyone can give.
Gail Maine Robinson
I am trying to locate the marriage record of ADDIS EMMET MARTIN and MARY I. MARTIN. (and possibly birth records for Mary).  
ADDIS was born July 3, 1858 in Holt County, Missouri. Mary Isadora Martin was born in Kansas, August 1858 but that is all we know.  My information tells me they were married February 3, 1877 and in the 1885 census they were living in Mission Township, Willis, Kansas.  I'm looking for information that would tell me her maiden name, city or county where she was born and/or parents names. We think her maiden name was Auld or Ault or Ahl, but can't find a connection anywhere.

I would be happy to pay for a copy of whatever you might have. Thank you, so much.

Vicki Mixon-Papa (913)661-0685
Hi there;
I'm searching for any information regarding ALLEN, Albert W.
Thank you so much!
Nancy Yancey
In my genealogy ~ Samuel MAGILL of Capioma, Twp.Nemaha Co. Ks had a daughter Alice born in 1863 and she married Deloss George CRANDALL.  They in turn had daughter Minnie Belle CRANDALL born in 1886 who married Harry Scott PRICER in 1909 in Hiawatha, KS.

Looking for any members of this family who may have photos taken of groups of people at the old Sam MAGILL 4th of July picnics between 1875 and 1895.

My Email is Many Thanks
I am looking for the burial plot for my grandparents/great grandparents:

Phillip S Stapleton (Morrill, Brown, KS)
DOB 08.07.1872
DOD 10.09.1899

Harriet (Hattie) Stein (Morrill, Brown, KS)
DOB 06.03.0879
DOD 07.26.1939

William Warren Stapleton (Hamlin, Brown, KS)
DOB 1842
DOD 04.03.1878

Isabel Augista Stapleton (???)
DOB 1847
DOD 06.12.1879

If you have any information on where William Warren and Isabel were born and their parents names, I would appreciate receiving that information as well.
Many thanks for your assistance,

Karen Dunn
Phoenix, AZ
John SEVIER. May also be spelled SEVERE or SEVIERS. Died 10 June 1863 in or near Hiawatha, Brown, Kansas and was buried on his farm.
I need his will or some other evidence to verify his relationship to a daughter named Elender SEVIER who married Daniel W. HERRING. Elender and Daniel were married in Illinois in 1837 before all of them came to Kansas, so I do not expect any record of her in Brown County, but I would like as much as possible on this John SEVIER. He had a son named John, but please, only information at this time about the one who died in 1863.
I would be happy to correspond with any Sevier relatives as well.  I look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you in advance for your help

I am looking for information on David Blair STOVER (1843- 1935 ) and Elizabeth STOVER (1848-1926 ) Married 1868
Children: Harvey Alfred STOVER(my grandfather), Dessie STOVER, Lulu STOVER, Catherine STOVER, Francis STOVER?, Jenny STOVER
He owned a farm and the only info I can find is: Township 2 South range 15 East Hiawatha, Brown, Kansas is this still a farm? and did he own any other farm ground?
Any information you could give me on David STOVER's life, his obituary, his residence, pictures, or Elizabeth STOVER or on Harvey STOVER would be very much appreciated.
My father (Alfred B STOVER (1920-2011)passed away last year and his wish before he died was to visit his grandfather's farm one more time in Morrill, Ks. I was not able to fulfill his wish but would very much like to find out any information there might be on this side of my family.

Thank you,
Lynne Stover-Dempster
816 262 7787

I am looking for more information on Levi V. Kurtz, my great grand uncle [My great grandfather was George F. Kurtz, "uncle Levi's brother"; Ethelyn Gardner Kurtz [Beauchamp Calley] was my paternal grandmother. It was she from whom I heard about "Uncle Levi".

"Uncle Levi" lived in Hiawatha, Brown
, KS until he died. He is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Ada, about whom I have little information. My guess is that she, who died a few years after Uncle Levi, is buried there at Mount Hope Cemetery also, probably quite near Uncle Levi.

Could you send me any information that you may have? eg birthdate, deathdate, any photos, death certificate? Whatever may be related to his life..

Thank you so much.

Suzanne Beauchamp Conrad
5703 Oak Knoll Lane, Sundown
Midlothian, VA 23112-2405