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Queries Dec. 1999

Beaver, Boyer, Carter, Clark, Cook, Copeland, Crosson, Fowler, Lark, Levier, Longworth, McMullen, Moody, Rathman, Satterfield, Somerlott, Stotts, Vining

Topic: looking for Copeland
From: Rosetta Newman rose@junct.com
Date: Friday, December 31, 1999 02:16 AM

looking for 3 graves around allen co. Humboldt township was there last known address.in the years 1860--1865.they could have moved befor there death. William D. Copeland he was a farmer b.1833 WIFE Emily J.was a servent b.1838 or 1839. dau. sarah b. 1859 ALL 3 DIED ABOUT THE SAME TIME. CAN NOT FIND GRAVES.can anyone help? all help is welcomed thank you for your time rose Rosetta Newman rose@junct.com

Topic: CLARK family
From: Carolyn Taylor carotaylor1@juno.com
Date: Thursday, December 30, 1999 09:00 PM

I am trying to find the parents of John Welborn CLARK b. abt 1893 KS, per the 1920 Clark Co., OH census. He had md. Leota Ada ALLEN of Ohio, John W. his wife and their 1st child were living in Springfield, Oh. Kansas Soundex for 1900 had three possible families with a son John of about the right age. Charles and Lena Clark of Geary Co., KS were eliminated by the 1910 soundex when their son was identified as John C. Clark. The other two were John T. and Thulia Clark of Jewell Co., KS whose son, John W., was born Mar. 1892; and William S. and Ida Clark of Reno Co., KS whose son John was b. Jan 1891 (age 9). In the 1920 soundex, John T. and Thulia Clark weren't to be found in KS; Wm. S. and Ida Clark were still living in Reno Co., KS (with only the youngest dau. still at home); in Rooks Co., KS there was a John W. Clark age 19 (with wife Flossie) whom I suspect was William and Ida's son. None of these parents were born in KS as John W. Clark said in the 1920 Clark Co., OH census. John T. was born in Ohio, Thulia was born in VA, and both Wm. S. and Ida were born in IN. Carolyn Taylor carotaylor1@juno.com

From: Marilyn Logue mlogue@sprintmail.com
Date: Thursday, December 30, 1999 10:59 AM

I am looking for information on John STOTTS and Abigail BATES, who may be buried somewhere in Kansas. Also--any information on their son Jacob STOTTS--who is buried in Kansas (his wife was Rachel POTTS). Children in Kansas were Margaret, John, Zona, and possibly Timothy. Marilyn Logue mlogue@sprintmail.com

From: Ardie Grimes agrimes@inetnebr.com
Date: Monday, January 03, 2000 04:48 PM

from "The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County Kansas", 1894, F. M. Lockard:

James W. Stotts was born at Morrisburg, Guthrie county, Iowa, September 19, 1854; was married to Ina M. Smith at Nelson, Nebraska in September 1872; came to Norton County[Kansas], April 2, 1875. Their children were: Leroy, Rafael, Carl S., Avery Blaine, Floy A., Herman C., Herbert S.

Stotts left here May 5, 1889 expecting to return inside of three months, but did not.

There is a bit more info if you think this man is related.

Ardie Grimes agrimes@inetnebr.com

Topic: Longworth, Henderson F.
From: Howard Lowell ftclow@juno.com
Date: Saturday, December 25, 1999 11:17 AM

Looking for Kansas Background on Henderson F. Longworth, married to C. Alice Todhunter Howard Lowell ftclow@juno.com

Topic: BEAVER's
From: Robert Fox fox.robert@worldnet.att.net
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 05:20 PM

I am looking for family of Oscar Ray BEAVER, DOB:Jun 19, 1891 in St. John, KS.

Oscar had (8) brothers and sisters including:

John Shirley (Male) Isaac Frank Will Ollie (Female) Winnie (Female) Unknown (Female)

Their father was Isaac Newton BEAVER DOD: abt 1895. Robert Fox fox.robert@worldnet.att.net

Topic: McMullen
From: Mark Saglian msaglian@aol.com
Date: Sunday, December 19, 1999 06:46 PM

Looking for Sarah Ann (Sadie) McMullen. Born Jan. 1873 in Chicago - parents William T. McMullen and Mary Cunningham. Lived for a time in Akron, NY before moving to Kansas in 1893. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays!

Mark :-) Mark Saglian msaglian@aol.com

Topic: RATHMAN, Sedgwick County Kansas
From: Loretta Figueroa millvalleyfig@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, December 19, 1999 12:42 PM

Looking for birth dates of the children of John H Rathman listed in the 1990 Sedgwick County Census for Wichita:



WARD 2 PCT3 318

Any leads that you can give me would be very appreciated.

Loretta Figueroa millvalleyfig@yahoo.com

Topic: CROSSON, William
From: Janeice Crosson jcrosson@midusa.net
Date: Sunday, December 19, 1999 08:09 AM

I am looking for information about William Crosson and his family. I am not even certain they came to Kansas, although most of his family did so. His brother Michael Crosson lived in Linn County, and his father William Crosson lived in Pawnee County.

Any help would be appreciated. Janeice Cr Janeice Crosson jcrosson@midusa.net

Topic: Looking for LOUISE CARTER
From: Ralph Singer ralphsinger@msn.com
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 05:08 PM

Louise CARTER, born in Kansas in 1870 (county unknown), married Alvin DERBY in about 1886 and was living in Decatur,IL in 1900 with children Henry DERBY, Harry DERBY, George DERBY and Clara DERBY. Moved to Chicago in about 1910. Probably had native American ancestors. Please contact me at ralphsinger@msn.com. Thanks!!

Topic: Vining
From: Linda Hunt lhunt@icehouse.net
Date: Sunday, December 12, 1999 09:37 PM

Looking for information on Lauriett Vining born Dec 1867 Cambridge Henry Illinois.Married E. Issaason. Her parents were James Vining Abigail Willoughby.

Looking for information on George G Vining Born 15 Mar 1863 Cambridge Henry Illinois Married Emma Greenwood on 1 March 1888 in Norton,Norton, Kansas.

Looking for information on Emma C Vining born 11 May 1861 Cambridge Henry Illinois Married L. Weatherhead.Her parents were James Vining and Abigail Willoughby Linda Hunt lhunt@icehouse.net

Looking for information on Charles C Vining born 21 April 1853 Cambridge Henry Illinois Married Hattie A Reese 16 Feb 1882 Cloud County Kansas His parents were James Vining Abigail Willoughby.

Looking for anyone doing research on Robert Henry Vining Born 7 June 1848 Cambridge,Henry,Illinois.Married Martha Jane Oliver 1 Jan 1869 Elk Creek,Republic,Kansas Died 14 Sept.1888 Clyde,Cloud,Kansas Linda Hunt lhunt@icehouse.net

Topic: Levier
From: KMM335@AOL.COM
Date: Sunday, December 12, 1999 01:24 AM


Topic: Boyer, SOMERLOTT
From: Robin Boyer leegate@mediaone.net
Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 11:39 PM

Descendants of Francis Boyer 1. FRANCIS BOYER (HENRY H.5, HENRY 'HENRICH'4, JOHANNES3, LEONARD2, PHILIP1 BEYER) was born 18 July 1832 in Minden, Montgomery County, New York, and died 04 August 1864 in Andersonville Prison, Georgia. He married MATILDA P. HEATH 18 September 1853 in Kinderhook, Branch County, Michigan, daughter of CHESTER HEATH and SABRINA GRANGER. She was born 19 November 1835 in Almire, New York, and died 25 September 1910 in Angola, Steuben County, Indiana.

Children of FRANCIS BOYER and MATILDA HEATH are: 2. i. ERNEST R.7 BOYER, b. 04 July 1856, Michigan. ii. HENRYETTA BOYER, b. 22 March 1858, Steuben County, Indiana; d. Bef. 1860. 3. iii. ELLIS ESTABAN BOYER, TWINS, b. 23 November 1860, Scott Township, Steuben County, Indiana. 4. iv. ELLA R. 'BELLE' BOYER, TWINS, b. 23 November 1860, Scott Township, Steuben County, Indiana; d. 19 November 1937, Wirt, Carter County, Oklahoma. v. SALRY E. 'SARY' BOYER, b. 04 September 1862, Steuben County, Indiana; d. 16 September 1864.

Generation No. 2

2. ERNEST R. BOYER (FRANCIS6, HENRY H.5, HENRY 'HENRICH'4, JOHANNES3, LEONARD2, PHILIP1 BEYER) was born 04 July 1856 in Michigan. He married EVELINE SOMERLOTT 16 July 1876. She was born October 1857 in Indiana.

Children of ERNEST BOYER and EVELINE SOMERLOTT are: i. FRANK8 BOYER, b. September 1880, Kansas. ii. ANNA BOYER, b. September 1882, Kansas. iii. FRED BOYER, b. May 1883, Kansas. iv. ARLIE BOYER, b. May 1885, Kansas. v. EDD J. BOYER, b. May 1887, Kansas. vi. RACHEL BOYER, b. June 1887, Kansas. vii. VERNA BOYER, b. August 1888, Kansas. viii. ERNEST BOYER, b. March 1899, Kansas.

3. ELLIS ESTABAN7 BOYER, TWINS (FRANCIS6, HENRY H.5, HENRY 'HENRICH'4, JOHANNES3, LEONARD2, PHILIP1 BEYER) was born 23 November 1860 in Scott Township, Steuben County, Indiana. He married MARY JANE SHELDON 18 May 1884. She was born 06 June 1864 in Fairburg, Livingston County, Illinois, and died 16 February 1959 in Salima, Saline County, Kansas.

Children of ELLIS BOYER and MARY SHELDON are: i. GRACE8 BOYER, b. April 1886, Kansas. ii. HATTIE MAY MAE BOYER, b. 02 July 1888, Elsworth ,Elsworth County, Kansas; d. 08 May 1961, Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas; m. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BISHOP, 17 December 1906, Kansas; b. 03 April 1881, Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas. iii. JOHN F. BOYER, b. February 1890, Kansas.

4. ELLA R. 'BELLE'7 BOYER, TWINS (FRANCIS6, HENRY H.5, HENRY 'HENRICH'4, JOHANNES3, LEONARD2, PHILIP1 BEYER) was born 23 November 1860 in Scott Township, Steuben County, Indiana, and died 19 November 1937 in Wirt, Carter County, Oklahoma. She married (1) FRANK FOSTER 24 December 1880 in Steuben County, Indiana. He was born in Ohio. She married (2) JESSE GOODRICH SMITH 1890 in Wood County, Ohio. He was born 28 November 1860 in Martel, Marian County, Ohio, and died 19 November 1937 in Wirt, Carter County Oklahoma.

Children of ELLA BOYER and FRANK FOSTER are: i. PEARL8 FOSTER, b. Abt. 1882; d. 09 October 1902. ii. JAMES CLYDE FOSTER, b. 07 January 1884, Steuben County, Indiana; d. 29 January 1954, Angola, Steuben County, Indiana; m. SNOW, Bef. 1927.

Children of ELLA BOYER and JESSE SMITH are: iii. EDSON8 SMITH, b. 02 May 1894, Rudolph, Wood County Ohio; d. 17 December 1951, North Boltimore, Ohio; m. GERTRUDE ALICE SLAUGHTERBECK, 04 December 1913; b. 29 September 1896, Cygnet, Wood County, Ohio; d. 05 February 1960, Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio. iv. CECIL SMITH, b. 12 January 1902, Wood County, Ohio; d. 21 September 1908, Wood County, Ohio.

Robin Boyer leegate@mediaone.net

From: Billy Cox honey33@cybertrails.com
Date: Friday, March 17, 2000 09:59 PM

You have listed a FRANK BOYER, bn 9-1880. The son of ERNEST BOYER & EVELINE SOMMERLOTT.

I have a great Aunt, JESSIE COX, who was married to a FRANK BOYER. She was bn abt. 1884, so the ages are right. She was born in or around Columbus/ Crestline Kansas in Cherokee Co. It was listed that they lived in Stark Kansas at the time of my Great Grandfathers death in 1936.

Does any of this fit in with you FRANK BOYER? If so, I would appreciate comparing notes. Thank you. Billy Cox, Cottonwood AZ. honey33@cybertrails.com

Topic: Lark family SC> Alma, Ks.
From: Nancie O'Sullivan nancieo@bellsouth.net
Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 11:00 AM

Rev. Augustus Lark 1844-1915 and wife Mary Ann Proctor. Rev.[Gus] Lark was a Methodist minister and had about 14 children in Alma area. Thank you for any information on the Lark family. Nancie O'Sullivan nancieo@bellsouth.net

Topic: lAlexander Fowler/Satterfield/Moody
From: Viola Lawrence flawr84722@aol.com
Date: Saturday, December 04, 1999 07:59 AM

Seeking info on Grt Grandfather Alexander Fowler, who lived in So.East Kansas, during the late 1880's. I understand he owned several properties in the area. Any help appreciated. please email me Viola flawr84722@aol.com

Topic: Cook Family
From: JENNIFER DUNSON lrdunson@aol.com
Date: Monday, December 27, 1999 10:05 PM


From: JENNIFER DUNSON lrdunson@aol.com
Date: Monday, December 27, 1999 10:10 PM


From: Vickie Cook mnvcook@ocsmccook.com
Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 09:03 AM

I have a Charles Edward Cook in my lineage. He was born in Hebron, NE and died in Scott City, KS His wife was Eliza Cora Smith. Is this the Charles you are inquiring about? Vickie

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