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Queries Oct. 1999

Adam, ?Bangor, Kansas, Blair, Boudreau, Cahman, Campbell, Cann, Davis, Dodson, Edwards, Hubbard, Jarvis, Kahman, Loveridge, Merrihew, Messenger, Metcalf, Moore, Nicholson, Olson, Owens, Palmer, Paris, ?Quindaro Twp, Wyandotte Co., Raymond, Rendalls, Riley, Schaefer, Senesac, Spalding, Spaulding, Strome, Sultz, Thorpe, Wilson
Topic: Owens
From: James Owens jimjo5213@aol.com
Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 07:48 PM

My grandfather's brother, James Owens married Nancy Martha Franklin Sept. 1870 in Warren Co. Ky.
They had 4 daughters Araminta 1872 Emily 1874 Sarah 1876 and Loretta 1878.
James died in Aug. 1878 and Nancy Martha married William B. Goad in Sept. 1880 in Warren Co.They may have moved to Kansas with the Franklin family after 1880.
Does any one in Kansas have any info. on any of the above named people.
Thanks, Jim

James Owens

Topic: SPALDING/SPAULDING - Jesse & Daniel
From: Frena Hokans a href="mailto:bhoknas@snet.net">bhoknas@snet.net
Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 10:29 AM

Jesse Merritt Spalding/Spaulding born May 27, 1860,Unknown County, KS -- died 1936 in Mulhall, OK; Father was Daniel Spalding/Spaulding born in 1830, place unknown, died 1912 in Mulhall, OK; Mother was Demmie Gumm, born 1833, place unknown, died 1912 in Mulhall, OK. Any information greatly appreciated!!!
Frena Hokans

Topic: Adam
From: adamsfam@midusa.net
Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 06:58 AM

i am requesting any information on alfred adam came to washington county from illinois in 1874 married mary bessette in 1882 and farmed at aurora ks 32 years moved to town [aurora] in 1915 and lived there until their death

thank you

From: Karen Smith klsmith@flash.net
Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 12:03 AM

My ggrandfather Robert B. Loverige married Nora Hubbard in Newton,Harvey County c1887.I would appreciate any info from county records. Will pay for copies. Thanks
Karen Smith

Topic: BLAIR
From: Carol Hensley lhensley@the-onramp.net
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 06:47 PM

Looking for info. on a John Calvin Blair. Know he was born in Kansas but don't know where. Probably born in the late 1870's or early 80's.
Carol Hensley

Topic: THORPE, Everett
From: Everett Thorpe, Jr.ethorpejr@aol.com
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 04:50 PM

Seeking information regarding any THORPES in Kansas, during the late 1800s to early 1900s. Everett Thorpe is supposed to have been born around 1887-1888. His father's name was David Thorpe. Everett, either alone or with his family, moved to New York, date and reasons unknown. Information verifying dates and places of births, marriages, deaths, etc., would be very helpful. Thank you. Ethorpejr@aol.com.

Topic: Wilson, John Cleveland
From: Donna Chism tstorm23@swbell.net
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 10:36 AM

I am trying to find the birth and death places of my g-g-grandfather John Cleveland Wilson. All i know is that he died in the late 1800's either in Kansas or Nebraska in a windmill accident. I am not even sure of his birthday or where he is buried. The only information i do have on him is that he married a lady named Sarah Jane Ridgeway and had at least 3 children one of which was John Fred Wilson my g-grandfather who was shot and killed in Arkansas. John Fred Wilson married Viola Bell Piper and had 2 children Clifford LeRoy Wilson and Ruth Wilson who married the brother of the lady Clifford married. If any one is either totally confused by this or has any information on how to find more information please let me know
my e-mail address is tstorm23@swbell.net thank you
Donna Chism

Topic: Ethel Rendalls Birth 1885
From: Don Rendalls rendallsd@aol.com.au
Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 08:08 PM

Looking for a birth of Ethel Rendalls in Kansas 1885,Also parents names if available.Have a Marriage Lic. in Oklahoma with birthplace as Kansas but no County name given. Will re-imburse in US dollars for photocopys?postage etc. Thanks for your assistance. Don Rendalls, Qld. Australia.

Topic: Paris, Parmer
From: Bill Paris dwarf28@sccoast.net
Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 07:19 PM

I am looking for any information on the family of Parmer Paris (1880-1966) who lived somewhere in Kansas until he was about 10 years old. He was sent back to live with his father's brother in West Virginia about 1890. He has a sister Bonnie, but I have no other info on his early days
Bill Paris

Topic: Dodson, William J. and Joseph
From: Linda Ramsey ramseygang@aol.com
Date: Saturday, October 16, 1999 11:34 AM

Searching for William J.Dodson and Joseph Standford Dodson,father to Rebecca Cecil Dodson Martin b.1897 in Vinita Okla. and William Tolliver Dodson. Joe married Janie Reno;they met at Webb City before 1897. He left and later remarried. Any info would be appreciated.Thanks
Linda Ramsey

Topic: David Newton Nicholson & Nora Davis
From: Linda Ramsey lindanick2@msn.com
Date: Thursday, October 14, 1999 03:21 PM

David Newton Nicholson married Nora Davis in Woods County, OK Territory, July 9, 1895, have copy of marriage certificate. They had five children, three of whom reached maturity: Ellis, born in Kansas, August, 1896; Arthur, born in OK Territory, September, 1898; Willie Willis, born February 19, 1911, in Texas. Suspect that they lived so close to the OK/Kansas border that they may have left information in both. They moved to Texas, and then to Paris, Arkansas, where they lived the remainder of their lives. Suspect Native American ancestry for David, due to physical appearance and family tradition. Seeking any information on David and Nora, parents, siblings, etc. Only sibling known for David named John. No information known about parentage of either David or Nora. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me as I do not check forums daily.
Linda Nicholson

Topic: Metcalf at Bangor, Kansas
From: Roger
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 03:57 PM


I'm trying to locate vital records on my great- great-grandfather, Frederick Austin Metcalf, who died on 15 Sep 1873 in Bangor, Kansas. Problem is, I can't find Bangor, Kansas. Any ideas?

Thanks, Roger

From: Ardie Grimes agrimes@inetnebr.com
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 11:13 PM

According to the GNIS Map Server, Bangor is in Miami County. Go to http://mapping.usgs.gov/www/gnis/gnisform.html
Type Bangor, KS in the form and it will give you the info. There are also maps available which will show the location.

Good luck, Ardie

Topic: Campbell
From: Mildred Underwood AngelMom314@aol.com
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 02:59 PM

Have a picture of my Grandfather-John Arlington Campbell and a man named Edward Davis taken in Ohio. On the back of the picture it says my grandfather was born in Lawrence, Kansas either 1872 or 1875. Any one know any Campbells from there? Edward looks to be younger than my grandfather. Don't know who he is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Millie

Topic: Strome
From: Robert Strome barkley@primenet.com
Date: Monday, October 11, 1999 11:52 AM

Looking for the family name (Strome)
Robert Strome

Topic: Merrihew Family
From: Harry Merrihew mactavishll@mediaone.net
Date: Saturday, October 09, 1999 10:04 AM

I am looking for any information available on the Merrihew family in the state of Kansas. I know very little about them, but know that there are several members living there now.
Harry Merrihew

Topic: Jarvis/Sultz
From: Toni Noah brat@humboldt1.com
Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 10:48 PM

I am searching for any information on Marey Louisa Jarvis, Serel Jarvis, or Addie Jarvis. They were siblings who lived in Kansas after moving from Indiana. They were originally from Quebec, Canada (I don't know what part). Marey Louisa married Isaac Sultz and they lived in both Butler and Edwards Counties 1880's-1900's. Serel's wife was named Olive (?)and I don't know which county they resided in. Addie was married to George Holden and I don't know what part of Kansas they resided in.

Toni Noah

Topic: OLSON
From: Marjory Palmer gpa1383407@aol.com
Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 11:46 AM

J.D.OLSON,Martha Snow OLSON or Ellis Everett OLSON...any info..
Marjory Palmer

Topic: Schaefer
From: Tannie Garrison reeoh69@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 10:32 AM

My great grandparents were from KS. Don't know county. His name William Schaefer, hers Bessie V. Gold. Can anyone help? Their parents were John & Anna (Blume?)Schaefer & Francis & Mary Gold. WM. Schaefers siblings were: george, jack, fred, herman, henry, bertha, lena, and anna. Please HELP! THANKS
Tannie Garrison

Topic: Messenger and Palmer
From: Rose Mitcham rosebud1@rcia.com
Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 11:40 PM

I am looking for the Families of Messenger and Palmer that lived in the area of Republic Co, Bourbon Co, Montgomery Co. and Shawnee Co, I am trying to find missing Children that were given up at the time the Mother died in Fort Scott, Kansas. The family was in these area between 1873 and 1896 the year of mother death. We are looking for Hester(Palmer) Messenger that was married in Republic Co. Kansas in 1873. I do need facts on this for family records and to maybe find her children Mary, Alice, John and Lewis Messenger that lived around Caney, Kansas in 1900. John Messenger was the baby and Alice was adopted by the Hick family of Okla. Mary was adopted by a family in Mo. If anyone has any facts please share. We are missing family lines.
Rose Mitcham

Topic: Boudreau, Senesac, Raymond
From: Marylin Benfield benfield@choicetech.net
Date: Sunday, October 03, 1999 11:27 PM

Looking for information on Domethilde Boudreau Raymond Senesac age 63 in 1880, still in Kankakee Co., IL. Brother Cyprien and sister Henriette, parents Etienne and Adelaide Tremblay.
Marylin Benfield

Topic: Herman Cann/Mary Moore in Kansas
From: Andrea Brown amc63@netzero.net
Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 11:39 PM

Iam searching for any info on Herman and Mary approximate year 1741 any and all would be appreciated Herman was a US Marshall who had a reputation he was "known to dodge a bullet" These are my great great great ? grandparents (not sure of how many generations back. Herman did make history (Iread it,long ago)
Andrea Brown

Topic: RILEY,Hardin N. Helena Township
From: Sondra Peterson ms42son@aol.com
Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 06:17 PM

Can anyone tell me what county Helena Township is in? On the Kansas Voter Registraion List 1856 Hardin N. RILEY is listed however do not know what county this is in.
Sondra Riley Peterson ms42son@aol.com

Topic: Kahman or Cahman
From: Donna Merkel dm51715@alltel.net
Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 01:11 PM

My Kahman's first settled in Golden, IL. I have also found them in Cheyenne County, NE.
Last known area may be Miami County, KS where there is a name change to Cahman. Would like to share information on this family.
Donna Merkel

Topic: Quindaro Twp, Wyandotte Co., Edwards, Allen B
From: Shirley Kovar mjk@inetnebr.com
Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 02:28 PM

Am looking for any information as to where Quindaro Twp in Wyandotte Co. was in 1870. I found an Allen B. Edwards Pg 548 and Elizabeth Edwards Pg. 548 and a Lipton Edwards Page 547 and a Laura Edwards Pg 528. I am seeking information on Allen B. Edward(s) and his family. Was married to a
Serilda M. Dalton and did live in Missouri, then moved to Wyandotte Co., Ks.
Any leads will be greatly appreciated.
Shirley Kovar

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