Beaver Township

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Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Busche Clem, 33, M, W, Germany

Busche Agnes, 65, F, W, Germany

Busche Tina, 25, F, W, Germany

Winegar George, 39, M, W, IN

Winegar Laura, 28, F, W, MO

Winegar Maud, 6, F, W, KS

Wineger Earl, 2, M, W, KS

Ellis W P, 42, M, W, IN

Ellis N J, 39, F, W, IN

Ellis Estella, 17, F, W, IN

Ellis Wilbert, 13, M, W, IN

Ellis Pearl, 10, F, W, IN

Ellis Mary, 6, F, W, KS

Ellis Charly, 3, M, W, KS

Ellis Edna, 4, F, W, KS

Echenberger Rudne?, 48, M, W, Germany

Echenberger Mary, 41, F, W, Germany

Echenberger Esther, 13, F, W, IL

Echenberger Edward, 10, M, W, IL

Echenberger Ruth, 7, F, W, IL

Echenberger Ernstina, 4, F, W, KS

Echenberger Charly, 2, M, W, KS

Rose Bernard, 33, M, W, Germany

Rose Anna, 39, F, W, Germany

Rose Lizzie, 6, F, W, KY

Rose Berny, 5, M, W, KY

Rose Annie, 2, F, W, KS

Geers Henry, 53, M, W, Germany

Geers Thelkla, 37, F, W, Germany

Bauck John, 42, M, W, NY

Bauck Catie, 15, F, W, IA

Bauck Johnie, 14, M, W, IA

Bauck Lizzie, 12, F, W, IA

Bauck Annie, 10, F, W, IA

Bauck Aggie , 8, F, W, KS

Bauck Mary, 3, F, W, Kansas

Underwood A C, 31, M, W, IN

Underwood Laura, 30, F, W, IN

Underwood Beryl, 5, F, W, KS

Underwood Walter, 1, M, W, KS

Carlson John, 37, M, W, Sweden

Carlson Ida, 35, F, W, Sweden

Carlson Annie, 7, F, W, KS

Carlson Esther, 5, F, W, KS

Carlson Emma, 3, F, W, KS

Carlson Charly, 0.7, M, W, KS

Mursk Franklin, 41, M, W, OH

Mursk Malinda, 34, F, W, OH

Mursk George W, 16, M, W, MI

Mursk Ella J, 14, F, W, MI

Oldham James, 30, M, W, TN

Altaffer John, 52, M, W, OH

Altaffer Nancy, 54, F, W, OH

Altaffer Elfie, 19, F, W, MI

Altaffer Wilbert, 16, M, W, MI

Miller William, 32, M, W, Germany

Miller Annie, 22, F, W, Austria

Miller Joseph, 0.3, M, W, KS

Gurdes Henry, 34, M, W, Germany

Schwegman Gerhard, 39, M, W, Germany

Altaffer Franklin, 33, M, W, OH

Altaffer Elner, 28, F, W, OH

Wood David, 34, M, W, MO

Wood T C, 33, F, W, IN

Wood P E, 0.4, F, W, KS

Hopkins W P, 62, M, W, OH

Hopkins L I, 56, F, W, OH

Matheslm Luella, 11, F, W, MO

Austin F W, 27, M, W, KS

Austin Olive, 25, F, W, IL

Austin Mable, 3, F, W, KS

Austin W E, 43, M, W, VT

Austin C W, 41, F, W, NY

Austin Grace, 10, F, W, KS

Austin Willie, 7, M, W, KS

Austin Asa, 4, M, W, KS

Austin Mary, 1, F, W, KS

Holden James, 41, M, W, NY

Burruss G W, 32, M, W, KY

Burruss O J, 22, F, W, IL

Burruss Mable, 3, F, W, KS

Burruss Bessie, 0.9, F, W, KS

Sealy C W, 39, M, W, OH

Sealy Catie, 38, F, W, KY

Sealy Nelly, 0.9, F, W, KS

Brown M Y, 65, F, W, PA

Brown Annie W, 23, F, W, IL

Purnell John R, 32, M, W, IL

Purnell Nora, 26, F, W, IL

Purnell Ray, 1, M, W, KS


Johnson J W, 36, M, W, KY

Johnson Annie, 38, F, W, KY

Johnson Jessie, 10, F, W, KY

Johnson Dellie, 8, F, W, KY

Johnson Rubie, 7, F, W, IL

Johnson Raef, 4, M, W, KS

McLane W C, 37, M, W, PA

Landick John, 33, M, W, OH

Landick Dina, 34, F, W, OH

Landick Clara, 6, F, W, OH

Landick Fredie, 5, M, W, OH

Landick Johnie, 3, M, W, KS

Landick Annie, 0.9, F, W, KS

Guetz John, 41, M, W, Germany

Guetz Barbara, 39, F, W, Germany

Guetz Theresia, 8, F, W, OH

Guetz Barbara, 6, F, W, OH

Wallace George, 29, M, W, IL

Wallace Ella, 21, F, W, KS

Wallace Elsie, 3, F, W, KS

Burghard Joseph, 30, M, W, Germany

Burghard Mary, 23, F, W, KS

Burghard Willie, 3, M, W, KS

Burghard Cleova, 1, F, W, KS

Burghard William, 73, M, W, Germany

Eichenberger Emil, 32, M, W, Germany

Eichenberger Mary J, 26, F, W, IL

Eichenberger C E, 1, M, W, KS

Richards John, 52, M, W, CT

Richards Charles, 23, M, W, CT

Richards Estella, 46, F, W, CT

Richards Samuel, 48, M, W, CT

Clapp W R, 36, M, W, IN

Clapp Mary, 29, F, W, CT

Anderson W A, 76, M, W, NJ

Honeywell F B, 39, M, W, England

Honeywell M W, 25, F, W, IL

Honeywell Alfred, 15, M, W, OH

Honeywell Clarance, 13, M, W, OH

Honeywell Samuel W, 2, M, W, KS

Honeywell , 0.7, M, W, KS

Walters G W, 26, M, W, OH

Doyle E D, 33, M, W, Ireland

Doyle Annie, 29, F, W, OH

Jordan N A, 46, M, W, MS

Jordan Lizzie, 31, F, W, OH

Pankaro Joseph, 47, M, W, Germany

Catzer Frank, 27, M, W, Austria

Walters J M, 57, M, W, OH

Walters Lena, 52, F, W, Germany

Walters Mary, 20, F, W, OH

Walters David, 18, M, W, OH

Walters C, 16, F, W, OH

Walters John, 14, M, W, OH

Walters C E, 10, M, W, OH

Yates Eluster D, 65, M, W, VA

Yates Maria, 50, F, W, KY

Yates Dasie, 15, F, W, IL

Burruss W A, 59, M, W, KY

Burruss Purnella, 54, F, W, KY

Burruss Ida, 21, F, W, IL

Burruss Nellie, 19, F, W, IL

Burruss Maud, 12, F, W, IL

Bean D C, 59, M, W, OH

Bean Lidia, 58, F, W, IL

Bean W K, 35, M, W, IL

Bean Samuel, 22, M, W, IL

Bean C D, 19, M, W, IL

Bean C A, 16, M, W, KS

Bean J D, 33, M, W, IL

Bean Karrie, 27, F, W, IL

Bean Cora B, 1, F, W, IL

Donnell C J, 61, F, W, IL

Donnell M E, 31, F, W, IL

Rosebrough E J, 58, F, W, MO

Rosebrough F E, 20, M, W, IL

Donnell J G, 36, M, W, IL

Donnell Lula D, 32, F, W, IL

Alexander L E, 33, M, W, IL

Alexander Zella, 29, F, W ??

Alexander Loy, 5, F, W, KS

Alexander Herbert, 4, M, W, IL

Alexander Harold, 0.2, M, W, KS

Alexander P, 23, M, W, IL

Summers Joseph, 43, M, W, IN

Summers Mary J, 47, F, W, IN

Summers Chester H, 11, M, W, IN

Summers* Euzella, 9, F, W, IN

Summers Asher C, 7, M, W, KS

Summers Adda, 7, F, W, KS

Summers Roy W, 3, M, W, KS

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