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Amador, Atwood, Barnes (2), Blevins, Chappell, Coldwell, Conley, Crow, Davis (2), Enslow, Faulkinburg, Fillebaum, Ford, Foreman, ?Gerrard & Beulah, Kansas, Hardin, Hawley, Holden, Hough, Howe, Jarvis, Jockander, ?Kingdom City Kansas, Kinkead, Kjellberg, Kopczeski, LONG, Maddox, McNabb, Messenger, Mitchell, Naud, Palmer, Reed, Ross, Sellers, Sharp, Somers, Sparks, Villegas, Young
Topic: Charles F. Hawley
From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 09:42 AM

Looking for info. on Charles F. HAWLEY. Recently found info. that stated he died in Kansas around 1877. Posted a query in Sumner and Republic counties. Charles was married to Nancy Rountree (I am related to Nancy), and had children named Joseph, Mary, Minerva, Charles, Willie and Laura. They lived in Thibodaux, Louisiana around 1830's and Charles worked as a master foundryman. They moved to Louisville, KY around 1851 and was found on the 1860 KY census. In Louisville, Charles pursued his craft as a master foundryman for the Hawley & Billings Co., on Water Street. Found out recently that he became wealthy, but having invested his means liberally in the construction of some steamboats in 1861, which came South and were lost during the war, he lost his wealth. Looking for descendents of Charles and Nancy.

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 08:33 PM

Seeking any information regarding Somers FAULKINBURG w. Abigail who was believed to have removed to KANSAS 1846-1850.

Topic: Jarvis descendants
From: Dave Miller dmmiller@ticon.net
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 08:03 AM

I am looking for information on descendants of Oliver Joseph Jarvis and Sylvia. The oldest child, Delores, was born in early to mid 1930's, second child was born on Leap day, February 29 (don't know year), and there was a third child. My e-mail is dmmiller@ticon.net Thanks. Dave Miller

Topic: Howe family
From: Roger Howe
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999 11:02 PM

I am searching for a location for Alexander Campbell Howe in Ks. I know he migrated there after the Civil war around Clay Center or 5 creeks area and is buried in Guthrie,Ok I don't know much about him while in Ks. Looking for obit or land deeds or anything really. I hope to find someone else who is researching this branch. He was my ggf Thanks, Roger Howe

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999 03:46 PM

am looking for KOPCZENSKI,REED. anyone researching for these families? am looking for descendants as well as ancestors.

From: CAnnis5250@aol.com
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999 03:07 PM

My grandfather's name was HALMEN THOMAS BARNES, born 11/12/1891 in Independence, KS, to GEORGE EDWARD BARNES and OELLA THRAPP ROBINSON. HALMEN had an older brother, ANSEL BARNES, and a younger sister, GRACE BARNES.

I have information that the family moved to Southwest City, MO around 1901, and later to Enid, OK where my grandfather attended school on an Indian Reservation.

I would appreciate any information at all since I'm not coming up with anything on this branch of the family.


Topic: Kjellberg
From: Gunnar Gran gunnar@gran.pp.se
Date: Sunday, March 21, 1999 02:17 PM

Looking for information of Kjellberg family emigrating from Sweden to Kansas 1888: Nils Gustaf Kjellberg b 1850 wife Anna Lovisa Persdotter and children Karl Gustaf Richard Kjellberg b 1885 Elin Amalia Lovisa Kjellberg b 1887 also looking for Nils brother Carl Magnus Kjellberg b 1846 to Amerika 1868 and his father Carl Eric b 1819 to Amerika 1876.
Thank you !
Gunnar Gran

Topic: Atwood ,Orby Lee & Lily Bell Naud
From: Shirley Thompson
Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 04:09 PM

I am looking for any help with these people My grandfather Orby was bornOct 26,1884 in lebnan KS.and his father was Thomas Leander Atwood who was born in Brighton,IA Dec 7,1858 if there are any Atwoods how can help me I would be very gratefull my email is thomfam@ez-net.com and I am also looking for any Atwoods to share information with SHIRLEY THOMPSON

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 10:48 PM

Email: voyager1@thegrid.net My ggrandmother was Catherine Atwood b8/14/1841 in Homer, Il., d7/4/1924 in Downs, KA. She married James Coop 2/18/1864 in Sijourney, Keokuk, Iowa. They had 4 boys and 2 girls. My grandfather Aaron Elijah Coop was b3/14/1868 Keokuk counry,Iowa died 6/16/1923 Hays, KA. It sounds like my ggrandmother was from the same Atwood family.

Topic: Looking for ELIZA DAVIS b. IL.
From: Alice Clay Benedict jb3acb@atlantic.net
Date: Saturday, March 20, 1999 07:34 AM

Looking for ELIZA DAVIS born abt 1847 IL. Also looking for her parents and siblings. Family may have moved to KS. She married Isaac W. Clay of PA. Had 4 children William W. Harry E., Violet Louise (Lucy) and Walter W. Eliza disappeared from her family sometime after 1880. I have a picture of her. Does anyone know this family? Thanks.

Topic: FILLEBAUM, Hulda Ellen m Harry M Davis 1925
From: Marla
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 07:20 AM

I have searched hard for surname FILLEBAUM and can not find it anywhere! I do have a marriage license for Hulda Ellen FILLEBAUM who married Harry Monroe DAVIS on 11-2-1925 in Enid, OK. According to the 1925 license, Hulda was 26 years old, making her birth year 1899. It also states she was from KS.

Harry & Hulda DAVIS, may have been residents of Enid, OK or somewhere in KS during their 11 year marriage. They divorced in Enid, Ok in 1936. I would be grateful for ANY information on the surname FILLEBAUM and/or the above described couple. I would like to determine if Harry & Hulda had any children.
Thanks! Marla :)

Topic: ? Gerrard & Beulah, Kansas
From: Denise Smiley
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 04:39 PM

Hi. I have a copy of an obituary for Almena MCDERMOTT PROVAN. In it, it states that she died in Beulah, Kansas and that the funeral services were conducted in the church at Gerrard, Kan. She was married to Rev. Fred L. PROVAN and left her husband and 6 children: Ruth, Emelie, John, Marjorie, Newell, and Harriet. Marjorie is my husband's paternal grandmother. I am trying to locate where Beulah & Gerrard Kansas are located. Has the names changed or do they no longer exist? A search of the US GNIS service produced no results. Also, I am looking for the death & burial place of Rev. Fred L. PROVAN. Additional information on this family: eventually all of Almena and Fred's children ended up in the foster care system, after living with family for a time. This family was from Maine, he moved West to preach the Gospel. I would love to contact others researching this family. Any help or guidance in researching this information in Kansas would be greatly appreciated. Until now all of my research has been mainly in the South. Thank you for your time.
Denise Smiley
Decatur Co., GAGenWeb CC
GAGenWeb Unknown Queries CC
SW Regional GAGenWeb CC

From: Tom Ward tcward@columbus-ks.com
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 09:51 PM

In searching GNIS, I verified Beulah is in Crawford County.

Could Gerrard actually be Girard? If so, that is also in Crawford County.

From: Denise Smiley
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 10:14 PM

Thanks Tom. I must have mistyped Beulah. Your right it is there. The only thing that I can think of for Gerrard is that the town's name was changed in it's spelling or the town no longer exist.

Denise Smiley
Decatur County GAGenWeb CC
GAGenWeb Unknown County Queries CC
SW Regional GAGenWeb CC

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 12:00 PM

The obituary for Edna Belle Higlemeyer (Collinsville IL) state she was born in Kingdom City Kansas (as does here death certificate) to John Moses Noyes and Mary Nelson.

Where is Kingdom City? I know there is a Kingdom City Missouri.

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 08:24 PM

I am trying to find information on this family from the 1880 Indiana census. I think they may of moved to Kansas but don't know what county.
George Chappell wife Mary E.Chappell children:Lurena b.1874
Edward b.1875
Rutherford b.1877
William b. 1879

Topic: Sparks/Foreman
From: Robert Winchester
Date: Friday, March 12, 1999 12:45 AM

My great grandfather's sister Hagar FOREMAN was born near Cambridge, England about 1862. She married Sparham SPARK(E)S in Cambridge in 1884. They had 10 children (7 daughters and 3 sons) and at some time emigrated from England to Kansas. I do not know where in Kansas or the year though the likely period is between 1890 and 1910. Does anyone recognise this family or can anyone advise how I might start trying to locate them and any descendants.

Many thanks

Robert Winchester, Auckland, New Zealand

From: smkpjv2112@aol.com
Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 07:42 PM

Amador/Villegas lived in win field and dale, Kansas.Any help appreciated,I do Not know what county to search. ?


From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 01:02 PM
Winfield is in Cowley County, KS. "Dale" I do not recognize, but there is a community called Silverdale there also.

Topic: Sharp/McNabb
From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 1999 09:32 PM
seek info on Benjamin William Sharp married to Dora McNabb. Lived in Central Kansas, moved to Oklahoma (Osage County)1905-1912.

From: Katherine Turner viper29-7@msn.com
Date: Sunday, December 12, 1999 02:38 PM

There are McNabbs living in Mankato, Jewell Co. Maybe they can help you.

Kay Turner

Topic: Annie Blevins Conley
From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 10:22 PM

Seeking information about my great-grandmother, Annie (Blevins) Conley. Annie was born in 1885 in Christian County MO, daughter of George W and Parzetta Blevins. She left home at a young age and moved to Kansas. Annie resided for a time in Paola KS. She may have worked at the Elms Hotel. Died around 1952 in or around the Kansas City area. Not sure if it was Kansas City KS or MO. My family has almost no info on this person, so anything will be of great value. Thanx so much in advance.

Topic: Independence, Kansas LONG - HOUGH
From: Bob Long sbear5360@aol.com
Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 04:33 PM

Was there an Independence in Crawford, Miami or Linn Counties KS?? I received my grandfather's death certificate today via snail mail. It ties him to the LONG clan back to Ware LONG Sr in Culpepper Co VA in 1720's. Shows Edward LONG born to David LONG and Mary HOUGH on Jun 20, 1879 in Independence Ks. Mary did not marry David until May 16, 1886 in Trading Post Ks. I assume lived together as his 2nd wife, Mahaleth Dixon Baker LONG did not divorce him until mid 1880's but she had been in Oklahoma with her and David's children. Trying to figure what county to search in and post queries. Thanks Bob Long sbear5360@aol.com

From: Nora Hiatt norahiatt@sprintmail.com
Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 10:41 PM

Independece Mo is in Montgomery Co KS.


Topic: Ross/Messenger/Barnes/Sellers/Palmer/Jockander
From: harmiamarie@hotmail.com Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 10:12 PM

We are looking for families-names of Palmer,Jockander, Barnes, Messenger, Ross Rufus Messenger Married Elizabeth Barnes, Both born in New York, who married Jacob Ross who married her after her husband died, Also Chaunecy Milo Messenger who married Hester Palmer. Edward Milo Messenger that married Elise Jockander. Can anyone help location more information for us. Thanks to All of you who do!!

Topic: Melissa HARDIN CROW
From: Betty Adams dvideo@indiana.net
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 11:16 PM

My Great Grandmother, Melissa Hardin Crow, died in Kansas in 1873, perhaps in childbirth. She had lived in Kansas only a few years, and after her death, her husband and family moved back to Indiana. Her husband was William Frank Crow. Her sons were Camaralzamum Augustus, William Robert, and Charles. Any information about her would be appreciated.

Topic: William Henry Mitchell
From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 03:16 PM

I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather William Henry Mitchell. He was a civil war veteran and active in the GAR. Brought his family to Kansas in a covered wagon. Had 11 children I believe.

From: John Lohman jlohman@txdirect.net
Date: Friday, March 05, 1999 02:08 PM

I have a William Henry MITCHELL in my line. At one time his family lived near Coffeville KS. He was born June 24, 1923, in Van Buren, Arkansas. His father was Steve A. Mitchell and his mother was my aunt Catharina "Katharine" "Katie" Lohmann. Steve died in Van Buren, Arkansas, on December 28, 1923. There was also an older son, Edgar Mitchell. Do you recognize any of these names?

John Lohman jlohman@txdirect.net

From: Angela Bashaw EMTPT@aol.com
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 04:34 PM

I have a Harry Rush Mitchell in my line, the only info I have is that he worked for the railroad and he married Mertle M. Shaffer. Also they lived in Downs, KS. If you know anything else please inform me. Thank You Angela Bashaw EMTPT@aol.com

From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 04:31 PM

I have a Harry Rush Mitchell in my line, I don't have any other information other than he worked for the railroad and married Mertle M. Shaffer. Also that they lived in Downs, KS.

Topic: Young & Holden Research
From: Virgil D. Millervmiller@datasync.com
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 09:54 AM

Hello list members I apologize if some of the following seems long-winded and may be redundant to some, but never the less I ask you to bear with me. Virgil D. Miller Kansas & Mississippi

I was looking back on notes I had made during census microfilm reviews, and decided that I might as well but this info on the Young-L list while it was fresh in my mind.

We have been looking for ways to locate the documentation of correct place of birth and the place of death of my G Grandmother Lora (Laura) C. Young Holden for many years.

The death certificate of her daughter Elle Ide Holden Welsh indicates that her mother Lora(Laura) C. Young Holden was born in Elgin, Ill. >From the 1880 Kansas Census, it indicates she was 21 and born in Ill, This would have her being born in 1858/60.We have never found the names of Lora(Laura) C. Youngs Parents.

Lora(Laura) was the wife of James F. Holden (Son of Elijah Holden from 1830's PA) who was born in 1856 in Wisconsin, was in Whiteside Co., Ill 1860 & 65 Census with parents, Elijah & Eleanor Holden, in Jefferson Co., Iowa 1870 census. James F. Holden age 24 and Lora(Laura) C. Holden age 21 were listed in The 1880 Census, Marshall Co. KS., Clear Fork twp, Two Children, Sidney F. age 4 and Daniel E..age 5/12, Also Elijah & Eleanor was in Same County. They all seem to disappear after that time.

Our grandmother Ella Ide Holden Welsh the daughter of Lora(Laura) C. Young Holden, was the third child in the family to have been born in 1885, married our Grandfather John William Welsh in 1903, Pottawatomie Co. Ks. We have a copy of this marriage record, but it listed her name as Nellie Holden and being born in Randolph, Ks., which we have been unable to document. Death records show Decatur Co. Ks as place of birth, however neither places have been confirmed. The next documented source for the Holden family is 1900 Census Nebraska, Burnett Co. showing James F. Holden married 2 yrs, with four additional Children next to last born in 1898 mother would have been Lora(Laura) C. Young Holden's, she was not listed in this census.James and Lauras other minor child Ella Ide Holden, showed up as enumerated with a Minister in Norfolk, Nebr as a servant. Norfolk being just north of Douglas County, Nebr. Sidney and Daniel were not listed in the census.

Effie A., Wife, 18 yrs of age, married 2 yrs, mother of 1 child, 1 child living and having been born in Iowa. The Child Stella L. was born Aug 1899 Born in Nebr. This would mean that Lora(Laura) C. Young Holden would have died Shortly after Her last child (Lucy O.) was born in July 1898 in Kansas.

Topic: Joseph B Coldwell and Mary Rowena (Kinkead)
From: Carolyne
Date: Thursday, March 04, 1999 09:15 AM

These two lived in Kansas sometime between 1880 - 1890. Several cities are listed in a book of guests. These include Garden City, Leesburg, Richland, Panther Spring, Macksville. They may have been home steading and I am trying to find where they resided in Kansas. I am not able to locate most of these cities.


Topic: Ora L Maddox
From: Ivan L. Saunders O2Ranch@ckt.net
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 01:02 PM

I don't know if U All saw my summons for help for the missing Parentage of ORA LOGAN MADDOX. BY A STORY I RECEIVED FROM A DAU OF ORA HE HAD A BRO.. THAT LIVE IN THE THREE STATE CORNER MO. KS. OK, BUT CAME OUT OF TEXAS & OK. I am going to re post my First E-mail to the maddox Cousins rootsweb.

HI Cuz, I am looking for the missing link of Maddox in My family tree. The Maddox are a Mystery Family. The Family I am looking for are located In Idaho and Oregon now.They came out of Texas and OK. to South Dakota to Kansas then down the Oregon Trail. When they departed the Texas, Ok area they also departed the family ties, due to some kind of family Feud This was in 1860 or abouts ?? Ora L. Maddox b. 1-8-1888 in Chamberland Brule County South Dakota d. 2-4-1959 Weiser Washington County Idaho. At this time his Parentage is Unknown, but Possibility a Mary A. was his Mother ? I did fine the location of Internment for him and his wife Treasure L ( Sevey) Maddox b.-7-7-1895 d.5-8-1932 and a Mary A Maddox b.6-14-1850 d.6-21-1924 in Mann Creek Cemetery Washington County Idaho. There were children of his and Treasures marriage 3 Boys and 1 Girl, her name is Imogene Mae ( Maddox ) Murray b.8-19-1921 Weiser Washington County Idaho. The Three boys DOB are unknown to me at this time. All the boys are living and live in Oregon and Idaho. Two Are World Champion Rodeo Cowboys (PCRA) Bull Riding and Calf Roping. Imogene is my Mother-In-Law and I and my wife Pamela have been working on the Maddox Family Tree. There stories that Imogene was told when she was a little Girl about the Family, but the family didn't talk about the passed, and not of family. Like this Mary A. Imogene told me that she can remember her as granny, but her dad Ora didn't talk about her after her death. The One thing that I have found out is that the story about Ora's Mother & Father going to a Indian Reservation in South Dakota was true. While I was checking out the South Dakota Information I found that a Comanche girl was enrolled in the Indian School at Chamberland, her Name was Harriet Maddox and she was out of Oklahoma at the time of Ora's birth. With more checking I found a William S Maddox b.1833 he was in the Union Army Station at Farragut Post # 52 Spearfish South Dakota. His Company was Company D 9th Ind.. Legion. He enlisted in Jennings County IND... In the South Dakota State Veterans Cemetery at Falls River Hot Springs County South Dakota The Internment of William S Maddox d. 5-30-1901 . Now to tie this to the Ora Maddox. Imogene stated that she think her Grand Father first name was William or Willie or Wills ? That her father Ora told her that her Grand father died in the Idaho State Veterans Hospital in Boise Idaho and was taken back to South Dakota.
Small World with a Computer.
Your Kansas Cuz;
Ivan L. Saunders
E-Mail O2Ranch@ckt.net

From: Michelle Wiggins michelle@rootsquest.com
Date: Saturday, August 07, 1999 08:47 AM

Hi Ivan,

The name Ora L. MADDOX really is familiar. It's not one of my lines, but I believe that this family lived within an area of about 4 counties. These would be Beaver Co. OK, Texas Co. OK, Harper Co. OK and Seward Co. KS. I think it was Beaver County OK that they settled in for a while, and Seward county that either they or descendants moved to. If my computer hadn't crashed, I could have given you the info on who to contact. Check the Beaver Co. OKGenWeb at http://www.rootsweb.com/~okbeaver/beav.htm

There used to be at least one MADDOX family in the Liberal, Seward, KS area. http://www.ksgenweb.com/seward/

I *know* that I've seen the info you need.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
Michelle Wiggins
CC for Seward County KSGenWeb

Topic: Chesley Frank Ford
From: ? please contact tcward@columbus-ks.com if you submitted this information
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 10:34 AM

I am searching for information on my grandfather. The only information I have is he was born in Kansas, possibly Kansas City on October 21, 1865. He married my grandmother October 24, 1891, location unknown. They had 7 children and at one time lived in Colorado where my mother was born. I have no records on the other siblings.

From: Sonya starling@sirius.com
Date: Monday, March 01, 1999 11:57 AM

I am looking for any information related to the surname Enslow. Particularly George A (?) Enslow.

Please email me at starling@sirius.com if you have any information you are willing to share with me.


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