100 Year History of Morrowville, Kansas

Compiled for
Centennial Celebration
June 8, 9, 10, 1984

Part 2

Table of Contents
(Surnames Alphabetically)

Allen -- Alwin -- Arney -- Bahl -- Barbee -- Barnes -- Beeman -- Beggs -- Benne -- Bertram -- Blocker -- Bonar -- Bradley -- Bullimore -- Cercle -- Chambers -- Coder -- Corbin -- Cozine -- Crafford -- Creighton -- Cummings -- Cupp -- Darby -- Dewey -- Diller -- Donovan -- Dull -- Durst -- Eichman -- Henry Elliott -- Martin Elliott -- Fencil -- Frager -- Fraser -- Garrett -- Gaskill -- Gehring -- Gibson -- Gould -- Gray -- Grimes -- Grover -- Gwin -- Hackney -- Hanshaw -- Hauschel -- Heck -- Horky -- Hyland -- Jennings -- Kolman -- Kozel -- LaFarge -- L'Ecuyer -- Lesher -- Lewis -- Lindsley -- Long -- Lull -- Lutjemeier -- Mathy -- McGregor -- McLeod -- McNish -- McNulty -- McWilliams -- Menke -- Menzies -- Miller -- Molony -- Moore -- Mooren -- Mueller -- Muno -- Myers -- Naylor -- Newcomb -- Nutsch -- J. D. Nutter -- Walter Nutter -- Olson -- Osterhout -- Palmer -- Parken -- Patterson -- Pauli -- Pepple -- Peterson -- Pursley -- Rickert -- Rollman -- Rust -- Sawin -- Sawyer -- Schaich -- Shaw -- Sherill -- Skipton -- Stanton -- Steele -- Stoffel -- Stoker -- Stone -- Synovec -- Taylor -- Terpening -- Turinsky -- Vallier -- Veatch -- Violet -- Walkemeyer -- Fred Weber -- John Weber -- Wells -- Westhoff -- Wieland -- Zabokrtsky -- Zach -- Zimmerman

Morrowville Families

    The following list of families that settled in Morrowville and the surrounding area is intended to give the reader an idea of when the family arrived in the area and of how the families have become interrelated over the years. It is recognized that all of the generations are not listed. It is the intent to show the relationship to others of those who have grown up in the area. When a person left the community and raised a family elsewhere, the ensuing generations do not appear unless a sibling returned and the listing is needed to place that person in the proper family. The later generations appear with the listing of the father's family and do not appear with the listing of the mother's family to conserve space. There are some families that are not listed due to a lack of information or because they have left the area completely. If members of your family were omitted, you may wish to write them in your copy of the book to make the book more meaningful to future readers.

The McNulty family was one of the first families in Washington County and owned one of the first stores in Washington. Their homestead was where Elmer (Bud) Olandt lives today.

1857 JAMES MCNULTY -- Martha Moore
    I. Clara
    II. Charlie
    III. Cornelius (Con)
    IV. Harry
    V. Willis
    VI. Mary

Jacob Blocker homesteaded northwest of Morrowville. He hauled the first load of corn to Denver with a team of oxen. It took him three months. The first post office in the area was at Blocker, a small village named for Jacob Blocker and located across the road north of the Franklin Lull farm. It was later moved to Morrow in 1884. There was also a sawmill, a grocery store and a blacksmith shop at Blocker.

    I. Jacob -- Emaline Edwards
        A. Louisa -- Jones
        B. Melissa -- Richardson
        C. Jacob A.
        D. Daniel P.
        E. Richard
        F. George
        G. Effie -- John Cummings
        H. Belle -- F. D. Bezona
        I. Laura -- Kelly
        J. Harley J.
        K. Emma -- Claude Watson
            1. Valdea
            2. Dean
            3. Van
            4. Ardis Rose
    II. Daniel -- Margaret Swan
        A. Justin -- Cora Evans
        B. Grace

James Creighton was personally acquainted with Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickock. He carried provisions for the soldiers during the Civil War. The Creighton farm is owned by Irving Peterson.

1859 JAMES CREIGHTON -- Beatrice Camfield/1
                                                    Margaret McCullum/2

    I. Minnie/1
    II. Lucy/1
    III. Laura/1
    IV. Carrie/1
    V. James/1
    VI. Cyrus J./2
    VII. Margaret/2 -- Harry Barley
    VIII. Alex/2

The Cummings came from Scotland with the James Creighton family. They lived near Mill Creek in a little log cabin.

   I. William -- Isabelle Blocker
        A. James H. -- Lulu Shaw
            1. William
            2. James D. -- Ora B. Frager
                a. Ernest
                b. James
            3. Belle -- Ed Mathy
                a. Clarabelle
                b. Harold
                c. Jimmy
            4. Clara -- Bill Mathy
                a. Donald -- Jeanne Moore
                b. Rosalie
            5. John -- Grace Rose
                a. Jack
                b. Imogene
                c. Patsy
    II. John T. -- Effie Blocker
        A. Clayton
        B. Deward
        C. Carl
    III. Charles B. -- Alice Moon
        A. Silvon
        B. Lewis
        C. Irene -- Ray Weber
        D. Lulubelle
    IV. Margaret -- Phillip Yeager
        A. Mildred -- Verlin Barnes
            1. Marvin
            2. Leroy -- Patty Lull
        B. Viola -- Frank Durst/l
                            Guy Elder/2
        C. Herman -- Opal Kirkpatrick
            1. Phyllis -- Clair Beeman
        D. Ruby -- Orville Spence
            1. Clarabelle -- Dale Miller
            2. Orville Dean
        E. Lela -- Jim Hand
        F. Edith -- Adam Materi
            1. Phillip
            2. George
        G. Elsie -- Milton Kranzler
            1. Dean
    V. Stanley/Dode -- Mamie Schmitz/l
                                    Elsie Prior/2
        A. Alvin/1
        B. Glen/1
        C. Irvin/l
        D. Ilene/1
        E. Thelma/1

Rufus Darby was one of the first 30 who voted in the county election 1858.

    I. Resin
    II. Phillip
    III. James W.
    IV. Mary Ann -- William Woodward
    V. Asa -- Sarah Garrett/2
        A. Willis
        B. Vernon
        C. Winifred -- Peter Menzies
            1. Clara -- Calvin Dodds
            2. Virginia -- Jack Lillibridge
            3. James -- Viola Rogge

Herbert Hyland lived in Grant township. James (J.R.) Hyland was an early school teacher, an attorney and a banker in Morrowville.

    I. James (J. R.)
        A. Herb -- Bernice
            1. Pat -- Cheryl Hubbard Kinsey
            2. Tom
    II. Ralph -- Florence Foster
    III. Belle -- August Carlson
        A. Ivy
        B. Rua
        C. Lillian
        D. Gilbert
        E. Marion
        F. Loren

The David Molony family homesteaded near Morrowville and lived in a sod house. The grandmother, Maria, held the baby most of the first winter to keep it from freezing.

1868 DAVID MOLONY -- Amanda
   I. Effie -- John Frank Crisman
        A. Mildred -- Cyril Taylor
    II. Henry
    III. .Jennie -- Halferty
    IV. William D.

The Newcombs came from Maine homesteading one half mile west of the Hoffine corner. Nathan's hobby was his orchard and nursery.

   I. Nathan Harvey -- Harriet Johnson
        A. George -- Alberta Smith
            1. Leroy -- Elsie Simpson
                a. Lawrence -- Phyllis Stanton
                b. Eleanor -- Abe Dick
                c. Maxine
            2. Edna -- Henry Benne
                a. Bernice -- Gail Farber
                    la. Sally -- Arlo Delay/1
                                    Danny Thomas/2
                    2a. Jim -- Barbara Menzies
                    3a. Ruth -- Leonard McCord
                b. Phyllis -- Herbert. Munsterman
                c. Betty -- Melvin Knapper
            3. Margaret -- Ben Stutsman
            4. Harriet -- Wayne Bennett
            5. Alice -- Ray Tuckerman
            6. Ruth -- Maurice Coffin
        B. Fanny
        C. Charles
        D. Kate -- Roy Allen
        E. Nathan Edward
    II. Hiram -- Minnie
        A. Weekie
        B. Nellie
        C. Johnnie

The Bradley family.

   I. Jeretta -- L.P. Dewey
    II. Orlando -- Minnie Zimmerman
        A. Clarence
        B. Gertie -- Ed Williams
    III. Bernie -- Helen
        A. Walter
        B. Ralph
    IV. Clarinda
    V. Finas
    VI. Alvin

The Dewey family lived near the Pleasantview Church in section 9. P.J. Dewey served as a county commissioner.

1869 L.P. DEWEY -- Jeretta Bradley
   I. P.J. -- Jenny Nutter
        A. Lyle -- Oma Sands
            1. Delbert -- Barbara Hunt
            2. Donna -- Jim Nutsch
            3. Nyla -- Bruce Stanton
            4. Marvin -- Judy Tegethoff
        B. Otis -- Della
            1. Nancy
    II. Ida -- Frank Diller
        A. Eunice -- Don Dickson

The Pursley brothers came from Missouri. Jacob Pursley was a justice of the peace for 12 years. He gave the land for the Distict 103 Pursley schoolhouse.

    I. Will -- Jane Groff
        A. Nora -- Will Mayberry
            1. Mable -- John Odgers
                a. Vivian -- Max Diller
                b. Leota -- Phil Morsch
                c. Velma -- Roy Waterman
                d. Keith -- Irene Hubka
            2. Arthur -- Maude Allen
                a. Allen
                b. Bill
            3. Lulu -- Jay Hatter
                a. Ellen -- Bill Meckenstock
                b. Lorene -- Don Winchell
            4. Grace -- Ray Frager
                a. Virginia -- Arlen Mosteller
                    1a. Charles -- Martha Graham
                        1aa. Wanda
                        1ab. Carla
                b. William -- Norma Terpening
                c. Eileen -- Vance Terpening/l
                                    Dean Cox/2
        B. Martha -- Jonah Mayberry
            1. William M. -- Adela Enock
            2. Earl -- Grace
            3. Frank -- Effie Archer
            4. Clarence -- Flossie Stewart
            5. Guy -- Lillie Synovec
            6. Fred -- Eva Colgrove/l
                            Maude Mayberry/2
                a. Evelyn/1 -- Darrell Portnier
                    la. Debbie
                    2a. Shari
                    3a. Brad -- Donna Applegarth
                        3aa. Melody
                        3ab. Becky
                    4a. Doug
                    5a. Clayton
                    6a. Troy
                    7a. Lori
                    8a. Lisa
    II. Jacob -- Violet Brown
        A. Gertrude -- Charles Busic
        B. Addie -- Harry Elder
            1. Eva -- Fred Phelps
            2. Guy -- Inez Frager
                a. Russell -- Mary Alice Hanson
                b. Clyde -- Serena Hanson
                c. Floyd -- Helen Benne
                    lc. Nancy -- Ben Tice
                    2c. Jolene -- Terry Thompson
                    3c. Bobby
                    4c. Leslie -- Judy Ditmars
                        4ca. Bobby
                        4cb. Jeremy
                        4cc. Kenneth
                    5c. Sandra -- Eddie Martin
                d. Lois -- Melvin Dickerson
                e. Clifford -- Joanne Wieland
                    1e. Kevin -- Dorothy Dux
                    2e. Brian -- Debbie Adler
                    3e. Julie -- Rick Tegethoff
                    4e. Gregg
                    5e. Kent
                    6e. Lisa
            3. Glenn -- Bertha Stamm
            4. Anna -- Bill Decker
            5. Harry -- Olive Gauby
            6. Alma -- Francis Brandon
            7. Hazel -- Oscar Stamm
            8. Beulah -- Ernest Stamm
            9. Lola -- Frank Mahlman
            10. Don -- Lila Morgan
        C. Stella -- Steve Webb
        D. Lulu -- Tainter
            1. Mildred -- Oliver Paul Steele II
            2. Alvera -- Russell Randall
        E. Harley -- May Nelson
        F. Walter
        G. Daisy -- Bill Barker
        H. Leslie
        I. Grace -- Oliver Rickert
            1. Thelma
            2. Dorothy
            3. Maxine
            4. Marjorie

The Barbee family.

1870 DAVID BARBEE -- Sarah Ellen Morris
   I. Phoebe -- J. L. Robbins
        A. Emma -- Vic Hecker
        B. Ethel Richins
    II. Martha -- Archie Robbins
    III. Emmsey -- J. W. Frager

The Bullimores immigrated from North Hampton England. He worked on a farm in Iowa for three years before coming to Washington County.

    I. Albert
    II. Leroy
    III. Oliver
    IV. Rose
    V. Phoebe -- Walter Smith
    VI. Richard
    VII. Thomas -- Alexine
    VIII. Jesse -- Wright
    IX. Charles -- Inez
    X. Lewis -- Anna Ottman
        A. Elmer -- Marie Damman
        B. Gladys -- Alfred Johnson
            1. Shirley -- Earl Decker
            2. Charlotte -- Denny Claeys

The Fragers came from Michigan. John W. Frager settled first in Washington township and then in Coleman township.

    I. Leander
    II. Josiah -- Lucy Mason
        A. Lincoln
    III. John W. -- Emmsey Barbee
        A. A. A. (Bert )
        B. Louis -- Stella Rutherford
        C. Harry -- Adeline Nelson
            1. Hazel -- Elmer Dawdy
        D. Ray -- Grace Mayberry
            1. Virginia -- Arlen Mosteller
            2. William -- Norma Terpening
                a. Jim -- Judy Eaton
                b. Janet -- Doug Ingmire
                c. Steve -- Valerie Jones
                d. Gerry -- Shirley Ayres
                e. Terry
            3. Eileen -- Vance Terpening/l
                                Dean Cox/2
        E. Inez -- Guy Elder
        F. Ora -- James D. Cummings

Asbury Gaskill settled north of where the state lake is now. The Gaskill School got its name from this family.


The Henderson Long family came from North Carolina and made their home in a cave .

   I. Jessie -- Frank Taylor
    II. Mary -- Cox
    III. Nannie -- John Young
        A. Electa -- Bartlett
        B. Jessie -- David Woods
        C. Leonard
        D. Lambert -- Ellen Hodges
            1. John
            2. Richard
            3. Ardene
        E. Gladys
    IV. John -- Mable Clark
        A. Clark -- Laura Lull
            1. Judy -- Lynn Bammes/l
                            Jack Nabors/2
            2. John -- Judy Buterbaugh/l
                            Florence Crocker/2

J. B. Smith came from Ohio.

1870 J. B. SMITH -- Magdalena Muno
    I. James A. -- Amy Gray
    II. Maude -- Matthew Horn, M.D.
    III. Charles -- Blanche Richardson
    IV. William -- Clara McNulty
        A. Wilma -- Ross Frager
        B. Lavera
        C. Laverna
    V. Dorothea -- George Rose
        A. Ruth -- Donald Flagle
    VI. Calvin -- Louise Boecker
        A. Leota -- Earl Moore
        B. Fern -- Kenneth Lindsley
        C. Doris -- Eldon Taylor
        D. Dorothy -- Orville Elliott
        E. Betty -- Walter Lindsley
        F. Wayne -- Jackson
        G. Dale -- Janice
    VII. Roy -- Elsie Hackbarth
        A. Harold -- Wilda Dragoo
        B. Donald -- Leona Pelesky
        C. Luella -- Marvin Hauschel
    VIII. Dewey -- Nina Vincenhaler
    IX. Otis -- Bertha Mathy

The Albia post office was established in 1873 and Francis A. Terpening managed it. He also had a stage station and a blacksmith shop located 10 miles north and one mile east of Morrowville.

1870 FRANCIS A. TERPENING -- Amanda Smith
    I. Rozella -- Milton Jennings
        A. Iver -- Bessie Nutter
        B. Earl -- Clara McNish
        C. Guy
        D. Vera -- Bob Hannah
    II. William H. -- Mabel Harper
        A. Elmer -- Anna Miller
        B. Clarence -- Minnie Miller
        C. Everett -- Irene Reynolds
        D. Wilbur -- Blance Klauman
        E. Lloyd -- Marjorie Schaich
        F. Marjorie -- Kent Wilkinson
    III. Dora -- Charles Wittmer
    IV. Charles Ray -- Stella Benne
        A. Thelma -- Willard Sothan
        B. Charles L. -- Lorene Hubka
        C. Laura -- Louis Wells
        D. Norma -- William Frager
        E. Lillace -- Leo Tuma/l
                            Robert Tegethoff/2
            1. Lindia/1
            2. Leslie/1
            3. Larry/1
        F. Vance -- Eileen Frager
            1. Harold
    V. Francis Ernest

George Pauli lived one mile south and one-half mile west of the Coleman Center School on what is known as the Burnett place. Antone lived south of Coleman Center School where Laveryl Dittmer now lives.

1870 PAULI
   I. Antone -- Victoria
        A. Marie -- Tom Barnes
        B. John
        C. Sophia -- Henry Smith
        D. Bertha
        E. Carl
            1. Lowell
            2. Lucille -- Orlie Smith
    II. George
        A. John
        B. Will
            1. Lloyd -- Edna Colgrove
                a. Arlington
                b. Marcella -- Larry Durst
            2. Harry
            3. Minnie
            4. Katie
            5. Vera
            6. Clarence
            7. Walter
        C. Frank
            1. Calvin -- Grace Ottman
            2. Lewis

Herman Benne was a German immigrant and came to Lowe township from Minnesota.

1871 HERMAN BENNE -- Maria
    I. Ann
    II. Henry -- Bertha Gravelle
        A. Clara
        B. Iva
        C. Marie -- Dave Norris
        D. Ruby -- Lou Heck
        E. Ernest -- Eva Gwin
            1. Florence -- Ray Freas
            2. Helen -- Floyd Elder
            3. Don
            4. Olive -- Roy Sullivan
        F. Dora -- John Boecker
        G. Henry
        H. Erwin
        I. Lawrence
        J. Kenneth
    III. John
    IV. Frank

Almon Grover was a Civil War veteran. He came from Brown County Kansas and settled three miles north and two miles west of Morrowville in an area known as the Pursley school district.

1871 ALMON GROVER -- Isabella Show
    I. Wendell -- Marietta Rice
        A. Warren
        B. Melissa -- Robert McGregor
            1. Inez -- Leslie Stanton
            2. R. Everett
            3. Celia -- John Luehring
        C. Isabella -- Arthur McGregor
        D. Edgar -- Jennie Nutter
            1. Winifred
            2. Robert
    II. Lester F. -- Mary Forbes
        A. Clarence -- Clara Schmitz
        B. Edna -- Claude Dawdy
        C. Lena -- Fred Parken
        D. Ellsworth
        E. Rosa -- George Crawford
        F. Ada -- Luster Reger
        G. Lucy -- Claude Dawdy
        H. Elmer -- Hattie Pierce
            1. Calvin -- Tillie Naylor
                a. Cecil -- Jean Elliott
                    la. Marcy
                    2a. Adam
                    3a. Kimberly
                b. Jim -- Linda Potts
                c. Roy -- LeAnn Allen
                    lc. Scott
                d. LeaAnn -- Roger Johnson
            2. Darlene -- Melvin Delay
        I. Osmond
        J. Oscar -- Roberta Lukens
        L. Oliver -- Hazel Hoffman
        M. Elva -- Max Keesecker

The John Muno family came with the Herman Benne family from Minnesota.

1871 JOHN MUNO -- Magdalena
    I. John
    II. Mary -- Joe Hellman
        A. Magdalena -- Frank Koch
            1. Rose -- Joe Portwood
            2. Ernest
            3. Elizabeth -- Earle Sawyer
            4. Mary -- Joe Miller
            5. Francis -- Bessie Grubbs
                a. Gaynelle -- Schoenrock
                b. Lonnie
        B. Barbara -- Robert Rohde
        C. Agnes -- Sam Gage
        D. Phillip
        E. Lizzie -- Fanning
        F. Clara -- Frank Knight
        G. Mary
        H. August
        I. Kate -- Dye
        J. Tracy -- Wilks
        K. Joe Jr.
    III. Magdalena -- J. B. Smith
    IV. Chris -- Barbara Simon
    V. Peter

The Rust family.

1871 S. C. "CHARLIE" RUST-- Eliza Nims
    I. Mabel -- Art Apley
    II. Stella -- Henry Diller

A. R. Sherill was a confederate soldier.

1871 A. R. SHERILL
    I. James
    II. Tom
    III. David
    IV. Grace
    V. John
    VI. Melissa
    VII. Mattie -- Roy Emery
    VIII. Lee

J.J. Veatch served as a state senator. He built the homes where Basil Elliott and Orval Buehler live today.

1871 J. J. VEATCH -- Stoffel
    I. Alvin
    II. John
    III. Walter -- Carrie Guthrie

Mike Zimmerman bought 80 acres in section 23 in Lowe township from E.W. Morrill for $148.00.

   I. Chris -- Mary Schmidt
        A. Guy -- Vergie
    II. Lutie -- Nora Bundy
        A. Mildred -- Elmer Synovec
        B. Henry -- Goldie Menzies
        C. Lawrence -- Eva Hanshaw
        D. Lester -- Lois Crafford
            1. Sandra -- Robert Sheaffer
            2. Judy -- Rick Kruger
                a. Rodney
                b. Jill
                c. Randy
            3. Lester Jr. -- Harley
            4. Bradley
        E. Bertha -- Danny Funk
            1. Shari -- Alvin Zimmerman

Jacob Kozel was born in Prague, Austria. He came to America in 1849 with his father and stepmother. After living in Missouri, Wisconsin and Fairbury, Nebraska, he moved to Washington and then purchased land in Coleman township. William and Charles Kozel each had a lumber yard. William Kozel built the Opera House and installed the first electric system in Morrowville to provide lighting for the homes and stores.

1874 JACOB KOZEL -- Barbara Lackey
   I. Slavena -- Noble
    II. George -- Josephine Koles
        A. P. Stanley -- Helen Mathy
            1. John
        B. Laura
        C. Cora -- John Patterson
            1. Phyllis -- Don Milligan
                a. Garold L. -- Mary McCawly
                b. John B. -- Colleen Voboril
    III. William -- Julia Prymek
        A. Blanche -- Louis Wurtz
            1. William
    IV. Charles -- Emma Slama
        A. Rosa -- Anthone Oltman
        B. Edward -- Walden
        C. Charles A. -- Audry Kemper
            1. Sherry -- George Patterson
            2. Gale -- D. Edwards
            3. Kerry
    V. Pauline -- Frank Tauber
        A. Lillian
        B. Bessie -- Ben Groothius
            1. Barbara -- Salazor
            2. Linda Ann -- Hoover
            3. Lillian Marie -- John Barth

T.G. Allen homesteaded section 29 in Lowe township. He was a civil war veteran. He gave land for the Greenfield (Allen) cemetery where he is buried.

1875 T.G. ALLEN -- Catherine Welch
    I. Julia -- R. D. Gould
    II. Maggie -- Stephans
    III. Jane -- Tom Simmons
    IV. Tom
    V. John
    VI. Ella -- Mac Lawrence
    VII. Roy
    VIII. George
    IX. Bill
    X. Grace -- Cyrus Parrack
        A. Louis
        B. Lois
        C. Cecil
        D. Muriel -- Bill Razor

Duncan and Peter Menzies were born in Scotland. In 1869 they came to the United States. In 1875 they homesteaded on section three of Mill Creek township. Peter lived in a dugout until he could build a rock house.

   I. Duncan -- Margaret Whittet
    II. Peter -- Jane Whittet
        A. Duncan
        B. Christina -- Chalon Lindsley
        C. Marjorie -- Rollie Hatter
        D. Peter -- Winifred Darby
            1. Clara -- Calvin Dodds
                a. Duncan -- Norma Dickson
                b. Dorothy -- Don Slaughter
                c. Winifred -- Harold Nutsch
                d. John
                e. Calvin -- Theresa
                g. James
            2. Virginia -- Jack Lillibridge
            3. James P. -- Viola Rogge
                a. Barbara -- Jim Farber
                b. Vicky -- Phillip Bhark
                c. Peter
        E. John -- Goldie Morris
            1. Gerald -- Mae Bahl
            2. Berniece -- William Schroeder
            3. Goldie -- Henry Zimmerman
            4. Dollene -- Lester Hiller
            5. Kenneth -- Dee
        F. Albert
        G. Lewis -- Addah Strayer
            1. Hubert -- Lois Bahl
                a. Larry -- Karen Lull
                b. Gene -- Marilyn Totten
                c. Roberta -- Jim Hauschel
                d. Kermit -- Joyce Blocker
                e. Rebecca -- Marvin Nance
                f. Ramona -- Gary Dorman
            2. Kermit -- Lucille Kephart
            3. Marjorie -- Robert Lindsey
            4. Mildred -- Keith Enfield

O.A. Stanton brought his wife and son, Lou, to the Dewey area. Lou and his parents later left the area and moved to Colorado. Lou and his wife and family returned to Kansas in 1920. The Henderson family lived in the Morrowville area and all seven of their children attended the Pursley School and graduated from Morrowville High School. Robert and Bruce Stanton manage a propane and fertilizer business in Morrowville and Fairbury, Nebraska, today. This business has been in continuous operation since it was purchased by O.A. Stanton in 19061 with James and Rick making the fifth generation to be a part of the operation.

1875 O. A. STANTON -- Dorcas
   I. Lou
        A. Faye -- Paul Henderson
            1. Dorthea -- Darrell Boutz
            2. Pauline -- Howard Hynek
            3. Madeline -- Virgle Brown
            4. Milton -- Kate Zimmerman
            5. Eldon -- Wanda Nutz
            6. Barbara -- Keith Cook
            7. Sally
        B. Clarabelle -- Walter Lewis
        C. Leslie -- Inez McGregor
        D. Ralph -- Lucile
    II. R. J. -- Olive Flock
        A. Harold J. -- Vera Barnes
            1. Robert -- Alice Palmer
                a. James -- Karen Wray
                    la. Eric
                    2a. Tina
                b. Lynn -- Robert Allen
                    1b. Heath
                    2b. Brooke
                c. Jennifer -- Robert Nutsch
            2. Bruce -- Nyla Dewey
                a. Rick
                b. Sondra
                c. Todd
        B. Verlin R.
        C. Velma -- Olson
        D. Max
    III. Forrest
    IV. Ernest
    V. Harry
    VI. Belle -- Adolph Hanna

Henry Vallier settled five miles west of Washington. He worked on the railroad.

1875 HENRY VALLIER -- Louisa Decker
    I. Margaret Sullivan
    II. Kate Shiller
    III. Ann Wade
    IV. Mary Severin
    V. May -- Harry Rollman
    VI. Hannah -- George Durst
    VII. Sarah -- John Durst
    VIII. George

The Durst brothers came from Pennsylvania. George Durst bought the farm where Kenneth Durst lives today.

1877 DURST
   I. George -- Hannah Vallier
        A. Frank -- Lizzie Clark/1
                            Viola Yeager/2
            1. Kenneth/1 -- Lola Hartgrave
                a. Larry -- Marcella Pauli
                    la. Eddie
                    2a. John
            2. Sylvester/1 -- Ila Hanshaw
                a. Leone
                b. Leroy
                c. Lavonne
                d. Leslie -- Karen Rhine
            3. Harold/2
            4. Margaret/2
            5. Duane/2 Frieda
                a. Linda -- Wiemers/l
                                Roger Blanken/2
                b. Frank -- Lovgren
            6. Gerald/2
    II. John -- Sarah Vallier
        A. Barbara -- Ora Arney
        B. Wesley -- Bessie Sommers
            1. John
            2. Evelyn -- Orville Lamb
            3. Floyd/Dick -- Leona Shara
                a. Charles -- Shirley Buehler/l
                    1b. Charlotte/2
                    2b. LaVern/2
                    3b. Charlene/2
                b. J. Kay -- Jim Ryan
            4. Wesley Jr.
            5. Nolan
            6. Paul
            7. George
            8. Helen
        C. John -- Berniece Taylor
            1. Cedric
        D. Luella -- Clyde Pepple
        E. Louisa -- Geo. Houdek/l
                            Everett Day/2

The McWilliams came from Scotland and moved east of Morrow across from the Creighton farm. Sarah McWilliams was the dressmaker in 1897 doing business in the French building.

   I. James -- Margaret Garrett
    II Fletcher -- Mary Garrett
        A. Will -- Josephine Gibson
        B. Fred -- Kate Wells
        C. James -- Beva Evans
        D. Sam -- Ivah Dillon
        E. Robert
        F. Tom
        G. Sarah -- Charles Hawes
            1. Raymond
        H. Mary -- John Erps

Henry and Amanda Rollman came from Pennsylvania.

1877 HENRY ROLLMAN -- Amanda
   I. Harry -- May Vallier
    II. Cora -- Charles Koehl
        A. Maude -- Elmer Stone
        B. Mable
        C. Gilbert -- May Reinecke
        D. Lucy
    III. Raymond
    IV. Charlie
    V. Fred -- Lydia Geyer
        A. Elmer -- Eleanor Elliott
            1. Harold
            2. Duane
        B. Henry/Rank -- Reva Jennings
            1. Gayle -- Jerry Graham
    VI. Minnie -- George Simnitt
        A. Mamie -- Lloyd Bertram
        B. Myrtle -- Emmett Yound
            1. Norman -- Eunice Griffiths
            2. Verda -- Larry Lindsley
        C. Otis -- Ila Dorman
        D. Lloyd
        E. Earl
        F. Ethel -- Ben Naylor
    VII. Harvey -- Edith Simnitt
        A. Florence -- Ed Olson
        B. Roy -- Virginia Weber
        C. Milford -- Dorothy Cupp
        D. Gladys

James and Sarah Garrett and Hugh came from Northern Ireland. They came by wagon train to Mill Creek township. Hugh and Matilda's oldest child died of cholera while they were in Illinois visiting their family. Hugh served as a member of the school board and was a believer of the principles of the Republican party. Hugh traded his business to Blocker for land in Oklahoma in 1895.

1878 JAMES GARRETT -- Sarah Pettigrew
    I. Hugh Garrett -- Matilda Austin
        A. Margaret
        B. James -- Florence Blood
            1. Nellie -- Doty
        C. Anna -- Thomas Holloway
        D. Horace -- Ellen Utterberg/l
                            Gertrude McPherson/2
        E. Maurice -- Mabel Adams
        F. Nellie -- Everett Neely

Archibold Patterson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He immigrated to Wisconsin. In 1878 he settled one mile west of the Pursley School.

1878 ARCHIBOLD PATTERSON -- Katherine Hagerty
    I. Nellie -- Frank Beeson
    II. Mamie -- Nicholas Brown
    III. Agnes -- John Hine/l
                        John Diller/2
    IV. George -- Lottie Jones
        A. John
    V. Frank -- Kate Davis
        A. Truman
    VI. James A. Dolly -- Bonar
        A. Eleanor -- George Hackbarth
        B. Raymond -- Mary Farrell
        C. Robert J. -- Ruby Jennings/l
                                Ellen Stone Tice/2
    VII. Genevieve
    VIII. John

The Elliott brothers were born in Pennsylvania and came to Washington County in 1879. Martin's great-grandson, Norman, owns and operates a construction company in Morrowville today.

   I. Martin B. -- Hannah Schaich
        A. Elmira -- Wm. Hill
        B. Jonah M. -- Mary Jenetta Moore
        C. Mathilda -- Oliphant
        D. Andrew -- Josie Burnett/l
                                Mildred Beggs/2
            1. Glenn/1 -- Hazel Pickard
                a. Norman -- Janet Moore
                    la. Lisa
                    2a. Sarah
            2. Willis/l -- Beth WaIters
            3. Wayne/1 -- Janet Scherbenske
                a. Mari Jo
    II. J. C. -- Ida
        A. William
    III. Jeff -- Nettie Hoffine
        A. John M. -- Gertrude Bower
            1. Orville -- Dorothy Smith
                a. Alice -- Richard Percival
                b. Robert -- Sandra Chambers
                c. Jean -- Cecil Grover
                d. Peggy -- Louie Iwert
            2. Basil -- Bonnie Nutz
                a. Rose M. -- Melvin Jantz
                b. Lyle -- Mary Blackburn
                    1b. Tia
                    2b. Larz
                c. Sue

James Lindsley came to Kansas from Locust Point, Ohio, by covered wagon and settled in the Blocker community. They lived in a dugout. He bought a grocery store in Morrowville in 1915. His son, Ralph, and grandson, Vern, both managed the store before it was sold by Vern to Herb Nutter.

1879 JAMES LINDSLEY -- Mary Ann Finker
   I. William
    II. George -- Christina Hoffine
        A. William M. -- Elsie Connell
            1. William Jr.
            2. Marilyn
        B. Fred -- Kathryn
        C. Mabel -- Dave Bonar
            1. William -- Elaine Wurtz
            2. Marie
        D. Vera -- Russell Bonar
        E. Kenneth -- Fern Smith
            1. Larry -- Verda Yound
                a. Shelly
                b. Gay Lynn
        F. Nadine -- Lawrence Sedlacek
            1. Jim
            2. Lonnie
    III. Hattie -- James Monroe
        A. Vaughn
    IV. Chalon -- Christina Menzies
        A. Fern
        B. Marjorie
        C. Hazel
        D. DeVere -- Faith Lindsley
            a. Fern Marie -- William Lampe
            b. Annalee -- Leslie Novak
            c. Colleen -- Mike Terpening
            d. Lyneta -- Ed Baxter
        E. Infant daughter
        F. Verlin/Jim -- Lorraine Lindsley
            a. Gary
            b. Connie -- Tom Espinoza
            c. Lanny -- Pat Jennings
                lc. Amy
                2c. Lana
                3c. Nikki
            d. Mitzi -- Rex Zenger
                1d. Sara
                2d. Rebecca
            e. Kelly
        G. Marvin
    V. Ralph -- Minnie Eichman
        A. Mildred
        B. Vern -- Mable Brant
        C. Clyde -- Whaunita Barnes
        D. Walter
    VI. Emma -- Fred Parrack
        A. Ermel
        B. Rhoba
    VII. Nancy
    VIII. Fredrick -- Emily Kling
    IX. Clark -- Emma Doherty
    X. Floyd -- Ethel Mooney/l
                        Alta Clark/2
        A. Wayne/1 -- Buelah Barnes
        B. Velma/l -- Wayne Barnes
        C. Clarabel/2 -- Ben Hartgrove
    XI. Clifford -- Blanche Jones
        A. Merle -- Mary
        B. Varie -- Jewell Burton
            1. Jim -- Linda Rhine
        C. Melvin -- Martha Burke
            1 Susan --Rick Wedd
            2. Mark -- Lisa Miller
                a. Justin
                b. Kristen
                c. Melissa
            3. Barbara -- Cal Livingston
                a. Summer
                b. Taylor

Robert McGregor was a sailor. He came from Scotland. His wife, Melissa Grover, was a teacher before she was married. Robert was manager of the Washington Mutual Telephone Company of which Morrowville was a part.

1870s ROBERT MCGREGOR -- Melissa Grover
    I. Inez -- Leslie Stanton
    II. R. Everett
    III. Celia -- John Luehring

John Nutsch was born in Linden, Prussia (Germany). Paul A. Nutsch purchased some land from Prellwitz for 50 cents downpayment.

1870s JOHN NUTSCH -- Mary Mueller
    I. Johanna
    II. Henry -- Barbara Rychtarik
        A. Joseph
            1. Annie -- Frank Naylor
                a. Tillie -- Calvin Grover
        B. Maude -- Frank Zach
            1. Frank
            2. Mildred -- Henry Blecha
            3. Harvey
            4. Lawrence -- Mildred
        C. Minnie -- Burke
            1. Gregory
            2. Martha -- Melvin Lindsley
        D. Ben -- Bessie
    III. Frank -- Bertha Langren
        A. Paul H. (Poodle)
        B. Emma -- Barney Heck
        C. Lena -- Charlie Prellwitz
        D. Frank
    IV. John F. -- Mary Koch
        A. Theresa -- Charles Huber
            1. Lawrence
            2. Rita -- Melvin Carlstedt
            3. Harold -- Frieda
                a. Sam
                b. Paul -- Beth Kruizenga
                c. Mary -- Jerry Boston
                d. James
                e. Charles -- Lori Stoker
                f. Dennis
                g. Richard
                h. Larry
        B. Agnes -- Francis Reedy
            1. Bernadette -- John L'Ecuyer
            2. Phyllis
            3. Leonard -- Judy Mahon
            4. Clifford
    V. Paul J. -- Anna Zaborksky
        A. Elnora
        B. Clara -- Morris Rose
        C. Louis
        D. George
        E. Francis W.
        F. Pauline -- Jesse James
    VI. August -- Sophy Zaborksky
        A. Richard
        B. Dorothy
        C. Evelyn
    VII. Herman -- Theresa Mueller
        A. Margaret -- Matt Bohn
            1. Martha -- Don Rhodes/l
                                Ed Courtney/2
    VIII. Marie -- Robert Seidel
        A. Robert -- Lizzie Schuessler
            1. Robert, Jr.
        B. Joseph -- Agnes Schuessler
        C. Albert
        D. Agnes
    IX. Paul A. -- Crezencia Koch
        A. Mary -- Julius Prellwitz
            1. Josephine -- Al Linenberger
                a. Mary -- Kent Criner
                b. Jim -- Ruth Chappel
                c. John
            2. Paul
            3. Fred
            4. Bill -- Ora Bell Wells
            5. Leonard
            6. Leroy -- Betty Brungardt
                a. Debbie -- Mike Graff
                    la. Wendy
                    2a. Jonathon
                b. Susie -- Steve Koch
                c. Sandy -- Kerns
                d. Andy
                e. Cindy
                f. Amy
            7. Lucille -- Dean Hays
            8. Marjorie -- Don Gregory
            9. Dorothy -- Robert Brown
            10. Patty -- Bennett
        B. Albert -- Gertrude Krischke
            1. Helen -- Kenneth Shea
                a. Mary Lou -- Max Weir
                b. Celia
                c. Dennis
            2. Ed -- Betty Hiltgen Roberts
                a. Gary Roberts -- Gayle Oliver
                    la. Gary
                    2a. Gayle
                    3a. Jene
                    4a. Gregg
                b. Don Roberts -- Paulette Buckner
                    1b. Paula
            3. Francis R. -- Shirley Lull
                a. Nyla
                b. Donna
                c. Teri
            4. Harold -- Winifred Dodds
                a. Carol
                b. Crissie
                c. Jean
            5. Charles -- Arlyss Easterburg
        C. Max -- Clara Zurfluh
            1. Herman
            2. Rudolph
            3. Kenneth -- Joann
            4. Paul -- Lewis
            5. Alfred -- Oleta Kirkpatrick
            6. Frank -- Martha L'Ecuyer
                a. Cindy -- Dennis Stallbaumer
                b. Steve -- Michelle Berney
                    1b. Brandon
                c. Robert -- Jennifer Stanton
                    lc. Jessica
                d. James
                e. Sandy
        D. Josephine -- Odgers
        E. George -- Marvel Burton
            1. Ladean -- Fletcher/1
                                Matt Donahue/2
                                Bob Crimmins
            2. Patty -- Dick Schropp
            3. Jim -- Donna Dewey
        F. Elizabeth -- Schoke
        G. Henry -- Alta McCollum
    X. Annie -- Michael Carl

Edward Crafford helped build the railroad.

1880 EDWARD CRAFFORD -- Mary Allen
    I. Earl -- Viola Grimes
        A. Avis -- Ivan Thompson
        B. Lois -- Lester Zimmerman
    II. Harry

The Gould family settled in Lowe township in 1880.

1880 R.D. GOULD -- Julia Ann Welch
    I. John -- Alta Throop
    II. Joe -- Bertha Gauby
    III. Lottie -- Joe Hauschel, Sr.
    IV. Catherine -- George Alwin
    V. Winston
    VI. Orval -- Gertrude Palmer
        A. Ruby
        B. Leonard
        C. Donald
    VII. Hallie
    VIII. Harlan

M. H. Grimes was a harness maker. He was one of the first mail carriers for Morrow. He was paid $60.00 a month. His wife ran a millinery shop.

1880 M. H. GRIMES -- Sarah J. Brewer
    I. Beryl
    II. Viola (adptd) -- Earl Crafford

J. S. Hackney was a captain in the Civil War. He and his wife settled in the Blocker area.

1880 J.S. HACKNEY -- Catherine
    I. W. R.
    II. Charles -- Elizabeth
        A. Mable -- Charles Thompkins
        B. Herb
        C. Nelle
    III. Vinnie -- John Benne
        A. Herman
        B. Bernard -- Anna Horky
            1. Max -- Lucylle Hoffman
            2. Mae
        C. Stella -- Ray Terpening

Nelson and Francis Lewis homesteaded on a farm in Farmington township near the Plainview Church. James D. Lewis built several buildings in Morrowville. In one of them his sons, Walter and David, ran a garage. It is the present ITCO store. James D. Lewis ran a blacksmith shop, and it was in this shop that James Cummings built his first bulldozer.

1880 NELSON LEWIS -- Francis
   I. James B. Lewis -- Mollie Stolzer
        A. David -- Zola Porter
        B. Edith -- Harold Cozine
        C. Walter -- Clara Belle Stanton
            1. Bonnie -- Ralph Dodd
            2. Helen
            3. Bob
            4. Jim
            5. Bill
        D. Ray

Alexis Lull settled northeast of Morrowville.

   I. Alva -- Morris Tedro
    II. Ida -- Roach
    III. Ella -- Denton
    IV. Josie -- Harry Line
    V. Claude
    VI. Allan -- Maggie Wright
        A. Orluff -- Beulah Wilkinson
            1. Bonnie -- Robert Shaw/l
            2. Shirley -- Francis R. Nutsch
            3. Lois Ann
        B. Eva -- Paul Reinecke
            1. Lester
        C. Pearl
        D. Everett -- Eunice Nash
        E. Norman -- Lois Griffing
            1. Patty -- LeRoy Barnes
        F. Laura -- Clark Long
        G. Velma -- Paul Reinecke
            1. Peggy
        H. Franklin -- Mildred Brown
            1. Karen -- Larry Menzies
            2. Douglas -- Sandi Cole
                a. Jacob
                b. Joshua
            3. Charles
        I. Elizabeth -- Jim Boles
        J. Kenneth -- Avis Lallak
    V. U.S.
        A. Wayne -- Olive Rea
        B. Elmer
    C. Sherman
    D. Theodore
    E. Opal -- Zwiefel

John and Regina Skipton came from Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and moved to the farm now owned by Dale Dittmer. Eliza and Wilmet Vincent lived in the Blocker community then moved into the house now owned by John Neyer. Oliver and Dora Skipton lived near the Rock school for 55 years.

1880 JOHN SKIPTON -- Regina Wolf
   I. Oliver -- Dora Vincent
        A. Francis
        B. Lois
    II. Eliza -- Wilmet Vincent
    III. Jesse O. -- Florence Congleton
        A. Sherman -- Esther Back
            1. Terry -- Kathryn Jaworski
            2. Sheryl -- Denny Senters
            3. Perry -- Jodi Bobbitt/l
                            Linda Avila/2
        B. Freeman -- Frances Rigdon
        C. Virginia -- Ray Lillibridge
        D. Jesse O., Jr. -- Carol Falsha
        E. John H. -- Mary Anderson
        F. Donald -- Marlene Cross
        G. Virgil -- Shirley Pelesky
        H. Darrell -- Ilene Drapal
    IV. Mark
        A. Pearl -- Merle Mooren
    V. Lee
    VI. Ethel
    VII. John

John T. Violet lived southeast of Enosdale.

1880 JOHN T. VIOLET -- Melissa
   I. Virgil -- Estella Brown
    II. Oscar -- Nellie Abrams
        A. Lela -- Harlan Moothart
    III. Guy -- Elsie

The Bonar borthers came from Ohio to the Enosdale community. Albert (Bert) Bonar was in the implement business in Morrowville.

1881 BONAR
   I. S. Milton -- Martha Gartin
        A. Charles -- Ethel Drummet
        B. Albert -- Ada Collins
            1. Lloyd -- Louise Stone
                a. Betty -- Paul Herda
                b. Arlo -- Marlene Barthuly
            2. Dorothy/fd -- William Peterson
        C. Leonard -- Flossie Hamilton
        D. E.A./Dolly -- James Patterson
            1. Eleanor -- George Hackbarth
            2. Raymond -- Mary Farrell
            3. Robert J. -- Ruby Jennings/l
                                    Ellen Stone Tice/2
        E. Samuel
        F. Harry
    II. David -- Sadie Snodgrass
        A. Elmer
        B. Verlin -- Edna Rhine
        C. Norris -- Veva Combs
        D. William -- Cora Spring
            1. Roy
            2. Merle -- Bea Wieland
                a. Janet
                b. Peggy
                c. Lois Ann
                d. Bonnie
        E. Eva -- Condit, D.D.S.
    III. Charles B. -- Lucinda Patrie
        A. Ray -- Eva Kelsey
        B. Russell -- Vera Lindsley
    IV. Johnson (Linc) -- Martha Pickett (2)
        A. Earl
        B. Obie
        C. Edith -- Albert Oliver
        D. Hazel -- Frank Burnett
            1. Keith
            2. Ruth -- Claude Rocheck
            3. Jamps
        E. Margaret -- Earl Wylie
        F. Mary -- Ivil Wylie
        G. David -- Mabel Lindsley
            1. Marie -- Glen Day
            2. William -- Elaine Wurtz
                a. Peggy -- Don Ward
                b. Deborah -- Martin Wieland
                c. Jim
                d. Kathy
                e. Danny

J. Alex Moore came from Ohio to Marysville and then to Morrowville.

1881 J. ALEX MOORE -- Susan Cole
    A. Myrtle -- Joseph Gray
    B. Walter
    C. Mary -- Jonah Elliott
    D. Nellie -- Ed Brown
    E. George -- Margaret Edwards
    F. Joe -- Margaret Erps
    G. Sarah -- Lawrence Delay
        1. Marvin -- Edna Ovenston
            a. David
            b. Barbara
                1b. Jason
            c. Charles -- Della
                lc. Brandon
            d. Jennifer
            e. Patrick
            f. Jonathan
        2. Melvin -- Darlene Grover
        3. Eldon
        4. Arlo -- Sally Farber
    H. Neal -- Julia Olson
        1. Earl -- Leota Smith
            a. Leo -- JoAnn Zimmerman
                la. Diane -- Richard Miller
                2a. Connie
                3a. Susan
                4a. Danny
        2. Lloyd
    I. Frank -- Nora Oliver
    J. Roy -- Merle Jones
        1. Robert/Dub -- Lucille Pruser
            a. Steve
            b. Debbie
            c. Janet
            d. Joanne -- John George
        2. Donald/Gooch -- Jeanne Trembly
            a. Linda -- Dwight Sutphin
            b. Mary Lou -- Dan Reynolds
            c. Larry
            d. Donald
        3. Everett (Wimp) -- Marjorie Burnett

J. H. Beggs lived in the Creighton area. Milton Beggs was a dentist in Morrowville.

1882 J. H. BEGGS -- Alice Earnest
    I. Carl
    II. Earnest
    III. Fanny
    IV. Milton, DDS
    V. Evelyn
    VI. Marcie
    V. Phillip

R.D. Cozine lived in the Rock community. Later the family moved to the farm now owned by Glenn Elliott.

1882 R.D. COZINE -- Effie Bunnell
    I. Ellis
    II. Merton
    III. Clara
    IV. Glenn
    V. Vern
    VI. Harold -- Edith Lewis
    VII. Ray -- Clara Janeway/l
                        Mildred Elliott/2
    VIII. Ralph
    IX. Earl -- Mamie Meyers

John Gray came from Illinois to a farm in the Albia vicinity. John's grandaughter, Eliza, and her husband, Tom Lardner, owned and operated Reno #2 for a number of years.

   I. Ralph L. -- Etta Calloway
        A. Eliza -- A. Thomas Lardner
            1. Mary -- Delmar Siebolt
            2. Gertrude -- Elmer (Bud) Olandt
        B. Mildred -- Glenn Church
    II. Amy -- James Smith
    III. Homer
    IV. Mabel
    V. Nona -- Fred Clark

The Nutter family.

   I. Walter
        A. Emmet
            1. Jack
            2. Virginia -- Bill Kephart
            3. William
        B. Herbert -- Luella
            1. Fayette
            2. Darrel
            3. Nola -- Wynn
        C. Perl
        D. Olen
        E. Ed
        F. Mary
        G. Albertine
    II. Joseph
        A. Earl -- Ella Hackbarth
        B. Bessie -- Iver Jennings
        C. Jenny -- Phlander Dewey
    III. William
        A. Charles
        B. Joe

Nicholas W. Parken lived one and one half mile north of Morrowville.

    I. William
    II. Alta
    III. Lulu -- G. Wertman
    IV. Fred -- Lena Grover
    V. Lottie -- Lloyd Stoker
        A. Russell -- Violet Mittler/l
                            Marvel Nutsch/2

Fred Weber's son, Frank, was in the implement business with Albert (Bert) Bonar. George Brant owned Brant Motor Company and sold Fords and Whippets. Harvey Brant ran the Conoco station. Harvey built the house that his wife, Clara, still lives in today in 1930 when they were married. It is the oldest house in town that is still occupied by the person who first lived in it.

   I. Mary -- Loch
    II. Joe -- Tracy Materi
        A. Everett
        B. Virginia -- Roy Rollman
        C. Jimmy
    III. Sophia -- George Brant
        A. Edward -- Della Beitzel
        B. Harvey -- Clara Barnes
            1. Beverly -- Ronald Sandlin
            2. Patty -- Glen Hynek
        C. Vera -- Guy Ratcliff
        D. Mable -- Vern Lindsley
    IV. John
    V. William
    VI. Katie
    VII. Carrie -- Frank Gassert
        A. Irene -- Olin Bennett
        B. Mildred -- Clyde Boston

George Arney first lived east of the Catholic Church in the Bales neighborhood and then moved east of Wielands.

1884 GEORGE ARNEY -- Joannah
   I. Ora -- Barbara Durst
        A. Charles -- Mary Alexa
        B. Ermal -- Virginia Justus
        C. Maureen -- Maurice Stanton
    II. Henry
    III. Ed -- Lillie Mayberry
    IV. Edith -- Harry Meyer
    V. Ivy -- Cole McCormick
    VI. Rose

George Diller was a native of Ohio. He lived on the Lawrence Diller farm now occupied by Douglas Schwartz. His son, Henry, was a banker, teacher and farmer.

1884 GEORGE DILLER -- Mary Lemon
   I. John -- Ellen McCallum
    II. Will -- Anna Lewis
    III. Charles
    IV. Henry -- Stella Rust
        A. Vera -- Columbus Jones
            1. Robert -- Jean Darby
            2. Morris
            3. Bill -- Janet Bowen
            4. Phil
        B. Wilma -- Claude Boston
            1. Claude D.
            2. Conrad A.
        C. Helen -- Ed Schneberger
            1. Wilma J.
        D. Harold
        E. Dorothy -- Elmer Jensen
            1. James
            2. Dorothy J.
        F. Duane -- Maurine Lamb
            1. Richard
            2. Carolyn
            3. Maurine E.
        G. Marjorie -- Gene Meyers/l
                                James Stewart/2
            1. Johnny/1
            2. Marcia/1
    V. Allen D. -- Elsie Cooper
    VI. Bert -- Ada Williams/1
                    Pansy Irene Dale/2
        A. Everett/1
        B. Lulu/2 -- Sport Tegethoff
    VII. Carl -- Anna Mae Nutter
        A. Mildred -- Charlie Castner
    VIII. Ida -- Fred Keefover
    IX. Frank -- Ida Dewey
        A. Eunice -- Don Dickson
    X. Victor -- Elva Davis
        A. Lawrence -- Viola Hejtschmidt
            1. Sheryl -- Hiram Lilly
        B. Max -- Vivian Odgers
        C. Geraldine -- Joe Zahn
        D. Doris-- Jim Greever/l
                        Kenneth Morris/2

Francis C. Gwin, a native of Pennsylvania, moved to Lowe township from Seward, Nebraska. Frank Gwin was a school teacher before he married Cora Stratton. Frank and Cora spent most of their lives in Lowe township. Their children attended Hoffine school. He was probate judge in Washington county from 1916-1920.

1884 FRANCIS C. GWIN -- Ann
   I. Mary Emma -- Arra Dull
    II. Ella -- Frank Rickert
    III. Jim
    IV. Will
    V. F.E. (Frank) -- Cora Stratton
        A. Merle -- Carrie Osterhout
        B. Roy -- Anna Brooks
        C. Paul -- Clara Rust
        D. Edith -- Nathan Gish
        E. Eva -- Ernest Benne
        F. Bertha -- Merriam Cook
        G. Clara -- Perle Frost
        H. Lois -- William Frost
    VI. Dave
    VII. Sadie -- Charlie Baird
    VIII. John
    IX. Harry -- Gertrude Baird
    X. Nettie -- Austin Wells
        A. Ernest -- Lillie Fiser
        B. Leslie -- Wilkinsen
        C. Mary -- Harry Rose
        D. Rex -- Mable Dart
        E. Nellie -- Elmer Fiser
    XI. Clara

Jaroslav Kolman, a Czechoslovakia native, lived on a farm north of Morrowville where his son, Jerry, lived before moving to Morrowville.

1884 JAROSLAV KOLMAN -- Mary Tuma
    I. Laudis
    II. Jerry -- Grace Homolka
        A. Carol
        B. Rose
        C. Jerry
        D. Dorothy -- Don Grove
            1. Dwayne
            2. David
            3. Danny
        E. Barbara
        F. Leslie
        G. Alan
        H. Kelly
    III. Lottie -- Emil Homolka
        A. Sally -- Billy Hoffman
    IV. Joe -- Doris Bertram
    V. Mildred -- Jim Walklin

William Mooren came to the county with the Rickerts. He worked in Bond's Mill. They lived in the Gaskill and Lowe Center areas. His son, Lloyd, owned and operated a cafe in Morrowville and a granddaughter, Alberta (Bertie) Slater, owned and operated a beauty shop.

1884 WILLIAM MOOREN -- Margaret Simmons
    I. Emma McAtee
    II. Ollie -- Susie Metzger
        A. Lawrence
        B. Loren
        C. Velma -- Treagor
    III. Wesley -- Cora Hackbarth
        A. Wayne
        B. Betty -- O'Connors
    IV. Mamie -- Leonard Elwood
        A. Betty
    V. Guila -- Charlie Zabokrtsky
        A. Duane
        B. Darlene -- Verlin Gross
        C. Elmer
        D. Leroy -- Lucille Woods
    VI. Molly -- Diltz Henderson
        A. Genela
        B. Lonny
    VII. Ethel -- Delbert Allen
        A. Jim -- Connie Coats
    VIII. Lela -- Glen Schmidt
    IX. Merle -- Pearl Skipton
    X. Lloyd -- Alfrieda Wieland
        A. Patti -- William (Bill) Hynek
        B. Alberta/Bertie -- Don Slater
            1. Russ -- Susie Nutsch
            2. Jona
        C. Laverta Dee -- Bob King
        D. Jim -- Pat

Christian Osterhout came from White Pigeon, Michigan to Highland, Kansas, and in 1884 moved to a 16' x 14' log cabin-dugout in section 25 of Lowe township. Milo Osterhout, an early day merchant in Morrowville, managed a skimming station. His wife, Olive Watson, was a teacher at the Hoffine school.

    I. C. Del -- Florence LeinBach
    II. Milo -- Olive Watson
    III. Libby -- Oliver King
    IV. Elsie -- Arthur Stoker
    V. Iona -- Eugene Boston
        A. Marion -- Mable Luehring
        B. Ruby -- John Applegarth
        C. Leona
        D. Clyde -- Mildred Gassart
        E. Dale
    VI. Leona
    VII. Marion -- Jim Adams
    VIII. Fred -- Fren Roderick
    IX. Carrie -- Merle Gwin
    X. Homer -- Elva Kokjer

A. S. Rickert came from Tennessee to the Emmons area and later to the Morrowville area.

1884 A. S.(DOLPH) RICKERT -- Emma Mooren
    I. Oliver -- Grace Pursley
    II. Ivy -- Lawrence Eichman
    III. Ruby

J. D. Sawyer came from Brown county Kansas with John Wieland. He settled first in the Emmons area. He bought the Cummings place east of Morrowville in 1902. His grandson, Junior, lives on the farm today.

1884 J. D. SAWYER -- Ida Mae Roberts

    I. Eunice -- Daniel Schroth
    II. Ear -- Elizabeth Koch
        A. Junior -- Mary Huss
            1. Mark -- Mary
            2. Debbie -- Kevin Hogan
            3. Christy -- Dennis Brungardt
    III. Helen -- James Craig
    IV. Margery -- Alvin Knedlick

John Wieland purchased the farm south of Morrowville from E.C. Melvin who homesteaded there.

1884 JOHN WIELAND -- Anna Schwab
   I. Harry Wilcox/adptd -- Edna Nutter
        A. Valore
        B. Curtis -- Gunnell Seaholm
            1. Joanne -- Clifford Elder
            2. Richard -- Fern
            3. John -- Ronda Goebel
                a. Randall
                b. Shenane
                c. Matasha
                d. Sean
            4. David -- Marjorie Krause
            5. Christa -- Wayne Prior
                a. Laura
                b. Bradley
                c. Quenton
                d. Cameron
            6. Karen -- Richard L'Ecuyer
            7. Ina -- James Maize
            8. Donald -- Joynita Uffman
                a. Dena
                b. Kristy
                c. Neil
            9. Erik
            10. Martia -- Larry Rockhold
            11. Martin -- Susan McClary/l
                                Deborah Bonar/2
                a. Clinton/1
                b. Robin/1
                c. Billie Jo/2
                d. Clay/2
        C. Bea -- Merle Bonar
        D. Alfrieda -- Lloyd Mooren
    II. Ethel Wilcox/adptd

Charles Zabokrtsky came to Kansas in 1871 and moved to the Ensodale community in Washington County in 1884.

    I. Anna P. J. Nutsch
    II. Sophy -- August Nutsch
        A. Richard -- Marjorie Strong
        B. Dorothy -- Melvin Slagle
        C. Evelyn
    III. Charles -- Guila Mooren
    IV. Josephine -- George Lohrengel
    V. Edwin -- Katherine Sawin
    VI. Emil --Flora Porter
    VI. Louis -- Ruby Kuhl
    VIII. Rudolph -- Laveta Sweetland

Sylvester Alwin settled in Lowe township one mile north and one-fourth east of the Catholic Church.

   I. Daniel -- Edna Taylor
        A. Max
        B. Lorna -- Marion Wilkinson
        C. Lawrence -- Ellen Bonewitz
        D. Ruth -- Norman Lohmeyer
        E. Vaughn -- Florence Specht
        F. Shirley -- Doyle Boutz
    II. Flora -- Bill Wells
    III. .John -- Carrie Ford
    IV. George -- Catherine Gould

Samuel Naylor lived two miles west of the Albia Store. He helped organize the Lowe Center and Hoffine churches.

1885 SAMUEL NAYLOR -- Rosalina Bright
    I. William -- Nora Adams
        A. Ben
        B. Robert
        C. Mabel
        D. Viola
        E. Marvin
        F. Maxine
    II. Dan -- Ethel Norris
    III. Thomas

The Alfred Olson family.

   I. Julia -- Neal Moore
        A. Earl Moore -- Leota Smith
    II. Clarence
    III. Edward -- Florence Rollman

Edward Taylor made his home south of the Rock Cemetary. Dan and Edna Alwin lived on the Taylor farm where their daughter, Shirley, and her husband, Doyle Boutz, live today.

1885 EDWARD TAYLOR -- Nina
    I. Walter
    II. Bernice -- John Durst
    III. Edna -- Daniel Alwin

Otto Walkemeyer settled on a farm in section 24 in Lowe township. Their children attended Hoffine School.

1885 OTTO WALKEMEYER -- Josephine
    I. Fred
    II. George -- Anna Lemon
        A. Mabel -- Erickson/l
                            Austin Gordon/2
            1. Maxola/l
            2. Gerald/1
    III. Theresa/Lena -- Albert Boutz
        A. Doyle -- Shirley Alwin
            1. Kyle -- Setsuko
            2. Kathy -- Robert Fuller
            3. Kenton -- Anita Jackson
        B. Darrel -- Dorthea Henderson
        C. Glen -- Anita Nordquist
    IV. Agnes -- Cayler

A. M. Dull lived in the Dewey vicinity. A daughter, Anna, married Lloyd Wilsey who was instrumental in getting the coop oil company in Morrowville.

1886 A.M. DULL -- Mary Gwin
   I. Effie -- Floyd Nutter
    II. Bert
    III. Edward -- Iris Funke
        A. Kathryn -- Francis Waser
    IV. Anna -- Lloyd Wilsey
        A. Alice -- John Larson
        B. Alma -- George Edelen
        C. Velma -- Eanest (Bub) Sewell
        D. Maryanna -- James Weaver
        V. Clyde -- Lena Cassill
            A. Jeanie Cassill

Hannah and her third husband, John Smith, owned the farm that Wayne Elliott's heirs own today. John Schaich lived in section 11 in Mill Creek township. The Schaich School got its name from this man.

   I. Hannah -- Martin Elliott/1
                        Frank Vogan/2
                        John Smith/3
        A. Elmira/l -- Wm. Hill
        B. Jonah M./l -- Mary Jenetta Moore
        C. Mathilda/l -- Alva Oliphant
        D. Andrew/1 -- Josie Burnett/l
                                Mildred Beggs/2
            1. Glenn/1 -- Hazel Pickard
            2. Willis/l -- Beth WaIters
            3. Wayne/1 -- Janet Scherbenske
        E. Alice/2 -- Clarence Throop
            1. Hardy -- Crispina
        F. Nellie/2 -- Fred Randall
    II. John -- Eva Ridder
        A. Minnie -- Charles Foth
        B. Hannah -- Steward Little
        C. F. Edward
        D. Irvin -- Velma Meyer
        E. Alva -- Gertrude Bower
            1. Opal -- Willis Russell
            2. Marjorie -- Lloyd Terpening
            3. Evelyn -- Luther Miller
            4. Eldon
            5. Lloyd
            6. Glen
        F. Charlotte -- Frank B. Weber
        G. Stella -- John Miller
        H. Clara -- Justin McNish

O. H. P. Steele came to section 28 in Coleman township from Illinois.

1886 O.H.P. STEELE
   I. O. P. -- Eliza Wolfe
        A. Verna -- George Lyons
        B. Talmadge -- Mae Jurey/l
                                Florence Pierce/2
            1. Earl/1
            2. Gladys/1
        C. Abraham -- Louise Thiele
        D. Oliver -- Mildred Tainter
            I. O. P. III -- Bonnie Dickson
        E. Bill -- Vesta Bichel
        F. Harold -- Hazel
        G. Betty -- Don Cameron
        H. Arlo -- Esther Nauerth
        I. Homer -- Berniece Barnes

Robert Shaw came to Washington County in a mule drawn covered wagon and settled on what is the Congelton place. His wife was from Coleman township. Their children attended Tebo School.

1887 ROBERT SHAW -- Jenny Jarvis
   I. Archie -- Cathryn Woods
        A. Bob -- Bonnie Lull
        B. Truman
        C. Willis -- Audry Johnston
    II. John -- Ida Williams
    III. Chester
    IV. Cecile Brodie

John T. Pepple moved to Morrowville as a track foreman for the Burlington Railroad. His son, Harry, owned several stores and was a barber in Morrowville and a sheriff in Washington County.

1888 JOHN T. PEPPLE -- Melinda
   I. Harry -- Elise Mengers
        A. Vera -- Otho Barnes
    II. Clyde
    III. Chester
    IV. Ralph
    V. Perle
    VI. Lyla

Jim, John and Tom Barnes came to the Emmons community with their mother and step father, Matt Martin. Bertie Martin is a half sister. Tom Barnes was the first janitor at Morrowville High School. John Barnes was a farmer and lived in a little house north of the high school.

   I. Jim -- Phoebe Edwards
        A. Ethyl
        B. Charlie
        C. Bernice -- Homer Steele
        D. Willard
    II. John -- Mable Stoffel
        A. Elmer -- Clara Smith
        B. Clara -- Harvey Brant
        C. Gladys -- George Thomas
        D. Beulah -- Wayne Lindsley
        E. Whaunita -- Clyde Lindsley
    III. Tom -- Marie Pauli
        A. Verlin -- Mildred Yeager
            1. Dorothy
            2. Marvin
            3. Leroy -- Patty Lull
        B. Otho -- Vera Pepple
            1..June -- Ival Brabec
            2. Joan -- Ronald Holmes
            3. Tony -- Verda Stigge
            4. Jackie -- John Lundblade
        C. Vera -- Harold Stanton
        D. Harold -- Lillian Alexa
            1. Judy -- Bob Funk
            2. Steve -- Ouellette
        E. Wayne -- Velma Lindsley
        F. Velma -- Fred Mathy
        G. Donald -- Bernice Mittler

Antone Hauschel's grandson, Marvin (Mike), was the janitor at the grade school and high school.

   I. Joseph -- Lottie Gould
        A. Rose -- Clarence Wells
            1. Ruth -- Marvin Ginn
                a. Jean -- Robert Lehman
                    1a. Jeff
                    2a. Tammy
                b. Joyce
            2. Lester
            3. Doris -- Bill Clark
            4. Betty
            5. Lloyd -- Anita Welch
            6. Carl -- Phyllis Westhoff
                a. Sherry -- Tim Gilliam
                b. Ed
                c. Bob
                d. Jon
            7. Marie
        B. Lucy -- Dick Menke
        C. Grace -- Glen Schmidt
        D. Jenny -- Bill Green
        E. Robin -- Bessie
            1. Keith
            2. Luella -- Jim Woods
            3. Mary Ann -- Earl Decker
            4. Jim -- Roberta Menzies
        F. Joseph Jr. -- Hilda Miller
            1. Larry -- Marcella Kay Conrad
                a. Rick
                b. Michelle (Micki)
                c. Tom
                d. Jacqueline (Jacki)
            2. Gary -- Kay Tamerius
        G. Howard -- Bessie LaFarge
            1. Richard
        H. Marvin/Mike -- Luella Smith
            1. Vonda -- Bob Pumarlo
            2. Marvene -- Bill Geibor
            3. Kenneth -- Kay Nutsch
            4. Terry
        I. Millie -- Leslie Hubka
            1. Darrell
            2. Sharon
            3. Bruce
        J. Marjorie -- Delmar Miller
            1. Carol -- Chuck Bauer

John Stone came from Missouri and knew Jesse James. They first lived in the Ash Creek area, the Blocker area, and later moved to the Bell area.

1880's JOHN STONE -- Mary Dunaway
    I. Charlie -- Fanny Bastow
        A. Ray
        B. Glen
        C. Elmer
    II. Theodore -- Annice Brown
        A. Lottie -- Ira Merritt
        B. Hubert -- Agnes Merritt
        C. Ward -- Mildred Henry
        D. Louise -- Lloyd Bonar
            1. Betty -- Paul Herda
            2. Arlo -- Marlene Barthuly
    III. Florence
    IV. Ralph
    V. Logan -- Maude Hagans
        A. Josephine -- James Graves
            1. Violice -- O'Connor
            2. Erwin
            3. Bob -- Betty Taylor
                a. Travis
                b. Tracy
                c. Tina
            4. Merlin -- Betty Hillibrandt
            5. Leon
            6. Mary
            7. John
            8. Eunice -- Mike Jennings
            9. Janeen
            10. Kevin
        B. Margaret -- Frank Nespor
            1. Duane -- Dorothy Hanshaw
            2. Ronnie -- Dixie
            3. Donna -- Larry Lohrengel/l
                                Gene Phillips/2
            4. Roger -- Cheryl
        C. Ellen -- A.B. Tice/l
                        Robert Patterson/2
            1. Judy/1 -- Martin
            2. Ben/1 -- Nancy Elder
                a. Tracy
                b. Tim
                c. Darcy
            3. Bob/1 -- Sue
            4. Jody/l -- Clyde Lucking
            5. Tom/1 -- Martha Tegethoff
        D. Esther
        E. Francis -- Faye
    V. Lucy -- William Bole
        A. Jenny -- Dunick
        B. Mary -- Warrick
        C. Esther -- Lester Totten
        D. Edith -- Harold Congleton
        E. James -- Eliza Lull
        F. Ruby -- Harold Huffman
        G. Billy Bob
    VI. Alfred -- Mertle Combs
        A. Gertie -- Stromm
    VII. Ann -- Charley Brown

O. J. Wells came from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He was a businessman in Morrowville.

1880s O. J. WELLS -- Rose
   I. Ray -- Lillie Green
        A. Lyle
        B. Guy -- Leota Pascal
        C. Dale -- Marjorie Bolejack
        D. Blaine -- Pauline Bolejack
        E. Ora Belle -- Bill Prellwitz
    II. Vira Smith/adptd -- Otis Hanshaw

Milton and Rozella Jennings homesteaded in Colorado and later returned to the Spring Valley neighborhood. Lanny Lindsley now lives on the farm.

1890 MILTON JENNINGS -- Rozella Terpening
    I. Iver -- Bessie Nutter
        A. Earl
            1. Mike -- Eunice Graves
            2. Patricia -- Lanny Lindsley
            3. David
    II. Earl -- Clare McNish
        A. Maynard
        B. Guy -- Phyllis Fraser
        C. Ruby -- Robert Patterson
        D. Reva -- Henry Rollman
    III. Guy
    IV. Vera

Thomas Miller settled in section 22 in Lowe township.

1890 THOMAS MILLER -- Barbara
   I. Kate -- Joe Cropper
    II. Lillie -- Hackbarth
    III. Anna -- Spradling
    IV. May -- Zenger
    V. Joe
    VI. Anthon
    VII. John
    VIII. Edward
    IX. George
    X. Charlie
    XI. Thomas, Jr. -- Emma Hackbarth
        A. Anna -- Elmer Terpening
        B. Minnie -- Clarence Terpening
            1. Luella -- Edwin Welch
        C. Hilda -- Joseph Hauschel, Jr.
        D. Elda -- Bill Adkins
        E. Luther -- Evelyn Schaich
        F. Delmar -- Marjorie Hauschel
        G. Gladys -- Bob Novak
        H. Byrtil1a -- Rex Lichtenberger
        I. Evelyn -- William J. Hinel
        J. Harold
        K. Martha -- Harry Harris

John and Robert Fraser came to Brown County Kansas in 1884. They bought land from Lucy McCullum in 1891. Robert's wife, Anna, died of tuberculosis when Lyle was one year old. James and Margaret McWilliams took care of Lyle until his father married Sarah Fulton. Robert crossed the Atlantic Ocean 13 times. DeVere Lindsley now lives on the farm.

    I. John -- Mary
    II. Robert -- Anna Walters/l
                        Sarah/Jennie Fulton/2
        A. Lyle -- Muriel Tipton
            1. Faith -- DeVere Lindsley
            2. Phyllis -- Guy Jennings
            3. Lorraine -- Jim Lindsley

Louis Heck I came from Hanover, Kansas, and bought 80 acres of land in section 8 in Mill Creek township. The children attended Pursley School.

1891 LOUIS HECK I -- Rarbara Gunther
    I. Minnie -- Dan Weber
        A. Kay
    II. Louis II -- Ruby Benne
        A. Louis III
    III. Margaret
    IV. Helen -- Ben Rhodes
        A. Floyd
    V. Willie
    VI. Gilbert -- Eleanor WaIters
        A. Willis
        B. Marvin
        C. Eleanor -- Floyd Rogge
        D. Gilbert -- Kay
        E. Jimmy John
        F. Wanda -- Arthur D. Miller
        G. Dennis -- Judy Buterbaugh

George and Kate Cupp came from Iowa and settled in section 17 in Coleman township.

1893 GEORGE CUPP -- Kate Earnest
   I. Earnest
    II. Glenn William
    III. Walter (Dutch)
    IV. Edna -- Harry Sawin
    V. Roy
    VI. Faith -- Gus Matson
    VII. Carl

John Weber came to the Lowe Center area in 1893.

    I. Dan -- Wilhemenia Heck
    II. Frank -- Lottie Schaich
        A. Art
        B. Wilma
        C. Mildred
        D. Charlotte -- Clyde Smith
    III. Jim
    IV. Bill
    V. Lou
    VI. Ray -- Irene Cummings
    VII. Ethel -- Gus Doering
    VIII. Emma
    IX. Lena
    X. Goldie
    XI. Mary
    XII. Effie

Henry Bertram came from Greenleaf and pastured cattle in the Haddam community. He owned a meat market in Morrowville. He lived three miles southwest of Morrowville .

1894 HENRY BERTRAM -- Bertha Harvey
   I. Henry -- Lilliam Eichman
        A. Eilene -- Day
        B. Lillian -- Ernest Heina
        C. Wilma -- Roy Diedrich
        D. Doris -- Joe Kolman
        E. Clariece -- Jim Seacord
    II. Oscar
    III. Lloyd -- Mamie Simnit
        A. Opal -- Jim Simons
        B. Clara -- Ernie Runge
        C. Darel -- Jacque Degering
            1. Lyle
            2. Bob
            3. Rita
    IV. Nora -- William Hynek
        A. William -- Patty Mooren/l
                            Lavera Durst/2
            1. William, Jr./l
            2. Todd/1
            3. Darin/l
        B. Jesse
    V. Caroline -- Victor Novak

M. A. Stoker came to Mill Creek township in 1894.

1894 M. A. STOKER
   I. Arthur -- Elsie Osterhout
    II. Lloyd -- Lottie Parken
        A. Russell -- Violet Mittler/l
                            Marvel Nutsch/2
            1. Arthur/Ted/1 -- Twila Zenger
                a. Gene
                b. Jay
                c. Lori -- Charles (H.B.) Huber
            2. Charles/1 -- Betty Greenburg
                a. April
                b. Joanie
            3. Dick/1
            4. Linda/1 -- Steve Vytlacil
                a. Jenny

Frank Sawin was born in Ohio. They moved to Throop, Kansas, in 1896.

1896 FRANK SAWIN -- Esther Albright
    I. Leroy
    II. Mabel -- Johnson
    III. Harry -- Edna Cupp
        A. Katherine -- Edwin Zabokrtsky/l
                                Gus Matson/2
            1. Don/1
        B. Betty -- Phil Philbrook
        C. Duane -- Dorothy Fencil
    IV. Clara -- Philip Asche
    V. Clarence

The Joseph Bahl family lived east of the Rock Cemetary. His son, Frank, was a barber and horse dealer and breeder.

   I. Frank -- Pearl Erickson
        A. May -- Gerald Menzies
        B. Cyril -- Fern Lyons
        C. Lois -- Hubert Menzies

Wampo Coder moved into the Ensodale community south of Morrowville. Wampo's son, Omar, is the oldest living citizen in Morrowville.

1890s WAMPO CODER -- Bertha Fahrenwald
    I. Dollie -- Elmer Day
    II. Gertrude -- William Coy
        A. Mae -- Clyde Corbin
        B. Ethel -- Bill Carter
        C. Jesse -- Amy Cornet
    III. Omar -- Cora Huffman
        A. Earl -- Coralee Doughtery
        B. Opal -- W. Jones
        C. Dean -- Sally Flury
        E. Shirley -- Bill Wood
        F. Alice -- Tarry Schroeder

The Roy Corbin family.

18908 ROY CORBIN -- Amy Griffin
    I. Clyde -- Mae Coy
        A. Alberta -- Keith Welch
        B. Bill -- Linda Zenger
            1. Danny
            2. Roxanna (Roxie)
            3. Rhonda
        C. Keith -- Rebecca Livingston

The Philip Hanshaws bought the land in section 32 of Farmington township and were neighbors to the McNultys.

1890s PHILLIP HANSHAW -- Amanda Lynn
    I. Ed
    II. Lottie
    III. Charlie -- Hattie Wilkingen
        A. Mamie -- Charlie Bennett
            1. Olin -- Irene Gassert
            2. Edna -- Fred Perking
            3. Fern -- Harold Hagans
    IV. Frank -- Matilda Ebeling
        A. Marvin
        B. Ervin
        C. Eva -- Lawrence Zimmerman
        D. Velma -- Verlin Towns
        E. Mabel
        F. Phillip
        G. Harold
        H. Max
        I. Marilyn
    V. Glen -- Helen Ebeling
        A. Ruth -- Louis Slama
        B. Dorothy -- Duane Nespor
        C. Jim
        D. Betty
        E. Carl
    VI. Otis -- Vira Wells
        A. Ila -- Vesty Durst
        B. Virgle -- Marguerite Menke
            1. Norman
            2. Dennis
            3. Cheryl -- Willard Zenger
        C. Lola -- Francis/Toby Anderson
        D. Edward
        E. Kermit
    VII. Earl -- Bessie Hynek/l
                        Catherine Hannah/2

Joseph Gibson lived west of the Catholic Church. They owned a threshing machine.

   I. Ora
    II. Carl
    III. Earl
    IV. Theresa
    V. Faye -- Fred Kerns
    VI. Josephine -- Fred Williams

David S. Lesher came from Pennsylvania and settled in the Creighton area. Bertha Lesher ran a variety store in Morrowville.

1890s DAVID SMITH LESHER -- Agnes Palmer
   I. David E. -- Mable Nye
    II. Bertha
    III. Ethel -- Hugh Nye
    IV. Cecil S. -- Hazel Hamilton

Fred and Margaret McNish lived in the Plainview area three miles east of the Sunrise Station.

1890s FRED McNISH -- Margaret
   I. Justin -- Clara Schaich
        A. Wayne
        B. Delpha
        C. Doris -- Edgar Swartz
        D. Richard
    II. Clare -- Earl Jennings
    III. Mae
    IV. Catherine -- Earl McLeod
    V. Lucille -- Ralph Howland
    VI. Sarah -- Raymond Decker
    VII. Jennie

Henry Menke lived west of the Catholic Church.

1890s HENRY MENKE -- Clara
    I. Charlie
    II. Albert -- Mildred Wells
        A. Bryan Darrel
        B. Charlie
    III. Dick -- Lucy Hauschel
        A. Marguerlte -- Virgil Hanshaw
        B. Richard -- Leota Earhart
        C. Perl
        D. Don -- Marilyn Hynek
        E. Lavone
    IV. Tom -- Lula Rhine
    V. Harry
    VI. Ray
    VII. Amelia -- Bryan Willoughby
    VIII. Laura -- Lloyd Kern
    IX. Emma
    X. Sadie -- Lloyd Lange
        A. Merlin
        B. Opal
        C. Alberta -- Robert L'Ecuyer

J.D. Nutter lived on the Houska farm southeast of Morrowville.

1890s J. D. NUTTER -- Lydia Collins
    I. Edna -- Harry Wieland
    II. Chester
    III. Jennie -- Edgar Grover
    IV. Ralph

The William Stoffel family came from Iowa to western Kansas, moved to Colorado and then to the Morrowville area. Florence Stoffel had a hat shop.

1890s WILLIAM STOFFEL -- Florence
    I. Mable -- John Barnes
    II. Herbert
    III. Pearl -- Fuller

The Joe Synovec family.

1890s JOE SYNOVEC -- Nettie Rebel
   I. Lilly -- Guy Mayberry/l
                    Ed Arney/2
        A. Hildreth -- Lumir Hynek
    II. Ivene -- Walter (Dutch) Cupp
        A. Dorothy
    III. Elsie -- Rudolph Husa
        A. Wayne -- Della
        B. Marlin
    IV. Elmer (Buck) -- Mildred Zimmerman
    V. Chester -- Mary Houska
        A. Doris -- Lee Nanniga
            1. Lori
            2. Rustin
    VI. Velma -- Elton Smith
        A. Bonita -- Stanley Brustowcz
    VII. Ervin/Perf -- Delma Gaston
        1. Carol -- Tom Gregg
        2. Donna -- Larry Westhoff
        3. Ginger -- Greg Miller

Louisa Zach came to Haddam with her son, Frank, in the 1890's and took in laundry to support her family.

   I. Frank -- Maude Nutsch
        A. Frank -- Viola Hubka
        B. Mildred -- Henry Blecha
        C. Harvey -- Mary Sterba
        D. Lawrence -- Mildred Monteil
            1. Mary Catherine -- Walter Rausch
            2. Paul -- Gevine McGeoch
            3. Patrick -- Kim Aldredge
            4. Laura
            5. Alan
            6. Philip
            7. Barbara

Sidney Palmer brought his family to section 22 northwest of Morrowville in 1900.

1900 SIDNEY PALMER -- Elizabeth Cunningham
    I. Emma Edwin Gulick
    II. George E. -- Fanny Pace
    III. Nora
    IV. Cora -- John Windhorst
        A. Buehla -- Scheetz
        B. Naomi -- Bernard Tegethoff
        C. Winifred
        D. Molly Bill Pischer
        E. John -- Josie Siefert
        F. Vennie -- Earl Woods
        G. Gertrude -- Orval Gould

Frank Horky lived two and half miles north of Morrowville. His son, John, was a farmer and later lived in Morrowville and ran the Swift produce station until it closed.

1900 FRANK HORKY -- Anna Rada
    I. Frank
    II. George
    III. Tom
    IV. John -- Dollie Hackbarth
    V. Mary
    VI. Kate
    VII. Julia
    VIII. Hattie
    IX. Rose
    X. Anna -- Bernard Benne

The Frank Turinsky family.

1900 FRANK TURINSKY -- Anastasia Ryback
    I. Louis
    II. Mary
    III. Anastasia (Sr. Anastasia)
    IV. Catherine -- John Corcoran
    V. Albert
    VI. Frank -- Mary James
        A. Evelyn -- Simon Fulton
        B. Barbara -- Ed Popelka

The Beeman family.

1900s BEEMAN
   I. Everett -- Mabel Brandts
        A. Donald -- Louise
        B. Keith -- Janet Bonar
        C. Alberta -- Hedstrom
    II. Earl -- Millie Brychta
        A. Dorothy -- Bill Townes
        B. Gerald
        C. Clair -- Phyllis Yeager
        D. Dennis
        E. Dick

Antone Cecrle came from Czeckoslovakia and settled in Republic County before coming to Morrowville in the early 1900s. His son, Joe, and Albena have spent their lives running a garage in Morrowville. Joe's grandson, Ron Nutz, is currently running the garage.

1900s ANTONE CERCLE -- Frances Kolars
    I. Fred
    II. Ed
    III. Tony
    IV. Joe -- Albena Plucar
        A. Donna Jo
        B. Dolly -- Ed Nutz
            1. Ron -- Karen Zenger
                a. Heather
                b. Amber
        C. Doris
    V. Frank
    VI. Sylvia -- Herb Reynolds
    VII. Blanche -- Ora Jenkins
    VIII. Mildred -- Wayne Stewart

The Henry Elliott family homesteaded in Coleman township. The mother died when Josephine was a baby.

1900s HENRY ELLIOTT -- Lizzie Downie
    I. Eleanor -- Elmer Rollman
    II. Isabel -- Elmer Matson
    III. Josephine -- Raymond Odgers

Randolph and Willet LaFarge were born in the Bronx, New York. Their mother died when Willet was five years old. Their father put them in an orphanage. In the early 1900s they came to Washington county on an orphan train. Willet lived with the Will Darts, Dolph Rickerts and the O. J. Wells families. Randy lived with the Frank McCormicks in the Creighton area.

   I. Randolph -- Iva Johnston
        A. Bessie -- Howard Hauschel
        B. Marion
        C. Lorrie
    II. Willet -- Floy Jones
        A. Marvin
        B. Marjorie -- Vic Gablehouse

Thomas Mathy, a native of Hesselsdorf, Austria, came to Lowe township from Lincoln, Nebraska.

1901 MATHY
   I. Thomas -- Mary Magerl
        A. John -- Helen Fencl
        B. Charlie -- Hattie Horky
        C. Anna -- Mike Zimmerman
        D. Lizzie -- Robinson
        E. Maggie -- Tom Horky
        F. Frank
    II. John -- Katherina Magerl
        A. John
        B. Thomas
        C. Edward -- Belle Cummings
            1. Clarabelle -- John Jandera, Jr.
            2. Harold
            3. Jimmie -- Peggy Bonar
        D. Mary -- Jim Fencil
        E. Gertrude
        F. Bertha -- Otis Smith
        G. Katie -- Albert Schrock
        H. William -- Clara Cummings
            1. Donald -- Jeanne Trembly Moore
                a. Mark
            2. Rosalie
        I. Midge -- Joe Cropper
        J. Helen -- P. Stanley Kozel
        K. Fred -- Velma Barnes

Nels and Albertina Peterson came from Steele City, Nebraska, and settled in the Bower community six miles northwest of Morrowville.

1901 NELS PETERSON -- Albertina
   I. Henry -- Elnora Koerner
        A. Bernice -- Luther Gobel
    II. Gladys
    III. Olga
    IV. Carl
    V. Margaret
    VI. William -- Dorothy Bonar
        A. Ronald -- Jody
        B. Garry -- Sue Rhine
            1. Karla
            2. Nichole
            3. Dana
    VII. Irving -- Lesta Lawrence
        A. Carol Ann -- Walter Meyer
        B. Alan -- Annette Casper
            1. DeAnne
            2. Brian
            3. Jennifer
        C. Dale -- Gloria Farber
    VIII. Rose
    IX. Lena
    X. Ella Mae -- Doss Welch
        A. Verlin -- Roberta Holle
        B. Keith -- Alberta Corbin
            1. Cindy
            2. Don -- Vicky Fulton
                a. Kate
            3. Jill
        C. Anita -- Lloyd Wells
        D. Donna -- Bill Fencil

Theodore Eichman moved into the Blocker neighborhood.

    I. Nellie Green
    II. Minnie -- Ralph Lindsley
    III. Lawrence -- Iva Rickert
        A. Lorrine
        B. Lola
    IV. Earl -- Sylvia Newton
        A. Earl N. -- Mary Kathyrn Schucht
            1. Pat -- Bob Burton
        B. James
    V. Daisy
    VI. Lillian -- Henry Bertram
    VII. E. J. (Joey)

Dan McLeod settled two miles east of Morrowville. Alva McLeod served as county sheriff.

    I. Earl -- Hewitt/l
                    Catherine McNish/2
    II. Neil
    III. Alva -- Bess Cartwright

James Fencil, a Czechoslovokia native, moved to the McGregor School area near Morrowville in 1903.

1903 JAMES FENCIL -- Lizzie Kubic
   I. Frank -- Tina Keefover
    II. James -- Mary Mathy
        A. Gerald
        B. Phyllis -- Bolivar Hyland
            1. Bruce
            2. Jesse
            3. Alice
        C. Lawrence
        D. Dorothy -- Duane Sawin
        E. Donald -- Marvel Klozenbucher
            1. Tony
            2. Terry
            3. Tim
            4. Angela
            5. Troy
        F. Bill -- Donna Welch
    III. Bohman -- Betha Kasha
    IV. Rudolph -- Lena Roth
    V. Helen
    VI. Anna -- Arthur Decker
        A. Earl -- Mary Hauschel/l
                        Shirley Ayres/2
            1. Janice/1
            2. Sharon/1
            3. Scott/1

George Gehring was born near Barnes and came to the Morrowville community in 1906. George's father was a Swiss immigrant and a civil war veteran. George served one term as state senator from 1928-32 and two terms as representative.

1906 GEORGE GEHRING -- Mamie Martin
   I. Marguerite -- Walter Brockmeyer

John Mueller immigrated from Germany to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then moved to section 14 in Lowe township.

1910 JOHN MUELLER -- Kate
   I. Carl -- Theresa
    II. Margaret
    III. Mary -- Tony Bauer
    IV. Joseph
    V. Anna -- John T. Miiller (Miller)
        A. Joseph -- Mary Koch
            1. Lester -- Agnes L'Ecuyer
                a. Jan -- Sam Kastens
                b. Marcia -- Roy Westhoff
                c. Fred -- Diane Duey
                    lc. Scott
                    2c. John
                    3c. Nathanial
                    4c. Joshua
                d. Tim -- Mary Ann Pfannenstiel
                e. Don -- Pam Collier
                f. Lisa -- Mark Lindsley
                g. Audra
            2. Elvera -- Marvin Wittmus
            3. Joanne -- R. G. Kuhlmann
        B. Annie -- Les Fricke
        C. William -- Florence Mauss
        D. Catherine -- Bud Beach
        E. Mary -- Alois Scheer
            1. Anthony -- Carol Olandt
                a. Michael
                b. Monica
                c. Mitchell
            2. Mary Louise -- Don Bender
            3. Kathleen -- Koontz
        F. John -- Evelyn Kockta
        G. Edward -- Patricia L'Ecuyer
            1. Judy -- Bob Nold
                a. Tricia
                b. Lana
                c. Rhonda
                d. Jamie
                e. Jerry
                f. Nick
            2. Jerome -- Beverly Broadston
                a. Rene
                b. Shawn
                c. Todd
                d. Pamela
            3. Linda -- Alvin Vacek
            4. Richard -- Pat Nutsch/l
                                Diane Moore/2
                a. Kathy/1
                b. Melony/l
                c. Troy/1
                d. Christie/1
                e. Kevin/2
            5. Patty -- Lanny Livingston
                a. Jill
                b. Tammi
            6. Chris -- Lori Rhine/l
                            Joyce Beeson/2
                a. Jeremy/1
                b. Jessica/1
                c. Noah/2
            7. Anthony (Tony)
            8. Diana
            9. Jane -- Dennis Rhine
                a. Mark
            10. Matthew
            11. Eddie
        H. Rosalie -- Andy Elko/l
                            John Stankiewitz/2

Orpha, widow of Henry Woods from Missouri, moved to the Blocker community with five of her children in 1911. Her son, John, owned and operated the first truck line in Morrowville until his death.

1911 WOODS -- Orpha Jones (widowed)
   I. Roy -- Anna Peterson
    II. Ralph -- Lillie Reickstine
    III. Clara -- Ora Sloan
    IV. Charles
    V. John -- Helen WaIters
        A. Jerry
        B. James -- Luella Hauschel
        C. Donald
    VI. Earl -- Vennie Palmer
    VII. Catherine -- Archie Shaw
    VIII. Margaret
    IX. David -- Jessie Young
    X. George

R. A. and Anna Olandt and daughters moved to a farm in Coleman township. Elmer Olandt owns this farm today.

1915 R. A. OLANDT -- Anna Williams
    I. Ada Williams -- Harold Coleman
    II. Ida Williams -- John Shaw
    III. Elmer (Bud) -- Gertie Lardner
        A. Carol -- Anthony Scheer
        B. Vicki -- William Slater

The Spence family, immigrants from Scotland, first settled in Canada before homesteading near Greenleaf. They purchased the Veatch place near Iowa Creek in Mill Creek township.

1922 PETER SPENCE -- Mary
   I. Wilbur -- Clara Smith
    II. Grace -- Quentin Scott
        A. Larry -- Kaufman
        B. Kenny
        C. Kathy -- Barry Flinchbaugh
    III. Alfred
    IV. Pete
    V. Dorothy

Charles and Ellen Carter moved from Steel City, Nebraska, to a farm southwest of Morrowville in the Rock School district.

1925 CHARLES CARTER -- Ellen
   I. Charles -- Ellen McCawley
    II. Mary Ellen -- Francis Uhlrich
        A. Alice -- Loren Potts
        B. Terry
        C. Michael
        D. Richard
        E. John
        F. Christopher
    III. Mildred -- Blaha
    IV. Marcella -- Hunt
    V. Mark
    VI. Rose -- Gilbert Schuessler
    VII. Louis -- Iola Myers
        A. Darrel
        B. Larry
        C. Debbie
        D. Bruce

Orval and Myrtle Buehler moved to a farm six and a half miles west of Hollenburg, Kansas, before moving to Morrowville in 1970.

1937 OVAL BUEHLER -- Myrtle Grise
   I. Shirley -- Charles Durst/1
                        Ron Moon/2
    II. Wayne -- Glynda Ruble
    III. Linda -- Benny Moore
    IV. Robert -- Pam Zenger
        A. Jana
        B. Brandon

The Shum family.

1937 CHARLES SHUM -- Lura Freeman
    I. Lloyd
    II. Forrest -- Arva Douce
        A. Anita -- Jim Goebel/1
                            Loren Doebele/2
        B. Elaine -- David Reinert
        C. Lowell
    III. Marvin -- Majorie Rowland
    VI. Vera -- Robert Cox
        A. Ronnie
        B. Roberta -- Gary Fischer
        C. Roger
        D. Lyle
    VI. Elvin

The Patrick L'Ecuyer family moved to the Hodges place north of the state lake from Clifton, Kansas. Three days after they arrived their infant son, Jerome, died of pneumonia.

1941 PATRICK L'ECUYER -- Mary Kieffer
    I. Agnes -- Lester Miller
    II. Mary -- Francis Lambert/1
                    Norman LaDuc/2
    III. Patricia -- Edward Miller/1
                            Leonard Bartels/2
    IV. John -- Bernadette Reedy
        A. Monica -- August Dusin
        B. Reginald
        C. Michael
        D. Margaret
        E. Francis
        F. Daniel
        G. Julie
        H. Christina
        I. Paula
        J. Susan
        K. Victoria
    V. James -- Cyrilla Knowll
    VI. Patrick -- Betty Mueller
        A. Jeanette -- Phillip Baker
            1. Patrice
            2. Jeremy
            3. Gina
        B. Jeff
        C. Debra
        D. Carolyn
        E. Tom
        F. Joe
    VII. Evelyn -- Maurice Wassenburg
    VIII. Richard -- Karen Wieland
    IX. Martha -- Frank Nutsch
    X. Jerome
    XI. Helen -- Linus Linenburger
    XII. Robert -- Alberta Lange
        A. Donna
        B. Dennis
        C. Denise

The Myers family moved to Kansas in 1945 from Longdale, Oklahoma.

1945 Alvan Myers -- Lillian
   I. Iola -- Louis Carter
    II. Rosella -- Vaughn Cline
    III. Herbert

Edward Westhoff came to Morrowville from St. Paul, Kansas. He ran Westhoff Construction Company.

1949 EDWARD WESTHOFF -- Ina Herod
    I. Phyllis -- Carl Wells
    II. Fred -- Kathy Ray
    III. Earl -- Carolyn Perrot
    IV. Jackie -- Bill Zabokrtsky
    V. Shirley -- Steve Gill
    VI. Larry -- Donna Synovec
    VII. Don -- Gwen Lohrengel
    VIII. Roy -- Marcia Miller
    IX. Jerry -- Robin Messer
    X. Gerry -- Pam Bottger

Harold and Dola Chambers moved north of Morrowville from Tescott, Kansas.

1954 HAROLD CHAMBERS -- Dola Strait
   I. Sandra -- Robert Elliott/1
                        Mark Reed/2

Anthony and Geneva Donovan moved to the William Prellwitz farm one mile east of the Catholic Church from Hanover.

1958 ANTHONY DONOVAN -- Geneva Ricard
    I. Angeline -- Lee Beem
    II. Joyce
    III. Caroline -- Elmer Applegarth
        A. Barbara
        B. Deanna
        C. Andrew
    IV. Helen -- Norman Kolb

Gerhard and Helen Lutjemeier moved to Winterrowd farm from Barnes, Kansas. Everett Lutjemeier is a county commissioner.

1958 GERHARD LUTJEMEIER -- Helen Pralle
   I. Geraldine -- Bernard Brustowitz
        A. Stanley -- Bonita Smith
            1. Krystal
        B. Gerhard
        C. Bernard, Jr.
        D. Daniel
        E. Jean
        F. Phyllis -- Lepucki
    II. Everett -- Margaret McCauley
        A. Steve
        B. Gary

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