AKA MRS CHARLES O. WEST (1862 - 1912)

who lived in:


Bolivar MO
Boulder CO
	Thomas Charles
	Carrie, sister
	Ella Beaver
	Jew., sister
	Mary, sister
	Rosebud sister
	S.V., father
Carbon Center Vernon CO
Cleveland OH
Columbiana Co. OH
	Norma Jean
Denver CO
Edgewater CO
El Paso, Illinois 1871-79
Elkhart School, Sumner Kansas 1881-82
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
	Thomas Rigdon
Franklin, Kentucky
	Charlie May
	Ernest F.H
	Lana Leota
	Jewel K.
	Henry C.
	Molly, 2
Hookstown PA
Independence School, Wellington Kansas 1881
Kansas  City MO
	Barbara Sue
	Jacqueline Jean
	Richard Lynn
	Walter Bob
	Walter F.L.
	Mrs. E.C.
Los Angeles CA..
Miami OH
	John Beauregard
New York
	Elmer E.
Palo Alto CA
	George T.
	Mrs. Lydia
Quincy IL
Rich Hill, Missouri 1880-81
	Ollie, cousin
San Francisco CA
	Marion A.
	John Henry
	Mary E.
	Susan W.
St. Louis MO
Sugar Loaf, Colorado
Surname Unknown
	Lee Ann
	Mag. W.
	Mary B.
	Nettie H.
Wellington KS
	William J.West
	Alfred Lynn
	Charles O.
	Cora Virlinda
	Dorothy Jean
	Frederick Vincent
	Jewel Herr
	Marjorie Kathryn
	Opal R.
	Shirley Lynella
Wichita KS
Willow Branch School, Arthur Mo. 1883-84
	Mrs. J.P.


Transcribed verbatim from the original and reproduced
1992 by Marilou West Ficklin
1260 Crow Haven Ct.
Colfax CA

NOTE: Transcriber's notes are [bracketed]. Format and indentation approximates the originals


Autograph Album #1, 1879 - 1881 
Autograph Album #2, 1881 - 1896
Family Bible, 1834 - 1993
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Autograph Album
[#1] of Ella Calhoun,
'Christmas Gift 1879'.

Wellington Kan Jan 4th/80 "Be thou my friend forever blest Have friends selected from the best Have all the sweethearts you desire but be my sweetheart for this hour Will A. McCoy
Wellington Kansas February 16th 1880 When you cast your Eyes upon this little leaf, think of the one that pencilled the words, for what is man that thou art mindful of him for he is only as a flower, for he soon fades away. Yours Respectfully W.H. Baily
To Miss Calhoun. Look on a love which knows not to dispair But unquinched [sic] is still my better part dwelling deep in this shut and silent heart As dwells the gathered lightning in the cloud Yours, truly. S.F. Wright
Elkhart Jan. 25-1881 To Ella. Outside of my family, My favorites are few; One of them is Minnie F, Another one is "U". Sumner Kan. Jno. Hirons.
Dec 19th 1880 To Friend Ella For many miles divide us, And you I cannot see Remember oh Remember Who wrote these lines to Thee A.R. Hirons
Sister Ella Forget me not Forget me never And I will be Your sister forever Jew.
Friend Ella, Will you remember me, when you are travling on the L.L. & G R. (J?) Ferguson
Sumner Kan. Feb 26th 1881 To Ella The rose of the valley may wither The flowers of the forest decay But friendship shall bloom forever When all other charms fade away. Your friend Molly Hirons
When this you see, remember me, tho many miles apart we be, and if it be I shall see your face no more, I trust in eternity to part no more. my loving friend Ella Mary B.
Wellington Kan Jan 4 1880 Ella, Darling dont forget me If in future we must part- Don't forget your little bonnent Who loves you with all her heart Sister Carrie
Jan 1st 1880 Wellington Kan Lifes lifes journey is short. daily are some stopping off leaving us, and going never to return We follow on Mrs. Lydia Powers
To Ella So many wishes from others I see I am sure you are entitle [sic] to one from me. A.V. Shearer
Feb 19th 1882 Sister Ella, If scribbling in books, Remembrance secures, With the greatest of pleasures, I'll scribble in yours. Rosebud
Reflections are cast on all we meet. For our countenance is an index of the soul. And love is one power to defeat and keep mankind under perfect contrast [?] D.T. Simmons
Fall from the bilows [?] into the deep, Fall from the mountains, rocky and steep Fall from the starry courts above, But never, oh never fall in love. I fear my advise to you will all be lost-- for alas, it is too late, Very truly your friend, Kiti Sumner Dec. 19, 1880
Sumner Kan Feb 25th 1881 You will find girls a caution Wherever you go But Schoolmarms in particular Are a very bad go To Ella Cahoun [sic] The above is most respectfully inscribed C.C. Hirons
Sumner Kans Feb 25th 1881 "To Ella" When far away Do not forget A naughty girl That once you met. Ever your friend, "Lizzie"
February the 18th 19__ Forget me not, Forget me never, Till the sun, Shall set forever. Think of me Friend Ella Lizzie Brodie
Alas! Alas! I am so dumb, I cannot write in your album. Anonymous "Life is short Time is fleeting" Longfellow
And if it be that I shall see Your face on earth no more I trust that in eternity We'll meet to part no more J.P. Neptune
Remember me and beare in mind A truthful friend is hard to find The path of sorrow and that alone Leads to a place where sorrow is unknown Anna Bowman
"Procrastination is the thief of time." Anonymous
"North Muddy School" Rich Hill Mo. 1881-82 Bates Co. Mo. E.C. [Ella Calhoun]
Elkhart School, Sumner Kans, 1880-81 Sumner Co. Kans. E.C.
Independence School Wellington - 1881 Sumner Co. E.C.
They say I shall forget thee, But that can never be, 'Twould be as vain as to control, The deep and boundless sea {June 26 1881}1
Orie Kan. 15th 1881 [sic] Forget me not Forget me never. Till yon bright sun shall set forever Your Friend Clara Prunty Remember me

Happy Christmas glowing message written with a pen of love graven on our hearts forevertill we meet in heaven above--- Cloa Ferguson (July 15th 1881)

Wellington Sumner Co Kansas
Nonsense o'er the world is sown
But common sense like corn is grown
T.T. Robinson
[above verse is written backwards]
in haste

Willow Branch School
Arthur, Mo. 1884-84
Vernon Co.
(Ella Calhoun)

"Economy is the sure road to wealth"
Ella Calhoun
Bates Co, Rich Hill, Mo.

Autograph Album [#2] of Miss
Ella Calhoun,
Wellington Kans.
July 25th 1881

The higher the moon climbs above, The fairer and brighter it beams, The older you grow my dear love The fairer and brighter you seem. Roxy Wellington Kans Aug 12th 1881
Hello Roxy H.M. Aug 12, 1881.
Sept 4th 1881 Sister Nellie Had I the power to carve or print Thy future dearest friend 'Twould be fair and ever bright Unclouded to the end Sister Mary Rich Hill Mo
August 12 1881 To My Friend Ella Peace be around thee wherever thou rovest May life before Thee one summer's day bind all That thou wishest and all that thou Loveth Come smiling around thy Sunny Way Lydia Waring Wellington Kans.
Dec the 31 = 81 Carbon Center Vernon Co When in the west the sun is setting | and your mind from care is free | and | you are thinking of your loved ones | then Will you not think of me Robert Brodie
August the 7 1881 Here is this book of memory dear, My pen I'll try with out fear, If these lines you chance to see, Remember they were written by me. Forget me not, Forget me never, Till yonder sun shall set forever Henry C. Hetrick Wellington
Forget me not Forget me never Till the sun Shall set forever James Beauregard Neptune
To Ella When pleasant hills divide us And you no more I see, Remember it is Annie Who often thinks of thee, Annie Shearer March 19-3-88
Rich Hill March 19 1880 We sigh for erthly [sic] homes And treasures transient as day But how lightly our thoughts will linger On our home that is far away Your Cousin and Friend, Ollie Robinson
Friend Ella: Friends must meet and friends must part, For months and perhaps forever. Forgetfulness may do its part, But I will forget thee never. Your Friend March 20th 1889 J.W.N.
August 25 1881 Don't forget me Ella Dear. Though the days be dark and dreary Don't forget me Ella Darling But always think me near Marion A. Sander
Rich Hill Mo Feb 18th -82 Of all sad words of tongue or pen, The Saddest are these: "It might have been" Ella - Your Friend. Ed. Bowman
As sure as your wedding day, A broom you I will send. In sunshine use the brushy part, In storms use the other end. Sallie Price
At home Rich Hill Mo Feb the 22 -82 Ida Ervin is my name single is my station. Bates County is My Dwelling place Christ is my salvation. Think of me Miss Ida Ervin
Long may you live, and happy may you be, loved by all, but most by me. Feb 18th 1882 At school William Wood
Forget me not, Ella, C Rich Hill Mo Feb 22nd Oh! many a shaft at Random sent, Finds mark, the archer Little meant. And many a word at Random spoken, Will soothe or wound a heart that's broken. Would be remembered from your friend Anna Bowman
Howe'er it be, it seems to me 'Tis only noble, to be good-- Kind hearts are more than coronets And simple faith, than Norman blood-- Kansas City J.M. Anderson
Rich Hill Mo March 17 1883 At home Friend Ella. 'Twas innocence, the maid divine, Who kept this volume bright and fair, And saw that no unhallowed line, Or thought profane should enter there; Susan W. Spangler
W. H. Schulte Wellington Kas July 6, 1888
Rich Hill Mo July 9, 1882 To Miss Ella How appropriate the album memory's own book! Where, in after years we may read words written by friendships pen. So receive these lines as memory's token, and when re read, may they recall some pleasant moments of your life spent at Rich Hill, and associated with them the name of your friend, Lizzie Harrelson Pencil Sketch [available by email on request] W.G. Russell '87 6/27/87
Stop that hiliarity! [sic] When ribbon is only 7 yds for 35 cents -- New York
Ella, Our acquaintance of more than a year, Has made me a friend of yours, both true and sincere. I hope this friendship will not end, no never But that both may be the others friend "forever" As you Journey through earth's bowers May your pathway be strewn with flowers, And may you love Jesus, with a love none can sever, And he will be your best friend forever and ever E.A. Porter, Rich Hill Mo June 9th 1881
Rich Hill Mo Feb 23 82 Friend Ella Whose Joys, so fast together flow Their haste e'en makes their passage slow Earth holds no other like to thee, Or If it doth, In vain for me Black eyes bespeak a lively heart Whose soft emotions soon depart The blue a steadier flame betray That burns and lives beyond a day. E.B.
Rich Hill 2-25/86 You will observe I've changed this relic. from off the pages perhaps less true, as regards the Parobel, [sic] eyes of black & those of blue. I would as I have changed the emblem, change the real; dear with you! And should those soft Emotions Soon depart; Mine would sure reflect them back to you Charles [? or J.L.L.S.]2
7/9/1882 Miss Ella. Let one Jewel in memory's casket bear the name of Della. Rich Hill, Mo.
Friend Ella, When your toil some day is o're May its departing ray Be calm as this impressive hour And lead to endless day Your Friend Lee Ann Rich Hill June 4, 84 At Home
W.H. George Wellington Kans Sep 4, 88
Friend Ella - 3[Written in Shorthand] Wm. J. Werner Wellington, Kansas July 6th 1880 Wellington, Ks. July 6th/88 For old acquaintence sake This my signature make W. J. Newbold
RichHill Feb the 23 1882 Desire not to live long but to live well, How long we live not years, but actions tell. Remember me Adda Ervin
Rich Hill Mar 19th 1882 Sister "Nell" Remember me, when death shall close My eyelids, in their last repose, When evening breezes gently move The grass, upon your sister's grave. Mary.
"Miss Ella" A Line of writing Oh! what shall it be? A token of friendship, From Billy to Thee. Feb. 22nd 1882 W.H. Miller
Wellington KS July 6/88 Miss Ella. May your happy days be in excess of your sad ones is the wish of Yours truly M.D. Newman
Ernest F. Garrett4 Wellington Kan Sept 5th 1888
1879 "{El Paso, Ill; 1887 Wellington Kan}" Dear Ella: When sorrow was yet unknown to us in childhoods tender years, we played together, filling the air with our merry laughter and learning the same lessions; We, for a time were separated; shen we again met what various changes time had wrought in our lives? "The crown of care we both may wear." And should we separate never to meet again, I wish you well; and whereever the tide of life drifts your bark may fortune favor you, and strew your pathway with the rosebuds of life and happiness, is the wish of a classmate of 1871. May Burgess Wellington Kan
Kansas City Mo June 26. 1884 Friend Ella. When the summer sun is sinking And your heart from care is free, When o'er a thousand things you are thinking Will you place one thought for me. Yours Truly Ida Davies
Aug 7th 81 Accept this as the regards of a true friend who is ever ready to serve you and one who will always remember you for your kindness. Yours J.A. Mallory Wellington Kans
Sept 4th '81 Elmer E. Oakes Rich HIll Mo
To My Friend Ella When fore [sic] away and friends are few Remember me and I will you Lucy Dixon Wellington Aug 12 1881
Sister Ella, Remember me, When this you see, Although your face be dirty, Remember me on your wedding day, And send me a piece of turkey. Rosebud Sunday March 19t[msf1]h 1883 At home.
At Brodies Rich Hill Mo Feb. 18th/82 Dear Sister Ella. Mid gay scenes, And merry sports, Remember dear, That life is short Forget me not. Think of me. Sister Rosebud
Respectfully Yours, Geo. T. Pitts Wellington Ks June 28th 1889
Yours very truly, John Henry Shade. Wellington Ks, July 6th 1888.
Your true friend, Lizzie Hirons Wellington Kans July 6, 1888
Think of me June 27/87 Wellington Ks Friend Ella, May your virtues ever spread like butter on hot Ginger bread. Your Friend Minnie Bell 'Remember me Prairie Dog'
Wellington Ks Dear Ella. "Oh fear not in a world like this And thou shalt know ere long, Know how sublime a thing it is To suffer and be strong" (Longfellow) Your friend Josie Pool Aug 30 1880
Miss Ella Calhoun. There is a golden chain It weares a sweet name. Every link is the same Can you guess its name? E.C. Ferguson Wellington Aug 30th 1885
To Miss Ella Rich Hill Mo Apr 7/84 As you go down the Stream of life in your Little canoe, I hope You will have a jolley Time, with plenty of Room for two, [Shorthand figures] Love is to the human Heart as sunshine is To flowers, And friendship Is the fairest thing in This cold world of ours, Yours Truly Thomas Rigdon Foote Eureka Springs Arkansas
Rich Hill May 30th 84 Written for Ella As in the forest some wild birds song Is suddenly hushed, and still; So over my heart a feeling thrills No voice but thine can fill. The music that haunts the quivering air Is only the echo faint Of the beautiful one I so dearly love In her manner, so modest and quaint. Ah! fame is a beautiful living thing For our souls to hold in store; But the love of our hearts is a precious gem That shineth forever mor May the sweet [cross] of Eternal life ever light up thy pathway to a land of bliss Ella Sweetest Epitaph on the corner of this page will not forget us in our old age Orlando [?] N.H. Bertram Wellington June 27th 1887
"In the dark and trying hour In the breaking forth of power In the rush of steeds and men Hig right hand will shield thee then." "As unto the bow the cord is, So unto man is woman." Adolescentem vericundum esse decet. W.R. Rockwell June 20th 1887
Dearest Sister. I fear we soon must part In a different direction we will start With love for each other in our hearts. Your affectionate Sister Opal R. West. Sugar Loaf Colo. June,22 18965
Aug 6th 1881 Esteemed friend Your cheeks possess the roses hue No form is daintier or completer No hair so black or eyes so true No mouth is tenderer or sweeter The favored youth who gains the hand Of this fair lady will never regret it Don't you forget it Your friend Mrs. E.C. Larswell Wellington
S_____Service, is true Service while it lasts Of friends how'ver humble, Scorns not one; The daisy by the shadow that it casts; Protects the lingering dew-drops from the Sun Very truly your friend Rin.? Cole P____24th-1884
Aug 12th 1881 Forget me not Dearest friend Though many miles divide us And you I cannot see, Remember Oh! remember, Who often thinks of thee. Think of me. Yours truly Nettie H. Wellington Kans
Remember me C.A. Duncan Franklin Ky 9/5/1888
August 12, 1881 Friend Ella I have your album in which to write Have turned to a page all blank and white On dipping my pen into the ink I knit my brows, and try to think; I though, and thought, and thought in vain And then I concluded to write my name Cora Waring Wellington Kansas
Come out-side please!! Can you spell boat? W.G. Russell
Rich Hill Feb 28th/83 Dear friend Ella All that smile on thee are not sincere As has often been proven by bitter tear Anna Bowman
"The flower that blooms in the spring, tra-la-la" Yours Truly A. J. [?] Rose Wellington 7/29-89
Rich Hill Mo. Sept, 12th 1881 Dear Ella May your life be long, and full of hapiness [sic] And when your spirit, leaves its clay, Go up, to dwell with Christ in everlasting day. S.V. Calhoun
Kansas City June 27 84 remember me when this you see though many miles apart Mrs. J.P. Wilson
August 12, 1881 Friend Ella They say I shall forget thee But that can never be. It would be a vain as to control, The deep and boundless sea. Your friend Jennie Darst
Away back here near out of sight I write my name just for spite. without permission Your friend Chas. A. Newman Wellington Ks. 6/27/87.
Forget me not Aug 4th 1881 Dearest friend As you go through the storms of life You will want an umbrella May yours ever be up-held by a Handsome young fellow. Yours truly Think of me Mag. W[?] Wellington Kans.
Rich Hill Mo At home March 5, 1883 Friend Ella In a hand more clean, and in letters more bright- Than any found in these pages May our names be inscribed in the Lambs book of life An autograph through endless ages. Mary E. Spangler
Presented to Mrs. Chas. O. West
Chas. O. West
Dec. 25th 1890,Denver Colo.


O.C. West
S.V. Calhoun, Hookstown, Beaver Co. Penn, Apr 22,1835
Verlinda C. Dawson, Col. Co. Ohio, Aug. 26, 1831
Chas. O. West, Quincy, Adams Co., Ill, Sept 29, 1862
Ella B. Calhoun, Col. Co. Ohio, Oct. 18, 1862

[Children of Ella Calhoun West:]

Frederick Vincent West, Denver, Arapahoe Co., Colo., Nov. 29, 1890, 11:30 am
Cora Virlinda West, Edgewater, Jefferson Co., Colo., Nov 21, 1892, 11:30 am
Marjorie Kathryn West, Boulder Co. Colo., May 6, 1896, 9:30 am
Alfred Lynn West, Kansas City Mo., Sept. 30, 1901,3:15 am
Charlie May Garrett, Boliver, Mo., May 8, 1878


Virlinda C. Calhoun, Wichita, Kansas, Nov. 11, 1879
S.V. Calhoun, Rich Hill, Mo., Apr 22, 1904
O.C. West, San Francisco CA,, April 8, 1901
Cora V. West, Rich Hill Mo., Jan. 12, 1898
Ella B. West, Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 1st 1912
Chas O. West, Kansas City, Mo, June 16th 1932
Barbara Sue Kruse11, Kansas City, Mo, Sept. 29, 1946
Jewel Herr West, Palo Alto, Calif, Feb. 20, 1955
Frederick Vincent West, K.C. Mo, Nov. 4, 1963
Alfred Lynn West, Seattle WA, March 20, 1993, 4:38 am pst
Eva J. Calhoun Neptune died at age 62 in Nevada MO, about 1927


S.V. Calhoun & Virlinda C. Dawson, Oct. 6, 1859
Chas. O. West & Ella B. Calhoun, Kansas City, Mo. Oct. 8, 1889
Fred V. West & Lana Leota Hariss, Kansas City, Mo, Oct. 14th 1913
Marjorie K. West & Walter F.L. Kruse, Kansas City, Mo, Nov. 3rd 1915
Alfred L. West & Jewel K. Herr, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 29, 1926
[Marriages of living descendants deleted for privacy]