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Welcome to Sumner County Kansas!

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NEW! Sumner County Probate Index

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(The Sumner County Court Clerks office has asked that the index to the Probate Records be taken offline at the present time because of the added work load that it has caused. However the Court Clerk has agreed to an abbreviated version of the index being placed online provided that the Sumner County History & Genealogy Center take over the responsability of taking care of the requests for records. I will provide a new index soon and contact information and requirements for the Sumner County History and Genealogy Center for conducting the research.)


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I know everyone's in a hurry to find Aunt Jane (so am I), but after you look for her here, check out some of the other links, especially the census transcriptions. Because of the difficulty I had in reading the handwriting (and the uniqueness of some of the census takers' spelling), it may be necessary to look at the actual census rather than doing a search. The links are below.

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Census Transcriptions

1870 Sumner County Census

transcription with follow-up research by Della Shafer 

1875 Sumner County Census

transcription by Della and Melvin Shafer

Surname Index to the 1895 Sumner Co. State Census

transcription by Harriette Jensen
All the major towns and cities [ Argonia Belle Plaine, Caldwell , Conway Springs, Geuda Springs, Hunnewell, Mulvane, Oxford, South Haven and Wellington ] are now online. I will be transcribing the rest of the census as it becomes available from the Kansas State Historical Society.


Sumner County Family Reunions

If you have a family reunion planned that includes people from Sumner County and you would like your reunion information posted here, please contact me at



Sumner County Family Photos

If you are interested in posting some of your family photos here, contact me at and I will tell you how to go about it.

Found Photos
If you have found photos relating to Sumner County and want to return them to their families, contact me at .


Memories of Corbin, KS
Jerry Niebaum's recollections of growing up in Corbin, along with some historical photos



Ella Calhoun's Autograph Albums  


Lots of New Pictures!
Methodist Ministers in Sumner County
Primitive Baptist Churches in Sumner County
Kansas Churches by City
Wellington Churches in 1895


Not all the citizens of Sumner County were good guys....

Sumner County's Worst

Danford Bank Scandal


Who's Who in Sumner County Updated

This page contains bios of famous (and not-so-famous residents). If you would like to contribute to this, click here.  


 Cutler's History of Kansas

Contains linked list of biographies in the Sumner County chapter.

Reference Materials

AIS Index of Sumner Co. Residents in 1870

Surname Index to the 1895 Sumner Co. State Census

Books on Sumner County  

Sumner County Newspapers Available on Microfilm  

Ordering Births,Death, and Marriage Information

Sumner County Marriages

Additional Sumner County Links and Addresses


Postcards from Sumner County

Old Map of Sumner County (1880)
From the Kansas Collection

Sumner Co. Towns, Post Offices and Stations
Includes ghost towns, and other locations that no longer exist.

Sumner County Railroads.
The railroad maps have also been updated to include a larger picture of Sumner County railroads.

Wellington Newspapers in 1895


Sumner County Hist. & Gen Society Cemetery web pages 

Sumner County Cemeteries on Find-a-Grave



Sumner County sites on the National Register of Historic Places

Sumner County Histories
at the Kansas State Historical Society.

Info on the County's Formation


Sumner County Historical and Genealogical Societies

Contact Information On All Local Societies

Sumner County Historical and Genealogical Society (SCHGS) web site

Surnames researched by the SCHGS members 

Sumner County Historical Society Pioneer Project
Read about the project and how you can get an Early Pioneer certificate for your ancestors who settled in Sumner County by 1900. 

Chisholm Trail History Genealogy Center




Other Kansas Links



Here are some links to websites that I have found helpful in my research. Note that some of the links are to paid sites ($). However, there's plenty of information at the links that are free .

Obituary Central
Obituary archive and obituary search engine directory.
Obituary Links Page
State-by-state directory of obituary resources and archives.
Surname research tool; searchable library of data files.

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