Requests for Information

Unfortunate Happenings

In spite of the instructions listed below, we cannot accept any more requests for queries, or lookups from the Library. Requests will be returned. Some of our folks who do the lookups have suffered physical problems, and the Society as a whole has been dissolved. As stated, the instructions below have now been overtaken by events, and are no longer available:

1. Inquiries for information will be researched by one of our research members provided they receive a written request mailed to: Leavenworth Genealogical Society, P.O. Box ### Leavenworth, KS 66048-0362. We highly recommend you read the following "How to" document. It will make the research easier for us, and you will have greater confidence that you will receive what you need, simply click on the following: How to Send a Query.

2. We request a donation for requests. Money received is used to purchase additional books, information sources, and items that improve the efficiency of our services. If a request is for the lookup and forwarding of a microfilmed document we have, and for which the identification is known, we generally suggest a donation of $5.00. An inquiry which requires the researcher to find an unknown reference that is readily available is performed for a $10.00 donation. Inquiries that necessitate additional time and resources should be negotiated between the person requesting the information and the person doing the research.

3. Inquiries intiated using E-mail should be addressed to our society web page which is:
or to our Gen Web address which is:

In either case we MUST have your home address included in the request.

Processing a Query/Research Request by the
Leavenworth County Genealogical Society
(Effective July 1998)

1. The President will appoint the Research Chairperson, annually. The Research Committee will consist of the chairperson and two members. The chairperson will appoint the other two members of the research committee. The Research Committee will meet once a month and prepare a status report for presentation by The Chairperson at the monthly Society meeting.

2. The mail will be collected at the Post Office by the President of the Society or their representative. All mail will be opened by the President or their representative. The following is the priority placed on incoming request for historical/genealogical data:

a) Incoming mailed requests will be handled first
b) Requests dropped off at the library, court house, phone calls will be handled second
c) Any other method will be handled last.
Any queries received during the month shall be passed on to the Research Committee as soon as possible. Research requests will be available to the research committee at the public library on the weekly workday.

3. All queries will be logged in on a mail log. Also, all queries, dues and book orders taken in person will be given to the president for entry in a mail log. The log will show whether a check and/or postage were enclosed. Checks made out to the Society will be turned over to the Treasurer of the Society in a timely manner. When research is completed, the date that the reply is returned will be noted on this log.

4. A surname index card (3 x 5") will be made by the research committee and maintained in the surname file at the Leavenworth Public Library. The card will show the following information: Top line-Surname (complete names may be written); the Name and address of the requester and a note of what information was requested (example-Obit, deed, etc.). When the research is completed, a note will be added of what was sent back.

5. The president or other member of the Research Committee will complete the research in a timely manner. If there is more than thirty (35) days needed for research or the researcher is unable to complete the research for personal reasons (illness, etc.) a postcard or note will be sent to the requester. If a member working on a query is unable to complete the research for any reason the research request should be returned to the president of the society for completion by the president or another member of the society.

6. After the research is completed a copy of the letter and the information returned to the requester will be given to the President and attached to the original request and filed in the president's files. These files are available for inspection by members that may be contacted to do additional research, or for the purpose of notifying a new requester of a possible surname compatibility.

7. The person answering the query will be allowed to bill the society for the time spent (up to 2 hours) and the cost of copies and postage. The rate per hour charged should be $5.00, since these are initial queries. After the initial query is answered any additional research rates are left up to the agreement between the researcher and the client.

8. The query files will be maintained as a permanent file by the president of Leavenworth County Genealogical Society for the purpose of answering future queries. The query files will be passed on to the incoming president of the Society.

9. Any other disposition of queries must be approved by the Board of the Leavenworth County Genealogical Society.

10. If any member of the society is contacted to do research please notify the current Leavenworth County Genealogical Society president of the surname you are researching in order that a card can be made for the surname file for future reference.