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BEMIS, George F - born abt 1839 in Pennsylvania, parents were Jotham Jonathan & Martha (Kingsley) Bemis.
BEMIS, Mary Ann (Coil) - born abt 1834, wife of George F Bemis. Her parents were John & Mary (Haus) Coil.
BEMIS, Emma M - born 1868, daughter of George & Mary Ann Bemis.

George & Mary Ann Bemis had a son Henry Jotham born in Hiawatha, KS 7-22-1872. He lived in Brown Co at least through 1885. I believe George & Mary Ann may have died in 1873, not sure about this date. There son Henry and daughter Emma are found on the 1880 census living with their half sister's family (James & Mary (Wilkinson) Sprague).
George and Mary are my 2nd great grandparents. Thank you for any information you can provide.

Shari King

I am looking for the burial place for Rosa (Foster) BYERS. She died in 1928, likely in the Brown County area. Her widower Albert Byers and his 2nd wife Mary Byers were both buried in the Powhattan Cemetery. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
Jennifer Best

Zimmerman: I am looking for any information that anyone may have regarding J. A. Zimmerman b.1860 and Bulah Wescoat b. 1865. They were married in Hawiatha, Brown County Kansas on Sept. 4, 1885. They had four children, Lewis born 3/10/89, George, Alzina and William (maybe Bill). It would appear the Bulah left or was widowed sometime around the turn of the centry and trying to follow her life is next to impossible :) Lewis Zimmerman b. 3/10/1889 is my maternal grandfather and we are seeking any information. After years of searching I finally found J. A. but have no idea what the initals stand for so further info is much needed. Thanks and your help is greatly appreciaed.

I am searching on information on my paternal great grandparents. They were both buried in Morrill Cemetery in Morrill, Brown County, Kansas. Here are their names and DOB and DOD:

      William H. Haldeman 1863 - 1952
      Anna F. Haldeman 1868 - 1925

Their son, Leland Haldeman was my father's father. I am interested in knowing how many other children they had, possible names, birth and death dates, and if there is any information on William's occupation.

Thank you,
Julie (Haldeman) March


Any info (parents, siblings, wife, children, military service, etc.) on David K. Snively in KS census 1865 and US census 1870, Walnut Creek Twp, Brown Co., P.O. in Hiawatha; served as a corporal Jul-Sep '63; born 1834 PA; previous homes possible in IA and OH; might have freighted from Cheyenne, WY, after leaving KS; died 16 Feb 1901 in Boise, ID, buried Hot Springs, SD; pioneer in Custer, H.S., Oelrichs,
Dudley and Edgemont, SD, 1875-1900.

Thanks, Jim Angell c/o my wife

I'm looking for info on Annie MASQUEQUAH and her husband Alexander RHODD. They lived in Powhattan. Annie died Aug. 25, 1923. Alex was born about March 1861. No date of death is known. I would appreciate anything you might find. Thanks.


I'm looking for info on Frank DUPUIS. He was born around 1810 in Canada and died Nov. 25, 1897. He lived around the White Cloud area. He was married to Mary ROBIDOUX. Anything you might find would be great. Thanks.



My name is Amy Switzer and I am trying to locate the gravesites (*Note: Gravesites have been located) of my GGG-grandparents, Harlow Milton Waller & Henrietta Maria (Newcomb) Waller. As well as other info.
They came with their daughters to Hiawatha in 1868...another resource I have says "Spring of 1869". I am a descended through their daughter, Ida Augusta [b. 2-9-1861/d. 5-19-1937].

Henrietta was born in Bernardston, Franklin Co, MA on August 13, 1838. All the research I have found says that she died in Hiawatha on Feb. 24 or 25, 1875, but nothing is said about where she is buried or what she died of.

Harlow was born in Lykens, Crawford Co, Ohio on May 18, 1836., was a civil war veteran in Wisonsin's 12th Infantry, Co D - enlisted in Sept 1861; appointed to 2nd lieutenant in May 1862; was in the siege of Vicksburg & in command of his own company through the Atlanta campaign; resigned Sept. 17, 1864. I recently found 80 pages of letters at the Wisconsin Historical Society written by Harlow (some also by Henrietta) to his wife's sister, Charlotte, from the beginning of the war until a few years afterward. Charlotte Newcomb was living with the family on the 1870 census in Hiawatha.

Also, it seems that they came to Hiawatha following the St. Joseph & Western. I found the Brown Co Annals He was Baggage Master and then Conductor. He also worked for the "A. T. & Santa Fe and the A. N. Division"-working for the RRs from 1870-1875, most likely when Henrietta died. He was City Clerk [Apr. 9, 1875] & also on the City Council in 1881.

He was a Grand Master of the I.O.O.F. (Hiawatha Lodge No. 83 & encampment No. 33). He also built the courthouse in Norton in, but it was destroyed by fire. Sad. Out of curiosity, one source I found said that he lived "on the Pres Crevlin farm five miles north east of Norton". Is there a cemetary that would be close to there? He was re-married to Almyra "Myra" Williams, born 11-19-1847, in Hiawatha in 1878. Although one source listed her last name as Anderson? Curious. (

Maybe you can answer this...on that census, it lists Hiawatha Post Office, but in the township area it doesn't look like it says Hiawatha. My daughter and I can make out two "i"s. Possibly Irving? At any rate, I am trying to find their graves and I know that many have been vandalized or are missing. I have been speaking to my cousin, who is a historian, and he said the first thing to do is see WHEN this list was compiled...which if I am correct is 2005? Second, he said to check with the library, historical society & genealogical society to see if you or another organization might have older lists for the cemetaries. Then we need to find out if the funeral home is still around (or absorbed by an existing one) & inquire about records identifying a plot. Finally, once we have that, we can apply for a plaque for a soldier & one for his 1st wife, Henrietta. I am also hoping to find obituaries, or where exactly they lived.

Much of our family's historical items were lost or stolen when my grandmother, Alberta Mae (Schilling) Hartunian [b.10-30-1919/d.10-6-2002] & her brother, Robert Valentine Schilling [b.4-23-1925/d.1-11-2010], moved their mother, Edith, here to Southern of the trailors was stolen with most of the pictures & newspaper clippings, etc. My dad said that they used to visit his grandparents' farm every summer & he used to love to go down to the basement to look through all the newspaper clippings, etc. He said he even found one about his grandfather injuring his hand with an axe when he was 18 in Norton. My dad mentioned the Norton Telegram. The info I have says that Ida married Volney Schilling (his real name was Valentine) in Brown Co in 1888 & that they moved to Norton in 1889. They lived on the "Henry Notson farm". Maybe these farm names will mean something to you? My Great-Grandparents were Edwin Waller Schilling [b.4-25-1890/d.11-14-1964] and Edith Mae Garrison [b.6-18-1899/d.4-21-1979(CA)]. Not exactly sure where their farm was in Norton.

I don't know if ANY of this helps, or if you can even help me, but if you can't I am hoping that you can at least send me in the direction of the people who can. :) I started this search about a year ago with my Great-Grandfather's name, Edwin Schilling, and through him and his mother's 1st name, Ida, it has lead me to learn SO much more than I ever thought was possible. I have met cousins of Harlow's father, the Reverend Comfort Babcock Waller...a Freewill Baptist Minister who was part of the abolitionist movement, as was much of our family...with some recent findings that lean toward them also being part of the Underground RR. I was introduced to my family & realize so much of myself runs far deeper than I could many similarities in convictions, in faith, in my deep love of is why I want so much to tell their stories and make sure they are not forgotten. It sickened me to read of someone vandalizing a cemetery, but it saddened me more to know that people like me...who have come to love these family members, though never meeting them in person, may find the same when they go to look for their family. So I am trying to piece back together our family's history & uncover new stories along the way for ours & future generations. Maybe if we can find Harlow & Henrietta's graves, a funeral home, or just SOMETHING that might lead me in the right direction...we might be able to restore some dignity to their resting places, but even more show them the respect & honor they deserve as a Union Civil War veteran and my family.

Thank you SO much,
Amy Switzer


Location & size (map) of the BERNEY farm located @ Horton, Ks in 1950s to 1960s...Richard & Frances BERNEY resided there during part of that time frame, at least.  Thank you.

working on PAGE genealogy. would like any information on John Calvin Page born 1817 in Virginia and died 1861, buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery Santa Fe,New Mexico and his father, James Alexander Page, 1776-1859 buried in Page Cemetery on farm located NE of Everest,   Ks.

John Calvin, his brothers Will and Jesse and their father James Alexander along with their families came to Kansas in 1856.  They split up on east side of Missouri River..Will proceeded on west and was never heard from again.Jesse stayed near Rushville,Mo and John,his family and  father crossed the river settling near Everest,Ks..    would like information and exact location of page farm and cemetery NE of Everest. Also, how many acres, was it a grant from government or did he purchase it and if so how much did he give for it, whether it was timber or good or poor farmland, later owners, present owner, condition of cemetery   etc......

Also need info on James Alexander Page, father of John, Will, Jesse, who was born in Virginia in 1776 died 1859...Do not know about wife, if there were other children, his parents etc....

only know that James Alexander and John Calvin were born in Virginia but do not know exact location.....any info you have would be greatly appreciated......reply to