Gueda Springs 1

Dwelling/Household # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Birth State Prev State Occupation Add'l Comments
001/001 Walker M.H. 53 m w IL Il Business Man  
    Fanny 23 f w IL IL    
    Laura 17 f w MO MO Attends School  
___/002 Walker Charley 27 m w MO MO Painter  
    Valverd 20 f w KS KS    
002/003 Davis G.W 57 m w CAN CAN M.D.  
    S.S. 25 f w KS KS    
    G.H. 4 m w KS KS    
    L.M. 3m m w KS KS    
  Wolf Rosa F. 15 f w KS KS    
003/004 Kelso F.O. 66 m w PA IN Cobler  
    Mary C. 65 f w PA IN    
004/005 Fernald Elihu 1 m w OH MO Farmer Served Co. G 72nd OH Inf.
    Maggie 40 f w SCOT SCOT    
___/006 Fernald George 49 m w OH MO Farmer Served Co. G 145th OH Inf.
    Grace 11 f w KS KS Attends School  
005/007 Turpin Joseph 56 m w KY MO Farmer Served Co. B. 11th MO Cav.
    Rosana 19 f w KS KS    
  Prior Grant 24 m w KS KS    
006/008 Uhler L.L. 38 m w IL IL M.D.  
    Anna 36 f w IL IL    
    Bessie D. 8 f w KS KS    
    Kenneth D. 2 m w KS KS    
007/009 Stokes C.S. 38 m w WI MO Pharmacist  
    Kate R. 37 f w PA PA    
    Jay 3 m w KS KS    
    Helen 1 f w KS KS    
008/010 Duffield Samuel 58 m w VA MO Doctor Served Co. F 1st MO Cav.
    S.E. 45 f w VA MO    
009/011 Brien Bert 28 m w WI WI Merchant  
    Saddie 25 f w WI WI    
010/012 Ardey John 46 m   IL IL Farmer  
    Emeline 36 f   IN IN    
    Arthur 17 m   KS KS    
    Charley 15 m   KS KS Attends School  
    Nora 13 f   KS KS Attends School  
011/013 Bricker R.S. 33 m   OH IN    
    Flora J. 32 f   IL IN    
    J.W. 9 m   KS KS Attends School  
    Minnie 7 f   KS KS Attends School  
    Jennie 4 f   KS KS    
012/04 Arnold Robert 40 m   MO NE Gro. Clerk  
    Ella 39 f   VA NE    
    Elbert 16 m   MO NE Attends School  
    Myrtle 4 f   KS KS    
013/015 Davis F.D. 58 m   NY MI    
    Eliza 60 f   IN IN    
014/016 Teichman K.A. 43 m   GER TX Hardware Merchant  
    Elizabeth 38 f   MN MN    
    Mary C. 16 f   KS KS Attends School  
    Carl 12 m   KS KS Attends School  
    Richard 4 m   KS KS    
015/017 Chaplin R.P. 51 m   IN IN Carpenter  
    Oren 11 m   KS KS Attends School  
016/018 Hite T.O. 61 m   KY TX Lumber Dealer See Below
    Melvina 56 f   KY TX    
    Emma 21 f   KY TX    
    O.M. 18 m   KY TX Attends School  
017/019 Gore C.A. 29 m   WV NE Druggist Indicates that he served in th 20th IN Lt. Artillery, but he is too young. Believe this info belongs to T.O. Hite above.
    Dora 29 f   KS NE    
    Loren 4 m   NE NE    
    Trouman 2 m   NE NE    
018/020 Chapman Z. 64 m   OH OH Farmer Served Co. L 2nd OH Cav.
    Hannah 60 f   OH OH    
019/021 Teal or Zeal Theoron 64 m   OH IN Hotel Keeper  
    Elizabeth 54 f   OH IN    
    Logan 25 m   IN IN    
    Ora 23 m   IN IN    
    James 20 m   IN IN    
    Mina 19 f   IN IN    
    Rosa 16 f   IN IN    
    Hazel 10 f   IN IN    
020/022 Buckwalter A.H. 64 m   PA MT Proprietor/Bath House 2 children attended school, but census didn't indicate which ones
    Mary C. 50 f   CAN NYC    
    Maud 13 f   KS KS    
    Percy 11 m   KS KS    
    Marion 9 f   KS KS    
  Wilson ___ 35 f   IN IN    
021/023 Burton A.E. 42 m   OH OH    
    S.M. 48 f   OH OH    
    Belbert T. 16 m   OH OH Attends School  
    Elbert C. 16 m   OH OH Attends School  
    Nettie 13 f   OH OH Attends School  
    Lissie L. 10 f   OH OH Attends School  
022/024 Daugherty E.A. 44 f   OH OH    
    Milton 72 m   OH OH    
  Bixley Lotta 30 f   IL CO Dress Maker  
023/025 Johnson Thomas 44 m   OH OH Laborer  
    Margaret 37 f   OH OH    
    Albert 11 m   OH OH Attends School  
    Thomas 9m m   KS KS    
024/026 Chapman G.W. 49 m   OH MO    
    Martha A. 39 f   MO MO    
025/027 Bricker Joseph 64 m   PA IN Farmer  
    Jane 61 f   OH IN    
    John 30 m   OH IN Railroad Carpenter  
    Rily 19 m   IN IN Attends School  
026/028 Row I. 42 m   IL IL Proprietor/Restaurant  
    Mary E. 44 f   PA IL    
    Ada 20 f   PA IL    
    Icy 16 f   KS KS Attends School  
    __ B. 10 m   KS KS Attends School  
    Pearl 8 f   KS KS Attends School  
027/029 Miles James 28 m   MO MO Farmer  
    Mahala 21 f   MO MO    
    William 4 m   KS KS    
    Ella 6m f   KS KS    
028/030 Ward M.O. 74 m   VT IA Farmer  
    Mary L. 74 f   VT IA    
029/031 Milner Charles 68 m   ENG IA    
    Clarind 68 f   IL IA    
    Lena 28 f   WI IA    
    James A. 23 m   WI IA Attends School  
  Howard Nina 14 f   IA IA    
030/032 Crooks W.B. 54 m   IL MO    
    Margaret 53 f   IL MO    
    Mamie 16 f   MO MO Attends School  
031/033 Clark T.B. 53 m   OH IL Shoemaker  
    Elizabeth 54 f   PA IL    
032/034 Tidwell L.L. 58 m   TN IL   Served Co. D 154th IL Inf.
    Hannah 57 f   IL IL    
    John 15 m   IL IL    
033/035 Crimble W.B. 55 m   ENG ENG Carpenter  
    Susannah 54 f   ENG ENG    
    Thomas 25 m   KS KS Carpenter  
    Joseph 22 m   KS KS Tinsmith  
    Bessie 20 f   KS KS School Teacher  
034/036 Ward L.E. 48 m   VT IA Laborer  
    S.A. 48 f   KY IA    
    Mary 20 f   IL IA    
    Lora S. 17 f   IA IA Attends School  
    Grace 15 f   IA IA Attends School  
    C.P. 13 m   IA IA Attends School  
    L.E. 11 m   IA IA Attends School  
    H.M. 7 m   KS KS Attends School  
    R.L. 4 m   KS KS    
035/037 Wade E.E. 38 m   IL IL Farmer  
    Lude 33 f   IL IL    
    Hallie 8 f   KS KS    
036/038 Thomas Mary 65 f   IN IL    
    Rosa 27 f   IL IL    
    Grant 25 m   IL IL    
    Henry 27 m   IL IL    
    James 12 m   IL IL Attends School  
037/039 Kellar Joseph 57 m   OH OH Blacksmith  
    Sarah 53 f   OH OH    
    Pearl 12 f   OH OH Attends School  
038/040 Dorsey J.H.W. 43 m   GA MO    
    Ella 37 f   TX TX    
    Flora 18 f   MO MO    
    Harry 5 m   KS KS    
    Cloe 2 f   KS KS    
    Earl 4m m   KS KS    
    E. 71 m   NC MO    
039/041 Smith L.M. 34 m   KY KY Laborer  
    M.E. 34 f   KY KY    
    O.L. 12 f   KY KY Attends School  
    Ora 5 f   KS KS Attends School  
    Lewis 4 m   KS KS    
040/042 Seanor H.C. 53 m   PA PA Farmer  
    N.A. 55 f   PA PA    
    John 24 m   PA PA Barber  
    Bert 22 m   PA PA Not Stated  
    Frank 21 m   PA PA Not Stated  
    Lizzie 17 f   PA PA Attends School  
    Agness 15 f   PA PA Attends School  
    Welty 13 m   PA PA Attends School  
041/043 Coulon S.S. 29 m   OH OH Principal School, Geuda Springs  
    Alice 25 f   OH OH    
    Emmet 7 m   OH OH    
042/044 Hickey C.A. 39 m   NY MI Carpenter  
    S.H. 40 f   OH MI    
    L.L. 19 m   MI MI    
    L. 15 m   MI MI Attends School  
    Gard 13 m   MI MI Attends School  
043/045 Chapman G.W. 49 m   OH MO Gardner Served Co. C. 42nd MO Inf.
    M.A. 33 f   MO MO    
044/046 Smith John H. 51 m   MO MO Merchant Served Co. L. 2nd MO Provencial Reg. Inf.
    Hannah 48 f   MO MO    
    Thomas 13 m   MO MO Attends School  
  Arnold Oaky 10 m   MO MO Attends School  
045/047 Barnes W.C. 34 m   OH OH Editor, Geuda Herald  
    E.J. 33 f   OH OH    
    Carl 8 m   KS KS Attends School  
    Baby 2m f   KS KS    
    Anna 38 f   OH OH School Teacher  
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