Persons Convicted of Misdemeanors in 1895


The following persons were listed as having committed misdemeanors in Wellington 1895. Many of the names are not listed on the census and may have been persons just "passing through".

The census does not give any explanation of the nature of the crime nor the severity. It also does not differentiate between minors and adults. If the person was convicted more than once, the number of convictions follows their name.


Adams, Chas.

Adams, Wm

Allen, Geo.

Alley, Frank

Anderson, E.

Arnold, Alice

Arnold, Frank

Atwell, C.J.

Barndollar, Geo.

Bell, Daisy

Brown, Fannie

Brown, James

Brown, Wm.

Brunson, P.

Bruton, Ed

Case, H.H.

Casper, Wm

Chapman, Wm.

Claflin, G.W.

Cousins, Dell

Cousins, Frank (2)

Curtis, C.C.

Dailey, A.E.

Davis, O.A.

Davis, O.M.

Dick, Walter

Dorsey, John

Follman, Susie

Freeman, B.B.

Freeman, Bob

Givens, F.C.

Glaman, Al (3)

Gray, Anderson

Grimsley, J.

Hamlin, Jane

Hastie, Arthur

Hays, Frank

Hayward, Maurice

Hiser, S.

Holt, I.W.

House, C.C.

Howard, Henry

Johnson, S.

Jones, Nelly

Jones, Sallie

Jones, Sam

Kelley, James

Larne, S.C.

Law, John

Lee, Mary

Lee, Rosa

Ling, Geo.

Long, Scott

Lucas, Elsie

Lytle, Frank

Majors, Grant

Manning, Ed

Martin, Fred

McCarty, John

McClaskey, Tom

McCracken, Z.

McPherson, P.

Morrell, J.A.

Murray, Tom

Nance, John

Newman, Ed

Nichols, Ida

O'Brien, Clark

O'Brien, Lolo

Ortman, C.

Pauley, May

Ramsey, J.

Reynolds, Frank

Robbins, Claude

Robinson, Hugh

Robinson, Steve

Rockwell, Quincy A.

Rush, Sim

Samuels, C.C.

Schnackenberg, H. (3)

Scott, Nellie

Skaggs, Geo.

Skinner, M.E.

Smith, Harry

Smith, J.R.

Smith, John

Smith, Sam

Snowden, Ed

Snyder, Alex

Sregg, C.B.

Stark, John

Stewart, Joe

Stone, Tiffin

Strahn, Fred

Strider, J.

Stupuny, Wm.

Summers, Chas.

Talbott, Jesse

Taylor, Jack

Taylor, Robert (2)

Timm, John

Tomlin, Jim

Tucker, Mack

Tucker, Tom (2)

Vanlongfelt, John

Vincent, Mattie

Vincent, R.

Walters, Percy

Watson, O.

Webster, R.

Wildey, Milton

Williams, E.

Williams, Frank

Wilson, B.B.

Wilson, Kate

Wilson, Walker