Mr. & Mrs. John Henson
hixson.jpg - 15515 BytesMr. A. V. Hixson, his wife, Henrietta, son, John, and three daughters, Ruth, Myrt and Grace, resided in Raritan, Illinois until they became homesteaders in 1886 and came to Kansas to live on a farm Northeast of Ogallah. Mr. and Mrs. Hixson joined the Presbyterian Church on April 6, 1888. Mrs. Hixson died January 30, 1908, and Mr. Hixson died December 12, 1912. On December 12, 1899, John Hixson married Ella Marquand, who was also a member of a pioneer family. They had four children, Brom, Luretta, Eva and a son who died in infancy. In 1909 they moved from their farm northeast of Ogallah to a farm they had purchased east of WaKeeney. On the land they purchased with the stone house of Mr. Albert Warren, one of the founders of WaKeeney. The Hixsons lived in this house for 40 years until they built a new home in 1931. Luretta Hixson joined the church December 16, 1917. Luretta married Elmer LaRue and is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Hays. Eva Hixson joined the church January 6, 1918. Eva is Mrs. Earl Richardson of East Lansing, Michigan. John Hixon served for 20 years as a member of the Grade School Board and was an original member of the Trego County Fair Board. In 1946, Mr. and Mrs. Hixson gave a block of land for the Trego Lemke Hospital site. John Hixson died July 2, 1953 and Ella Hixson died February 2, 1963.

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